Stuff falling and breaking recently


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A few weeks back my partner and I both had ufo sightings in our backyard within a couple of days of each other. I saw two of the glowing orb types and he saw a black boomerang. It wasn't the first time either of us have seen ufo strangeness but it felt very odd that we saw them so close together. I had a dark man dream not long ago too. It felt like I was stuck in a half awake state where I knew what was going on but couldn't do anything about this thing that was after me. Eventually I forced myself awake but couldn't shake the fear for awhile. I've also been dropping things and have broken some dishes lately but that might come down to clumsiness more than anything. It does seem like there has been more clicking and popping sounds around the house that seem to coincide with my broken thoughts. For instance, I had a quick image of someone knocking over a pot of water earlier followed by a loud cracking sound in the floor. It's been a few months now but back in the middle of winter I was having crazy insomnia and at one point I was in my bathroom and I heard what sounded like a sledge hammer against the wall right in front of me and then while in the basement I heard an explosion and shattering glass right behind me. So there is a lot of weird going on for me too.


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Bo said:
Maybe I am being paranoid, but it feels like something has been really off this week, has anyone else experienced something like this recently?
What a strange week it's been...Actually last couple of weeks have been quite interesting.
My wife got very sick on Sunday evening and she thought it was food poisoning but at this point we don't know yet what happened. Only thing we know for sure is that there was internal bleeding.
I had a laptop fail about 2 weeks ago. A day or so after that I dropped my phone and cracked the glass just as I was trying to pull up a sott podcast.
There's some other things going that I will have to share in a different thread.

It's almost like some sort of energetic release is going on.


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Zadius Sky said:
Yeah, I've had restless sleep and weird dreams this week, more than usual for me.
Me too. Difficulty to sleep well, that's new for me. And that even if I go to the bed around 11 o'clock. And strange dreams. I remark also people in my neighborhood more excited at nights, more yells than before.


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What comes to mind worthy of reporting is that the psychiatrist spent most of the time in the ER yesterday, which is very unusual. There were several suicide attempts.
Gaby said:
What comes to mind worthy of reporting is that the psychiatrist spent most of the time in the ER yesterday, which is very unusual. There were several suicide attempts.
Along simillar lines:
In the past week or so there have been numerous car accidents here in Zagreb, the first one where a drunk person killed several people then trying to escape but got caught by people near the event and was yelling drunk as crazy:"Do you know who I am?! I can do anything!", the other who was also drunk almost killed a baby but the father pushed the baby cart forward so the car missed it. There was also an accident where a man got hit by a tram which they say could be suicide and a sinkhole in the middle of one of the most traffic dense roads in the city. There was almost an accident when I was about to cross the road where two cars almost collided coming from opposite directions. It's been crazy around here as of late.

On a personal note, I have been experiencing surprisingly frequently that when I wake up in the middle of the night, sometimes after a bizzarre or frightening dream, there are these black spots and clusters sort of crawling on the wall, but it doesn't seem to be a visual thing because I rub my eyes or get up or whatever but those things are there for a couple of seconds after I wake up. Now, I could swear that I read about this in a recent cass session but I went through the last 5 or so and I couldn't find it. Don't know if I'm imagining stuff or if it was in an even more previous session. This has also been happening since I went on iodine.


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I'm killing light bulbs around the house with nice little explosion few last days :whistle: Little boring since I must replaced them daily.

Other than that, it does seems that materials 'aging' very fast in the last couple of years.


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Not sure if it is related to the same shared phenomenon, but I also have been having restless nights, or waking up at night, or earlier than the alarm. But maybe it is due to the background fear of sleeping in and not hearing the alarm. Which by itself could be related to the general restless feeling.

Beside that I had several main things, like glasses and the computer that lived out their last days and needed to be replaced. And this carries a special meaning to me, because last time I bought both the items (something like 7 years ago) it was a period of major changes for me. And now I face another upcoming big change and crossroads.

There is also something additional with the glasses, as the new prescription has increased focus lenses. But for some reason it puts a strange strain on my eyes, and only now, two weeks after, I started getting used to it. In any case plan to go to the optometrist again and check if they didn't do any mistake, but it is rather symbolic non the less.

And there is also an issue with the tooth - the front right incisor. Several months ago I had a full dentist work done, and everything was ok. But then recently, right before I had to start thinking in a serious way about the upcoming changes, this particular tooth started to become very sensitive to touch or cold/heat. It seems like it also got a strange dent and was also grinded more than the rest of incisor teeth.

I actually went to the dentist and asked about it, the only thing she could offer is fluoride varnish that acts as a protector and analgesic. According to her, I just need to keep doing it and allow the tooth to regrow the outer layer again. Not sure if daily infusion of fluoride is a good idea, so haven't bought that varnish yet. Need to look if there is a healthier alternative.

But it does fit with the general "major changes" theme too, as according to Louise Hay teeth represent decision, and teeth problems and teeth pain represent inability to be decisive. Well, I am gradually working on that. fwiw.


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I noticed that I have been having or remembering more dreams, and they have been strange. Also have been more anxious / irritable the past week - that had been calming down but just came back for no apparent reason.

As far as strange things happening, a few weeks ago our neighbor in the apartment upstairs left a cigarette butt on the wooden patio and then left home. It was not put out properly and the high winds caused it to catch fire. Luckily we noticed the smoke and the flames before it got too large, and I got the apt. manager to open up the apartment so we were able to extinguish it before it the fire department arrived.

This morning I reached for my French press to get some tea and sent it crashing to the floor, smashing the glass. Then, I went to the Farmer’s Market and there was a nasty four car pile up just in front of the Johnson Space center. The speed limit is low in that area, so it was surprising to see so much damage to the cars.

We had some storms in the past week that woke me up around 4AM - am not usually bothered by them, but the intentisy of the winds was most unsettling - it sounded like the war of the Furies!


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Beau said:
I've had some weird dreams and trouble sleeping as well over the last 10 days or so. Seemed to come out of nowhere, so it's interesting that others have similar experiences. It's a bit ominous...
Same here, for the past 2 weeks or so but the last week was more "intense". Talking with other Latam members after the radio show today, we noticed that we are indeed having similar experiences. A couple of days ago, I was thinking it was just the iodine -though I hadn't had strong symptoms so far-, and the horrible unusual heat in the city, but now, after reading all your accounts, seems that there could be something more interesting behind it.

Another funny thing, maybe just irrelevant, is that I've been seeing the number 11 everywhere lately, this has happened a couple times before and according to my subjective interpretation, is like a herald for important changes in my life.


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Keit said:
Beside that I had several main things, like glasses and the computer that lived out their last days and needed to be replaced. And this carries a special meaning to me, because last time I bought both the items (something like 7 years ago) it was a period of major changes for me. And now I face another upcoming big change and crossroads.
I recently switched my laptop too but haven't related it to any significant meaning, however I have noticed some symbolic events happening lately, or I may be more open to the symbolic nature of reality.

In particular, including myself, three other people that I'm close with are moving at the end of this month as well as two next month and another two are making the motions to move, and another person recently left the office I work at and got another position.

So it hasn't been recent, but I've been processing a lot of goodbye's and expectations of changes this month, as if April is heralding a shift or transition of some kind. Or as some in the new age community would say, "the space between stories." :rolleyes:


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Keit said:
Beside that I had several main things, like glasses and the computer that lived out their last days and needed to be replaced. And this carries a special meaning to me, because last time I bought both the items (something like 7 years ago) it was a period of major changes for me. And now I face another upcoming big change and crossroads.
Interesting. On Thursday (4 days ago), our internet router box died - poof. My wife then said (sentimentally, but also half-jokingly) "oh, this is sad - remember it was our first internet router we had together?" And indeed, when we got that router 5 years ago, it was the beginning of a period of serious changes, and trials and tribulations...

Restless sleep going on as well for both of us in the last weeks.


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The crew asked the C's about it yesterday:

Laura said:
Session Date: April 16th 2016


Q: (Pierre) In the forum, several members reported that they've been dropping and breaking things in an unusual way. Is the cause the same?

A: Yes

Q: (Galatea) What does the dropping of things symbolize?

A: Doesn't "symbolize". It is a symptom.

Q: (Galatea) Is it gonna get better soon, or is it just going to get worse?

A: You must pass through the "Valley of the Shadow."

Q: (Pierre) That sounds like an exciting place. [laughter]

(L) I guess if you pass through the Valley of the Shadow, you eventually come out into the sunshine.

(Galatea) Or there's a cliff...

A: Yes.

Q: (L) They were answering me, not you! [laughter]

A: No cliff except for those who don't enter the valley.

Q: (Joe) The Valley of the Shadow is like a bypass for the cliff.

(L) So it's like the difference between the high road and the low road?

A: Yes

Since the topic above is disusses in this thread, I'll repost my thoughts on it from the session in the other thread:

I would suggest that what the C's wanted to express there (at least partially) is what Thomas M. Sterner describes in his book "The Practising Mind: Developing Focus and Discipline in Your Life", as being in the present moment, respectively fully in the process of what you are doing when doing any kind of activity (or the lack thereof in this case). He explains very well that until we realize how completely mechanical we react and think in almost every second of our lives (he calls it habits (both physical and mentally), that have been instilled in us from the day we were born, both unconsciously and consciously) and start to actually realize this fact and take deliberate counter measures over and over again (in form of simple conscious efforts every day, that create new beneficial habits or circuits in the brain), we can not break the old unwanted habit and replace it by a new more beneficial one.

So if one finds himself in the situation to dropping and breaking stuff on an ongoing basis we should ask ourself: Why is that happening? What was the process in me that led to the breaking?

Sterner explains well that, until we realize it and do something about it, we almost constantly are not focused in any given process that we are engaging in. Our minds are all over the place, almost all of the time, or as he describes it: "not fully in the process". Another example he uses about that, is that of the chariot driver who has a load of horses in front of him, that run wild in every second, because the driver (the real you) has not yet the reins in his hands, to steer and direct the horses in his will, rather then the other way around that happens outomatically. The horses represent our thoughts and emotions and the rains the tool (will) of the driver (the real you) to be the master over the horses rather then conversely.

As Sterner puts it: "We are everywhere but where we are, and we are usually doing too many things at once."

At least I have found that everytime I have broken something, or something fell out of my hands, that I was in some sort of hurry and/or thinking or worring about other things (either in the future or in the past) while handling the object.

So me not being in the process, but instead letting the horses run wild with unrelated thoughts and emotions, while being in the process of doing something is what causes it, most of the time.

Sterner explains it this way:

"The Practising Mind" by Thomas M. Sterner said:
Our minds try to manage a long list of things that we need to get done (in the future) or forgot to do (in the past). We are everywhere but where we are, and we are usually doing too many things at once.
And further up in the book:

"The Practising Mind" by Thomas M. Sterner said:
Why are we so poor at all of this? How did we learn to process life in such a contrary manner, one that screams that the product is the only concern? This mentality pushes us harder and harder, with no end in sight. By not staying in the process, our minds dash all over the place all day long, the horses running free with no one at the reins. We think too many thoughts at once, most of them the same thoughts we had yesterday and the day before. We are impatient with life, and anxious.

We must accept that, to a certain extent, such thinking is human nature. If you read about any of the great world religions and philosophies, you will find that at their core is the subject of our inability to stay in the present moment. They all speak at great length about how overcoming this is everything in realizing and experiencing true inner peace and attaining real selfempowerment. Hence the millennia-old story of the chariot driver.
Sterner also explains in great detail how to get out of this loop [you need to read the book for that] and one of the great benefits of it:

"The Practising Mind" by Thomas M. Sterner said:
What we are doing here is objectively observing and analyzing the outcome of each attempt. This observation serves only to direct our next effort. It is amazing how everything changes when we use this way of thinking to approach any new activity. For one thing, we become patient with ourselves. We are not in a hurry to get to some predetermined point. Our goal is to stay in this process and to direct our energy into whatever activity we are choosing at the present. Every second that we achieve this, we fulfill our goal. This process brings us inner peace and a wonderful sense of mastery and self-confidence. We are mastering ourselves by staying in the process and mastering whatever activity we are working on. This is the essence of proper practice.

luke wilson

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I had a scary one last night.... More visitation experiences. It wasn't long after getting into bed that a feeling of fright descended. The interplay between light and dark somehow seemed to be hiding things. Obviously at the time I was telling myself over and over that it was basically mind tricks and all was a-ok. Feeling of fright culminated in the early part of the night when I opened my eyes to see a short semi-luminous and skinny thing freeze in its footstep as if to stare me down. I thought it must be another light trick and kept my eyes fixed on the thing expecting it to vanish. It didn't! :scared:

A small movement from it in its frozen state and I immediately turned round, picked up my phone and illuminated the room but nothing was there. Scary nonetheless. Later on in the night, had another experience. This time, I felt something descend upon my whole body as if to smother. I opened my eyes in fright... I couldn't see anything other than 'white'... My breath was as if there was something in front of me, like how it would be if you put your palm in front of your mouth and nose whilst breathing. Then I felt like a movement on my lower abdomen which made my body involuntarily convulse. Then that feeling of having a presence there disappeared.

Other strange things that happened, my computer came to life at appx 4... Got me up. Birds started chirping outside shortly after as dawn broke. I couldn't sleep from then on.

All in all, eventful night! At one point I actually thought, what if at any point something was actually there and it was real and you met eye to eye, face to face... That's the stuff of nightmares... I also noted that feeling of immediately re-orienting yourself to a situation where you have that expectation of things to normalise... At this point you are in a sort of limbo, then even if for a split second your expectation isn't met, there is a huge shot of adrenaline and even fear/dread and its almost like your body is now gearing up for the flight/fight/terror induced mechanism.


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Below are thoughts I posted in the thread for the recent session about this.

"Valley of the Shadow" reminds me of the Jungian idea of the shadow. You've been posting about weird dreams, emotional processing, chaos and change in your lives. This sounds as if the unconscious things which haven't been dealt with are "coming out" and manifesting, both inwardly and outwardly.

If your psyche is charged with conflicting currents (whether unconscious and/or half-conscious), it can scramble your focus, lead to carelessness and mistakes, and there may also be symbolic "signs" from the Universe as to what's going on. If you work through these things - deeper inner work - then the symptoms on the surface (your conscious mind not working as well) can then resolve, and life may change in various ways.

Over the past few years, I and many others here have been going in the opposite direction. If things don't work well on the surface level in your mind and in your life, then forcing things into shape through discipline and dealing with outer things have been the solution - build your will and force your being to work reliably in accordance with your current ideas and direction. Well, building your will is very important, but there comes the point when you need to examine whether you're really using what you've built properly.

When you hit a barrier beyond which you cannot go, then maybe it it best to reconsider the approach. Exclusively focusing on paying attention to "the present moment" and working reliably with precision in your current activities, means you're not paying attention to the reality of what's inside you. If problems keep getting bigger, maybe there's something else for you to notice and direct your attention towards.

For me, in the second half of last year, a huge inner process began. (Earlier that year, I went through a shorter, intense period of fearful and painful struggle, breaking apart some old and very rigid structures in my psyche. That seems to have prepared the ground for "part 2".) I've experienced various inner symbolic dramas, recapitulated my life and dealt with very intense repressed emotions. I would not have been able, beforehand, to imagine that I had so much anger, bitterness, and grief inside of me. And as it is resolved, and old beliefs I took for granted are re-examined (because the inner experience has kept pushing my old assumptions to the limit until they break down), it seems to lead to maturation. Emotional blocks to understanding go away, and suddenly I begin to understand life, myself, others, and relations with others differently.

Years ago, I had a peculiar dream in which I and others in this network visited a "city of the soul". A vast place made of intricate stone structures, it was not a place we lived in, but rather had begun to visit so as to learn. It was, in large part, a 'future potential', a place that may in the future 'come alive' along with the formation of a social memory complex. But there was also all kinds of negative stuff, not visible to the eye, 'hidden' in the city, in its structure. And in the future, it would have to be dealt with so that the city could be cleansed in order for us to have a future connected to it.


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Interesting thread, and I'm glad I'm not the only one who's noticed this strange trend. I've been dropping this and breaking things of late. I was tidying the pantry and a glass bottle of vitamins went splat all over the floor. My son was pushing himself away from his desk by pressing his foot against the wall, and the gyprock caved in -there is a nice hole in the wall under the desk now :rolleyes:

I've been unbelievably tired of late and sleep doesn't refresh me. Im thinking Adrenal exhaustion or chronic fatigue and I've been meaning to get myself off to a blood test (when energy and time will permit). I've also had trouble falling off to sleep, and been having some very strange and vivid dreams too. Glad to see the Cs address this in the latest session. I like the idea of crystals for protection as suggested in the session. I seem to have a penchant for opals at the moment :)
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