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That post in the other thread
Someone posted in another thread (which I cannot recall at the moment) that they wished they could have said a proper goodbye to the old world as the don't expect it to come back.

inspired me to share what seems to be a timely song by Matt Elliott from his latest album, Farewell To All We Know:



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This song I have serious memories with. On New Years Eve 1999, my girlfriend at the time offered me an opportunity to leave a party early, cos she could see I was already tipsy, lol. She made my excuses and I made my way home to listen to music and maybe have a nap. I got home and put this record on, it blew my mind. The guitarist and drummer deserve praise on this one, a kind of gnostic heavy rock song. I had a good night back then listening to this, haven't really listened to it much since, but it stands the test of time.



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Compilation from GALACTIC; last one is newer, more pop sounding:

"Does it Really Make a Difference" Live

"Chasing Rainbows" Live

"Clap Your Hands" Album featuring Miss Charm Taylor
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