Canning meat/what Equipment is needed, how much canning is necessary


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I am away from home, did not bring a canner, but wanted to do some testing of these silicone rings with used metal lids.
First I tried filling jars up to the usual level with hot water, setting the ring (groove side on glass), lid and ring, then setting into a hot crock pot filled with water and covered for an hour. When removing, I cranked down on the rings as one would do for Tattler lids, then set them into a freezer to get them good and cold. I did a standard and wide quart. Both lid buttons depressed, but the seals broke when I took the rings off.
These rings are a bit larger in diameter than the rubber Tattler seals, also kind of sticky against the rings.
I considered that since the water did not get extremely hot in the crock pot, like it would in a pressure canner, the vacuum might not be as strong.
I repeated the experiment with the very same lids, rings and jars, but this time I filled them with water to just over the shoulder of the jars (ca 7/8 full) to allow more air to expand and contract. When I was removing the rings, I pressed hard on the center of each lid to stabilize against torque. Both lids sealed very well.
These were the more expensive seals sold on Amazon/dozen.
I can't tell the difference in the inexpensive ones sold in a much larger package. I will of course repeat the experiment with those.

I know the subject here is canning meat. I know the shelf life is supposed to be one year. Just want to say that I have seen some stored foods (like pickles) eat right through metal lids in relatively little time.


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I started canning in 2012.

The jars have been warp in paper and put in a wood box. The box have no top, I used cardboard as a top.
The jars are stored in a non-isolated room, However the room have no windows and is expose West and in front of trees. so not much exposed directly to sun rays,

People say it is best to stock food below 20°C. The room may have been at 30°C a few times (24 °C at the moment).
I guess that the box and paper works as an insulator for the jars.

In short, storage is not perfect.

I recently opened a jar of liver's paté from September 2012. It seems well preserved.
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