Trump era: Fascist dawn, or road to liberation?


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They denounce that the military could carry out a coup against Trump if he wins the elections in November. By Alejandro López González

By KontraInfo / FF · September 15, 2020

Colonel (r) Richard H. Black, a former Virginia State Senator, and a former officer in the United States Navy General Advocacy Corps (JAG), noted that retired generals have now gone active in a conspiracy military against President Donald Trump. Colonel Black points out that these generals are violating Section 88 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

Give the names and say what the President should order Defense Secretary Mark Esper to do if he is not doing it on his own initiative. The insurgent generals have used the publication Defense One to promote the overthrow of Donald Trump.

This publication is now owned by the Atlantic Media company, especially Laurene Powell Jobs, who has been crucial in financing the political campaign that supports Kamala Harris (vice presidential candidate for the Democratic Party) . In addition, Atlantic Media also publishes The Atlantic magazine that is propagating the narrative that Trump is denigrating the armed forces and that he will not acknowledge his defeat in the November 2020 presidential elections.

For her part, the wage earner of the globalist elites, Hillary Clinton, has said that Joe Biden should not recognize an electoral victory of Donald Trump because this possible victory would surely be the product of fraud. Defense One magazine, for its part, states that the United States armed forces must prepare to remove Donald Trump from power as of January 20, when he refuses to hand over power (something Trump has never said he was thinking do).

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Hmm, about a third of the way down the article, there is this sub-heading... the title of this thread.

Fascist Dawn, or Road to Liberation?

While the media in Canada is surprised by the number of Trump flags, it does not surprise any of the demonstrators. The media characterizes the rally as a protest against wearing masks. But if you speak with any of the demonstrators, their reasoning extends far beyond a simple face mask rule. To them, it’s a freedom (Liberté) movement.

They view Trump as someone that represents freedom for the people and national sovereignty for their country. The demonstrators love Canada. To them, Trump represents the idea Canadians should self-determine their destiny. These demonstrators want political policies that make sense for Canadians. This means NO MORE BULLSHIT handed down to them from a global elite.

One rally goer explained her Trump support: “Trump epitomizes the revolt against globalism. People must run their affairs, not politicians. If America falls to the globalists, it’s easier for the rest of the world to follow.”

Other rally goers in Montreal echoed similar reasoning: “Globalist use climate change and now this pandemic to gain control. They can’t control Trump. They hate him because they can’t control him.”



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BOOM! The report also connects Biden with prostitution and human trafficking.

September 23, 2020
BREAKING: Senate Finance and Homeland Security Committees Release DEVASTATING Report on Hunter Biden, Burisma and Corruption — CROOKED BIDEN FAMILY ENRICHED THEMSELVES AND OBAMA KNEW!

Full report: Report_FINAL.pdf



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BOOM! The report also connects Biden with prostitution and human trafficking.
Just opened the online Columbus Dispatch news site - top headlines:

Trump remarks draw ire of some in US, Ohio GOP

Biden looks to reverse Trump's 2016 win in Ohio

Zero mention of the " DEVASTATING Report on Hunter Biden, Burisma and Corruption " or anything relating to Hunter Biden using the search function.

Hard to believe no one at the Dispatch picked up on this - it's right up their very hard-left news alley:
Democrats Say Hunter Biden’s Massive Scandal Is Nowhere Near As Bad As That Time Trump Did Nothing Wrong *

The media and other Democrats say reports of Hunter Biden’s massive corruption are nowhere near as bad as that time Donald Trump did nothing wrong.

The charges against Hunter were detailed in a congressional report which was issued in the form of a poster-size photograph of Hunter under the words, “Have you seen this man?”

The report says Hunter received a $3.5 million wire transfer from Elena Baturina, a Russian who became rich after receiving lucrative contracts from the city of Moscow, where her husband was mayor.

Democrats say there’s nothing to see here because it was the sort of payment anyone might receive from a deeply corrupt Russian businesswoman in return for absolutely nothing.

The report also says Hunter paid large amounts of money to what “appears to be an Eastern European prostitution or human trafficking ring.”

But Democrats say there’s nothing to see here because Hunter probably needed a massage after carrying around all that heavy money from Elena Baturina.

The report says further that Hunter made more millions as a consultant to the energy company Burisma even though he had no expertise in the field.

But Democrats say there’s nothing to see here because they’ve ripped out their eyeballs and set them on fire so there’s literally nothing they can see.

Even officials within the Obama administration were concerned that Hunter’s behavior while his father was Vice President might have created the impression that the Bidens were running a corrupt scam out of the White House, but Democrats say there’s nothing to see here because skiddleewink shaban do-do kragnatz.

Reporters immediately gathered around Joe Biden’s basement to ask the candidate such tough questions as “What does it say about Donald Trump’s soul, that after killing thousands of people by giving them coronavirus, he has the gall to accuse your beloved son of some sort of wrongdoing just because he made millions off corrupt Russian and Ukranian officials while you were VP?”

Biden responded, “Come on, man. Here’s the deal,” and Democrats say that clears up everything.

* [Satire]
Democrats Say Hunter Biden’s Massive Scandal Is Nowhere Near As Bad As That Time Trump Did Nothing Wrong [Satire]
Scoopyweb giving Babylon Bee a run for the money! :-P


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The Columbus Dispatch did have the Biden story by the AP in today's paper, but still doesn't show up on their website:


More and more people only access the Dispatch online, so they would have to learn of this news through another source unless they read the E-edition that presents a digital hard copy of the paper. Didn't make the front page - rather page A4.


At least the entire article was printed rather than only partially which is often the case.

And if one reads the AP article, it downplays the Bidens or the Obama administration of doing anything wrong at all other than to say Hunter's position with Burisma was "very awkward" and "problematic". Now there's a damning allegation! In fact, the last paragraph of the article derides the Trump federal response to the pandemic. The two key takeaways from this article:

"There is no evidence of wrongdoing by the Bidens, and Hunter Biden has denied using his influence with his father to aid Burisma."

“As the coronavirus death toll climbs and Wisconsinites struggle with joblessness, Ron Johnson has wasted months diverting the Senate Homeland Security & Governmental Affairs Committee away from any oversight of the catastrophically botched federal response to the pandemic, a threat Sen. Johnson has dismissed by saying that ‘death is an unavoidable part of life,’” Biden campaign spokesperson Andrew Bates said in a statement.

No, this article is a complete whitewash - nothing to see here folks; move along.


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Looking for confirmation on the first tweet! The heads, they be-a Roll-in.

Tyler Durden by Tyler Durden Wed, 10/07/2020 - 09:35 (All emphasis ZH) 6-8 minute Read:
The stakes couldn’t be much higher for Mike Pence heading into his first and only face-off with Kamala Harris as the Biden-Harris ticket continues to expand their lead in the national polls.

After the Trump-Biden dumpster-fire - with both candidates and the moderator repeatedly interrupting one another - tonight’s debate between Mike Pence and Kamala Harris is far less likely to devolve into cacophony.

Instead, it seems more likely Pence will highlight two extremely unflattering aspects of Kamala Harris: her prickliness and her radicalism.

And, as RealClearPolitics' Susan Crabtree notes Harris will focus on attacking the vice president’s nice-guy reputation, pointing to Pence’s previous opposition to same-sex marriage and related issues impacting the LGBTQ Americans. The issue of LGBTQ rights could come up after Supreme Court Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito issued a broadside against the high court’s same-sex marriage decision on Monday when the court declined to hear a case brought by a former Kentucky county clerk who refused to issue a marriage license for same-sex couples.

By now, Pence is used to playing good cop to Trump’s bad one. As a former radio talk show host, he knows how to serve up disciplined sound bites aimed at a target audience. But, as RealClearPolitics' Susan Crabtree notes, no one expects Harris to make it easy for him or to pull her punches after her record of fierce attacks against Biden and other opponents in the Democratic primary debates.

And so, in tonight's debate, as's Chad Banghart details, Vice President Mike Pence has a golden opportunity. With the COVID-19 pandemic refusing to go away, President Trump's right-hand man can prove that a Republican administration is the right one for the job at hand.

This is especially true in light of the first presidential debate, which split American voters along party lines. Democrats predictably praised Joe Biden's performance, while Republicans saw President Trump as the clear victor. Independents were left uninspired by a debate marred by mumbling; interrupting; and poor, often biased moderating.

This brings us back to Mike Pence. With Biden polling favorably in recent weeks, President Trump will look for his running mate to steady the ship and bring more of the required fight. Here's how to do it:

That's a BOOM for Putin.



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Yesterday a special report issued by the FBI stated they would make an announcement about security. It was speculated this could be Wray's resignation but no it's this. Something I think is interesting about this is, when has the FBI ever given a report like this to the citizens? It's likely happened in the past at some time but right now its something new it seems. Maybe this is something that will occur on a more frequent bases and will continue after a Trump reelection as part of a new system. The election is only 28 days away and things will become intense and bizarre is my guess. There's a lot of speculation going on right now since the times are so exceptional.

FBI, DOJ 11 AM Press Conference: FBI and DOJ Announce Charges Against ISIS ‘Beatles’ Who Admitted to Abusing US Hostages – No Death Penalty​



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So, the story goes that Trump has been quietly replacing a great many corrupt federal judges. Then I saw this today... Maybe there's hope!
(from Zero Hedge)
A federal appeals court has reinstated a fraud conviction of Hunter Biden's longtime business partner, Devon Archer, reversing a decision by an Obama-appointed judge (and wife of Mueller special counsel lawyer) to vacate Archer's conviction and grant him a new trial.

Devon Archer (far left) is pictured with Joe and Hunter Biden. (Screenshot from Twitter)
Archer and several of his business partners were indicted on March 26, 2018 in a $60 million bond scheme which defrauded Native Americans. Hunter was not implicated in the fraud, however Archer and the other partners repeatedly name-dropped the former Vice President's son.
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