The Consortium, the Quorum, the alien interface, depicted in 'romantic' fiction - what the heck?!

I have finished the dark romances and have certainly felt alot of what others have. Having the personal connection to these themes has really sunk home the idea of the reality of our 3D world. Most notably, i think it has inoculated me to alot of these freedom fighting esque people who are sprouting up on social media. Talking about taking back our country our way of life and all i can think of is, well it wasn't so splendid before covid. It just seemed better. Or the illusion was kind, more welcoming. It seems the only difference is, one was covert and now its overt.

At times i can feel myself wanting to fall into these traps, romanticising ideas of resistance against the machine. Of mass protests that are happening around the world. And there is apart of me that is cheering them on. but then i think about these novels and the dark, underlying world that persists. It's just more of the same. I get the impression the illusion of freedom and democracy seemed for alot of people far better before the pandemic. they still had enough of a buffer to go about their lives.

Experiencing this aspect of the world through a personalised story made me feel sick, sad, frustrated but as others have said free from this dread of change or turmoil as the C's have put it. I think they have been an incredibly worthwhile read as challenging as some of them were to experience. I'm very grateful for having the opportunity to have read them. And thanks everyone for your observations.
Finished the series. I found I became somewhat immune to the wild sex scenes after a while, and noticed the recurring formula the author was using. A powerful series which carefully dispensed knowledge of how the elite operate scattered among the distraction of a constant background of hot sex.

Noticed what you wrote, the "formula the author was using" and immunity, and then the different depths it was being used within the different series.

When overlapping the two period orientated series, there are of course similarities - money, power, control, politics, poverty, hurt, trauma, fear, sex, love etc. The times of course are different, and the language to describe in that latter series denotes, customary of our times, the focus upon corporate symbols and name brands used today (cars, planes, clothing, food, drink, vacation spots and technology - many trappings of materialism). This language was common place to the characters in the series who would thrill at having a heavyweight corporate name band, whereas a pair of Hessian boots or silk shawl was nice, or the carriage was well sprung in the former series.

In this series, the language of sex for some readers is at a whole different level than when they grew up, and it may be very 'used' and not thought about very much in the minds of younger people today based on all sorts of social learnings, including exposure to a media driven society with greater pornographic exposure in upbringing, which comes out clearly in the words of these characters. The author here exploits sex language to its base crassness, yet in the end sex is experience between two people in similar ways - sex is sex, it has hurts and trauma, and love is sought and expressed. However Balogh, thankfully, would not be so explicit in this modern way to describe sex acts, so when reading it was kind of, oh, this again, move along.

So as you said, once one's bearings were set, and some immunity to the language and scenes they evoked developed, the focus between characters overcoming their life obstacles is similar. However Le Carre's expression of the modern control system is greater in view of global control, although the old monied family theme crosses over between the series - darker in the latter. And this darkness described can leave one hollow, especially knowing that many today are oblivious to it, hence this covid example.

The dark romance is, for me at least, a quicker read and has different lessons in it, disturbing, but gives you an insight into the PTB and how they view us.
Yes, different lessons and yet similar as it pertains to society as a whole in emotional and spiritual struggle. Similar to not expressing one self when it is needed. And yes, a way broader description of the control systems coming out of our global technological systems, along with many of these ptb groups providing their pathological views that separate them from the rest of human beings. This is stark in this series.
After I posted my last reply I was still left with some questions and almost immediately ran across some information from Dark Journalist that seems to answer some of these questions. He has done some deep research into certain mystery schools and other related topics. He doesn't have the same understanding of 4D that this group has but still seems to come out with some interesting info. In his research he claims there are only around 15 people at the very top of this pyramid of power and that they work through or with the mystery schools and are in the process of of slowly releasing information to the public. He does not call them the consortium/quorum group but they sound as if they could be the same thing. He claims that there are 3 types of mystery schools: STO-STS and then groups who want to keep the secrets to themselves. He claims (still researching) that the STO groups at the top have been releasing certain information for this time because to move to the next level it is required that others have the information they have. They want to move on now according to him.

So in my understanding of all of this so far is that it seems only the good guys are releasing this info and for some reason that leaves me a little more hopeful. And then I realized that even though Blake's mother seems to have the right words to say concerning the good or freewill/open side of reality she has absolutely no inner knowledge or understanding of what those word's mean and how to experience them. Gads, sometimes it takes me forever to put 2+ 2 together. sigh. She is STS. They don't get it and probably never will when they reach that level of power and control. Triple bad day for those folks on the horizon.

I'm also left wondering if some of the more advanced ones in this group might be given those jobs that the STO are leaving behind so they can move on. That would involve knowing both sides of the equation deeply and might involve knowing how to work within both 3D and 4D. But then again with the wave that is coming everything may change so dramatically that it is unrecognizable from this perspective. I'm just speculating here and I apologize if this is noise. I was just left with a big question about the why of these Banker novels and this way of looking at it makes sense to me, but I could still be way off the mark. Still learning.
I should add that the information that some in the mystery schools want to move on came from: The Autobiography of Emma Hardinge Britten who the book Alice in Wonderland (4D) was based on and who was taken into a Orphic Mystery school when she was 9. They would take girls from between around 9-14 to use in their attempts to reach into 4D and get information. Apparently some girls at that age are highly talented in those areas. Her grandfather was some sort of Grand wizard and she was on their radar. That book is around $130.00 on Amazon now.
I am now on Volume 3 of the series (Besotted) and this morning I started translating this article published on Sott: mRNA "Vaccines", Eugenics & the Push for Transhumanism. In doing so, it occurred to me this morning that translating this article as I am reading Le Carre's books is proving to be very instructive, even fascinating. It is at least my feeling about it.

Not that I didn't know about eugenic agenda before, but as Laura and others have described perfectly here, reading about the facts of Reality and seeing them expressed in parallel within a "fictional" story that features people and families in their everyday lives, so to speak, is not really the same thing. When you add the two together, the feeling that emerges is much more powerful, it gives more insight into the reality of the upper echelons of society that have been working behind the scenes on their 'agenda' for so long...
You are famous for going into systems of reality and altering the frequency, thus bringing information. It is not your task as members of the family of light to proselytize. You simply go into systems and act as receptacles; you receive the creative cosmic rays into your bodies, the bodies you occupy as humans. allow a process to take place." "You are coded, and as your memory begins to rise, you will respond to the plan with which you came here to participate to alter the frequencies."
WOW! I must have read that part 10+ years ago, because I have been resonating with it for years now. I read some Maurice Nicoll last week, where he says something along the lines of "Impressions are always incoming from Life. Therefore You have to choose, which impressions you respond to. You might wanna choose to simply not respond to negative impressions, thus you won't allow yourself to get identified with the immense negativity of today."
I'm at the The Russian Don "You Don't Own Me 1", so with that, four books left.
Yesterday, while encountering the 'Vaxxed Greater Family' - where the old "You Must Stand At Attention!"-emotions should have kicked in, as they always have, until now, I experienced a strong, stabilizing calm coming from deep within. It felt they were already separated a world apart, from me, by an invisible barrier.
I want to mention another apparent effect of reading this series and similar: one very quickly gets "done" with 3 D existence. I found myself feeling quite depressed contemplating it all and had to do a few neuro sessions to regroup - plus, read a bit of Balogh.
After having been thoroughly affected by this book-project, for a couple days now I was reading most news articles and watching the linked desperate videos in the Pandemic thread, which gave me a concentrated dose of impressions about the lies the authorities tell us and the truth the souled people are reporting there.

Technicolor.jpgThe increasing chasm between the totalitarian globalist ghouls and The People generated in me a strong feeling that this 3D world has become thoroughly obsolete. While thinking that, I looked around. The environment appeared like a misty old hologram topping in Technicolor, covering objective reality lying hidden under the illusion.

I watch the people 'Of This World' as they are playing 'Zis seriously important adult little vaxxination game of theirs' now.
Their faces a 'Mask of Ignorance'. They look imprinted into 3D. Cruising around in their new cars wearing their shiny objects and living blissfully, like colorful cake figurines pressed into a layer cake. They thoroughly belong to their 3D-reality made of Sweet-Ignorance. On their faces a remote look: lack of understanding.

They are oblivious about the future: what objective reality will bring to them soon, they are rejecting it.

wedding cake with human figures.jpg
(The People Of This World sitting in their sweet 3D Layer Cake)​
I want to mention another apparent effect of reading this series and similar: one very quickly gets "done" with 3 D existence. I found myself feeling quite depressed contemplating it all and had to do a few neuro sessions to regroup - plus, read a bit of Balogh.
I have also felt the depression of seeing that almost everything is so twisted and sick, especially because my openness to be aware has grown and knowing more things of which before I ignored from myself and the reality in which I live. I have greatly exponentiated my ability to feel, and I have felt very sad, almost about to cry every time I see how others suffer, this makes me wonder and remind me the reason why we are here in this world in this present, ask me if our heart is clean and deep to love everything that makes us exist.
I wonder if all that suffering that is yet to unfold can be the flame that amalgamates our hearts like a crystal, like a diamond with many facets, reflecting the light in different directions and shapes. Also an apology because I do not have the exact quote, or if my interpretation is wrong, of what I am going to comment below, I remember that in one of the C's sessions, it said:
-"It is not that the elect will be saved", it is rather that "those who are saved, will save others."
I have thought this because then if we are willing to learn and be fully STO, even if the "old world" is falling apart you are willing to embrace love-light and service to others, as a major test, in a present time when reality bombards us with hate and division in our humanity, what a real battle!

I don't worry anymore if I will survive this or not, to be honest I know that if stronger and harder things are to come, before the balance is restored, it is for a very important reason, for sure to learn the lesson with all our being, from the bones to the deepest of our soul.
I feel that the obscure-contemporary and regency novels provide those facets of pain and understanding of the other, be it partner or family, I feel that despite the variable of "time" in both novels the important thing is how we engage or communicate with others through emotions as a window to the soul, it seems to me that both dark and regency novels complement each other, and provide a perspective, because in the regency novels we are reminded of the importance of human values and virtues and the contemporary novels of their lack of them.

An apology for any grammatical errors or misconceptions, I had a very strong feeling days ago to express this. Because I feel that even though in this life we know that we have chosen the light, I also feel a deep sadness and pain in case we have hurt or done any harm in others in past lives.

Thanks to all of you
(I have noticed that these men can form an effective network by the similarity of their experiences and their knowledge of the control system.)

I found the end of this series quite disturbing (a sequel to come?)
Having crossed the reality of psychopathy, I identified in this series the reality of this society.
From the reality that is underway for us and which wants to actualize a future where people are taken hostage or even in slavery, these dark romances reinforce the possible of the world that is presented to us.
It's scary because suddenly almost real. I ended the series in this total and palpable anxiety of anticipation

When I spent some time afterwards catching up on reading articles that had appeared in the meantime, a shift seems to have occurred: the world is receding into the strangeness here, and I feel 'separated' from it (I moved)
The fear and sadness I felt while reading dark novels were no longer here in the news!

It's more like: 'we can do it anyway' ... If it's without an escape, I can refocus: my soul is at the center. Our souls are to be saved. Our souls survive

This fear is indeed conditioning. The dark romance world of 'power' is that soulless thing that is at the end of its wishful thinking.
Humanly speaking, I am not one of them. I mainly lose illusions.

Maybe after having accepted our pasts, memories, and resolved our traumas, we still have to accept our futures, projections, illusions, and the (daring) nudity of our souls?

Thank you again for guiding us to these readings.

(J'ai remarqué que ces hommes peuvent former un réseau efficace par la similitude de leurs expériences et leur connaissance du système de contrôle.)

J'ai trouvé la fin de cette série assez dérangeante (une suite à venir?)
Ayant croisé la réalité de la psychopathie, j'ai identifié dans cette série la réalité de cette société.
Depuis la réalité qui est en cours pour nous et qui veut actualiser un avenir où les peuples sont pris en otage voire en esclavage, ces romances sombres renforcent le possible du monde qui nous est présenté.
C'est effrayant parce que presque réel, tout à coup. J'ai fini la série dans cette totale et palpable angoisse d'anticipation

Quand j'ai passé du temps ensuite à rattraper la lecture d'articles parus entre-temps, une bascule semble s'être produite : le monde s'éloigne dans l'étrangeté ici, et je m'en sens 'séparée' (je me suis déplacée)
La peur et la tristesse que je ressentais en lisant les romans sombres n'étaient plus ici, dans l'actualité !

C'est plutôt quelque chose comme : 'on peut le faire de toute façon'... Si c'est sans échappatoire, je peux me recentrer : mon âme est au centre. Nos âmes sont à sauver. Nos âmes survivent

Cette peur est bien un conditionnement. Le monde de la romance sombre du 'pouvoir' est cette chose sans âme et qui est à l'extrémité de ses vœux pieux.
Humainement parlant, je n'en fais pas partie. Je perds des illusions principalement.

Peut-être après avoir accepté nos passés, mémoires, et résolus nos traumas, il faut encore accepter nos avenirs, projections, illusions, et la nudité (audacieuse) de nos âmes ?

Merci encore pour nous avoir guidés vers ces lectures.
I think you're right. Another circumstantial evidence that suggests that Barrington might be an alias for Rothschild is in "Owned" (22% in the Kindle edition) where Le Carré writes the following about an author who wanted to write about the Barringtons:

When one typed these words +Rothschild in a search engine, the first result is:

A few paragraphs later Le Carré mentions that the Barringtons are the largest investors in De Beers, and indeed the Rothschild were the funders of Cecil Rodhes, founder of De Beers:

Next sentence written by Le Carré reads:

and sure enough, when one check the links between the Rothschilds and monopoly in quicksilver mining, one finds:

At this point I stopped checking the Barrigton-Rothschild similarities, there are enough "coincidences".
Nathaniel Phillip Rothschild (1971) is the only son of Fourth Baron Rothschild, Jacob.
At a young age Nathaniel married Annabelle Neilson in 1994, divorced 1997. Then reportedly she was paid off by the Rothschilds after signing a non-disclosure agreement.

Annabelle (1969-2018) was reported to have died from a heart attack. She was a former model, children’s book author, and muse to fashion designer Alexander McQueen who died of a drug overdose in 2010.

Relating to the Billionaire banker series Annabelle looked exactly like Lana except she has brown eyes, even being reported to have perfect skin. Alexander Mc Queen reminds me very much of Billie, Lana’s best friend. Same style, and sense of design. They were extremely close friends amd met when she was 22, so she would have known him before marrying Nathaniel Rothschild.
The books were published in 2013. Also in 2013 the McQueen label collaborated with reknowned Swiss tattoo artist Maxime Buchi, releasing a menswear design series featuring spider webs, nautical symbols, and geometric designs. See attached images. Billie had spider web tattoos.
I just wonder if there is any significance to the shirt symbols and spider web designs?
Could be clutching straws, Is there some deeper symbolism in these books? And who was the woman who tried to write the book about the Rothschilds?

Also Le Carre’s use word for word of Paul Johnson’s (author, journalist among other careers) quote on Wikipedia means, Johnson must have known about its use by Le Carre and given permission—otherwise wouldn’t this be plagiarism?

Or perhaps it’s all just evidence to make the reader realise that the truth is indeed in the pages and stranger than any fiction.

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Another little piece of info: when Annabelle Neilson was 26 she visited family friends in Australia. On this trip she was brutally attacked after being tied to a tree. She was left with trauma so extensive that she required reconstructive surgery on her face. The man who attacked her later went on to murder three women. I can’t seem to find the name of the brutal rapist/murderer even though the reports I have scanned says he was convicted. Will keep trying as am curious if this man is publicly identified.

Again this relates to the first book in the series when Blake tells Lana that Rupert was known to have brutalised a women so badly she was left with a broken jaw and inability to see from one eye.
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At a young age Nathaniel married Annabelle Neilson in 1994, divorced 1997.
Annabelle (1969-2018) was reported to have died from a heart attack.
Another little piece of info: when Annabelle Neilson was 26 she visited family friends in Australia. On this trip she was brutally attacked after being tied to a tree.
The attack at 26 would've been 1995-1996, when she was married to Rothschild. I speculate the attack was related to the marriage.
The attack at 26 would've been 1995-1996, when she was married to Rothschild. I speculate the attack was related to the marriage.
Sorry that is a typo, I thought I had edited that but mustn’t have saved it correctly. She was 16 (not 26) when she visited Australia and was attacked.

It should read:
Another little piece of info: when Annabelle Neilson was 16 she visited family friends in Australia. On this trip she was brutally attacked after being tied to a tree.
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