The Consortium, the Quorum, the alien interface, depicted in 'romantic' fiction - what the heck?!


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Okay, I've now read nr 4 (Seduce Me) and nr 5 (Love's Sacrifice) and one of the things I noticed was that the writing and story-telling was of higher quality compared to the first three ones. The 'steamy' sex scenes were still there, and I kind'a speed read those parts, scanning if there were any key words that would require attention. But as I wrote above, the in-between non-sex segments were actually quite enjoyable and entertaining to read.

Side note: I noticed that in most of (if not all) of Le Carre's books there are two other names given as editors: Lori Heaford (Editor) and Nicola Rhead (Editor). Maybe it's nothing, but it proves that there's definitely a group behind these books.

Seduce Me (nr 4) had not too many 'revelations' but there was one big one – the definition/description of 'The Agenda'.

Love's Sacrifice (nr 5) was 'the bomb' in the sense that it presented a couple of suprises to the story itself, and also a taste of the even deeper and darker players/critters at a higher level than Blake or his father.

All in all, I sense that the series is getting better and 'deeper' for each volume, and I'm curious to know what the next ones will present. One could, maybe, get the same kind of speculative overview of the life of the 'Consortium people' by reading various 'conspiracy sites' and watching 'conspiracy videos', but I find this format a lot more entertaing and faster (well, maybe minus the most graphic sex scenes).

As I read these, I'm occasionally doubting if it's worth the time, but reading each book doesn't actually take that much time. So, why not...


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I'm at book two now and they are page-turners for sure! Progressing via seek10's ordered list. Another excellent book selection Laura, thank You!

The writer has surprising insight and skill in giving us a very fast-turning story that never gets old, nor repetitive nor boring. The most shocking content I found in the two books so far is the many descriptions of oppression by the super-rich, who never allow us, the plebs / unwashed masses - to rise above our station or even do reasonably good financially. We are always at their mercy, our arms flailing at the edge of the Abyss of financial debt, looming joblessness, medical expenses, food shortages, animal viruses, plandemics or other existential threats. While they enjoy super-nutritious foods and live in obscene luxury and get highly effective treatments, they thrive on the cream of the milk extracted from the working class.

Georgia repeatedly paints the horrific image of insider knowledge we already have. But in book form, via a good story with a damsel in distress, the entire horrible thing of "Psychopaths's X-Files" just sticks better and affects us way more. Her ability to weave a page-turner story makes up for her maybe lacking writing skills: her Story-Excellence' so absorbed my attention that I never noticed any glaring writers weaknesses.

As opposed to Regency or Victorian era novels, where the writers are struggling to present us a compelling life story with characters, so that the whole created thing and dynamics must hold itself together.

While Georgia has chosen an infinite advantage building everything on our current 'Terror of The Situation', giving her books even more pulling power. I find myself unable to stop reading, despite the facts that the writer doesn't have Campbells wonderful love declarations, nor does she have Elizabeth Hoyt's absolutely brilliant dialogues.. Nor does she have Lisa Kleypas'es stunning grandmaster techniques "of everything."

Following real-world events are better than any movie and it shows in The Billionaire Banker series. I thought here Georgia was prophetic:
In the excerpt below Johnny Cash sings about love, but nowadays we are walking through 'the valley of the shadow of death'. We can expect fiery meteorite bombardments any month now. So the lyrics - morphed into a prophecy - may fit our present times and near future. Especially as
NYC enveloped by haze from wildfire smoke all the way from West Coast, as air quality hits worst in 14 years:

I fell into a burning ring of fire
I went down, down, down as the flames went higher
And it burns, burns, burns,
The ring of fire, the ring of fire.
—The Ring of Fire, Johnny Cash

We huddle together like the shell-shocked survivors in the embers of a horrific battlefield. All around us are the dead and the terrible cries and wails of the dying. His hands cling to mine.
/42 days, Georgia Le Carre, The Billionaire Banker book 2/
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Possibly an implanted memory, but I could almost swear that I remember a story about an important international figure in finance (or something?) being busted in a career ending scandal to do with a Southeast Asian domestic worker. Or something very, very similar to the situation laid out in the first book. Sound familiar to anyone else?


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...I could almost swear that I remember a story about an important international figure in finance (or something?) being busted in a career ending scandal to do with a Southeast Asian domestic worker. Or something very, very similar to the situation laid out in the first book. Sound familiar to anyone else?
Think it might relate to this, Dominique Strauss-Kahn (Paul Craig Roberts article):

In the spun story, Strauss-Kahn is portrayed as so deprived of sex that he attempted to rape a hotel maid. Anyone who ever served on the staff of a powerful public figure knows that this is unlikely.


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Think it might relate to this, Dominique Strauss-Kahn (Paul Craig Roberts article):

Thank you! Yes, this is most likely the story I remember. The 'implanted memory' is maybe that it was a Southeast Asian domestic. Wow.


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I have finished the "Lana/Blake" story - there are many very interesting things in it as the story progresses, and maybe for the first time when reading about these things I thought "well, this could really be how it actually works". When reading about various conspiracy theories, although I can recognize the truth of some of it, it often somewhat clashes with my experience of real life, including dealings I have had with the upper classes. But with these books, presenting the "conspiracy" things in the context of "daily life of the 0.01%", it actually makes more sense. There are many aspects to this that caught my eye.

But one thing I got on my mind is the whole "quorum" issue and the relationship between STS and STO. The Cs said this about the quorum:

Q: (L) So, there is a continuing tradition for over 7 thousand years?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Is this organization with a plan to take over and rule the world?

A: Not exactly.

Q: (L) What is their focus?

A: Overseers.

Q: (L) Of what?

A: The status of quorum.

Q: (L) What is the quorum?

A: Deeper knowledge organization. Totally secret to your kind as of yet. Very important with regard to your future.

Q: (L) In what way?

A: Changes.

Q: (L) Can you get more specific? Is that changes to us personally?

A: Partly.

Q: (L) Earth changes?

A: Also.

Q: (L) What is the relationship between this quorum and the Cassiopaeans?

A: They communicate with us regularly.

Q: (L) Do they do this knowing you are Cassiopaeans or do they do it thinking...

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Has there been an ongoing relationship between the Cassiopaeans and this quorum for these thousands of years?

A: For some time as you measure it.

Q: (L) On a number of occasions we talked about the quorum and the Illuminati. They both seem to be the highest levels of secret organizations. What is their relationship to each other?

A: Please put new music on; this a little disruptive. {Creation Chant}

Q: (L) How is this? {Celtic harp}

A: Better.

Q: (L) You don't like the Native American stuff?

A: It is okay but disruptive to vibrations.

Q: (L) Back to the quorum and illuminati.

A: Quorum mostly alien; illuminati mostly human.

Q: (L) Well, the quorum has been described...

A: Meet; two halves of whole.

Q: (L) Well the quorum seems to be described as being in touch with the Cassiopaeans, that is, yourselves, which you have described as beneficial beings, is this correct?

A: Close.

Q: (L) The illuminati has been described as being behind or with the brotherhood which has been described as being in connection with the Lizard beings...

A: Close. But not that simple.

Q: (L) Well, if the quorum is the good guys and the illuminati is the bad guys, and they both are at the high levels of Freemasonry, what is the story here?

A: Picture a circle or cycle first now then contemplate for a moment before follow up.

Q: (L) Okay, I am contemplating a cycling circle.

A: Now, two halves representing positive and negative. Two halves.

Q: (L) Well, what I am getting out of that is the two halves and both sides are playing with the human race. Is that it?

A: No. This is complicated but if you can learn and understand, it will be a super revelation.

Q: (L) Well, go ahead and explain.

A: Ask step by step.

Q: (L) Why do we so often have to ask things step by step?

A: In order to absorb the information.

Q: (L) The quorum is described as the good guys. The illuminati is described as bad guys. And yet, they are both Masonic. When a person in the Masonic organization reaches the higher levels, are there individuals at the higher levels recruiting masons to one side or the other?

A: First, not exactly one side or another.

Q: (L) I am beginning to not understand something here because if the Lizzies...

A: Unblock.

Q: (L) I don't have a block here. If the brotherhood AKA illuminati AKA Lizzies AKA beast are the ones who are going to do detrimental things to this planet, how are they related or connected to the quorum which is in touch with...

A: This will take time to explain be patient it will be worth it.

Q: (L) Well, are you going to explain it right now?

A: Ask step by step.

Q: (L) Okay. What is the nature of evil?

A: Blend.

Q: (L) Are the Lizzies what we would consider to be evil?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Are the Cassiopaeans what we would consider to be good?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Yet, do the Cassiopaeans use and manipulate the Lizzies to accomplish certain things?

A: No.

Q: (L) The Lizzies work independently and in opposition to the Cassiopaeans?

A: Independently, not in opposition.

Q: (L) Well then, is there somebody over and above this whole project...

A: We serve others therefore there is no opposition. Careful now. Step by step. If you do not fully understand answer ask another.

Q: (L) Part of a whole. Part of a circle.

A: Blend.

Q: (L) Does this mean...

A: Picture a blending colored circle image.

Q: (L) Are you saying that at some levels the two halves overlap?

A: Close.

Q: (L) Are you saying that some of the Quorum are good guys and bad guys and the same for the Illuminati because the two are on opposing sides of the circle but at the point of blending one is weighted more to one side and the other to the other side? And these organizations are where the interactions come together?

A: Closer.

Q: (L) Let's leave it for the time being.

A: No. Now please.

Q: (L) Okay. So it is a blending. Does it have something to do with ... in your case service to others means that you even serve those who serve self, is that correct?

A: Yes; we serve you and the Lizards have programed your race to self service remember.

Q: (L) Well, I am down a notch or two. So, I am still a service to self individual to some extent, is that correct?

A: But moving slowly toward service to others. Not all humans are.

Q: (L) Does this mean that when people who are members of the quorum or illuminati call for information or help, that you, because of your service to others orientation are obliged to answer whoever calls?

A: Yes and no.

Q: (L) What is the no part.

A: If vibrational frequencies are out of pattern we do not connect.

Q: (L) Is the work of the Lizzies part of an overall grand plan or design?

A: All is.

So in that sense, what the books describe as the "Agenda" (STS plan of world domination) needs to be somewhat in line with "the Wave" or the positive transformation. The one cannot be without the other: we need all that darkness here, all that craziness, to bring about/birth the transformation. It's part of the answer of the old "question of evil" theologians have pondered forever (If there is a higher power, and it is Good, how can this place be so evil?).

If that is so, one would expect that some "coordination" or confluence of STO/STS must go on at some level. And this is described in the books too.

Blake's mum turns out to be the real power behind the Barringtons (or even among the "ruling elite"?), but she keeps hidden behind a show of "spoilt wife of rich guy". Which is interesting, because it isn't really typical psychopathic behavior (?), osit. And she says that she does all that so that the "overall grand plan or design" can proceed, to give humans the choice between darkness and light. Hence she allows or even furthers the "dark agenda".

Now this could be just twisted rationalizations, but she somehow in the story seems to represent this point of contact between STO and STS. Kind of like an "overseer" role à la quorum.

I find it difficult to wrap my head around this. On the one hand, I can see and sometimes even deeply feel that this is right, we really do need all this darkness, all this STS stuff. It is crucial, and I can see that even an STO being could be on a mission to "oversee" and somewhat further this STS agenda in the name of the "grand design" of learning, the Wave etc. On the other hand, I am so repulsed by this darkness - in the book and on this planet - that I just want all of theses STSer to die for their sins. Also, it seems to me that "acceptance" of STS, although it might be necessary in a sense, can also be very dangerous if not tightly held in check, otherwise you might get sucked into their vortex.

Perhaps it is something that cannot be resolved in this reality: we need to constantly choose light and oppose STS within, but choosing light also entails the wisdom to accept STS as a necessary part of creation that makes STO possible. Maybe sorting out our messy emotions about these things is an important step? And maybe these books do help with that?


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This struck me when I read it. Isn't Quinn (one of the Blake's brothers) an artist living in Europe?

Yes, that's correct. I think the author(s) used real events and weaved them into the plot to grab attention of those who do keep an eye on the news - or those who may be prompted by the book to do a bit of digging. The plane crash seems to have been a similar case: in the book it was a planned event but as Eboard10 noted earlier, the C's confirmed this was an accident in reality.

I think that the series is inspired by real events and people rather than being a 100% accurate biography.


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Perhaps it is something that cannot be resolved in this reality: we need to constantly choose light and oppose STS within, but choosing light also entails the wisdom to accept STS as a necessary part of creation that makes STO possible. Maybe sorting out our messy emotions about these things is an important step? And maybe these books do help with that?

My books are on the way but until then, I have been thinking about the above as well. I am reading Meeting The Shadow The Hidden Power of the Dark Side of Human Nature. It is excepts from over 28 people who have been studying Carl Jung and a few from him as well. Only about a third the way through and there are some people who refer to Freud too much for my taste but there are interesting theories from many about the human darkness. In the first few excepts they use the Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde example as a way to show what happens when we deny the true nature of our inner selves.

Edward C. Whitmore writes in #2 The Evolution of the Shadow: "The term shadow refers to that part of the personality which has been repressed for the sake of the ideal. Since everything unconscious is projected, we encounter the shadow in projection - in our view of "the other fellow". As a figure in dreams or fantasies the shadow represents the personal unconscious. It is like a composite of the personal shell of our complexes and thus a doorway to all transpersonal experiences."

So far the shadow they refer to is not all evil (although it is that many times over) but it is anything we are encouraged, programmed or willing to bury within ourselves. It could be any talents our parents discouraged us away from in leu of business pursuits for example. Or suppressing our creativity and spontaneity in order to conform to ridged rules of society. After these things are buried we try to forget about them but they don't forget about us. They longer we deny the existence of our shadow and everything within, the more it grows distorted and more powerful.

One sentence stood out for me when I read your post which was also in #2. "Often enough the more we will the good, the more we create evil-by overlooking our selfish intents or disregarding the evil, for instance, when we become professional do-gooders.) This is not to imply that you are doing any such thing at all though, it was just something I have been considering within myself. The duality of our natures and need to incorporate both so that a balance can be restored seems to be the most important concept.

Just thoughts with my morning coffee...


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I find it difficult to wrap my head around this. On the one hand, I can see and sometimes even deeply feel that this is right, we really do need all this darkness, all this STS stuff. It is crucial, and I can see that even an STO being could be on a mission to "oversee" and somewhat further this STS agenda in the name of the "grand design" of learning, the Wave etc. On the other hand, I am so repulsed by this darkness - in the book and on this planet - that I just want all of theses STSer to die for their sins. Also, it seems to me that "acceptance" of STS, although it might be necessary in a sense, can also be very dangerous if not tightly held in check, otherwise you might get sucked into their vortex.

Perhaps it is something that cannot be resolved in this reality: we need to constantly choose light and oppose STS within, but choosing light also entails the wisdom to accept STS as a necessary part of creation that makes STO possible. Maybe sorting out our messy emotions about these things is an important step? And maybe these books do help with that?

When you read in other sessions and transcripts about the fall... I don't know about others but I understood that humanity in that period was more like an innocent child who didn't know a REAL difference between good and evil. In that sense, I think STO was somehow incomplete. If serving others involves even the STS part, that service could not be fulfilled if there is no knowledge of the difference. So that service is perhaps fulfilled through the whole incarnational/evolutionary process. You perform the service and at the same time you learn and leave that innocence behind. From the STO point of view it would be a win/win scenario. And in synthesis for the whole universe/creation


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So it seems that little is happening here but as in the 'regency romances', where a third of the book presented - and we are bored there isn't it - all the strings that will allow situations to be activated, therefore to be live and recognize them in ourselves readers.

I reread the second book, when I am halfway there, because I notice that Lana is never 'reached' (neither with Rupert, nor afterwards -I see it now- She sees the evil, she is aware, even if she is 'naive', (her virginity in the 1st book).

Billie is more aware (was much clearer here, and less cartoonish) of cynicism and raw reality and she warns him. Here she is her 'reminder' again when it comes to repeating the process (programming).

Lana understands easily and chooses her own path, like the 1st time -1st book. Its acceptance is not where it is expected. It is the acceptance of what she has to live for her path and with her own justifications. Even in humiliation, or later her demand for expiation, 'is she the one who chooses her path - or her debt?

I mean that's why she seems (is) untouched by the influence of this environment, these experiences.
His motivation, which initially is his mother, is misplaced. She is not even the child now, she is returning to the 'market' again for her own purpose.

Billie always sees the situation very clearly and Lana positions herself on her own life path, her lesson. It is clairvoyant. I think that's what Blake's reasoning too, unlike what he's supposed to experience and feel.

Six? "She cannot take away what is really yours"
To survive - here - you have to really hold onto (belong) to yourself. Because the atmosphere is not it is deleterious, poisoned, noxious, toxic even.

Since the very beginning of the series, this impression on us has been attenuated by Blake, who is very jaded and can afford to avoid the illusion of money -l'esbrouffe, bluff-

Lana, when she's afraid or usually has an emotion, accepts it in the first place. So she stands in safety, with naturalness and 'ease' without being fooled by this emotion. In my opinion this speeds up the story (the lesson).

For example, Lana says:
Six? “I am actually filled with fear. I lost so much. "

For me it's like saying: I did the work with the 'regency' material and I'm going from there. The worlds are just extreme, for us, like in Simply Love or the Bedwynns. Our pasts are to be resolved, resolved, our present must be brought up to date. Next class?
The story - the world - that presents itself can evolve into the actual present. And it's hard.

For sex scenes, there is the fact that like violence (rape, pedophilia, murder), in this universe porn is a staple food. Nothing more. It's common and articulates the world of predators - programming.

Lana, turn away, and breathe elsewhere, I think.
Naivety is dangerous here, when the enemy is around how can you be spared?

Innocence rather? like faith kept in the center of the mind to move forward, without being 'caught' - no excuse to lose your guard. (someone said ;-) ). To see later ...

Donc il semble que peu se passe ici mais comme dans les 'regency romances', où le tiers du livre présentait -et on s'y ennuie n'est-ce pas- toutes les ficelles qui permettront d'activer les situations, donc de les vivre et les reconnaître en nous-mêmes lecteurs.

Je relis le second livre, alors que j'en suis à la moitié, car je remarque que Lana n'est jamais 'atteinte' (ni avec Rupert, ni par la suite -je le vois maintenant- Elle voit le mal, elle en a conscience, même si elle est 'naïve', (sa virginité dans le 1er livre).

Billie est plus au fait (s'est bien plus clair ici, et moins caricatural) du cynisme et de la réalité crue et elle l'avertit. Elle est ici son 'rappel' encore quand il s'agit de répéter le processus (programmation).

Lana comprend facilement et choisis son propre parcours, comme la 1ère fois -1er livre. Son acceptation ne se situe pas où elle est attendue. C'est l'acceptation de ce qu'elle a à vivre pour son chemin et avec ses propres justifications à elle. Même dans l'humiliation, ou plus tard sa demande d'expiation', c'est elle qui choisit son chemin -ou sa dette ?

Je veux dire que c'est pourquoi elle semble (est) épargnée par l'influence de ce milieu, ces expériences.

Sa motivation, qui au départ est sa mère, c'est déplacée. Elle n'est même pas l'enfant actuellement, elle retourne dans le 'marché' à nouveau pour son propre but.

Billie voit toujours la situation très lucidement et Lana se positionne sur son propre chemin de vie, sa leçon. C'est clairvoyant. Je crois que c'est aussi ce qui raisonne chez Blake, au contraire de ce qu'il est supposé vivre et ressentir.

Six ? « Elle ne peut pas vous enlever ce qui vous appartient vraiment »
Pour survivre -ici-, il faut se tenir (s'appartenir) vraiment. Car l'atmosphère n'est-ce pas est délétère, empoisonnée, nocive, toxique même.

Depuis le tout début de la série, cette impression sur nous est atténuée par Blake, qui est très blasé et peut se permettre d'éviter l'illusion procurée par l'argent -l'esbrouffe, le bluff-

Lana, quand elle a peur ou une émotion généralement, l'accepte en premier lieu. Donc elle se tient en sûreté, avec naturel et 'facilité' sans se laisser duper par cette émotion. A mon avis cela accélère le récit (la leçon).

Par exemple, Lana dit :
Six ? « Je suis en fait remplie de peur. J'ai tellement perdu. »

Pour moi c'est comme dire : j'ai fait le travail avec le matériel 'regency' et je pars de là-bas. Les mondes sont juste extrêmes, pour nous, comme dans Simply Love ou chez les Bedwynn. Nos passés sont à résoudre, résolus, notre présent est à actualiser. Classe suivante ?
Le récit -le monde- qui se présente peut évoluer vers l'actuel présent. Et c'est du hard.

Pour les scènes de sexe, il y a le fait que comme la violence, (viol, pédophilie, meurtre), dans cet univers-là le porno est une nourriture de base. Sans plus. C'est commun et articule le monde des prédateurs - la programmation.

Lana, s'en détourne, et respire ailleurs, je crois.
La naïveté est dangereuse ici, quand l'ennemi est autour comment être épargné ?

L'innocence plutôt ? comme la foi gardée au centre de l'esprit pour avancer, sans se laisser 'atteindre' -pas une excuse pour perdre votre garde. (a dit quelqu'un ;-) ). A voir dans la suite...


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If free will is the fundamental law of the universe then there has to be choice. If everything is all good or everything is all evil then there is no choice and therefore no free will. So from that perspective, it's necessary for good and evil to coexist and higher support for evil from the good guys makes some sense specifically if STS can't progress past 4D as I think I recall reading somewhere in the sessions.

The thing that was coming to mind for me as I was reading Blakes conversation with his mother was the quote from Caesar from session July 12, 2014.
I was wrong to think I could change the masses by example. Humans are fickle and self-centered for the most part. Thus, if you wish to really effect changes, it can only be done by early education, and even then it is fragile and will not last. In the end you must be true to your own nature and fear nothing. If you do that you may make a difference after you are gone.
So people can't be changed by example, they can't be reliably changed by early education so that basically leaves experience and choice.

I watched a video about narcissism once and the presenter made the comment that an individual is narcissistic to the degree that they want a narcissist to change. Well, didn't that blow a hole in my take on the saying 'be the change that you want to see in the world' which was something along the lines of 'if I'm a better person the world will change and people will be better to me.' How naive, STS and non accepting of what is is that! It's also kind of lazy because I didn't have to learn about about the reality of humanity, the world or myself so I could make better decisions and if I ended up in a pickle I could just blame others instead of growing up.

As for the blending on the border of good and evil, Jordan Peterson talked about the ying yang symbol using the opposites of chaos and order and his take is that Tao is on the border between order and chaos. Maybe it's the same for good and evil and why context is the defining factor between the two.

Edited to add: just noticed the video is unavailable so here's the link.


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I've just started on The Billionaire Banker series, and I am slowly working my way through it, however I wanted to share this quote that kind of made Laura's point rather poignant and I don't think it represents any spoilers.

‘Unlike the courtiers of earlier centuries, who financed and managed European noble houses, but often lost their wealth through violence or expropriation, the new international bank created by the Barringtons was impervious to local attacks.

‘Their strategy for success was to keep control of their banks in family hands through carefully arranged marriages to first or second cousins. Similar to royal intermarriages, it allowed them to maintain full secrecy about the size of their fortunes. By the late nineteenth century, however, almost all of the Barringtons had started to marry outside the family into other great, old families.

‘The family is renowned for its vast art collections, palaces, wine properties, yacht racing, luxury hotels, grand houses, as well as for its philanthropy. By the end of the century, the family was unparalleled in wealth and luxury even by the richest royal families.

‘The Barringtons are elusive. There is no book about them that is both revealing and accurate. Libraries of nonsense have been written about them. An author who planned to write a book entitled Lies About The Barringtons abandoned it, saying, “It was relatively easy to spot the lies, but proved impossible to find the truth.”


It just goes on and on about their…hedging services…worldwide assets… Boring, boring… Holding companies…Swiss registered. Boring, boring, primarily a financial entity but…largest shareholders in the DeBeers…a virtual monopoly of quick silver mines. Ah! Here is something a little more meaty. In 2008 the group had one hundred billion in assets!

If my sons did not want war, there would be none.” His grandmother said that. Very nice.”

Hidden in a rather plain sight I must say! And it is exactly if not very close to how things must operate in the world.


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This got me thinking, so as I started reading the first book last night, I paid particular attention to the description of a Wikipedia entry in the book on the fictional "Barrington" family. I couldn't help but wonder if the author(s) had used a real Wiki page as a template. Well, here is a quote from the novella:

And here is a quote from the Wiki page for the Rothschilds:

There are more (e.g. "art collections, palaces, wine properties, yacht racing, luxury hotels"), but that one quote is enough to show that the Barringtons are a stand-in for the Rothschilds.
My sense is that the Barringtons may be a stand in for the Rothschilds, who themselves may be a standin for the owners of Vanguard (which also owns Black Rock) which may, or may not, include the Rothschilds. And then, others may own Vanguard, we don't know.


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I've finished 4 books of The Billionaire Banker series. I find that the story isn't too bad and some of the characters are actually interesting. I mostly skip the sex scenes because they are quite explicit and not interesting for the most part, but it's true that some of the 'revelations' happen just after on of those...

Apart from what others have shared already, the story is good because it also talks about other social issues, as Laura said and, as I said, some of the characters have some internal transformation that is interesting.

I'm thinking of Julie Sugar, for example, who was jealous of Lana, obsessed about Jack, resented about life and bulimic, but then she finds love and changes that. Even though her relationship is totally based on sex, it is interesting to see her transformation... it's a nice story.

As others mentioned, Victoria's character is interesting too, but in another sense, a sense of a glimpse into a wicked mind, so to say. But well, I still have more to see from that character it seems.

So far, there have been some shocking comments about this circle of people, ritualistic sacrifice of children and sexual abuse, as other mentioned already, and it surely isn't easy to read in the context of a novel. It isn't anything that wasn't already suspected here on the forum, but reading it in the context of these people's lives has a different effect I think, so it's hard to swallow.

I will continue my comment using spoilers:

I found the ending in Forty 2 Days quite beautiful, and also a good contrast to what is revealed just before, which is the abuse Blake has gone through by his father and the fact that they often perform child sacrifice. Lana goes to a church and she prays and her thoughts are:

I remember my grandmother saying, Gods are not beings like people. It is only humans who have given them arms and legs and faces. They are metaphors for all the things human consciousness can aspire to. If there is a darkness called El, then there must be another metaphor to describe the consciousness of light and goodness. I will pray to that god, in every temple, mosque, synagogue and church that I find.

I fall to my knees, cross myself and pray.

‘Dear God, take care of Jack while he is in war-torn Africa and bring him back to this kind land as soon as possible.’

I stand and put the carrycot with Sorab in it in front of the altar and return my knees to the cold stone floor.

‘I give you my son to keep safe for always and…in return, I promise to do for the little children all that is in my power…until my last breath. I am not a cog in the machine. I am not a bloodline. I can make a difference. Nothing is set in stone. Not even the agenda.’

I found it beautiful because, well, it reminded me of being the light when all you see around is darkness, and I guess that's all we can do too.

And here's another spoiler from the 4th book, Seduce Me:

At the end Julie Sugar is talking to Blake's brother and they have an interesting conversation about the agenda which seems to describe somewhat what we're seeing today with the transhumanism agenda:

----Quote--- (I'm putting the quote like this because otherwise it isn't fully seen inside the spoiler quote)
‘What is the agenda?’

‘Why do you want to know?’

‘It has to do with the deliberate poisoning of the earth and the extinction of mankind, hasn’t it?’

For an instant he looks surprised. ‘Lana’s diary?’ he hazards.

I nod. ‘Why? Don’t they, their children and their grandchildren have to live on this earth too?’

‘The answer is staring you in the face. They always hide everything in plain sight. Think. What is the one movement that is more inexorable and unstoppable than anything else? It pervades the entertainment industry, politics, military ‘breakthroughs’ and scientific circles. No matter who you are or where you are you will be exposed to it. You see it in commercials, music videos, movies, and hear about it being discussed at the highest levels.’

I frown. ‘I don’t know.’

‘You watch music videos all the time, don’t you?’


‘Lady Gaga, Will I Am, Jay-Z, Beyonce, Rihanna… What do all their slick videos have in common? What do they glamorize?’

In my old life I would have said, awesome designer clothes, catchy tunes, fantastic dance moves, and brilliant choreography. The new Sugar knows: it is not those things.

I shake my head.

‘Don’t give up so easily, Sugar. This is a little test to see how successful the controllers have been.’

The clue must lie in the names he has given me. I try to think with the destruction of the planet in mind. Lady Gaga coming out of an egg, Beyonce wearing riot police gear, Will I Am with his robot themed videos and Rhianna flashing the one eye symbol—come to think of it all of them flash that.

The coming police state and robots?

‘Bravo to the brotherhood.’ There is no joy in his face. ‘The coming superhuman is disguised as a courageous and exciting project, but its true implications are vast and horrifying. Just like splitting the atom can go both ways. There is no desire or quest to ‘evolve’ all humankind. If there was then the one percent of the population wouldn’t own more than half of the world’s wealth.

The true aim is to alter the human genome to survive under a toxic sky, as two species; the new homo-superiors, in reality, the homo-predators and what is left of a successful depopulation strategy—the genetically engineered and chipped slaves. The agenda in a nutshell is the quest for godhood, to live for hundreds of years and rule with unchallenged domination.

‘Do we do nothing at all about it, then?’

‘What do you want to do, Sugar? Tell everyone? They would only brand you a fruitcake or a conspiracy nut. It is as I told Lana: what you fight you become. Are the Inquisitors better than the witches they burnt? The real battle is inside you. If every single person on earth refused to lift a gun, propel a drone, hurt another human being in the name of democracy, or ‘freedom’, or whatever shit they call their murderous ways, this world would be a paradise.’

-------END QUOTE-----

That's quite an interesting exchange.

Both extracts and the contrast between Lana and her friends and Blake's world makes me think about the contrast between normal human beings and psychopaths (to call them something) or, I could say, this "circle" of evil people who have no humanity in them. Lana's world is full of humanity and maybe that's what it is all about: keeping humanity alive.

Edit: Quotes because they weren't visible.
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