Various interesting things in French : documentaries, etc.


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40.90 euros je vais attendre un peu mais finance ne suivent pas...
Perlou, ce livre est disponible en téléchargement fichier PDF, c'est sur ce support que je l'ai commencé à lire. comme je n'ai pas retrouvé le site, je t'ai annexé le livre.
et je pense me forcer à reprendre la lecture..

Perlou, this book is available as a PDF download, which is how I started reading it. Since I couldn't find the site, I've attached the book for you.

and I'm thinking of forcing myself to start reading it again.


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I listened to about 20 mins last night, and I wasn't too impressed by the level of the discussions. Do you know what they are actually trying to accomplish? Just inform people, or organize a "resistance"?
I was more impressed by the show from July the 18th. On this first show it started to be quite interresting after an hour when Alexandra Henrion Caude said something like "let's go into important stuffs". From there, there was a lot of informations from differents people. At some point Alexandra Henrion Caude was not very happy with the way Francis Lalanne talked and it seems to me that the host was giving the mic to other people to avoid "fighting talks". The end of this first show was on lighter stuffs.

There was also "bad comments" about Florent Filipot and Fabrice DiVizio.

Now, the last night show:

I'm pretty sure they said at the beginning that there would be a call for disobedience.
That was a recording from a Lieutenant colonel (anonymous / link to the recording). Followed a bit of a "fight" between the host and Capitaine Alexandre JUVING-BRUNET about the rank of the guy in the recording (the video show a gendarme's jacket with a different grade: commandant) and then comes the quote from Capitaine Alexandre JUVING-BRUNET:
(the Lieutenant colonel recording end at 55 min, 39 sec / full video here)
President Macron's security is ensured by the GSPR, the security group of the presidency of the republic, which is a hybrid unit, which is made up of police officers and gendarmes commanded in turn either by a commissioner or a colonel. So the Republican Guard of course has missions of securing the national palaces but in my opinion the Republican Guard does not have as its priority mission the protection of the president, I just wanted to say that. But the walls of the Elysée Palace.

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There was also an anoying part (for me and several people in the chat / I was watching live on dlive) where a german doctor is interrupted by the host who says we can't hear it well, and that it was the same in the previous show. So he is "push to the door" while I was understanding what he was saying.


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There was also an anoying part (for me and several people in the chat / I was watching live on dlive) where a german doctor is interrupted by the host who says we can't hear it well, and that it was the same in the previous show. So he is "push to the door" while I was understanding what he was saying.

Yeah, I noticed that too. The most serious people got cut off and scolded for having a bad mic, and the ones allowed to talk seemed to have their own personal agendas: the mom with the child harmed by a vaccine when he was a baby, the naturopath trying to sell the "raw diet", etc. Now, they all added an interesting bit here and there, at least in what I heard, but I found it to be lacking in coherence. It was more like "Yay! We are united and want people to protest, but we're not making much sense ourselves!"

Ok, maybe it's too much to ask, so I give them credit for trying and putting the word out there. Maybe a lot of people can still benefit from their discussions, I don't know. I just find what's his name (the organizer) a bit too crazy and in love of his own image to be taken seriously.


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I was a little disappointed with the first show (I haven't watched last night's yet). I feel like they wanted to go all out with over 40 speakers as if to hit it hard. I think it's better to start simple and flexible than to proceed with a parade of a few minutes here and a few minutes there. The format of the show was not good but maybe with the start of the new school year in September and the show that they are going to do "physically" in real premises, it will be more "watchable" and more "intelligent / constructed".

I had more the impression of something to say "look we're here, we're coming, we're going to blow it all up", which is understandable on the one hand, with all the fed upness that is shared by everyone. It reminds me of hexagram 16 of the yi-jing, which advises to "control your enthusiasm".

Let's wait and see


I've came across yesterday a short article summing up a lecture by Pr. Marc Henry (researcher of the quantum properties of water and the link with homeopathy, health, agriculture, etc) titled "Staying healthy with water". The French version can be found here on page 16.

I'll quote a Deepl translation here as well for those interested :
Prof. Marc Henry's observation is very clear: "When we talk about water, we raise philosophical, scientific and religious questions, it is a cross-cutting issue. He starts with the popular phrase: "Water is life". "Living spaces are made of cells. And a cell is water. We are used to looking at things from a physical point of view, by their mass. But one of the characteristics of life is movement. All living species have a flow of water through them," says the professor. "This is not a coincidence, it is because the water brings something with it. That something is life. If the water flow stops, you are dead. Our cells are 99% water. The flow of water is transported through the body by the capillaries, the system that feeds the cells: "This flow is two microns per second.
This means that 622,000 litres of water flow through your capillaries every day. Whereas the blood flow is only 8000 litres! Hence the importance of staying well hydrated - not herbal teas or Alsatian wine, even though that is very good - but of drinking water."
To choose a good water, from which you can drink two to three litres a day, mainly between meals, Marc Henry has his criteria: "It must be non-carbonated and as little mineralised as possible". He explains this choice: "Water heals by what it carries away, not by what it brings. If you choose a calcium or magnesium water, it is a mistake. Carbonated water helps you to digest better, but the question is: do you have to eat so much? The more you put in the water, the less it can do its job. Mineral and/or carbonated water is good water, provided you don't overdo it. Migraines are often a sign of dehydration. But he reassures us: "Even if you have been poorly hydrated for 50 years, it is not too late.
What about beneficial herbal teas? "At 70°C, water loses all its qualities. So, for the herbal tea, it is the active principles of the plant that are beneficial. As for the container, Marc Henry recommends glass: "The only valid containers for water are glass and ceramic. Plastic is not great, but it is more practical. High-density polyethylene is already better, and it's still better than metal.

Dynamising water​

It is also possible to dynamise water [usually by creating a vortex] in order to reinforce its role in assimilating nutrients and eliminating toxins. To find out which dynamisation is most suitable, the professor gives a tip: "When you have drunk a glass of water and you feel like drinking a second one, the system is good. And this system will not necessarily suit your neighbour. I recommend either the osmosis machine or heating the water to 'disinform' it, then informing it by dynamising it. He disapproves of the magnetic stirrer, "because it works on five hertz, it's like plugging your water into the internet. How do you select what the water will pick up? This is to be avoided. The dynamisation system must be mechanical.

The interest of Ions​

In cells, there are also ions. "The first question a doctor should ask is "What are you drinking?" And the second question: "Do you have enough ions?", because after water, it is the ions that are found in the cells at 62%. If you have a problem with ions, you can be ill. The three ions that allow you to live are sodium ion, chloride ion and bicarbonate. Inside the cell, the main ions found are potassium (55%) and trace elements (20%)," but it is not easy to manage these ions: "If I am iron deficient, the doctor prescribes iron, but it is a disaster. In the intestine, iron competes with zinc and copper. It is dangerous to play with ions and to self-medicate. The only way to manage the ions is to take them all at the same time. But Marc Henry is not a doctor: "I don't start from the principle that you are ill, but from knowing how to stay healthy". When we think of healing with water, we also think of homeopathy. "Homeopathy is taking a poison that can be violent, and diluting it until there is nothing left. You are given this nothing, but healings can occur. My teacher, Raymond Devos, used to say: "If I give you one time nothing, it's nothing, if I give you two times nothing, it's still nothing, but if I give you three times nothing, you'll be able to have something and for cheap! It clicked in my mind." [A French wordplay where "three times nothing" is an expression meaning something is cheap]

The press and homeopathy​

Professor Marc Henry regrets that a large part of the press, and in particular the magazine Science et Vie [a well known science popularization magazine], does not recognise the virtues of homeopathy. "In the 1980s, Jacques Benveniste (a doctor and immunologist) was called a swindler because he showed that it was possible to resuscitate a heart, not with the necessary molecule, but with the dilution of this molecule. In the United Kingdom, Prince Charles supports this method and it is in fact more developed across the Channel. He recommended reading Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843, a physician who participated in the development of homeopathy), whose postulate is that the internal workings of the body cannot be observed. "A sick body manifests a spectrum of symptoms. This set of symptoms is a medical reality, not a disease. His observation is powerful: there is a material primary force and an immaterial dynamic reaction.

The speaker presents a 2005 medical study entitled "The end of homeopathy", while the results of the same study show that some homeopathic treatments are effective. The bias of scientific studies is said to originate in their financing: "Since the election of Jacques Chirac [ca. 1995], an American-style research system has developed. I have written 20 projects, none of which have been validated, because the committee of experts that decides on subsidies considers that it is of no interest. I am looking for private funds, business angels, to invite them to invest in homeopathy, for example.
For him, there is no longer any need for proof: "When you shake two mirrors in front of each other, light appears. It can only come from the vacuum. If the vacuum creates light, it is because there is energy in the vacuum. Nature exploits this vacuum. And the theory that says there is energy in the vacuum is quantum physics. According to him, homeopathy is slow to be recognised because it uses quantum physics and few people have mastered it.

If you have ever taken a homeopathic treatment, you have noticed that the doctor starts with a low dilution. The more you dilute it, the more effective it is, the more specific the information becomes. To ingest it, however, it is sugar that is used, not water. "The water molecule is H2O, sugar is H2O plus a carbon atom. Sugar prevents the information from being scrambled, which could be the case with water." I did some tests to verify my claims. We used the corona effect which is the blue light around high voltage lines for example, that is when you put the material under voltage, it emits a little light. In 2014, I was very ill. I benefited from the medical diagnostic device generating a light spectrum after a finger analysis. I treated myself with homeopathy for a year. If you analyse the light beam, you can see that it had an effect.

The physical element of mass does not define life, according to Professor Marc Henry, it is more a question of electromagnetism. "We are made of water and ions and the electromagnetic waves from mobile phones, for example, compete with these frequencies. This is a danger, because we are sensitive to electromagnetic fields via our body water. But this observation also has a positive side: "We can imagine treating with waves, with music. We have talked about energising water so that it becomes more nourishing or more capable of eliminating our waste. You can say words, the blessing of water in church is a serious thing, something is happening to the water. It's not witchcraft, it's 21st century science. We are water beings, with all that that entails. There is electromagnetic energy in the vacuum that allows us to structure ourselves in what is called the coherence domain, which is the information medium in water. Although water does not heal itself, it is capable of carrying information: "It is estimated that a cell can carry 10 kilobytes. You are made up of 1013 cells. That's 370 petabytes. This corresponds to seven centuries of full HD video that your body is capable of recording via its cell membranes!"

Box 1 - Quinton plasma​

Quinton plasma is seawater used to treat mineral deficiencies. Intravenous and subcutaneous injections have been practised for many years in France. This has been prohibited since 1981. "Injections are useful for people with back problems. You have to be careful about where it comes from, whether it is taken from the open sea. Doctors are no longer allowed to do this medical intervention, some do it under your own responsibility.

Box 2 - The intervention of Viviane Schaller​

For the past five years, Viviane Schaller has been sued because of her fight for better screening and treatment of Lyme patients. "The official screening tests called Elisa are not good. This is what I have been trying to denounce for years, which led to the closure of my laboratory. At present, the health authorities are hesitant, our work with Professor Luc Montagnier (Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2008) is still contested, I don't know why. However, all the evidence is there. Tests are excellent, they could help doctors to know what you have and how to treat you. Professor Perronne has written a very good book on the subject. The former laboratory director may apply the water memory theory to Lyme disease testing: "Professor Montagnier has been given the opportunity to open a laboratory in Geneva. He uses the properties of capturing electromagnetic signals from bacteria and viruses for diagnosis and treatment. In view of the enthusiasm and questions that still surround the issue of Lyme disease, a dinner-debate will soon be organised by Heb'di [the online magazine which organized the event and published this summary].

The book of Pr. Perronne about Lyme disease mentioned at the end is "La Vérité sur la maladie de Lyme".


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Recent video about a new thread targetting children in France ... they are really starting to be disgusting :

Regarding the recent unification of a series of french communities I just want to wish them to do their best. It's almost sure that some have their own agenda, there are some of them i do not trust, but ... they are humans and not perfect, but many of them have a great courage and this should be ... encouraged. This remains a good (i would say a necessary) step/initiative. We could maybe open a dedicated thread regarding this recent merge of French communities, I think this movement will increase, and could also raise up to an european community. I wrote a text a few years before which subject was the unification of people in an area (I had in mind a kind of 2D/3D animation), then zooming out these people gather in greater "circles", forming communities, then at the regional level, then national, and the same happened in all others countries to finally merge at the level of europe. Having the people creating their own counter-power remains, to my mind, a possible solution.


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OSTER Elizabeth un retweeté

Florent Chenu



Un haut gradé de la Gendarmerie appelle à la désobéissance civile : " j'en appelle à tous les citoyens, il est temps de désobéir civilement aux ordres illégaux et aux lois scélérates… l'exécutif a complètement pris le pas sur le législatif et le parlement ."

Un officier supérieur de la gendarmerie appelle à la désobéissance civile : « J'en appelle à tous les citoyens, il est temps de désobéir civilement aux ordres illégaux et aux lois calomnieuses... l'exécutif a complètement dépassé le législatif et le parlement.


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Merci à notre confrère le Dr Bellaïche pour son alerte « Arrêtez le massacre »
Thanks to our colleague Dr. Bellaïche for his alert "Stop the massacre".



· 18h
En réponse à @PeterbobBaze
Coup de gueule du Dr Alain Bellaïche, gynécologue-obstétricien, sur la situation de folie actuelle.

Dr. Alain Bellaïche, gynecologist-obstetrician, speaks out on the current situation of madness.


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Juppé et Fabius diront si la Dictature est constitutionnelle!

Le grand plongeon vers la dictature du Nouveau Monde, qui sera assuré en cas d'approbation de la Loi d'Élargissement du Pass Sanitaire, se fera si le Conseil Constitutionnel l'approuve.

Voici quelques petits détails qui peuvent aider à deviner quelle sera la décision de cette instance suprême dans laquelle siègent deux personnalités politiques reconnues depuis toujours pour leur formidable honnêteté ... ce ne sont évidemment pas des personnes qui pourraient avoir trempé dans des scandales de corruption et des affaires du genre "emplois fictifs", "sang contaminé", "Rainbow Warrior" ou encore du "nuage radioactif arrêté à nos frontières".... bien sûr que non!
Laurent Fabius a un fils, Victor, qui est Directeur-Associé du cabinet McKinsey-France, .... vous savez? l'entreprise privée américaine qui pilote la campagne de "vaccination" en France.

Alain Juppé a, lui, un très bon ami: Maël de Calan... vous ne le connaissez pas? Et bien, il est le patron de ce même Cabinet de conseil McKinsey-France qu'Olivier Véran et son équipe paie à coups de millions d'euros des contribuables français pour piloter cette campagne de "vaccinations".

Olivier Véran et Maël de Calan sont très proches depuis plusieurs années. Ils sont tous deux "Young Leaders" de la Fondation France-Chine au sein de laquelle Jacques Attali est membre du Conseil Stratégique (aux côtés d'Edouard Philippe) et où la compagne d'Olivier Véran (la Député Coralie Dubost) est membre du Comité de Pilotage.

C'est donc en famille et entre copains que se décidera comment se mettront en place les mécanismes légaux destinés à faire de la vie des "non-vaccinés", "une vie de merde"."

Juppé and Fabius will say if the Dictatorship is constitutional!

The great plunge towards the dictatorship of the New World, which will be assured in case of approval of the Law of Enlargement of the Sanitary Pass, will take place if the Constitutional Council approves it.

Here are some small details that may help to guess what will be the decision of this supreme body in which sit two political personalities always known for their formidable honesty ... they are obviously not people who could have been involved in corruption scandals and affairs such as "fictitious jobs", "contaminated blood", "Rainbow Warrior" or "the radioactive cloud stopped at our borders".... of course not!
Laurent Fabius has a son, Victor, who is a partner in the McKinsey-France firm, .... you know? the private American company that is leading the "vaccination" campaign in France.

Alain Juppé has a very good friend: Maël de Calan... don't you know him? Well, he is the boss of the same McKinsey-France consulting firm that Olivier Véran and his team are paying millions of euros from the French taxpayers to manage this "vaccination" campaign.

Olivier Véran and Maël de Calan have been very close for several years. They are both "Young Leaders" of the France-China Foundation in which Jacques Attali is a member of the Strategic Council (alongside Edouard Philippe) and where Olivier Véran's partner (the MP Coralie Dubost) is a member of the Steering Committee.

It is thus in family and between buddies that will be decided how to set up the legal mechanisms intended to make the life of the "non-vaccinated", "a life of shit".

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C'est donc en famille et entre copains que se décidera comment se mettront en place les mécanismes légaux destinés à faire de la vie des "non-vaccinés", "une vie de merde"."
The people will have the last word. And if the people accept this out of law decision, so be it. We are a species in extinction. And not only the non-vaccinated will suffer, but the vaccinated people also. These psychopaths hate all of us, vaccinated as not vaccinated.


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Dans Mediapart qui cite l'Agence Nationale de Sécurité du Médicament, le #vaccin a tué près d'un millier de personnes ces 6 derniers mois ! Qui paiera pour toutes ces victimes ? Il faudra bien un jour que les responsables s'expliquent !

In Mediapart quoting the National Agency for Drug Safety, the #vaccine has killed nearly a thousand people in the last 6 months! Who will pay for all these victims? One day, those responsible will have to explain themselves!
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