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RA, if you're in the mental health field than you should know better than to use the term "paranoid" to describe someone who is cautious after having been subject to attacks. Paranoia would be imagining that shadowy forces are out to get you when they actually are not. If someone is a threat to "shadowy forces" than that person would not be paranoid if they take reasonable precautions. Take Edward Snowden, for example. He would be foolish not to be suspicious of everyone he encounters, simply because many very powerful and ruthless people ARE out to get him. On the other hand, an average person who poses no threat may be seen as a bit paranoid if they take the same level of precautions.
Context is key, here.

So this is why people here are asking you for specifics, so that these specifics can be addressed. No one is "attacking" you.


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RecklessAllegory said:
I came across the C's info because my mother asks me to Google messages she gets right before she wakes up. My mother said to me look up Cassiopeans 6th dimension or 6th density, she said someone kept repeating those words over and over until she woke up, it's been almost a year since and I have been dedicated to reading all the material. I hope that my sharing a little bit of my story can help everyone see I'm not here to start drama or anything of the sort.

RecklessAllegory said:
For clarification, I never wanted to start anything, only wanted to share my thoughts as people do in a forum; you said this was a dead issue until I resurrected it, however others will come, who want more info and eventually read the thread. I disagreed on an issue and I did son as carefully as I could. Just because I'm new to the forum doesn't mean I'm new to the website. I've been reading it since the event with my mother led me to it almost a year ago.I have no reason to lie, or make stuff up. My mother gets messages all the time, her whole life and now with the Internet I've helped her research things that are relayed to her this way.

I'd like to ask you for clarification, in particular when you say that your mother receives messages and the cassies spoke to her in a dream "repeating those words over and over". It means that she has asked for knowledge in some way?, or rather the messages come to her without request it. Excuse me, but come to me an important question: the source that claims to be the cassies for your mother is really respecting her (and your) freewill (a key element to identify the source). Having said "repeating those words over and over", that do not sound precisely in this regard. Although I could be wrong if you clarify better.


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To be clear, I never said the C's came to my mother, however the words: <Cassiopea, 6th density/6th dimension> was repeated to her until she woke up. A few days before that the word: Cappadocia was repeated to her over and over. I did look it up after she told me and I did read about the underground city there, I don't think there is a connection between with the C's and Cappadocia though... I digress, sometimes my mother is given words, sometimes phrases and other times more elaborate messages. The messages usually come right before waking up. I sometimes blow her off a bit when she asks me to look things up for her, but I'm glad I looked up the C's lol.
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