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Hmmm and now reiki just popped in my head. Reiki could be a balancing of the Zero Point Field, an attempt to restore the systems integrity to its lowest point.


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Great new and well-grounded information! Highly appreciated! I had some thoghts while reading the material:

The electromagnetic frequencies that Benveniste has studied correspond with frequencies in the audio range, even though they don't emit any actual noise that we can detect...
Into my mind comes the popular work of Emoto with water crystals and music.

The shaking of the containers, as is done in homeopathy, appears to act as a method of speeding up this process...
"Shaking" creates vortexes...

Thomas C said:
The frequency of a violle is 20.17 cd (candelas).
A violle is a french unit measuring luminous intensity; it corresponds to about 20 candelas.

Cs said:
A: Police cars, ambulances, firetrucks... How long has this been true? Have you noticed any changes lately??!!??
Since a couple of years, most new cars use LED technology instead of standard light bulbs. You can tell when the lights switch on and off extremely fast, without afterglow. The car electronics regulate the brightness of the red braking tail-lights (braking light intensity vs. parking light intensity) not by regulating the voltage BUT by fast On/Off switching, called Pulse Width Modulation or PWM.

This modulation can not be seen if you statically look in such a light, but can be seen if you move the focus point of your eyes fast enough over the whole scene. I captured this fast "blinking" effect with a fast movement of my digital camera and a long exposure time. Unfortunately I deleted the picture a week ago... Talk about manipulation. I estimated the PWM frequency is around 75 Hz.

This means that in the near future everyone of us who is driving at night (or with some regulations even at day) will be exposed almost constantly to this low frequency flicker right in front of our face. And those red LEDs are super-bright. Helps to swallow the "newsflash" that are broadcast every 30 minutes nowadays.

Now to a related topic:

In his work, Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt uses colors in various intensities and modulations to access buried traumas and memories. He also gives an overview of related literature. The question arises: If traumas can be accessed and released by this means, can they also be induced by same? Think so...

The Neurophysiology of Light by Dietrich Klinghardt M.D. Ph.D., emphasis mine.

Translated from Klinghardt’s book "Lehrbuch der Psycho-Kinesiologie: ein neuer Weg in der Psychosomatischen Medizin" - "Textbook of Psycho-Kinesiology - a new approach in psychosomatic medicine" , Verlag INK, Stuttgart, Germany 1995

In the German speaking countries of Europe, color therapy through the eyes has become very popular in recent years amongst alternative health practitioners and in spite of its American birthplace is more strongly represented at alternative medical meetings in Europe then it is here in the US at this time.

Three events were most instrumental to this rise in interest:
1. The publication and success of Dr. Klinghardt's German textbook on holistic healing,
2. The teaching of Steven Vasquez PhD in Europe,
3. The Photon Wave color-instrument which was originally conceived by John Searfoss OD and is being manufactured under guidance of color therapist Leona Vermeire in Belgium.

During the 19th century the American surgeon, E. Babbit, M.D. proved that treatment with colored light could achieve very significant healing results through its effect on the human energy field, the light receptive autonomic nerve fibers in the skin and via the nerves that connect the eye directly with the limbic system [103].

In the beginning of this century the East Indian Darius Dinshah, who had immigrated into the USA, introduced a system of color therapy that involves shining colors of different frequencies onto the body for curing different illnesses [105]. The American eye specialist Riley Spitler, M.D. proved in the 30’s that many patients with psychiatric illnesses could be cured or improved if the client looked into a specially designed colored lamp[106]. He succeeded in curing mania, schizophrenia, depressions and other psychiatric disorders [85].

Colored light - when beamed into the eyes with a projector-like device - can activate repressed memories from childhood - or even earlier - which may now become available to work with in a psychotherapeutic way. In terms of modern neurophysiology we know now that distinct color frequencies can reactivate synapses in the brain [138, 149] which were previously blocked. If nerve conduction is reestablished in these areas, memories which were isolated, are reconnected with the synaptic network of the brain and can again be accessed and integrated by the conscious part of the brain.

Memories connected to a physical or emotional trauma are held by circuitries in the limbic system, especially in the hippocampus and amygdala. These memories can be accessed with the correct color wavelength [138] (for example, by using colored glasses). The effect can be amplified by projecting light with an instrument into the eyes, and modulating the light with flicker frequencies. In our office we also use linear polarization filters at varying angles to reach more specific regions within the brain.


The Neurophysiologial Effects of Light

The optic nerve travels from the retina, past the pituitary gland via the temporal lobe to the occipital lobe of the brain.

An additional nerve bundle is leading directly from the retina to the hypothalamus (retino-hypothalamic tract) [107].


It could be shown, that each monochromatic color frequency stimulates single, specific Neurons [109]. Each frequency in the color spectrum therefore has its own specific neurological and psychological effect [110, 111].

The famous neurosurgeon, Norman Shealy, M.D.,PhD - discoverer and inventor of TENS devices (Transcutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulation) and developer of electric spinal chord stimulation, conducted a study investigating biochemical changes in the brain after beaming different colors into the eye (using a syntonic instrument called “Lumatron”). Remarkable changes were evident in the concentration of neurotransmitters in the cerebro-spinal fluid: norepinephrin, serotonin, beta-endorphin, cholinesterase, melatonin, oxytocin, growth-hormone, LH, prolactin and progesterone[112]. These results explain why the treatment with color projection into the eye can have a profound effect on the hormonal system, the emotions, stress levels, sleep, brain function, and many other aspects of the patient’s biochemistry [119].

Another nerve connection from the retina follows the lower optic tract, which is not used for vision and reaches the transpeduncular nucleus in the midbrain [108], which is also stimulated differently by differen colors [109]. From here the signal travels via the superior cervical ganglion back via the brainstem to the pineal gland. This pathway is – amongst other less understood functions - responsible for the circadian day-night rhythm and the melatonin production in the pineal gland when it gets dark [114].


The maybe most exciting way in which color finds its way inside the body, i.e. the subconscious mind, the immune system, the limbic system, the nervous system etc - has only recently been discovered. There are more and more scientific hints that light can charge particles that travel in the lymph and blood as well as axonally inside the nerves [115, 120]. Through the outer layer of the skin light also affects pigments, fluorescent particles in the body fluids and inside the cells which travel in the blood and lymph. After being energized - in a color-wavelength and frequency specific way - they are transported to their target sites where the light-energy is discharged [116].

The German scientist Fritz Albert Popp PhD confirmed the prior research of Russian scientists and published many of his own papers, on the fact that all cells in an organism use subtle light emissions to communicate with each other constantly. [120]



[85] Ott, John: Health and Light. The Effects of Natural and Artificial Light on Man and Other Living Things, Columbus, Ohio: Ariel, 1973.
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Other Material:

Liberman, Jacob: Die Heilende Kraft des Lichts. Der Einfluss des Lichts auf Psyche und Korper. Bern, 1995.
Szent-Györgyi, A.: ntroduction to a Submolecular Biology. Academic Press: N. Y., 1960.
Szent-Györgyi, A.: Bioelectrics. Academic Press, N.Y.: New York, 1968.

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Interesting finding!

Concerning the role of electromagnetic fields in genetics I found this:

In laboratory experiments the researchers there Dr. Guido Ebner and Heinz Schürch exposed cereal seeds and fish eggs to an "electrostatic field" – in other words, to a high voltage field, in which no current flows. Unexpectedly primeval organisms grew out of these seeds and eggs: a fern that no botanist was able to identify; primeval corn with up to twelve ears per stalk; wheat that was ready to be harvested in just four to six weeks. And giant trout, extinct in Europe for 130 years, with so-called salmon hooks. It was as if these organisms accessed their own genetic memories on command in the electric field…The discovery was soon forgotten, without the global scientific community taking any notice. But this changed: In collaboration with the researchers involved – or rather their sons, author Luc Bürgin has for the first time now disclosed in detail how the principle of this revolutionary bio-experiment works.

Nevertheless many scientists who think along conventional lines may remain sceptical about this inexplicable biological effect. But now for the first time, renowned German expert botanists such as Professor Edgar Wagner of the University of Freiburg and Professor Gunter Rothe from the University of Mainz make positive statements about it in the book. Rothe even had replicated the Ciba experiments in detail at his university in 2001 – and was successful. And also for the first time, even a Nobel laureate – the world-famous Swiss microbiologist Werner Arber – is taking up the cudgels for this controversial discovery. Back then, Arber had given an expert opinion on the Ciba experiments in person in the laboratory. The professor said to the author: "I was impressed!"
World Mysteries Forum Basel 10./11. Mai 2008:
Further speaker selected! Another interesting speaker is booked! Biologist Daniel M. Ebner (studies of biology, chemistry and biostatics at the Universities of Basel and Montreal), Management Consultant in the fields of pharmaceutical validation proceprocesses and information technology. At the 2008 WMF he will present facts, reasonings and perspectives of a sensational discovery:
"Primeval Code” reactivated: Living archetypes of plants and animals created from the laboratory.
Examples of re-created plants and animals will be presented live to the public at the 2008 WMF!

I have found two videos referring to these findings (unfortunately in german)
Part 1:
Part 2:

Approaching Infinity

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If 2D entities give of more light then humans, this would imply that OPs would give off more light than non-OPs. So there seem to be some correlations that follow:

high light = high chaos = low energy efficiency (this may imply energy blockages)

low light = high order = high energy efficiency (utilization of light/knowledge)

Two concepts (one of which has already been pointed out) seem to apply. First, that humanity in its normal state has 'many I's.' We are contradictory, inconsistent. Dabrowski calls this "ambivalences and ambitendencies", i.e. we change from one instant to the next, there is nothing identifiably eternal and unchanging. We are subject to mechanical reactions from external and internal stimuli. This is a state of chaos, of misused energy, of our mechanical (i.e. more animal) nature, discussed next.

Second, lower levels of being have a lower degree of free will. Animals possess a stronger instinct than humans, whose brains are more plastic and amenable to the dictates of reason. Within humanity, we have humans who are more 'plastic' and have more developmental potential than others: the psychoneurotics. OPs, it would seem, are primitively integrated - they have less free will because they are ruled by their instincts and reactions to a greater extent than those who, having developmental potential, work against these mechanical aspects of themselves.

The nature of the work, of the creation of a "self" that is unified and eternal, would seem to go against DNA and environmental influences (the very factors that rule humanity). This is Dabrowski's "third factor." But how does it work? If DNA provides us with the body and abilities with which we have to work, how do we acquire "new" abilities? It would seem to reside in DNA potential, and perhaps junk DNA that turns on unused genes.

Now, consider this, from Barbara Oakley's Evil Genes (highly recommended!):

When a person experiences bodily stress, for example, physical exercise, it can turn certain genes on or off--perhaps through the regulatory function of the junk DNA.
Now consider that, in the work, the creation of a new self is only the result of the death of the old personality, the complete disintegration of previous structures. This is stressful and painful and would no doubt have a genetic effect.

So we see some essential elements of the "method" of the work. The utilization of excess light goes along with cleaning your machine. When you give off less excess energy, less is available as "food" and you become more free. The medium in which this is done is the body itself, using its "prima materia": water.


transdimensional said:
I have found two videos referring to these findings (unfortunately in german)
Part 1:
Part 2:
German TV-program showing a old TV-program from Switzerland. Apart of seeing the modified fish in the 2. part you can see some fern and corn growing in a "old" way enabled by exposing seeds and eggs under a static (DC) electric field.

The research was made at that time by todays Novartis (former Ciba-Geigy).


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Very interesting and important info. I had the same thoughts as pervious posts. Just goes to show the importance of the “work” and non-linear principals.

hkoehli said:
So we see some essential elements of the "method" of the work. The utilization of excess light goes along with cleaning your machine. When you give off less excess energy, less is available as "food" and you become more free. The medium in which this is done is the body itself, using its "prima materia": water.
If I am not mistaken the C’s mentioned once that essentially the strategy was to bring about a change that would make earth useless as a food source, which would leave the inhabitants free from 4D STS manipulation.


hkoehli said:
Now, consider this, from Barbara Oakley's Evil Genes (highly recommended!):

When a person experiences bodily stress, for example, physical exercise, it can turn certain genes on or off--perhaps through the regulatory function of the junk DNA.
Now consider that, in the work, the creation of a new self is only the result of the death of the old personality, the complete disintegration of previous structures. This is stressful and painful and would no doubt have a genetic effect.
Wow. So, with each "shock" of awakening to the lies, the matrix, to our true natures -- and the consequent painful break-down, disintegration, and restructuring that follows -- we do not just FEEL like different people -- we ARE different people, right down to our DNA. No wonder if feels like your insides are being ripped apart....

When you give off less excess energy, less is available as "food" and you become more free. The medium in which this is done is the body itself, using its "prima materia": water.
This gives me a LOT to think about. Mind-blowing stuff....


I read as much as I could of this this a.m. and after a very busy day, my body is still buzzing with this new absorption of info. With little "time" to spare, I'd just like to say here that I've sort of felt a paradigm shift today. Can't wait to read this work again.


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I am still in the process of reading this article, but I have a few thoughts to share at this point in my read.

Laura said:
In 1976, they were ready for their first test. They'd grown cucumber seedlings, which are among the easiest of plants to cultivate, and put them in the machine. The photomultiplier picked up that photons, or light waves, of a surprisingly high intensity were being emitted from the seedlings. Ruth was highly sceptical. This had something to do with chlorophyll, he argued — a position Popp shared. They decided that with their next test — some potatoes — they would grow the seedling plants in the dark, so they could not undergo photosynthesis. Nevertheless, when placed in the photomultiplier, these potatoes registered an even higher intensity of light: It was impossible that the effect had anything to do with photosynthesis, Popp realized. What's more, these photons in the living systems he'd examined were more coherent than anything he'd ever seen.

In quantum physics, quantum coherence means that subatomic particles are able to cooperate. These subatomic waves or particles not only know about each other, but also are highly interlinked by bands of common electromagnetic fields, so that they can communicate together. They are like a multitude of tuning forks that all begin resonating together. As the waves get into phase or synch, they begin acting like one giant wave and one giant subatomic particle. It becomes difficult to tell them apart. Many of the weird quantum effects seen in a single wave apply to the whole. Something done to one of them will affect the others.

Coherence establishes communication. It's like a subatomic telephone network. 'The better the coherence, the finer the telephone network and the more refined wave patterns have a telephone. The end result is also a bit like a large orchestra. All the photons are playing together but as individual instruments that are able to carry on playing individual parts. Nevertheless, when you are listening, it's difficult to pick out any one instrument.
About this coherence, I think the C's talked about this in the following, but it's like going from the micro of our DNA, cells, and matter and spiritual energy "mind through central nervous system connection to higher levels" dynamics within to the Macro of these dynamics between more then just one individual in this 3D Realm without, or so I think.

2-23-02 Ark said:
(V) I'll ask something unless someone else was ready to go. Twice maybe in the last 3 or 4 years - once at USF and once in my apartment - I was walking along and all of the sudden the environment had totally changed and it was like I was a light person. Can you tell me what that was?
A: 4D bleed through. We mentioned before that you ought to get used to it.
Q: (V) Well, it is not a "getting used to thing." It only happened twice and it was magnificent. I mean it was an experience. I can say now that I am experienced. (laughter) (L) And not Jimmy Hendrix! (V) Is there any way to generate this myself? It was just so spontaneous?
A: STS do that.
Q: (V) Do what? (L) Seek to generate such experiences for the sake of the experience. (R) Bring it on through the matrix, through technology, rituals, drugs, whatever. (JN) What were you smoking at the time (laughter)? (V) Yeah, right. So is there a positive or negative aspect to this?
A: Not unless you are not experienced! [L's laughing hard through the letter calling.]
Q: (L) I felt that coming and it was so funny! (V) While I was in this altered state, did I look the same to other people around me?
A: Yes.
Q: (R) You see it is only a perspective from an individual perspective.
A: Perception is bonded by awareness. Others are bonded to their awareness of you and all else.
Q: (V) Well, while this was happening to me, was this also happening to others in my general area?
A: No. Not likely. You do not yet realize how rare higher awareness is.
Q: (JN) What triggered it?
A: Frequency envelope thinning due to patterning imprint repetition of Violette in her environment.
Q: (V) Alright what's a frequency envelope you brainy types. (R) Actually, frequency envelope, [asking Ark] isn't that what we were doing with the wave generating computer program? (A) Frequency envelope is something like that.
A: Your awareness maintains a frequency emanation in concert with those in your environment. When there are fluctuations in bonding frequencies both between you and your environment, and the frequency bonding of another, the fluctuations create discontinuities.
Q: (R) Okay, that makes sense. (L) It does? (V) Okay then tell me. (R) Okay. It's like resonance. If the environment has a particular frequency...hmm... (V) We were asking about the frequency envelope and what it is. (R) And it's Violette. And violet is high energy, right? The color spectrum right? [The group reviews the previous C's answer...] (R) Exactly, so it's a quantum jump. GROUP: Yeah. (R) Because you're at one level and unless something strange happens that's where you're at. (L) In other words--you emanate energy, the other person emanates energy, and the energy exchange is between you and the environment, and between you and the person and the environment, and your environment is maintained, and the envelope of energy is maintained around you. But if there is...what? Fluctuations? (R) Ah! "Your awareness maintains a frequency emanation in concert with those in your environment." Hence, if your environment has a frequency that allows for a higher frequency, I mean, it always has the lower, but in some cases it can allow for higher. (L) They're talking about it being fluctuations in the environment. If somebody or something in you're environment is... (A) But the question is--which properties of environment that we can describe in terms of...(L) Well they're saying that the fluctuations are in Violette. (R) In concert with the environment. (L) And in concert with people who are in the environment. In other words, something is breaking up and you are no longer frequency bonded to the people in the environment in the same way; there is a fluctuation there. What is it called when you add too much energy to something? It becomes unstable. Your reality construct is unstable. That's what I would say. (R) You have a bigger marble that you can fit in a bigger hole if the hole happens to be there. (L) Right.
A: Rejoice! You are growing out of your shoes.
Q: (L) Your feet don't fit anymore! You need new shoes!
A: Basis: shoes.
A: Frequency envelopes are realms, however they are "in concert," which implies a degree of scripting at some level. Some members if the orchestra do not play well. Some do not play in tune. Some are out of synch. Others expect the one next to them to play their part.
Laura said:
What was even more amazing was that Popp was witnessing the highest level of quantum order, or coherence, possible in a living system. Usually; this coherence — called a Bose—Einstein condensate — is only observed in material substances such as superfluids or superconductors studied in the laboratory in very cold places — just a few degrees above absolute zero — and not in the hot and messy environment of a living thing.
Now about the DNA and the concept of superconductivity, this is what came to mind:

December 21 said:
Q: (A) When you speak of an upcoming wave, it is a wave of what?
A: Think of it as a wave of reflection from the beginning and end point.
Q: (L) Can you clarify that in more 3rd density terms?
A: No, see what the response is. It is his question, after all!
Q: (A) Is DNA acting as a superconductor?
A: Yes!!!

March 15 said:
Q: (L) In the natural state, we know that a photon can have an interaction which causes it to split into positron and an electron. In the
natural state, do electrons come from photons?
A: No.
Q: Okay. In the natural state, where do electrons come from?
A: Aether boundary with material continuum.
Q: Where does the proton come from?
A: 7th density.
Q: So, a proton comes from seventh density, but the electron does not.
A: Not mutually exclusive.
Q: In a substance that conducts electricity, say an electrical wire, you have a circuit where, essentially, electrons get passed from atom to atom along this pathway. And, yet, they don't run out, and they don't really get used, it is only the resistance that causes heat that causes the incandescence...
A: Gravity center of planet is also "window" to all other density levels and dimensional planes of existence, which is why electrically charged atoms "ground" in order to pass on to other planes through gravity binder.
Q: Getting back to my question of the passing of electrons along a circuit: what force is it that initiates the passing of one electron to another atom that manifests as electricity?
A: Electrical energy is merely "tapped," collected, trapped, then channeled.
Q: If it is tapped, where is it tapped from?
A: Collecting electrons.
Q: What is a collecting electron?
A: Not "a" collecting electron. It is collecting them.
Q: What is collecting the electrons?
A: The utilizers. Electrons are "free" energy.

Q: Okay, but where... I am thinking that in an electrical circuit, the electrons that are there, are the ones that are started with, the ones that are passed along, and the ones that are still there when the circuit is broken and the passing of electrons stops. Am I wrong?
A: Yes.
Q: Okay... then...
A: There is no beginning or end.
Q: Then electricity is, in essence, a flow of electrons?
A: Yes.
Q: You say they are tapped. Where are they tapped from? What is the source of these free electrons?
A: All materials. All matter. All aether.

Q: The electrons of the conductor itself are being passed along, and this is the manifestation of the flow of electricity?
A: Maybe.
Q: In what sense am I not correct?
A: Limiting concept to "conductor."
Q: Electrical energy will be present in everything. But in some particular substances, such as those things we call conductors; the electrical energy is, as you said, collected, trapped and channeled, which then is a useful activity because it creates light and runs machines and so forth...
A: Primitive.
Q: Okay. It is primitive. We understand that. When electricity moves in what would be considered a superconductor, how is it different from an ordinary conductor, such as a copper wire?
A: Accelerates flow, thus separating electrons, thus "exciting" process.
Q: What qualities does the superconductor have that contributes to this accelerating of flow?
A: Cycling magnetic pulse.
Q: What creates a cycling magnetic pulse?
A: Matter within gravity vacuum.
Q: How do you create a gravity vacuum?
A: In this case, it is created unintentionally as a by product of superconductivity.

Q: You said that a superconductor separates the electrons, thus exciting the flow. What do you mean by separating?
A: From each other.
Q: How is that different from a normal electric flow?
A: Not as widely separated.
Q: Is this separation of electrons a key to this process?
A: Yes.

Q: What additional conditions or qualities contribute to the separating of electrons?
A: Ask yourself now, what conditions define a superconductor?
Q: (L) What defines a superconductor? (A) Zero resistance. (V) Is that without gravity? (A) No heat. (L) How does one achieve zero resistance?
A: Artificial construct.
Q: Do you mean that it is an artificial idea, or that the only thing that would have zero resistance would be something that is artificially constructed.
A: Both.
Q: So, there is no actual possibility for a true superconductor with absolutely zero resistance? But that the resistance can be reduced to a very low level.
A: Close.
Q: Does cold necessarily have something to do with superconductivity?
A: What conditions exist in outer space?
Q: Well it is VERY cold... (A) It is almost a vacuum. (L) No gravity. (A) No, there is gravity, but only that. What I think we must ask is what is the relation between superconductivity and gravity? There was something mentioned... what was that about aether?
A: Nonmaterial realm of existence.
Q: (L) In other words, consciousness. Okay, you mentioned a cycling magnetic pulse that was an unintentional byproduct of superconductivity, and something about matter within a gravity vacuum... Could you define a cycling magnetic pulse?
A: Self explanatory.
Q: You said it was derived from matter within a gravity vacuum. Does that mean that superconductivity creates a gravity vacuum?
A: Yes.
Q: (A) Where? Within the superconductor or outside?
A: Within.

Q: (A) According to what we know, it also creates an electromagnetic vacuum. Is it correct that there is no magnetic field within the
A: We have stated before that these two properties are interwoven.
Q: (L) Electromagnetism and gravity. So, if there is no gravity, there is no electromagnetism. But then where is the magnetic pulse?
A: Pulse exists outside of gravity vacuum, but within superconductor. Picture a tube structure.
Q: Is the superconducting state within the gravity vacuum or within the em pulse?
A: All inclusive. Normal structure for channeling electron flow within a conductor is a solid "tube," within superconductor; it is a "hollow" tube structure, thus evidence of vacuum.
Q: Does this hollow tube structure have any bearing on what you described as the separating of electrons?
A: It is a manifestation of same.
Based on the above excerpts, my current hypothesis is that biologically, something in the structure of DNA is source of this 380 nanometres of light responsible for maintaining a healthy "coherence" within the body, and perhaps the proof of this would be in the discovery of some sort of nano-hollow-tube like design within the structure of DNA, which perhaps corroborates the notion of DNA acting like a superconductor, since as the C's mentioned above, "within superconductor; it is a "hollow" tube structure, thus evidence of vacuum"; therefore, this would perhaps make more sense in terms of the C's saying the following about Gravity: "You have it too!!" Perhaps they are talking about the material design of our DNA - acting as a superconductor - that has the qualities of a "cycling magnetic pulse", which is created by "matter within gravity vacuum." This may relate to the notion of "unstable gravity waves" as well, this "collecting [of] electrons" which is released as light that is " an energy expression of gravity" through the utilizers' (the All that is One and vice versa) utilizations of Gravity, and perhaps what they were getting at when they said "gravity center of planet is also "window" to all other density levels and dimensional planes of existence, which is why electrically charged atoms "ground" in order to pass on to other planes through gravity binder", or so I think.

Perhaps this is why DNA acts like a superconductor "in the hot and messy environment of a living thing" and thus the "source" that "taps" into the article's hypothesized notion of the weak light within at 380 nanometers that cures cancer, which is mentioned in the excerpt below:

Laura said:
In his presentation as well as his paper, Popp's science was unassailable, save for one detail: it assumed that a weak light of 380 nanometres was somehow, being produced in the body. To the cancer researchers, this one detail was some kind of a joke. Don't you think if there were light in the body, they told him, somebody, somewhere would have noticed it by now?
This also reminds me of the C's saying that our "receivership capability" was changed or "truncated" "because of [the] design alteration" of our DNA by 4D STS "biogenetic engineering."

For what it's worth, I hope the above thoughts made sense. I seem to be losing my trail of thoughts, so back to my reading.

Edit: it's official, I've lost my trail of thoughts while editing. Can of worms indeed!

Thomas Alan

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As I was reading the article I was thinking of things like "Holy Water", baptism, communion. Maybe when a priest or minister dips his hand into consecrated water and dabs it on the child's forehead it does have powerful effect. When the water is consecrated it is perhaps changed in some way. It might truely bind someone to a church or belief in a way that is hard to break.
The church I attended as I grew up is nearby. Occasionally I attend Sunday services mostly because of the memories it stirs. But when I go in and see that they are going to have communion I head out the door as fast as is seemly. Especially since finding the 4th way these kinds of ceremonies seem very powerful in a repressive binding way.

The whole article left me with the impression that small things we do, how we frame the things we say, and the basic substances we come in contact with can have a very powerful effect on us. This article seems on the way to finding a scientific basis for witches, hexes, curses, spells, etc. Nearly every weirdness made real.



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Cyre2067 said:
Hmmm and now reiki just popped in my head. Reiki could be a balancing of the Zero Point Field, an attempt to restore the systems integrity to its lowest point.
I think that Reiki might be just the tip of the iceberg as far as 'ancient' technologies are concerned.

To 'do' Reiki, one goes through an 'attunement' which effectively makes you a 'conductor' or a 'channel' of an energy which comes from outside yourself. It does not require any conscious effort, in fact, a Reiki channel, can do Reiki whilst watching TV, talking on the phone or eating potato chips. But alcohol isn't recommended.

I've often wondered how much of the original Kantekian psychic 'technology' has been hidden from us, simply because STS makes it dangerous to use (they did blow up their planet, afterall). Its kind of a double edged sword or a catch 22.

I would say that one of the possible 'ways' forward into more knowledge is to consciously 'work' at becoming STO - or at least gaining a greater understanding of what it is. Since STS knowledge seems to be quite limiting (or limited, in one way or another). I'm rambling, I'm afraid...!


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Laura said:
These and other studies demonstrated to Popp that one of the most essential stores of light and sources of biophoton emissions was DNA. DNA must be like the master tuning fork in the body. It would strike a particular frequency and certain other molecules would follow. It was altogether possible, he realized, that he might have stumbled upon the missing link in current DNA theory that could account for perhaps the greatest miracle of all in human biology: the means by which a single cell turns into a fully formed human being.
Oh my "God", the article at this point generally says same thing that I hypothesized above, well almost! Funny, how it was practically just about three paragraph below were I had stopped my reading and started looking at the sessions, googling, taking a break, and whatnot. Gonna finish the whole thing this time before sharing anymore such thoughts.


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Laura said:
This is a bit long, but do read it carefully. I thought it was important to keep in context.

So, read on. (The text was scanned and converted so may have a few errors though I tried to go through it carefully.)
The usual scientific explanation has to do with the chemical interactions between molecules and with DNA, the coiled double helix of genetic coding that holds a blueprint of the body's protein and amino acids. Each DNA helix or chromosome — and the identical twenty-six pairs exist in every one of the thousand million million cells in your body — contains a long chain of nucleotides, or bases, of four different components (shortened to ATCG) arranged in a unique order in every human body.
Okay, I am stuck here. After some Googling, I couldn't corroborate the above where it says "and the identical twenty-six pairs exist in every one of the thousand million million cells in your body." If I am not mistaken and this part is referring to the human DNA helix or chromosome, isn't it supposed to be now 23 pairs rather then what may have been 135 pairs "originally" in the "past", that is, according to what the C's said in the session 950311? Or is it actually updated to 26 pairs now, and this not a conversion error, or something else??


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Very interesting indeed. I had similar associations as others in this thread, with Reiki and possibly also the notion of "Holy Water" (water that is "primed" with some frequency for a particular use).

But what also comes to mind is the work I and Ark did on the EEQT event and wave detection simulation. In that model, as waves passed by detectors they would accumulate energy up to a point that they could decide that "Yes, I have observed something", at which point the wave collapsed to that point and then continued from that point. The wave went from a non-specific location to a specific location, or at least the volume within the detector. My guess is that a more objective detector has a small "volume" compared to a subjective detector which after a detection really doesn't help much if the location of the detected particle is too diffuse.

If that wave then continued on and was detected by another detector with similar characteristics as the first I can imagine that a patterned frequency would emerge from this. If the wave bounced around with detectors that had different characteristics then no pattern, or cycles, should emerge, since they all have different opinions about what and where the wave particle is located. They all cancel each other out due to "subjectivity".

So, if a number of detectors are objective, in the sense that they consistently produce the same output given a particular input, it should be more likely that patterns emerge between them where the waves used for "communication" between detectors are not diffused into randomness. Hm... it is difficult to describe this, since I don't have the appropriate language for it, but I hope that you can get the gist of what I am saying.

I guess this in some sense also ties back to the idea of a group of 200 conscious people being able to have a remarkable effect on this reality. If 200 people, detectors as it were, could within that group consistently observe waves and consistently produce output from that, then this should have a non-linearly accumulating effect. Again, probably not the proper terminology, but the idea should be clear I hope. If the "imprinted pattern" within that group then could spread to the rest of the population, due to its relative strength compared to other patterns which does not have the same strength due to diffusion(/confusion?), the probability of which is implied in the quoted article, that could be a potential for real change.

Interesting indeed.
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