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Unfortunately, I have to do something again that I am very reluctant to do, namely report on information from an unnamed source. I already did that a few days ago, when it was about the film that Khodorkovsky is financing, in which Merkel is to be blamed for the current gas and energy crisis and thus for inflation and the coming collapse of the economy, in order to divert attention from the responsibility of the current governments. By the way, this information has now proven to be true, because first information about the film has surfaced on the net and it should have its premiere at a film festival in the next few days. I will report on this separately
Blaming Merkel is happening (no surprise!):

Exchange of blows in the BundestagScholz and Merz blame each other for the energy crisis​

Opposition leader Merz has sharply criticized the traffic lights for its slow action in the gas crisis. Chancellor Scholz wedged back: Problems are already solved "before you realized that there was one at all."

Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) and opposition leader Friedrich Merz (CDU) have made a sharp exchange of blows in the Bundestag about the energy crisis in Germany. Merz accused the traffic light government of doing too little to adequately protect citizens from rising electricity prices and supply shortages in winter. Scholz countered unusually combatively, the federal government is making sure that energy prices are lowered. However, the CDU is to blame for the crisis - through an "irresponsible policy" of the previous government under Angela Merkel.

"They got out of everything, but didn't get into anything," Scholz said to Merz. "They fought against every wind turbine." These struggles would still harm the German energy market. Such a party has nothing to do with the question of how we get our energy of the future.

Scholz: Union did not even see the problem of low storage levels​

The traffic light had already prepared for the lack of deliveries in December and ensured at an early stage that the gas storage tanks were filled, says Scholz. CDU/CSU would not have seen the problem of low storage levels at all. "We solved it before you realized that there was one thing at all," says Scholz. In addition, through the construction of the LNG terminals, for example, it must be achieved that world market prices are paid in Germany and no higher prices that are necessary for the rapid replacement of Russian gas, he added. Accordingly, Scholz was optimistic that you could get through the winter "stacky and courageous", despite all the tensions.

Scholz sharply rejected the previous attacks of the Union faction leader against the traffic light government. "Those who persuade division endanger cohesion in this country. And that's the wrong thing now," Scholz Merz countered.

Merz had previously accused the federal government of delaying a solution in the energy crisis. This crisis is a "classic supply shock," says Merz in the general debate. In such a situation, there is only one answer in the market economy: The existing offer must be exhausted. This also includes a provisional continuation of the remaining three nuclear power plants, says the Union faction leader. Nobody wants to go back to nuclear energy, but not using these capacities now is irrational. "What you are doing now is a lazy compromise."

Merz: "We have a massive electricity problem in this country"​

"We have a massive electricity problem in this country," Merz also said to Minister of Economic Affairs Robert Habeck (Greens). "You have apparently not understood that to this day."

For the winter, the CDU leader demanded more guarantees. The from the 1st The CDU leader wants to stop the gas surcharge planned for October. The Union will put a motion to the vote in the federal parliament this week, he says in parliament. The levy means new burdens for consumers and companies and was "a misconstruction from the beginning."

Merz was not alone in his criticism of the government. AfD co-chief Alice Weidel accused the federal government of ruining the country economically. "They have every reason to fear a hot autumn and winter," says Weidel. Citizens would have every right to take to the streets in view of the current situation.

Left-wing faction leader Amira Mohamed Ali accused the traffic light government of not having a social conscience. The much-vaunted relief package is an "inch" and will hardly help people affected by poverty this winter. Accordingly, the government would have to return to Russia: "Everything must be done to achieve an immediate ceasefire diplomat in order to begin peace negotiations," Ali said. "We must enter into negotiations with Russia on gas supplies in order to ensure security of supply."


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🇨🇭 Switzerland
"Heating offenders face jail"

I wasn't sure where to put this, because it ain't about Germany directly, but Switzerland - albeit a in german written article. There is a threat of prison for people who warm up their houses too much...


Gfrörlis have to shiver in case of emergency
Heating offenders face jail

In an emergency, the rule is: heat less. And energy offenders must tremble. Violations of the Gas Ordinance can result in prison sentences and fines.

If there is too little gas in winter, the federal government wants to crack down. In buildings heated with gas, the indoor temperature may be raised to a maximum of 19 degrees. Hot water could only be heated to 60 degrees. Radiant heaters or hot-air tents would be banned. Saunas and swimming pools would have to remain cold.

But it gets even worse: anyone who violates the regulations could face imprisonment or a fine. In the case of deliberate action, a prison sentence of up to three years or a fine is possible. Even for negligent violations of the measures, a fine of up to 180 daily rates is conceivable.

This is provided for in the Federal Law on National Economic Supply, to which the Department of Economic Affairs (EAER) explicitly refers in an official document.

Misdemeanours or even felonies

"Violations of the National Economic Supply Act are always misdemeanours or, in some cases, even felonies and are to be prosecuted ex officio by the cantons," explains Markus Spörndli, spokesman for the EAER. The law therefore offers "no basis for administrative fines".

Fines, however, do not have to be higher than fines and can be dealt with by the public prosecutor's office, says Spörndli. For example, the daily rate for fines is usually at least 30 francs and a maximum of 3000 francs. "The number of daily sentences is determined by culpability," Spörndli continues. And the amount of the daily sentence is determined according to the personal and economic circumstances of the offender.

In other words: Someone who accidentally sets the thermostat wrong will get off lighter than someone who intentionally heats his swimming pool to 25 degrees. The penalty for a company that deliberately exceeds its gas quota is likely to be even more severe. This is because the quota ordinance is also subject to the penalty provisions.

Selective controls possible

However, there will be no widespread hunt for energy offenders. "We are not a police state," said SVP Economy Minister Guy Parmelin (62) at the Federal Council media conference last Wednesday. "The police do not go round everyone's house - but there can be selective controls," Parmelin said. There are also regulations in other areas that are not constantly checked.

"The draft ordinances are primarily based on the fact that the vast majority of the population abides by the law," emphasises Spörndli.

But even so, controls cannot be ruled out - for example, if one is ratted out by an annoyed neighbour or an overzealous neighbourhood sheriff. A Gfrörli who heats to 20 instead of 19 degrees must expect a fine. Spörndli also confirms this - at least "if the offence were reported and controlled and could subsequently be proven".

Controls in the grey area

However, the federal government is well aware that it is operating in a grey area. The question of whether the measurements are taken at the right place - an outside wall tends to be cooler than an inside wall - could be a matter for the courts.

And with regard to the heating ban for unused buildings, the EAER states in its explanations that it is "extremely difficult to define the criterion 'unused' in more detail and, above all, more precisely". Where the boundary between use and non-use should sensibly run "presents the legislator with a great challenge".

Fässler insists on "a sense of proportion

The challenge is even greater for the cantons, which have to control the prohibition regulations. Fredy Fässler (63), the head of the police, had already appealed to the federal government to "only impose measures that can be implemented and, above all, controlled".
The St. Gallen cantonal government does not want to say anything concrete about whether the ordinances now presented will fulfil this wish, referring to the ongoing consultation.

"However, there are still some open questions that need to be clarified," Fässler tells Blick. For example, it must be precisely defined which authority or institution is responsible for which controls. Fässler does not want the energy police to go from door to door. "We want to implement the ordinance with a sense of proportion.

But he knows from his time at Corona that a certain amount of denunciation is to be expected. "When a complaint is received, the police have to act," explains the police director.

Do we need administrative fines?

Because of the current penal provisions, the public prosecutor's office or even the courts would also have to be involved.
"The question here is whether simple administrative fines are not the right remedy instead of costly criminal proceedings, as was the case in the Corona crisis," says Fässler. "We will certainly discuss this.




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⚠️ With the help of the Green Party:
The USA plans to destroy the German economy
Great article, which is completely compatible with the US strategy with regard to Germany and Germany-Russia laid out in "The Next Ten" by George Friedman.

What is missing in the analysis are all the factors of which they are not aware, or do not publish. After all, this report is also written with regard to internal US politics.

The focus in the report and the article is on Germany, but surrounding states probably play different roles as supporters for this policy.

Does not the recent Polish 1.3 trillion USD demand of war repatriation from Germany fit the picture?
And there was Lithuania obstructing the transport by train from Russia.

In Denmark, the US has made outside NATO agreements to ship in arms and troops through the Danish port of Esbjerg, in case of need, which means they can land even if the Danish straits get blocked and German harbours on the North Sea become chaotic.

Denmark, though most likely pushed by the US, played a role by helping to delay the construction of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline by withholding their permission for, I believe, three years, which precedes the following obstructions:
Due to coalition constraints, the German leadership is not fully in control of the situation in the country. Thanks to our precise actions, it was possible to prevent the commissioning of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline despite the resistance of lobbyists from the steel and chemical industries. However, the dramatic deterioration of living standards could make the German leadership rethink its policy and return to the idea of European sovereignty and strategic autonomy.
When they write in the report, that there could be 200,000-400,000 more unemployed, is that believable, or do we need to multiply by 10 or 20? Below is the unemployment in % over the last 25 years:

Screenshot 2022-09-08 132412.jpg
And from the same page, measured in thousands over the last 25 years:
Screenshot 2022-09-08 134416.jpg
The early Covid lockdowns added more than 500, 000, which only gradually came down. In a year or two, we can look at the stats again and see what happened.

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Foreign Minister (Green party) tells us what's going to happen - no matter what her voters think, and however tough it's going to get (for the politicians), Germany will help Ukraine. Ukraine comes first:

Baerbock was certainly briefed by her handlers and told to stick to the guidelines 'no matter what German voters think'.
That part of the message was probably not meant for public consumption and she just blurted it out to prove that she plays along.

She has two children (aged 7 and 11) to worry about should she lose her office and her security detail once the situation becomes dire next year. If she sticks to the program her superiors might promise her extra protection if they still consider her useful then.


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'Maybe Scholz is prepared for big demonstrations, but his fall is inevitable.'

Germany ‘prepared’ for Russian gas shutdown – Scholz

10 Sep, 2022
The chancellor says Berlin has taken abundant precautions to cope with the energy crisis

Germany can cope with the current energy crisis, and is ready to deal with a potential Russian natural gas shutdown, the Chancellor Olaf Scholz said on Saturday.

We live in serious times… But we are prepared. Prepared, for example, for Russia to largely cut off gas supplies because of the war against Ukraine,” Scholz said in a video address.

We have set up terminals on the north German coast to import liquefied natural gas. We have been saving gas. We are once again using the production capabilities of coal-fired power plants. At the beginning of next year we will have the opportunity to use the remaining southern German nuclear power plants if that is necessary… We have put together a comprehensive aid package to support those who cannot easily cope with such challenges financially,” the chancellor said.

The EU gas crisis has intensified since last week, when Russia halted gas flows to Germany via the Nord Stream 1 pipeline “indefinitely.” Russian supplies are continuing via Ukraine, but at a fraction of the pre-conflict level.

In Germany, fuel shortages have raised concerns of a potential wave of bankruptcies among energy providers. Earlier this week, the CEO of German gas importer Uniper, Klaus-Dieter Maubach, warned that the country may have to introduce gas rationing over the winter. According to Goldman Sachs estimates, energy rationing could mean that the country would lose 65% of its industry.

READ MORE: Germany’s energy plan could cost more than it saves – media

According to official data, Germany’s national gas storage facilities are currently 85% full. However, Klaus Mueller, president of Germany’s energy regulator, warned last month that even 95% storage is only enough for two months of average usage.


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Prepared ?! :umm::nuts:

Oh boy. So not.

Watch German minister Habeck in one of the latest confused statements. It's both a disgrace as it is laughable. (you really can't make that up - it's beyond stupidity). The video is in German language. It is about insolvency due to lack of gas and energy - leading to the likely situation that small business will not be able to sell their goods (such as bakeries, and many others as an example).

Habeck claims, that when not producing goods, that is not insolvency - and he sees no insolvency wave coming.... Instead, they (various branches) simply stop to sell their bread and other things, :nuts::rolleyes:

The reporter says: But when people can't sell, they do become insolvent.

Absolutely despicable.

"Completely clueless minister - scandalous appearance of Habeck at (in the interview with) Maischberger"

What (the) F-checkers ?

How they work like this; nutzoidly claiming following...


The video does not show Habeck, but the Russian actor Igor Vasiev. It was recorded in a conspiratorial film studio in St. Petersburg. The programme "Maischberger" does not exist.

It's so BS, because Sandra Maischberger is a German ARD Channel Anchor. Obviously seen in the above video, with Minister Habeck.

And here are her shows

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"Emily is surprised how much light a single candle can give."

Robert Habeck, author of children's books, and German minister of economic affairs is preparing children for romantic power outages which may happen if his attempt to sideline the remaining nuclear power plants in Germany is successful.

There is nothing people in Germany fear more than a blackout. Hours, days or even weeks without energy. Within hours, chaos would reign. Not a cozy candlelit atmosphere like at Christmas, but brutal violent chaos in which the law of the strongest would apply, looting and desperation turning into violence...

Robert Habeck - excerpts from his book 'Kleine Helden, große Abenteuer' (Little heroes, big adventures), from the chapter named

'When it became silent and dark'...

"Emily learns firsthand how exciting a nighttime power outage can be."

"Her mother says, it looks like Christmas. It seems as if the world has become a little bit quieter."

Robert Habeck wants to keep two of the three remaining nuclear power plants as an emergency reserve, working at idle, while the third would have to be closed on December 31 of this year.

Nuclear plants running idle would cost a lot of money since they wouldn't be able to sell energy.


Atomic energy? Not one day longer!​

Robert Habeck is truly in a pickle. His green movement followers are adamant that the day has come to get rid of nuclear energy for once and for all according to an established Green Party decision.

With the prospect of a cold and dark winter looming many important figures in industry and politics seem to shift away from Habeck's reckless course. On October 9 there will be state elections in Lower Saxony which will show how attractive green politics still is. The polls are currently predicting a 3 per cent loss for the Greens so a red-and-green coalition with the social democrats might not be feasible.

If Habeck sticks to sidelining the nuclear plants he will of course be celebrated by young and enthusiastic climate savers but he might on the other hand alienate the left-wing civil servants, intellectuals, startup entrepreneurs and

Ursus Minor

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Due to a short internet disruption the last sentence went unfinished.

If Habeck sticks to sidelining the nuclear plants he will of course be celebrated by young and enthusiastic climate savers but he might on the other hand alienate the left-wing civil servants, intellectuals, startup entrepreneurs and do-gooders in the social sector that are beginning to feel the crunch.

They might be going for a compromise in order to save their behinds.
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Didn´t see here any posts on protests in Germany, so here is one from 6.9.; people chanting "Nord Stream2"


In the latest news, here is one translated article (from the Croatian portal with news from Germany) that summarises the latest recommendations from the German government.

I don´t get how the people are not seeing this scam and the destruction of German society and economy....
Now the government jumped from gas shortages to power AND WATER!!

The power shortages will probably be blamed on all those nasty people who bought electric heating devices (don´t you dare mention green electricity) - and on "hostile hackers"!

There is also a list of basic supplies for 10 days, and so on...

STOCK LIST PUBLISHED: Residents of Germany are warned to take the situation seriously and prepare!


The German Association of Cities and Municipalities warned of widespread power outages in Germany due to the energy crisis and called on citizens to take federal recommendations on civil protection seriously.

The association has published a list of supplies that every household should have on hand in case of power, water and fuel outages, and reports.

– There is a risk of power failure. Preparation for real crisis situations must be improved, the executive director of the city council, Gerd Landsberg, told "Welt am Sonntag", as reported by

Landsberg specifically warned of the risk of overloading the electricity grid, for example, if the 650,000 heaters sold this year are connected to the grid, in the event of a gas supply failure.

Hostile hacker attacks are also a realistic scenario. We cannot rule out widespread power outages. Germany is underequipped for this case, said Landsberg,

He called on citizens to take the federal civil protection recommendations seriously and to have water and food at home. In the case of a general blackout, "there is no water, you can't pour water, after two days you can't charge your cell phone," he described.

The president of the Federal Network Agency, Klaus Müller, also warned against the mass use of heaters.

- Even with high gas prices, their use is more expensive than gas heating. In addition, local power grids can be pushed to their limits if many people use fan heaters at the same time, he expected for the "Tagesspiegel".

Chancellor Scholz: "We have prepared"

On the other hand, Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) said during the weekend that Germany had prepared.

- We will overcome it. People in Germany feel that they live in serious times. But we have prepared, the chancellor assured in his weekly video message.

A stress test of the power grid by the federal government recently concluded that hour-long power system crises in the winter of 22/23 are highly unlikely, but cannot be completely ruled out at this time. It was an extreme scenario where a quarter to half of southern Germany's gas-fired power plants are failing due to a lack of gas, while persistently low water is slowing supplies to coal-fired power plants, French nuclear power plants are still out of service, and many fan heaters are being used at the same time.

However, experts believe that the German power grid is well prepared.

- Fear is mostly scary, said energy expert Christoph Maurer from the consulting company Consentec in an interview for ntv.

The general director of the German Association of Cities, Helmut Dedy, said that now we should not react with panic, but with a joint effort.

Cities wanted to save 20 percent on gas. If everyone pursues this goal together, we see a good chance of getting through the winter without power outages. However, precautions must also be taken at the same time; Power reserves are necessary for emergencies. In civil protection, states and municipalities share responsibility, Dedy said.

How to properly supply yourself with emergency supplies

The Federal Office for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief advises residents to stock up on emergency supplies for ten days at home in order to be prepared for possible crisis situations. Because: "In case of major damage, rescue services cannot be everywhere at the same time. Those who are ready can help themselves, their relatives and neighbors until state aid arrives and reduce the damage with protective measures," the Agency's website states.

How to properly stock up on emergency supplies, disaster relief chief explains

In this overview you will find an example of a ten-day basic supply of drinks and food for one person. This corresponds to about 2,200 kilocalories per day and therefore usually covers the total energy requirement:

20 liters of water (or just tap water)
3.5 kilograms of cereals, cereal products, bread, potatoes, pasta and rice
2.5 kilograms of fruit (in cans or jars) and nuts
4 kg of pulses and vegetables (in cans or jars)
2.6 kilograms of milk and dairy products
1.5 kg of fish, meat and eggs or whole powdered eggs (eggs are limited, whole powdered eggs have a shelf life of several years)
0.4 kilograms of fats and oils
Foods that don´t have to be reheated or cooked (sugar, honey, chocolate, flour, instant soup, hard cookies, pretzel sticks) – amount as desired
Gas stove (for camping) to heat food.

Drugstore products:

Duplicate soap/detergent
Sufficient amount of toilet paper
Duplicate toothbrush and toothpaste

Medical supplies:

first aid kit
Important medicines prescribed by the doctor
Medicines to reduce pain and fever
Medicine for diarrhoea, nausea and vomiting


candles, tea lights
, camping stove,
battery-powered flashlight,
spare batteries
, trash bags

These documents belong to the must-have documents folder:

As original:

Family papers (extract from the register of births, marriages, deaths) or register as original

In the original or certified copy:

Savings books, account agreements, shares, securities, insurance policies
Annuity, pension and income certificates, income tax document
Evidence of qualification: Certificates (school certificates, college certificates, evidence of additional qualifications)
Contracts and amendment agreements, e.g. B. also rental agreements or leasing agreements
Will, living will and power of attorney

As a simple copy:

Identity card, passport, driver's license and vehicle documents,
land registry extracts
, all received notices of changes to services,
Certificates of payment of insurance premiums, especially pension insurance,
Proof of application from the employment office, notices from the employment
office, Invoices confirming outstanding payment claims
Membership or payment books of associations , clubs or other organizations
vaccination card

Anyone who doesn't have enough space to store enough water or food for 10 days can also cut back on supplies: A three-day emergency supply is better than no supply at all, explains the Federal Office of Disaster Relief.

- If you haven't worked out your list yet and secured your groceries, you can do it in time to safely get through the fall and winter, says the Federal Office for Disaster Relief.

Fenix magazine/MD/

Ursus Minor

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Didn´t see here any posts on protests in Germany, so here is one from 6.9.; people chanting "Nord Stream2"


In the latest news, here is one translated article (from the Croatian portal with news from Germany) that summarises the latest recommendations from the German government.

I don´t get how the people are not seeing this scam and the destruction of German society and economy....
Now the government jumped from gas shortages to power AND WATER!!

The power shortages will probably be blamed on all those nasty people who bought electric heating devices (don´t you dare mention green electricity) - and on "hostile hackers"!

There is also a list of basic supplies for 10 days, and so on...

Thank you @Mari for bringing this demonstration to our attention.

Doing a quick search I couldn't find anything about it. Regarding the marking 'SN' on the police uniforms it must have taken place in the state of Saxony.

On September 4, 1,800 citizens including their mayor were demonstrating in Lubmin on the baltic coast. This is the place where the Nordstream 2 pipeline reaches Germany.


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Thank you @Mari for bringing this demonstration to our attention.

Doing a quick search I couldn't find anything about it. Regarding the marking 'SN' on the police uniforms it must have taken place in the state of Saxony.

On September 4, 1,800 citizens including their mayor were demonstrating in Lubmin on the baltic coast. This is the place where the Nordstream 2 pipeline reaches Germany.
Apparantely, the protests were held in Leipzig, Hamburg, Albstadt and Saarbrücken, and aparantelly this is from Magdeburg.

Allegedly, the Federal Government in Berlin passed a decree on the patrolling of the streets by Bundeswehr forces (territorial units under its jurisdiction), which, along with the police, would be in charge of maintaining order in the event of violent protests (therefore, the government is afraid that the police will no longer be enough).

So far, the news are denying this, but I don´t have enough German vocabulary to check it on German portals.

I did however found this one:

Europe prepares for martial law​

10.09.2022 11:51

This assumption was made on the basis of an analysis of economic facts that indicate a high probability of such a scenario in the EU

Europe prepares for martial law


“Very interesting processes are taking place in Europe. In particular, factories stopped a) producing fertilizers (company “Achema” – the city-forming enterprise of Jonava, Lithuania, Slovakia); b) steel mills (ArcelorMittal closed two plants in Germany); c) In the Netherlands, the production of flowers and greenhouse crops will decrease by 40% between Christmas and next spring due to rising heating costs (greenhouse heating accounts for up to 70% of the total cost of production).
In the former great Britain, citizens will not be able to cook until 20.00, and pubs will only be open until 21.00. A ban is introduced on the use of washing machines, dishwashers and ovens from 14:00 to 20:00. Pubs will have to turn off their lights at 21:00 and last orders will be taken at 20:30. In addition, according to MakeUK, a federation of British factories, 13% of factories have already reduced hours or are avoiding peak periods, and 7% are shutting down production for longer periods.”

Yesterday and today this invoice received direct military-police confirmation. So, from October 1, the streets of Germany will be patrolled by military patrols. This was announced by German Defense Minister Christina Lambrecht. Whether armored vehicles will be involved is not yet reported. The pretext is to prevent riots.

Let’s go further. In Britain, according to The Times, the police are ready for an increase in crime and disorderly conduct this winter. The intelligence services have already begun to develop emergency proposals. Police units are currently engaged in contingency planning that may arise as a result of millions of households facing financial hardship.

In Estonia
, the Estonian Ministry of Defense is already working on a bill that will give the army the authority to prepare armed resistance in the territories in case they are occupied. For this, intelligence networks and special infrastructure will be created, for example, safe houses and hiding places for “partisan struggle”.

It is obvious that from patrolling the streets by the military to the introduction of a curfew or other regulations of martial law is one step. The main thing is that the presence of military men with weapons in civilian life is legitimized. People are taught that this is normal.

Accordingly, a peaceful protest against the government and the deterioration of life, which in the ordinary course of things is an ordinary peaceful protest, when the military appears on the street, becomes an encroachment on the constitutional order, an attempt at a coup, which must be strangled in the bud with all the power of the power machine.

As the news from Germany, Britain and Estonia show, the transition to a repressive-military model of the political structure of European countries is in full swing. There is nothing surprising in this – Europe is simply returning to the state that it had in the 30s of the last century, when most of the countries of Europe were either of the fascist or semi-fascist type.

Yuri Baranchik


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If you click on the above link, you can watch the video of the protests which have taken place around Germany. They look very peaceful so far.

Sanctions Fatigue

Energy prices in Europe remain extremely high and most Germans are unwilling to take another financial burden to maintain the sanctions imposed on Russia.

This was the result of a recent Forsa survey. According to the survey, 55 percent of those surveyed reject any additional financial burden.

Only 41 percent of respondents are willing to do so. In the August 19 Forsa survey, the result was not so clear: the difference was only one percent.

Inflation and high energy prices are prompting many citizens to take to the streets to express their dissatisfaction.


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Music and political speech in opposition to the destruction of the German society?

The following case, though it is not recent, can be an illustration even if only of the concept and not of the content.
Dee Ex, Mia Herm/De3x De3X2Punkt0, Strausberg? etc. was a German rapper and musician most active 2009-2015. Dee Ex mentions in an interview that for her, music is medicine and knowledge. Maybe others will be inspired by her experiments and use different or new ways to communicate what they know to assist people interested in making sense of the changed situation they find themselves in.

A couple of times, her performance led to newspaper articles meant to scare people away like:
Dee Ex und die Nazi-Rocker from June 3, 2011
Neonazi-Duo rappt auf Holocaust-Mahnmal from March 6, 2015, though the clip is from in October 2012, and states the law was not broken. After finding such headlines, the search could be over, but what was behind? Today she appears in aesthetically pleasing surroundings and the music does not have the same dark themes and connections, like this piano piece. Some people grow.

One older song begins:
What we want for our people, this we can not sing here... Not speak loudly of our future and other important matters. But the family and class you come from - that is not of consequence...
As freedoms-soldiers, we are all equal - only courage and performance counts!
For a Europe of fatherlands, we want to fight - we stand up for it to defend!
For a Europe of fatherlands, it pays to be a warrior
I could see why this lyric would push some people who are of a globalist mind away, but on the other hand, if the protests of the truckers in Canada was not quite enough to prevent a totalitarian push from the Governments, if the Yellow Vests only had some success, what does it actually take? Or does it take something different?
The song also has these lines:
Capitalism and Communism have bound our countries in chains, but with revolutionary patriotism - we will save our future! And if we in the West would be better off - the fetters are made of gold and they deceive!
I declare to resist - for new values, with strong and free hands...
Many of the old institutions will probably go, but there will still be values worth standing up for, and for that I guess, strong and free hands will be needed.

In several uploads there were not only song, but preludes with slides or speech and no music. In one, it said:
By oligarchs staged wars and by corrupt media and politicians military-enforced coercive democratization, disempowerment of peoples and their enslavement by principal and interest is NOT freedom.
No it is not freedom, and it reads like a summary of the result of economic terrorism, as carried out by economic hitmen, and chock doctrine engineers.

In this music video, she comments on a demonstration, where she walked with an Islamic group. From what she wrote elsewhere, there was more in common than expected and encouraged people to drop their hesitations and try for themselves.

Next, an American speaker explains how the elites wish to bring strong states under their control: See minute 0-1 and 4-end. In between, there is music.
Home in Chains - Dee Ex feat. Ville051
21.dec. 2013 ...against NWO and other wargames... For the freedom of peoples! From De3X2Punkt0
Actually, the situation in Ukraine was brewing as the video was published. Nine years later, we watch how that impoverishment process plays out in Europe, with, for the most part, full support from the elected politicians, which leads to the next topic, because there are exceptions:

Sahra Wagenknecht from Die Linke opposes the sanctions against Russia, but for how long, as she is now under pressure to get excluded from her party, following her charismatic, heartfelt speech last week:
WHAT TO DO ABOUT WAGENKNECHT: Prominent leftists are demanding the exclusion of Sahra Wagenknecht from the group from WELT Nachrichtensender in German
A speech like that of Sahra Wagenknecht last week in the Bundestag should not be repeated, said Linke boss Martin Schirdewan.
According to Schirdewan, individual members of parliament disregarded democratic resolutions when they appeared on behalf of the parliamentary group.

The former faction leader Wagenknecht had accused the traffic light government of waging an economic war against Russia and called for sanctions to be stopped. In response to the speech, Ulrich Schneider, head of the Parity Welfare Association, resigned from the left on Monday. Financial expert De Masi also announced his departure yesterday.
That these two party members, in particular with those responsibilities, should choose to resign is ironic, but maybe that will only be evident later. The above reporting is also misleading, since Wagenknecht pointed out first and foremost the consequences for the German people of sanctions that have little effect on Russia. See 3:21 in the video below:
Step back, Mr. Habeck, extending your term will lead to a meltdown in our economy!
Treten Sie zurück, Herr Habeck, Ihre Laufzeitverlängerung führt zum Supergau unserer Wirtschaft!
Even if Wagenknecth is excluded, she will have tried, having gone about as far from her current platform. Her latest post has 36k likes, 5k comments, and 11k shares, so it has gone around.

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Sahra Wagenknecht from Die Linke opposes the sanctions against Russia, but for how long, as she is now under pressure to get excluded from her party, following her charismatic, heartfelt speech last week.

WHAT TO DO ABOUT WAGENKNECHT: Prominent leftists are demanding the exclusion of Sahra Wagenknecht from the group from WELT Nachrichtensender in German
A speech like that of Sahra Wagenknecht last week in the Bundestag should not be repeated, said Linke boss Martin Schirdewan.

According to Schirdewan, individual members of parliament disregarded democratic resolutions when they appeared on behalf of the parliamentary group.

Ironically Martin Schirdewan is the grandson of Karl Schirdewan who was a leading member of East Germany's SED communist party. Following Stalin's death in 1953 Martin's grandfather's aim was to de-stalinize the SED.
In 1958 he was ousted from the party's central committee. Martin Schirdewan's DIE LINKE party is the reformed descendant of the former SED.

Sahra Wagenknecht is a leading member of today's DIE LINKE. She is deviating from the party line just as Martin's granddad did.

Is Martin Schirdewan set to harm his relation to his ancestor?


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In recent months, there have been talk about the idea that the EU and Germany is a target for Ukraine sanctions. Below is an excerpt from the Sessions:
The first part sets the scene:
(Data) People in the West are waking up to the fact that we have basically mass migration of people from Syria and the Middle East. We have 4 million people displaced, and 180,000 went to Germany. A section of that stayed in other countries. I read in the news that some people in the West think this is suspicious. Why do they all want to go to Germany? Were they informed in some way by the government, or is this truly a grassroots movement where they just wanted to go to Germany?

A: Partly desperation and partly engineered. Let us say that the very real and desperate plight of refugees has been cynically utilized by nefarious agents.

Q: (Perceval) So the engineered part is to destabilize or put pressure on European governments?

A: Yes and more than that: to insert agents that will act against the various governments in the future.

Q: (L) I would like to know what is the percentage of real refugees to agents?

A: 94

Q: (L) 94 percent?

A: Yes

Q: (L) 94 percent are real refugees, but the rest are agents that are being sent in with them. And so who are the nefarious agents that have cynically utilized this refugee crisis to plant agents within European countries?

A: USA and allies of consortium.

Q: (Perceval) So America and its Saudi friends...

(L) And the bankers...

(Perceval) So all this talk of ISIS in the refugees is kinda true?

(L) To a certain extent.

(Perceval) But ISIS is controlled, so you know what that means.

(L) But ISIS was created by the USA?

A: Yes
When you read the following continuation, is the situation any better now?
Q: (L) So... Next question?

(Alana) They're sending the refugees to Germany, is that to destabilize the central powers of Europe?

(Perceval) Yeah, Germany is the economic powerhouse.

A: Germany is a direct target in case you haven't noticed.

Q: (L) So they want to destabilize Germany and put a total puppet government in charge?

A: Close.

Q: (L) So, Madame Merkel is not quite subservient enough?

A: Yes

Q: (L) She still harbors...

(Galatea) Opinions. [laughter]

A: Yes

Q: (Perceval) Germany is the center of European power, decision-making, etc.

(L) So, if the USA were to control Germany completely, they'd own Europe.
How does Merkel compare with the current 🚦 Government with regard to the US?
Is Ursula von der Leyen, the former German Minister of Defence as President of the European Commission a gain or loss compared to her predecessor was Jean-Claude Juncker?
Wondering how much influence von der Leyen has, there is also the VP Frans Timmermans:
Franciscus Cornelis Gerardus Maria (Frans) Timmermans (Dutch pronunciation: [frɑnˈsɪskʏs kɔrˈneːlɪs xeːˈrɑrdʏs frɑns ˈtɪmərˌmɑns];[a] born 6 May 1961) is a Dutch politician and diplomat serving as First Vice President of the European Commission since 2014. Since 2019, Timmermans has served in the von der Leyen Commission as Executive Vice President of the European Commission for the European Green Deal and European Commissioner for Climate Action.

He previously served as First Vice-President to Jean-Claude Juncker and European Commissioner for Better Regulation, Interinstitutional Relations, the Rule of Law and the Charter of Fundamental Rights from 2014 to 2019. He was the lead candidate of the Party of European Socialists (PES) for President of the European Commission in the European election that was held in May 2019.
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