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@Tauriel I can only agree with you there. The feeling of living in a bubble and madness knocking against the front door every second. I've learned to distance myself from the crowd and opinion to 95%. A working day of 12 hours today means 100% misery, illness, fear, repetition of manipulated news etc. Many today already can not pay the bills, have chronic colds, permanent diarrhea and latent cough. Old people are depressed, see no more sense in life and sit in cold apartments. It will come true just as I said a long time ago: A full belly does not stand up in Germany. People must suffer, they must freeze and has hungry - only then will they realize the meaning of their existence. The egoism and personal advantage of the people will make them turn around their own axis very quickly in their entrenched views. Like flags in the wind. Ukraine has very bad cards if the personal well-being suffers losses. The Germans have changed fronts faster than one can suspect.


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Attack of the Green Party 🤡
with possible wealth levy tax on the German People

🇩🇪 Ukraine war "suitable cause" for one-off wealth levy

The climate and energy crises are causing more and more costs and driving low-income earners into financial distress. At the request of the Greens, the Bundestag's Scientific Service has now examined whether the state could levy a wealth tax to finance this. The result: in principle, yes.

The financial consequences of the climate crisis or the Russian attack on Ukraine are, according to the Bundestag's Scientific Service, a possible reason for levying a wealth tax. This is the result of an expert opinion commissioned by Bundestag Vice-President Katrin Göring-Eckardt (Greens).


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Attack of the Green Party 🤡
with possible wealth levy tax on the German People

The Greens are just having their party convention and are looking for ways to encourage themselves. The target for such a tax would be the upper middle classes who are the clientele of the libertarian Free Democrats (FDP).

The FDP, just having been severely battered in the Lower Saxony state elections, are members of the ruling 🚦coalition in Germany and would fight tooth and nail to prevent such a move if it ever came...

According to ARD "Deutschlandtrend" 60 % of Germans polled (on Oct 11/12) were more or less preferring a diplomatic solution for the Ukraine conflict and probably would not accept Ukraine as a "suitable cause" for a wealth levy tax.


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777+ million € and counting... for a new Federal Chancellery
Article in German language

🇩🇪 Helipad, own daycare centre, second chancellor's flat: 777 million for new chancellery - and we are supposed to save?

Eight times as big as the White House, ten times bigger than the official residence of the British Prime Minister, three times bigger than the French Élysée Palace, the official residence of Emmanuel Macron - the planned new building of the Federal Chancellery in Berlin will be really big. But it will also be really expensive: the construction of the new building will cost the taxpayer 777 million euros. And this in times of crisis, when many citizens' wallets are already empty. Is this really the right time for such an expensive, magnificent building?

These are the facts about the new Federal Chancellery:

🔸 The extension will provide 50,000 square metres of space - twice as much as at present.

🔸 Originally, the building project was supposed to cost about 457 million euros. In the meantime, however, the costs have risen to 777 million euros. But this figure could also rise again with the start of construction work.

🔸 All staff under one roof: According to the Federal Government, the extension building is necessary so that all staff members can really work together under one roof. The current 25,000 square metres are probably too small for that.

🔸 Construction is scheduled to start at the end of the year. Construction is expected to end in 2028.

🔸 200 trees, some of them old, will have to give way to the construction project, but at least a few new trees will be planted, as "The Pioneer" reports.

These (expensive) deluxe features are to be found in the new Chancellery:

🔸 400 new offices,
🔸 a separate day-care centre with room for 12 to 15 children (for 2.8 million euros alone),
🔸 an additional second chancellor's flat with 250 square metres - fully furnished
🔸 a new helipad at a height of 23 meters (for ten million euros).

"This new building or extension is completely out of time!"

A magnificent building with deluxe features in the hundreds of millions - in the end, the taxpayer has to pay for it all. And that in times of high prices, inflation and the like.

Rainer Holznagel of the Taxpayers' Association criticised the project in an interview with RTL/ntv: "This new building or extension is completely out of date. We called on the Federal Chancellery and the entire Federal Government at an early stage to put this construction on hold, if not cancel it completely. This does not fit in with the times.

After all, many citizens have other worries at the moment, they have to see how they can pay for expensive food or their heating and electricity bills. "That's not fair at all, and it's not communicable at all. On the one hand, we hear tips on how to save money, how we should shower, how we should use the flannels. We are supposed to save electricity in the evening. That all has its justification, but the role model function is missing here," explains Holznagel.

"Politics can always change something if the will is there".

But can the project even be stopped now? After all, the whole thing was still planned by the CDU-led Merkel government in 2020. Nevertheless, the Chancellor has now given his okay to start construction.

"Politics can always change something if the will is there. And you can still stop this project. After all, no excavators have moved yet, they haven't even turned the first sod," Holznagel thinks.

The CDU also sees it that way: the parliamentary spokesman of the parliamentary group Torsten Frei thinks the timing of the construction of "the largest government headquarters in the world" is not appropriate and also pleads for a postponement or cancellation of the construction project:

"A change of times also means that you have to react differently to extraordinary events, that you have to shift priorities and that you sometimes have to postpone or cancel projects that you have planned so far," Frei explained to RTL/ntv.



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Freedom of Expression in Germany
With house searches against 'likes' ?

The C's said (in the sense of), that WW2 was just a repetition exercise... and it looks as if the signs appear as increasingly tighter formations. :cry:

Can a Like be a punishable offence? For the first time, the Meiningen Regional Court has answered this question in the affirmative and even justifies house searches. The questionable ruling thus allows law enforcement agencies to shoot at sparrows with bazookas - and shifts the boundaries of freedom of expression.


Likes are the fuel of social networks. If posts are given a heart, a star or a thumbs-up with a click, they receive more circulation, more attention and thus more likes. However, the fact that a raised thumb can be a punishable statement that even justifies house searches is new. This was the decision of the Meiningen Regional Court (Case No. 6 Qs 146/22), confirming a previous ruling by the local court there. If the ruling is upheld, this will not only have consequences for social networks, but will also shift the boundaries of freedom of expression.

In June, the district court had ordered the search of a defendant's home and car. The latter had previously liked an entry by "Arminius Hetzer Hermann" on Facebook, tagging it with the emoji of a fist with thumbs up. In the entry, "Arminius Hetzer Hermann" had commented on the funeral service of two police officers who had been shot dead during a traffic stop in the Palatinate district of Kusel in January, saying "Not a single second of silence for these creatures." The district court considered it proven that the accused had made the statement his own with his Like and ordered the house search to seize smartphones and "other electronic storage media".

House search because of a Like

The accused was not the only one whose living quarters were searched. The day before the court case against the two accused of police murder began, police in 15 federal states searched the homes of 75 people accused of publishing hate postings. More than 180 devices were confiscated, mainly laptops and smartphones.

The accused appealed against the house search at the Meiningen Regional Court. He had not written his own entry, but had only liked the posting of another user. In doing so, he had neither adopted its content as his own nor was this entry directly connected to the murder of the police officers. Rather, the term "creatures" referred to the police as a whole, so there was no personal disparagement.

The court was not convinced by this argument. It concluded that the search was proportionate and lawful "because of the seriousness and strength of the suspicion". The suspect "was sufficiently suspicious of both the approval of criminal offences and the disparagement of the memory of deceased persons (under section 189 of the Criminal Code)". It had been sufficient for this that he had added the emoji to the Facebook entry. Even "recipients of pre-school age" could clearly understand the fist with the thumbs up.

Where are the limits of freedom of expression?

First of all, two legal objections can be raised against the judgement.

Firstly, the court's assumption that the defendant had "adopted" the content of the Facebook entry with his Like is questionable. Even if the impious term "creatures" in the Facebook entry "obviously denies human dignity" to the murdered police officers and is therefore to be considered a "grave affront to honour", as the court claims, this does not mean that those who publicly approve of this statement are also guilty.

Ultimately, the district court insufficiently differentiates between an insult and its approval - a distinction we make in analogue life. The court must therefore ask itself whether it wants to search the houses of people who, for example, applaud or even laugh at a presumably unlawful statement or insult at a cabaret event.

The Regional Court, however, goes even further: according to the judgement, the accused had publicly approved of a murder "in a way that is likely to disturb the public peace". However, according to section 140 of the German Criminal Code (with reference to section 126), this only applies if statements incite violence, public dangerous offences or breach of the peace. Likes in social networks are not listed there. Conversely, this means that the court is considerably narrowing the boundaries of freedom of expression. Until now, criminal law only drew the line at the point where there was an incitement to tangible violence.

With the investigative bazooka on like sparrows

Secondly, the search warrant is anything but proportionate. According to the court, it served to secure "the data on the emitting terminal device" as evidence and to confiscate the "instrumentality". Less intrusive measures had not been available, both in June and in retrospect.

However, the accused apparently did not deny at any time that he had made the assessment of the Facebook entry. The seizure of the "crime tool" smartphone has therefore also been irrelevant to the course of the investigation. So why this drastic measure, which significantly interferes with the privacy of the person concerned?

To use the smartphone here as evidence like a knife or a pistol either shows digital ignorance - or the police and courts want to shoot at like sparrows with investigative bazookas. In that case, however, the question arises as to whether their decisive action has anything to do with the fact that in this case it was not an Austrian doctor or a young Twitch streamer who was affected, but civil servants from their own ranks.

If the court decision stands, this will have serious consequences for freedom of expression - beyond the internet. This development had already become apparent at the end of 2020, when the Public Prosecutor's Office in Frankfurt am Main initiated criminal proceedings for Facebook likes for the first time.

At that time, however, the officials were still open about the fact that the proceedings served as a "warning". And only a few months earlier, in the Bundestag debate on the amendment to the Network Enforcement Act (NetzDG), even members of the government factions had admitted to "insufficient clarification of terms", for example on the question of whether or not a Like fulfils the criminal offence of "approving" according to the NetzDG. Negligently, courts are now clarifying this question - to the detriment of freedom of expression and the fundamental rights of citizens.


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And putting the seat of power all in one building/area, whatever country it is, makes it the easiest target for direct hits nowadays.
Especially now that so many weapons have disappeared from Ukraine, and other countries before that.
There must be a lot of military equipment in rogue hands now.
Upset the rogues eg Ukraine, and not deliver to their demands, and such EU countries can be their next targets. Even easier if USA/NATO is stupid enough to let them loose with nukes rather than lose - at any cost!


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It's a very sad state of things actually. One has to be reminded of the German poet Heinrich Heine, who had written the following in his poem "Nachtgedanken" (Nightly Thoughts) - in translation: "If I muse about Germany at night, sleeplessness does abide. I cannot close my eyes anymore as hot tears stream galore." (In German: "Denk ich an Deutschland in der Nacht, bin ich um den Schlaf gebracht. Ich kann nicht mehr die Augen schließen und meine heißen Tränen fließen.")

What has been written in Political Ponerology seems to come out fully on open display here in Germany now. A new chancellery - which I can't help to somehow be reminded of the Berlin Brandenburg Airport BER, the building of which lasted from 2006-2020 and swallowed plenty of money and other ressources. That being said if the current planned building project is getting finished at all...

Then there are the suggestions on taxing out more money from the population, while the German parliament is second in place in size of all parliaments worldwide behind China with 736 seats (which makes it even bigger than the European parliament with 705 seats). And all these politicians are getting paid by taxpayers' money - salaries, they raised to their own benefits over the years; and I haven't heard them restricting themselves thus far - which would actually be a good idea in order to funnel that money to means that would otherwise be fulfilled by the suggested taxes, or to invest it into really beneficial projects (for the general population). But that's wishful thinking under current circumstances.

Then, there's restriction of energy and the increase of living costs as ever more weapons, other military equipment and money is being pumped into Ukraine. And the hysterized war rhetoric against Putin & Russia in concert with the US and other Western allies. All this being accompanied by the patronizing, moralizing recommendations and remarks by politicians to their own population - which are nothing less than mockery, at least as I see it. It's like an instrument of war by the pathological decision makers and official figures against normal people.

However, these kinds of remarks are like wake-up calls for many people - and some gut-hitting realizations about the current situation and the fact of being mocked by their own politicians they'd trusted so far. This contributes to protests all over Germany continuing and growing, although numbers are more or less being kept down by officials and MSM. At the same time, according to a comment I read online somewhere, one may wonder if the discussion about a possible return of harsher COVID measures may serve to actually stifle the protests for the decision makers.

In a sense it feels like living in a pressure cooker - although that pressure along with the development of things and a deepening of the crisis while the fabricated reality is collapsing may bring forward the inner strength and creative potentials that many possess but are still unaware of so far, or experience themselves still being blocked from access to these features due to various fears, beliefs and other issues. It makes me think about the C's remark in their latest session, that human beings are far more resilient as one may reckon.


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It's a very sad state of things actually. One has to be reminded of the German poet Heinrich Heine, who had written the following in his poem "Nachtgedanken" (Nightly Thoughts) - in translation: "If I muse about Germany at night, sleeplessness does abide. I cannot close my eyes anymore as hot tears stream galore." (In German: "Denk ich an Deutschland in der Nacht, bin ich um den Schlaf gebracht. Ich kann nicht mehr die Augen schließen und meine heißen Tränen fließen.")
What soulful line in the poem, perhaps some can connect to the collective subconscious of a nation, and experience its burdens and struggles.

Do you know of Bürgerinitiative für Frieden in der Ukraine? There was for instance this FB link with a video of a comedian offering some sarcastic comments. It was posted by a Heilpraktikerin from Munich, so there are people out there.


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Thank you for your comment, thorbiorn. I have seen that line used in other contexts referring to the troubles, struggles and history of Germany. And even though the poem as such seems to refer to Heine's mother, one can see a deeper implication of the bond to his own nation as (German) motherland, thus making it a part of the collective subconscious - although it's referred to as "fatherland" in the text. Here's the literal English translation of the whole poem:

Nighttime Thoughts

When I think of Germany at night,
Then I am deprived of sleep,
I can no longer close my eyes,
And my hot tears flow.

The years come and go!
Since I have not seen my mother,
Twelve years have already passed;
My yearning and longing grow.

My longing and desire grows.
The old woman has bewitched me.
I always think of the old woman,
The old woman, God keep her!

The old woman is so dear to me,
And in the letters she wrote,
I see how her hand trembled,
How deeply the mother's heart is shaken.

The mother is always in my mind.
Twelve long years went by,
Twelve years have passed,
Since I did not take her to my heart.

Germany is eternal,
It is a healthy country!
With its oaks, its lime trees
I will always find it again.

I do not long for Germany so much,
If my mother were not there;
The fatherland will never perish,
But the old woman may die.

Since I left the country,
So many have sunk to their graves there,
Whom I loved - if I count them,
My soul will bleed to death.

And I must count - with the number
My agony swells higher and higher,
I feel as if the corpses were rolling
On my breast - thank God! they give way!

Thank God! through my windows breaks
French daylight breaks;
My wife comes, beautiful as the morning,
And smiles away the German sorrows.


From: „Neue Gedichte“ – Verschiedene – Zeitgedichte XXIV ["New Poems" - Miscellaneous - Poems of the Times XXIV]

Translated with (free version)
Attached is a rhymed English version I found here. One can learn more about Heinrich Heine who emigrated to France in 1831 here (he went to Germany for a visit in 1943, to see his aged mother - among other reasons). It can be seen that he went with a quite progressive mindset that was disillusioned in some ways later on; and though he was in contact with Karl Marx he had mixed feelings about communist thought and an inner struggle:
In the French edition of "Lutetia" Heine wrote, one year before he died: "This confession, that the future belongs to the Communists, I made with an undertone of the greatest fear and sorrow and, oh!, this undertone by no means is a mask! Indeed, with fear and terror I imagine the time, when those dark iconoclasts come to power: with their raw fists they will batter all marble images of my beloved world of art, they will ruin all those fantastic anecdotes that the poets loved so much, they will chop down my Laurel forests and plant potatoes and, oh!, the herbs chandler will use my Book of Songs to make bags for coffee and snuff for the old women of the future – oh!, I can foresee all this and I feel deeply sorry thinking of this decline threatening my poetry and the old world orderAnd yet, I freely confess, the same thoughts have a magical appeal upon my soul which I cannot resist .... In my chest there are two voices in their favour which cannot be silenced .... because the first one is that of logic ... and as I cannot object to the premise "that all people have the right to eat", I must defer to all the conclusions....The second of the two compelling voices, of which I am talking, is even more powerful than the first, because it is the voice of hatred, the hatred I dedicate to this common enemy that constitutes the most distinctive contrast to communism and that will oppose the angry giant already at the first instance – I am talking about the party of the so-called advocates of nationality in Germany, about those false patriots whose love for the fatherland only exists in the shape of imbecile distaste of foreign countries and neighbouring peoples and who daily pour their bile especially on France".[52]
It sounds like a premonition on what would come to follow in later centuries. I don't mean to stray away too much with this; however, the poem seems to indicate some of the above mentioned struggle as well.



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Do you know of Bürgerinitiative für Frieden in der Ukraine? There was for instance this FB link with a video of a comedian offering some sarcastic comments. It was posted by a Heilpraktikerin from Munich, so there are people out there.
I know of them. They are doing great work - next to many other initiatives. There seem to be lots of people and groups out there - but many have to keep cover in a way these days as otherwise it would be easy to be defamed as "nazi" or right extremist. And thank you for the link to the video - it's the cabaretist and actor Lisa Fitz (link is in German - didn't find an English reference to her) who I've seen being featured by alternative media during past years due to her critical views about the turn of things in society according to the "Great Reset" agenda.


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Here is a great summary of some protests recently in Germany:

That was powerful!

Here is also RT DE article about it (machine translation):

Again, young and old are taking to the streets en masse across Germany against government policies

Not only are inflation and energy prices historical in Germany, but also the associated protest movement, which takes to the streets nationwide on Mondays and is largely ignored, denigrated or belittled by the mainstream.

If you look at the Google search results of the last 24 hours, you will find two posts about the Monday walks, one about Hechingen in Baden-Württemberg and its proximity to the AfD and another about Weimar, where a "massive police presence" had to separate two protests .

The fact is: across the country, people have been tirelessly taking to the streets against government policies for months, and the absolute majority are doing so peacefully. Again and again one sees Russian flags and calls for an end to the sanctions against Russia, which are damaging to us, and the supply of arms to Ukraine against Russian troops. They are demonstrating against the Corona policy and for an immediate opening of the Nord Stream pipeline.

As the saying goes that "the revolution will not be televised", here is a recap of some of the protests on Monday 17th October to give you a real sense of just how vast this movement is.

Does anyone know how many people are we talking about here; i.e. for protests held yesterday?
I know it's difficult to say as there are protests around the country, but RT article above doesn't say anything about it and I cannot find it and MSM will probably lie about it... So, what do alternative portals say about this movement? Any aprox. numbers?


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Appease the masses and keep them docile for as long as possible:

Government statement before EU summit" Together we will probably get through this winter"​

Status: 10/20/2022 11:10 am
Chancellor Scholz considers Germany to be sufficiently prepared for the winter despite the stop of Russian gas supplies. With a view to the EU summit on the energy crisis, Scholz warned of the risks of a European gas price cap.

Chancellor Olaf Scholz considers Russia's President Vladimir Putin's attempt to put pressure on Germany and Europe in the Ukraine war by restricting energy supplies to have failed. "Putin hoped to be able to blackmail us by turning off the gas tap," Scholz said in a government statement on the EU summit in the Bundestag. "But he also miscalculated there." Because Europe stands together, emphasized Scholz.

And Germany has ensured in recent weeks and months that "we can say with confidence: Together we will probably get through this winter." It is "a great achievement" that Germany managed to reduce the gas storage facilities before the set date on the 1st.

Scholz welcomed the fact that the EU had also agreed on a savings target of 15 percent in gas consumption. This is also "a strong signal of European solidarity" towards Germany, which has so far been particularly dependent on Russian gas.

Scholz sees risks with European gas price cap​

Scholz warned of the risks of a European price cap for the purchase of gas. "A politically set price cap always carries the risk that producers will then sell their gas elsewhere - and we Europeans will not end up getting more gas, but less." The maximum price on gas demanded by many EU states is one of the issues that threatens to be a dispute at the upcoming EU summit. Scholz stressed that the EU must coordinate closely with other gas consumers such as Japan and Korea "so that we do not compete with each other."

At the same time, a reasonable price must also be discussed with the producers. "I am convinced that countries such as the USA, Canada or Norway, which together with us stand in solidarity with Ukraine, have an interest in ensuring that energy in Europe does not become priceless," said Scholz.

You can read the rest of this article here:



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'I am with you' - Campaign

"Why is it actually called Electricity bill, and not Electroshock?"


Difference between DDR (East Germany) vs BRD (West Germany)

In the DDR, 87% of the people understood that they got screwed.
In West Germany, 87% of the people still don't get it / know nothing.

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