Volcanoes Erupting All Over


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Cumbre Vieja Volcano Update

The eruption has been becoming "ashier"; today, the plume has been reaching 4000 m and is visible from much of the island.
Deformation data show inflation overall is continuing although the trend has slowed down, or even decreased temporarily yesterday. Volcanic tremor remains high, but has been showing a slight decrease compared to the past days.

This suggests that the eruption might be becoming more stable, although it cannot be ruled out that new fissures open and new lava flows might appear.

The eruption is now concentrated on the new fissure that opened yesterday.
This morning, we could see tall lava fountains continuing from it as well as a new lava flow that reached approx. 1-2 km length

The aerosol plumes from the eruptions continue to travel along the northern Africa and south Europe.

The Copernicus's latest satellite-based measurements of SO2 concentrations in the atmosphere depict that they will reach Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya including a large part of Iberian Peninsula and Mediterranean coasts of France and Italy this Friday (24 September).

According to Windy.com's visualization, the highest level of sulfur dioxide (SO2) emissions will likely occur in these areas.

La Palma, Canary Islands: eruption and seismic crisis Sep 2021 - news and activity updates


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Fuego volcano has erupted, spewing ash 4.9 kilometers into the sky.

By VN - 23 Sep 2021

By Evgeny Mikhaylov - 1 hour ago

Published on Sep 23, 2021 (8:09)


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I think it does... although, I had only had seen it at movies 😂... It is the first time, I am able to see it live, so to speak.

It Reminds me of the explosion at Beirut or the shockwave of Cheliabynsk meteor of 20
I don't know... really. Maybe some experts here can answer this question. Yes, me too it remind me the explosion at Beirut.


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Interesting explanation that helps to better understand the images of destruction in its wake.

🌋 @victorioperezm explains in this virtual reality how the lava flow advances, dragging everything in its path.

Well, is getting more difficult, when it would be stopped?
This is a fissural eruption, let's try to explain it.

It originates along a rupture of the earth's crust, most of the Canary volcanism is of the monogenic type, a volume of magma rising to the surface and generating small volcanic cones aligned according to the fissure. This fissure actually reflects the dike below, feeding the eruption.

Here in La Palma, we have two fissures from north to south, it is a historical characteristic of the island, that is why it has an elongated heart shape and, during this eruptive process, it has had up to 8 mouths... There you are looking at it... From which the magmatic material comes out!.... (?) we are told that some vents emit lava with more force than others, that some of them may suddenly go out, or that new vents may even appear.

The eruption is a living, changing process, of which we are very attentive. Also the air traffic controllers and passengers at the airports that are going to arrive to the island of La Palma.

Through the valley of Aridane advances the gigantic main flow of about 500 meters wide, which since last night joined the south flow. But that does not mean that the arm reaches more speed, because the flow is more viscous.

This is how it is reaching Todoque, and if we make a vertical cut to the lava, we can see the size it has in some areas. The truth is that it is impressive! It has found a lot of material in its path and it is difficult to move forward.

We are talking about 12 meters high, material that makes it slower with debris from houses, traffic signs and all the infrastructure that has destroyed in its path. Everything is buried, under new soil. Yes, yes... Because when all this, which is at a thousand degrees solidifies, it will become a new bad country.

Emergency services are working 24/7 for your safety. Teams from the @UMEgob maintain constant surveillance on the ground with drones of the evolution of the melt.
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