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Recently a lot of weird stuff have been happening, like yesterday I dropped a huge glass thingy from an unstable object that I tried to move at work making it go SPLASH all over the floor and scaring people shopping. Also more co-workers accidently broke and dropped other stuff that day.

That same night I also woke up(around 03:00) and heard something fall in the kitchen at the exact time i woke up. It was pretty creepy, but for some reason I had a logical explanation for what happenend, but then in the morning when I woke up, I forgot that reason.

Maybe I am being paranoid, but it feels like something has been really off this week, has anyone else experienced something like this recently?
Yeah, don't worry - we were just talking about this here today...

Lots of "weird" things going on, like difficulty sleeping, waking up in the middle of the night in an emotional state of one sort or another, strange dreams, etc.

Also, we did have a broken glass recently as well.

Current theory is: EM/Wave effects, possibly with iodine enhancement

So, ya know... Fun times! ;)
Yes, fun stuff as usual. Today, very early in the morning I was awakened/saved by an earthquake during an annoying dream :D
Weirdness is the new normal.
Just today, while cleaning, I broke the ceramic cigarette snuffer I kept in one of my ashtrays. I'm not even sure how it happened, I was cleaning it and must have hit it on the side of the sink - but it snapped in half. :huh:

Then I was cleaning a heavy duty crystal ashtray some time later and lost my grip & dropped it in the sink on some ceramic dishes - I was sure something would be broke or chipped - but nothing was damaged, to my relief. It was a bit weird and made me think I'd best be more careful and aware.

How about this one. My upper denture broke. In half. Last month my reading glass' s broke and the new talking watch I had not even two weeks.... everything works but the voice, which is why I got the thing. Now this past week people are falling and are getting seriously hurt. So far I'm ok. Oh ya. There was a naked woman walking down the middle of my cross street high as a kite at 3 in the morning. And the gun shots a block down. :huh: Never a boring moment. LOL
Since I've been on iodine weird things have been happening to me as well. I've broken a glass too a couple of weeks ago.

Last night I was dreaming about people and maybe me included not really sure, holding gray's fingers and it was important that there was touch involved not sure why, maybe information transfer or something. We seemed to be in a normal room. Anyway, I was surprisingly neutral during the dream but towards the end my mind started making up what to me seemed like an excuse to stop the dream that was something like "Maybe we have been verbally abusing each other, faulty communication and the gray's are taking advantage of it.", it was kinda weird cause I think I saw the woman in the group say that but it felt like I was thinking it. I then snapped out of it, grasped to turn on the light, sweating a bit, not in paralysis though. Worrying. And interestingly it's happened on April the 14th, and the song I've been listening to refers to that day as ruination day.

But the most prominent thing that has been happening, is that incredibly frequently when I look at the clock it's 18:48, or even lately any hour but with :48 minutes, so 23:48 or whatever. It's like, I finish studying, or eating maybe or whatever, look at the clock and it's like something:48. There is also a street sign with the number 148 that I walk by everyday. Jeez.

Been seeing a lot of crows too, which is not very cheerful symbolism. Though, I've noticed that since repetitive things started happening, the mind goes into overdrive and sees patterns everywhere, so it could be the crows were living around here all along, I just didn't really notice them before, as with the street sign, as with the song.

Jeez, and I almost forgot, I had a relatively minor car accident with my sister in the car, no one was hurt, not even the car really, but we derailed from the road into the feild at pretty high speed. I had to take a left turn. Luckily, the car didn't start rolling in mid air cause there was no bump or slope we just slided and rotated by an angle. The tire had to be fixed a bit.
Tarri said:
And the gun shots a block down. :huh:
When these energies manifest, it's probably a sign to be more vigilant than the usual. Being calmly aware of the environment in a way that reduces any eventual exposure to danger is important.
mkrnhr said:
Tarri said:
And the gun shots a block down. :huh:
When these energies manifest, it's probably a sign to be more vigilant than the usual. Being calmly aware of the environment in a way that reduces any eventual exposure to danger is important.

Will keep the above in mind. There was a shooting last Tuesday evening and then another the following morning, both down the street. Tuesday night incident was fatal. Still under investigation as to whether they're related. Was at the house when the first incident happened so heard/saw the cop cars and paramedics going by. Really unusual for this area to have something like this happen.

Yesterday, was feeling more anxious/off..and shaken up from finding out what happened the night prior.

As an aside, did some dropping of things this past week as well. Yesterday while cleaning and then last weekend, my phone. Had to get a new one. Restless sleep this morning, more than the usual.
A double inner planet retrogade is imminent (Mars 04/17, Mercury 04/28), plus it felt like something severely significant (silently) happened on Friday, March 25.
Agreed, much has been happening to me as well. Random things keep tipping over in and out of closets and I've experienced a very strange sensation 3 times since january. Usually at night time I've felt like a wave wash over me and I became detached from everything while feeling/hearing this pulsation from everywhere and nowhere. Then my clothes and bed and everything I was touching began to feel like it was made of wood or a hard substance. I've only felt this as a child when I was very sick, most likely something activating or the iodine doing it's work.
Been feeling some weirdness in recent days also, sleep trouble, headaches etc. Of course, these things can be pretty subjective, which is why it is necessary to make sure we are treating out bodies, minds and emotions properly, so that we can get a possibly more objective read on stuff 'out there' and not confuse it with something that is mostly from 'in here'. For some reason I was thinking about the "April drop dead date" mentioned in a session from several years ago. We shall see!
Yeah, there have been a few things here just lately to.
I have no explanation for any of them and yes, they seemed very odd.

The first thing was that I got up during the night to use the bathroom and I noticed that my wooden
toilet seat was wrong, all wrong. The wooden seat that covers the entire bowl is maybe 5-6 inches wide, but that night the seat appeared to be maybe an inch and a half wide and was at an odd angle to the bowl, this was not my "real" toilet seat, almost the entire rim of the bowl was exposed!

There was nothing else in the bathroom or the rest of the house that was "off" only that one thing.

The next odd thing was also in the bathroom and at night.

I could see very bright light that I though was from the neighbors house across the street through my bathroom window, the lights looked like they were coming through the windows of a really big house, like a two story house.
I saw them for only 10 seconds or so, and then the lights went out.
I thought hmm, they must have had the power turned back on over there, and didn't think anymore about it until the next day when I realized that the lights could not have been from the neighbors, since they have a small trailer back in the woods and nothing like the lights that would be from a two story house much closer to the road, then they actually are. The lights have not come on since.

Next thing, I wanted to get into a shed to get some paint but the shed had a padlock on it and I couldn't find the right key. I tried every key in the house and none worked.
Finally after being completely frustrated and about to give up, the wood behind the eye bolt holding the padlock seemed to just disintegrate,.or maybe was rotten or something, I don't know, but the eye hook thingy with the padlock still unopened and attached to it, fell right into my hand.
I was able to get the door open without ever finding the right key.

Just last night I moved a picture in a glass frame from the screened porch to the kitchen and placed it on a small wooden buffet kind of thing. Later, I heard a crash and went to find the picture that had been placed near the center on the buffet had fallen off and the glass was shattered all over the floor.

Since I have had anything like this happen in years, and years, a rash of it in a short period of time like this did get my attention, too.
Glad I'm not alone in this.

The universe is mighty responsive lately, I'm finding. Like, I think of some direction things could go, and poof! Manifestation.

While talking about money with a friend on the way to the bank, I actually saw -no lie- a Chinese fortune (one of those little papers from inside the cookie?) in my path. I picked it up and it had some suitable advice about how best to spend/invest money.

Nothing has broken or shattered yet, though. -Knock on wood. :)
Scottie said:
Current theory is: EM/Wave effects, possibly with iodine enhancement

So, ya know... Fun times! ;)

Hah yeah , atleast we got front row seats! :scooter:
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