WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram are down

Not immediately related, but take note of this:

The global semiconductor shortages are reportedly not ending any time soon.

According to a new report from Bloomberg, Toshiba has expressed concern that the chip shortages could last another two years, despite previous projections from Cisco that it’d continue for just another six months. “The supply of chips will remain very tight until at least September next year,” said Toshiba’s Takeshi Kamebuchi, who overlooks the production of semiconductors. “In some cases, we may find some customers not being fully served until 2023.”

We don't know for sure if the failure that is occurring now is software or hardware, but if there is a shortage of microprocessors, repairs can take a long time... if not on purpose.
It seems now that everything is going slowly back to normal for Facebook services! Now let’s see how the “who’s going to be guilty of this” game follows..
Well, i have two in mind.....:rolleyes:

Today is a day to write down on the calendar .... the only notifications were from the forum (I use the social with a work profile)
...And i realized that i live with a woman and a child, i don't know why but he tells me dad.
sorry again, today I'm quite a joker (more than usual)
correction, facebook is not back.
The only thing that changed, is that you can now search facebook, and it loads, but if you want to log in, you get the error message again.
Instagram is also still not working great.
Not showing more then half of the photo's i got on my profile, but when i click on the square were it should be, it shows the photo, realy weird.
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It seems now that everything is going slowly back to normal for Facebook services! Now let’s see how the “who’s going to be guilty of this” game follows..
Indeed, but I find this to be... demonstrative, for sure. Facebook is supposed to operate at high-tier 6-sigma, and connects to a network of 6-sigma service providers. It works out to about 1m47s of downtime a year. This is achieved by multiple layers of redundancy etc, so that every component can fail flawlessly without affecting the effectiveness of the system. RAID drive arrays, alternate server towers lending a shoulder under load or distributed mirrors switching in when the primaries go down... at every step, it's incredibly thought through, and every time I talk to my brother (systems architect working remotely for a big-tech related firm) I realize that they've already thought 3 steps ahead of the challenges I underline.

So a 6-sigma company having an outage for 6 hours in a single day (that is already down to 4-sigma reliability, if the rest of the year goes well) is very meaningful. It's probably confirmation bias if I said it's a sign of civilization collapsing if we cannot maintain a modern level of reliability. But it seems unlikely to me that a collapse of reliability would happen without many of the partner service providers activating various failsafes and mirrors. How did it happen? Might be a huge coincidence. But that would be very unlikely. So, by Occam's...

Sabotage? Would be better than the internet collapsing in reliability. I don't care much about turf wars between psychopaths.

Edit: Jasophoris, I just read your message - if FB is still partially/mostly down, that's longer than 6 hours! We're talking about its service tier falling down lower into the 4-sigmas... interesting!

Re-edit, I'm late to the party, ZH had this to say earlier today:
To be more precise (and Geek Factor 5) the BGP routes serving Facebook's authoritative DNS were withdrawn, rendering all Facebook domains inaccessible. That's per @DougMadory , who knows a few things about BGP/DNS.
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Correct, its an BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) error. The Autonomous System (AS) of Facebook etc. is/had not been announcing its route prefixes anymore. This means the network ranges belonging to facebook etc. cant be reached as they are not in the "global" routing table anymore.
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From what i had been reading now this epic FB ASN outage did not also shut down FB's complete internal communication but also resulted in :

Facebook employees reportedly can't enter buildings to evaluate the Internet outage because their door access badges weren’t working (NYT)

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