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There is comedy in this video if you catch my drift.;-D
Caption reads -
Tens of thousands of migrant workers and their families fight their way onto buses organized by India's most populous state, Delhi, to get them to their hometowns amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Saturday, March 28. India so far has reported 987 COVID-19 cases and 24 deaths.



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This is a mainstream indian political news item, that gave me a surprise.

Essential services! Mamata govt to allow home delivery of liquor during lockdown

The Kolkata Police will soon issue delivery passes to retailers through local police stations. Liquor shop owners will have to approach their respective local police stations for obtaining these passes.

The Mamata Banerjee-led West Bengal government has decided to allow home delivery of liquor during the lockdown period in the state. According to sources in the Excise Directorate of West Bengal government, there is no prohibition on sale of liquor during the lockdown.
However, most liquor shops have remained shut due to the lockdown and will continue to remain shut, they say. The sources said only "backend supply can be resumed via home delivery".
India is a country where poor women often launch social movement to eradicate alcohol to avoid burning of hard earned money and beating the wifes and children by drunk husbands. Now this chief minister of one state( West Bengal), wants to give home delivery of alcohol. Desperate Mamata wants to hold on to the chair in the next years state elections.

What about broom or rolling pin massage?

Shocking Fact!! Indian Wives Ranked Third In Beating Husbands
In the recent study conducted by UN, the statistics has revealed shocking facts of domestic violence against husband.

According to the data, wives are said to use kitchen tools and rolling pins to beat husbands.

When it comes to abusing and beating husband, Egypt ranked number one and UK at two.

Surprisingly, India grabbed the third place.


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Yeah there's a lot of funny and interesting things around the covid and what is sure is that people didn't lose their sense of humor.
Speaking of the devil, you may already know that for some reasons, some people use to buy in priority toilets paper...

The following drawing is japanese and "Baka" means "idiot" !



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Check this out.

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It comes from the comic Asterix and the Chariot Race.

Here's a short of the story from wikipedia, spoiler - Julius Caesar secretly enters the race!:

That’s amazing.

The combination of Asterix and Caesar was just like a blow to the head 😳

Makes me wonder about this now too?

‘Only once the crystal body forms, 10’s of thousands may die’

Thanks for sharing that Jones, it feels important 👍🍻
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