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"Rigs of the Time" - an English folk ballad performed by Tarren; featuring Bristol-based artists Sid Goldsmith, Alex Garden and Danny Pedler.

An old song that always seems to be relevant. Many artists have had their go at editing this song to call out the swindlers of the day and we suspect we'll be generating endless verses as we go on playing this one


unkl brws

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Official video for "In A Lifetime (Live)" by Clannad featuring Denise Chaila.

Originally released in 1985 with Bono of U2 as the featured vocalist. The new version featuring Denise Chaila (The Guardian’s ‘One To Watch’ and winner of RTÉ Choice Music Award ‘ALBUM OF THE YEAR) was recorded live in Donegal, the band’s family home and beautifully captured in the accompanying live video from Dunlewey Church overlooking the Poison Glen.


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My preferred song from my preferred band "Archive"
Lyrics had a strong effect on me in the past, what i understand is that they describe a relation between 2 persons (i suppose a man and a woman) which terminated (oh common it is), but the whole song is like magical to me, it helped me to open myself to more introspection in regard to my relations, I would even dare to say a similar effect to reading romantic fictions, but using another "method" ^^
I linked the long version, 15m of "bonheur", enjoy :-)


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Here Beato explains some reasons behind the incredible degradation of music in the last decades:

Here is short discussion that relates to the above. One interesting idea that comes out of it is that somehow the idea of different people playing/practicing music together in a group/community setting (like in a band with different instruments) has become rather rare and might be contributing to the change in popular music.

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