The Ra material and the Cassiopaeans

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Conozco el material de Ra y considero que tiene ciertas "perlas" que es beneficioso tener en consideración. Elkings estaba investigando en un "terreno" peligroso. Tenía una mente brillante pero tuvo un desenlace funesto, pero la experiencia de ese grupo marca una referencia, es una muestra de lo que No debe suceder. Laura ha tenido muchas experiencias complejas que seguramente alguien "común", por así decirlo, no hubiera salido vivo de esas experiencias. Trabajó duro toda su vida y el contacto con los Cas es fruto de esa mente abierta, también a tenido que abandonar sus "vacas sagradas" y es doloroso ese proceso. Con ella y los Cas siento que hay un antes y después en mi vida. Siento que estoy aprendiendo a aprender. Los Cas y su lenguaje hace que sea accesible el conocimiento a todo aquel que quiera trabajar. Uno participa de su propio desarrollo.Los materiales canalizados que conozco me suenan a monólogos o a los dictados que en clases de lenguaje nos ponían como trabajo para controlar nuestra ortografía. El receptor es importante. No me gusta nada eso de ser un "instrumento" sin voluntad. Es importante la conciencia. Con los Cas aprendí que "la vida es religión" y esto crea en la mente una apertura para observar momento a momento lo sagrado de la vida. Con los Cas, Laura y todo el equipo, estoy aprendiendo a crecer, a razonar, aunque a veces, depende de la complejidad del tema tratado, no lo entiendo porque cada uno está a su ritmo entendiendo paso a paso que es la realidad. Es un aliciente cuando no entiendo algo, porque eso ayuda a tener que pensar para entender. Hay que trabajar y "ponerse los gorros de pensar"

I know Ra's material and consider that it has certain "pearls" that it is beneficial to take into consideration. Elkings was investigating a dangerous "terrain". He had a brilliant mind but had a fatal outcome, but the experience of that group marks a reference, it is a sample of what should not happen. Laura has had many complex experiences that surely someone "ordinary", so to speak, would not have come out of those experiences alive. She worked hard all her life and the contact with the Cas is the fruit of that open mind, she has also had to abandon her "sacred cows" and that process is painful. With her and the Cas, I feel that there is a before and after in my life. I feel that I am learning to learn. Los Cas and its language makes knowledge accessible to anyone who wants to work. The channeled materials I know sound to me like monologues or dictates that in language classes put us to work to control our orthography. The receiver is important. I don't like the idea of being an "instrument" without will. Conscience is important. With the Cas I learned that "life is religion" and this creates in the mind an openness to observe moment by moment the sacredness of life. With the Cas, Laura and the whole team, I'm learning to grow, to reason, although sometimes, it depends on the complexity of the subject, I don't understand because each one is at his own pace understanding step by step what reality is. It's an incentive for me when I don't understand something because it helps me to have to think to understand. You have to work and "put on your thinking caps". :wizard::read:

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The C's express themselves with clarity even people like me that are not English can understand them. And if something is not clear, Laura is the first to ask for clarification. The C's are not superior to us, I don't feel they feel superior. They can be guides, like Laura is. Giving information, but also open curiosity. I really like them.
What I most like about the C's is that it is a two-way communication. Although I don't know that much about the Ra material, I have the impression that Ra en others are just one-way communication, where there is one part (aliens, ascended masters, etc) making statements, and another part just listening and doing what the first part says, without any input, or even wondering whether It is true or not.


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Am I not allowed to have my own opinion? Must we always conform to what you want us to think?

To clarify, I'm on this forum because I think there's plenty of valuable information here... But I must admit, I don't like impression I get that I'm not allowed to express my own individual opinions, about something so simple as communication style.
If you use logic for how both these texts were generated, it's much slower to use a board over channelling therefore it makes efficiency sense to use more short hand writing and acronyms where possible.

In regards to "Lizzies", Bringers of the Dawn used similar terminology in order to not make these beings into more scary or "other than" they are.

Everything is filtered through Laura and if she prefers simpler English while able to use complex language when she wants, that's what the communication will be.

Her input and the group at the board is equal with the C's as stated by them many times including not to deifiy the information.

If you have issues with high level thought forms being "unprofessional" which is a business term, maybe you should think about the underlying implication.
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