2020 US Election - Let The Games Begin!

Tucker on the money again. The FBI organized the capitol riot as it played out, just as they organized more or less every "terror plot" since 911.

Now this is highly strange to me. We've known for a long time that the FBI sets up "terror" attacks for them to foil by using a patsy. How is it possible for this to be pushed onto MSM via Fox news? Is it being done on purpose so those under the influence of PTB can point towards the opposition (objective reality) and scream "muh conspiracy theory", further demonizing them? Is it really people at Fox going off-script? Perhaps in reaction to being forced to play down the obviously fraudulent election? What gives? Seems really out of place for this idea to be brought into the public eye via MSM.


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What profit a liar the truth?

Even greater lies become more possible and more plausible if a suspected liar has been known to occasionally say the truth. And what might this truth make possible? The blame and removal of any real patriots left in the FBI? Maybe. But look at the case of Fauci...or Snowden or Assange for that matter. Nixon, Clinton etc etc.

Nothing really happens. Nothing really changes. A big story pops and the media government juggernaut rolls on.

Last idea: if you have several massive Trump cards up your sleeve that will usurp the spotlight any time you wish, why worry? If the next $h!t show is a cyber pandemic, or hyperinflation or mass die offs of the vaca scene or starvation...well, why worry?

Part of it may be hubris as well. “We have the real demographics. We see how groups react. We know how many people are followers of each theory. We already know very few people believe the insurrection story so let’s not waste energy on that. Throw the fools a bone they can fight over which promotes the idea that the world is still a functioning duality instead of a one sided onslaught.

It legitimizes the controlled opposition. It keeps people guessing and thinking: maybe there IS hope and good folks fighting the battle FOR me so I don’t have to risk going out on a limb.


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Thank God for the Bidet admin they tackle such critical issues being first on every US citizen's mind, helping this great nation to remain exceptional:
Biden administration takes steps to make sex-change surgery available as a healthcare benefit for military veterans

Veterans Affairs (VA) Secretary Denis McDonough announced the move on Saturday at a LGBTQ Pride Month event in Orlando. “We are taking the first necessary steps to expand VA’s care to include gender-confirmation surgery, thus allowing transgender vets to go through the full gender-confirmation process with the VA by their side,” McDonough was quoted as saying by CNN.

Anybody speaking against the LGBT rainbow flag phenomenon infesting this planet can now fear being canceled by the woke mob. Kinda like the woke version of a CIA Soft Kill..

I want to see President Trump on TV in the future pointing out and strongly denouncing such divisive and destructive actions of the mafia coup gang currently occupying The Capitol.


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In order to take down the CCP, there must be an insider who knows it very well, and at the same time, believes in justice and the welfare of humanity, to stand up and fight against it. This person also needs to confront the CCP collaborators and running-dogs in the west. The “Whistleblower Movement” is a group of Chinese people led by Mr. Miles Guo carrying out the life career of taking down the CCP and fighting for the deplorable. We have many American allies and friends, to whom we are very grateful.
It appears that billionaire Miles Guo may be connected to the 'elite' "spirit cooking" gang:
He also appears to be connected to Steve Bannon:


Some information posted by Ron Watkins, aka "CodeMonkeyZ":

He's also the main funder for new conservative social media site, "Gettr".

Whatever the case regarding Guo's history, it appears that he is working within the 'Trump faction' in the US for reasons of his own and may have some very dark connections.


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'Are illegal immigrants good voters?'

2 Aug, 2021
More than a million migrants have poured across the US-Mexico border since January, when President Joe Biden took office. Though the Biden administration has officially urged asylum seekers from Central America not to come, it has also relaxed asylum rules, given more leeway to prosecutors not to press charges, and allowed some migrants previously waiting in Mexico to cross into the US.

Tens of thousands have also been released inside the US without being given court dates, having been told only to check in with Immigration and Customs Enforcement offices in the towns and cities where they decide to settle. Thousands have been put on buses or flown across the country. Biden has also endorsed offering citizenship to several categories of migrants currently in the US who would not normally be eligible for it, as part of the upcoming budget bill.
4 Aug, 2021



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'Voters are coming.'

By Svetlana Ekimenko - 12.08.2021

This is interesting:

10 August 2021
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