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Health warning; you may not be able to stomach this but its an abject lessons in deceit and conceit of the worst kind.

Fauci Says Biden's Unilateral Mandate For 100M Isn't Extreme Enough: Mandate The "Hardcore" Refusers

And even still, he can't help the revealing little slip in and amongst the spleen and the bile...

'...people because of their science... (don't say that!) their, their political bent.... feel they don't want to be told to mask up, and they don't want to be told to get vaccinated.

Too true Dr Fauci!


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We cross every border - it's not a green sign - it's a red lie.

The Minister of Health admits in his voice in a recording that was revealed tonight that the green label has no epidemiological effect at all. It is designed to put psychological pressure on you, to make your life difficult until you get vaccinated.

Restricting the freedom of the citizen, harming the small businesses, disgracing the children and all this without any medical justification. That is exactly what we petitioned the High Court for. These recordings cannot be passed on to the agenda in silence. We intend to approach the court and ask him to comment in his decision on the recordings that were revealed tonight on News 12

It looks like somebody is stepping up the game. Apparently intentionally leaked recording from Israel, when mics were supposed to be off.
Qui bono? This might be a spark to start some hate between Jews and Arabs if the recording really contains information that Arabs are not being checked for carrying their health passes since they would get angry towards authorities while Jewish people are subject to systematic harassment within Israel. Anyway, it is yet another revelation how dirty game these politicians play. So many examples around the world these days showing how the psychoelites protect and serve the shit out of people. 6% rule the world, no doubt.

I have no means to verify the info in the recording, just used Google to translate the following tweet from Hebrew to English.

Edit: Just found this source in English related to the incident:

Caught on hot mic, Israeli health minister says ‘green pass’ not based on epidemiology

Imposing “green pass” rules on certain venues is needed only to pressure members of the public to get vaccinated, and not for medical reasons, Israeli Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz said on Sunday, ahead of the weekly Cabinet meeting.

Horowitz was caught on a hot mic telling this to Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked, who was also unaware that the conversation was being taped and would be broadcast on Channel 12 News.

In response to Shaked’s suggestion that the “green pass” could be removed as a requirement for outdoor seating at restaurants, Horowitz said: “For swimming pools, too, not just in restaurants.”

“Epidemiologically, it’s true,” said Horowitz, adding, “The thing is, I’m telling you, our problem is people who don’t get vaccinated. We need [to influence] them a bit; otherwise, we won’t get out of this [pandemic situation].”

Currently, he said, “there is a kind of universality to the ‘green pass’ system, other than at malls, where I think it should be imposed, [because] now it’s clear that it applies nowhere.”

Horowitz went on to explain that the only way for there to be no exceptions—since people wonder why if it’s ok not to have a pass for pools “then why for water parks, outdoor facilities and sports?”—is to have the regulations be uniformly enforced.

On the one hand, he added, “we don’t want to do things that have no medical justification. But I’m telling you that we have a problem. The ‘green pass’ isn’t even being enforced; certainly not in the Arab sector, where it doesn’t exist at all. And I’m seeing the effect on the hospitals.”

Horowitz and Shaked were joined by Intelligence Minister Elazar Stern, who, also unaware that the conversation was on tape, expressed disgust with the unvaccinated.

“It’s annoying that they’re taking up the [hospital] beds,” he said. To which Horowitz replied: “Those in intensive care, yes.”

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett subsequently told the Cabinet that tolerance towards those who choose not to get vaccinated has ended, according to Channel 12.

Edit2: I see, SOTT already has it ... :-[

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News today out of Arizona: the University of AZ will not be mandating vaccines for employees, students still have a choice, as a result of the upcoming federal mandate, or they're not planning to at least. Apparently, legal hurdles with the state remain an issue and have impacted their decision making: they've likely got a legal team looking at it. Source: Secondhand info from uni announcements


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So from this we can learn that there is a complex of agendas, as well as internal conflict at the higher levels of the power structure. So when I hear talk of 'The Plan', to me this errs by assuming a 'homogeneity of interest' or 'unity of purpose' at the top of the pyramid. I think it may be more accurate to assume a network of psychopathic tribes, all attempting to steal each other's territory and resources.

They very successfully executed this scam "planet wide". Thats some amazing level of coordination and organisation for some "psychopathic tribes".


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However somewhere around march-may 2021, i got a couple times a strange “urge” by thinking “what if I would…” … kind of like flirting / playing with the thought of taking a jab. Not super seriously, but it was a persistent flirtation during a couple of weeks - while i observed that with awareness.

These thoughts, made no sense to me, given how much I already knew about the negative side effects - and endless hours of listening to the Investigative Corona Committee from Berlin plus everything you guys wrote in the forum !!

So, it was really a weird experience - which I couldn’t explain why I would consider to even “flirt” with the jabs.
Same for me. Out of the blue I got the thought to take the vax at least on two occasions. Crazy, right??! I chalked it up to "psychological spill-over effect" from my almost constant immersion in the subject matter via this thread/Sott/other alternative sources along with usual awareness of MSM propaganda. I equated it with the intrusion of negative thoughts/negative thought loops. So, one can speculate that we are being beamed in addition to the avalanche of constant pro-vax messaging.

Words In Your Head – How They Are Telling You To ‘Get The Vaccine’

Many people have described a strange feeling that they should get the jab, even when they are vehemently against it. This video explains how dark forces are influencing the perceptions of the population through psychotronic warfare.
FWIW - It's David Icke [49:03]. Just thought it was more than a coincidence that the subject was the same as has already been noted in this thread. Skip to 4:30 - it is intriguing that so many are having this experience. He talks about Jeff Rense having the experience and talking about it on his show with listeners saying same. The uninformed think it's their own thoughts while the more aware realize it's an external technological input. It then begs the question, what else might be "putting into our heads"? A good question indeed!

David talks about a technology from 1991, acoustic psycho-correction image/message using the skeleton as an antenna to pick up the infrasound VLF transmission as noted in his book, The Robots' Rebellion. Continues discussing this as he wrote about it in his next book. This is short of 20 minutes in and does talk about the hypnotic effect with erasing of memory that the input has even occurred. Well, that would explain what we have been observing - that people seem to be under an hypnotic trance/spell! An emotion such as extreme anger can be triggered by this technology. Supposed documentation of this was from 1975! He then gets into the Smart Grids being advanced upon civilization with cell towers/5G and on to 6 and 7G, broadcasting these frequency fields and via Elon's satellites to cover the planet in the cloud. I think we can all comprehend the ramifications of that especially if these mRNA inoculations are going to facilitate this frequency electromagnetic agenda. David continues on getting back to the original subject. Brings up the report of the Navy weapon that can prevent people from talking. After hearing the details about this technology, I'm wondering if it accounts for what's happening with Biden! :-P

David then talks about the vid underneath this one that concerns further manipulation of perceptions involving an experiment with internet influencers who push products. The result is shocking - I won't give it away. It speaks to the power of subliminal messaging via adverts and hours of TV viewing. Gives an example of a subliminal in a picture and how when it's pointed out, it's the first thing one sees when viewed again when before it wasn't noticed at all. What has been in the shadows, the subliminal unconscious, is being brought out to the conscious mind by all the conspiracy theory work over the past 30 years. You see what you couldn't see before! Sums up with some very valid points IMO. No option to speed up delivery which would have been nice.


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This would seem to be an excellent case for NOT getting vaxxed after having Covid! And, of course, the upshot that he would be faring far worst had he not gotten the vax! [short vid on page]

FULLY VACCINATED Mansfield Man, Corey Ripe, Battles COVID-19 for THIRD TIME. Ventilated twice.

Ripe, who beat the odds then, battled a milder case of the virus this January.

He was vaccinated in March.

Still, Saturday night, though he’d shown no prior symptoms, Parris knew it had to be COVID-19 again when she heard the fluid in his lungs.

She rushed him to the ER. And an hour later, Parris got a familiar call.

Ripe was intubated and waiting for an available ICU bed.



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Businesses Vow Not to Discriminate Against the Unvaccinated

14/09/2021 BY SONIA HICKEY
All are welcome

Employers posting ‘jobs without the need for a jab’ and businesses making it clear that unvaccinated people are welcome to shop, exercise, drink and eat at their premises are finding a voice on social media.
As New South Wales prepares to open up, with a plan that’s predominantly based given some freedom back to those who are vaccinated, thousands of people are joining these groups, hoping for an alternative to COVID vaccinations.
Some of these people are waiting for the existing preliminary approval to be made final. Others are concerned about the ever-changing directions regarding the appropriate age groups for respective vaccines. Some want more information about short-term and/or potential long-term side effects, pointing to suspensions of vaccines in other countries, and simply wish to wait, while others take issue with the efficacy of the drugs – given that those who receive them can both contract and spread the virus (although the government’s advice is that they reduce the likelihood of severe symptoms, and thereby alleviate the pressure on our public health system).
Still others are taking a stance on the integrity of their own bodies, while there are many who resent the government’s pressure to inject drugs for which it has given pharmaceutical company’s immunity from claims, and for which the Australian government has neglected, unlike many other countries, to introduce a compensation scheme for those adversely affected.
Some question why doctors have been threatened with disciplinary action for expressing concerns about the vaccines, while others are against vaccinations altogether.
And while there are those, including mainstream media outlets, who have labelled all of these people ‘anti-vaccers’ (regardless of whether or not they are against vaccinations per se) and even hurled ad hominem insults at them, the fact of the matter is that many are genuinely concerned about the COVID-19 vaccines being pushed by governments – often under the threat of not being given their freedoms back.

Not an ‘anti-vax’ debate, but a pro-choice one​

There are many who believe the current ‘anti-vaccer’ versus ‘pro-vaccer’ rhetoric is inaccurate, and that the debate boils down to bodily integrity.

These people include NSW Policewoman, Senior Constable Belinda Holcroft, who is currently taking legal action against State Health Minister Brad Hazard over the ‘no jab, no job’ mandate in place for LGAs of concern in NSW.

Similarly, a concerned group of Queensland Police officers have banded together in a legal challenge to a COVID vaccination mandate for all staff and officers in the force. A crowd-funding page has already raised about $50,000.

“This is not a pro-or anti-vaccine matter,” the group stated.

“It is a question of whether our employers on behalf of the government can authorise civil conscription and interfere with the relationship between a patient and their doctor by mandating a vaccine.”

And recently, a veteran Qantas pilot’s personal video against mandated vaccines by his employer has been doing the rounds online.

Four separate legal challenges have been launched in the Supreme Court of New South Wales against Public Health Orders which mandate vaccinations for either employees in certain industries or those who reside in certain areas.

The challenges have now been joined, and are listed on 30 September 2021 for the determination of the New South Wales Government’s application to have them all summarily dismissed.

Businesses thrown under the bus​

Unfortunately, the government has all but handed the responsibility for mandating vaccines to business, and in doing so, given businesses the right to interfere in people’s personal choices, and privacy, when there is no protective overarching legislation in place.

The Fair Work Ombudsman recently decreed that businesses can set their own policies under its guidelines which offer a tiered system for categorising workers. Additionally, the Ombudsman advised that such direction must meet standards for lawful and reasonable action.

Of the handful of unfair dismissal cases that have made it to the Fair Work Commission over vaccine refusal, none have been decided in favour of the employee.

Even so, many businesses (let’s not forget the majority in New South Wales are small businesses which don’t have in-house legal expertise and possibly not even full-time HR resources) are nervous about the repercussions of writing and implementing their own policies, and rightly so.

This is unprecedented.

Encouraging rather than coercing​

The Australian Council of Trade Unions is currently taking a middle ground, encouraging workers to get vaccinated, but assuring their support for those who choose not to.

Vaccination rates are steadily climbing without heavy-handed coercion, so it’s important to ask why this is even occurring right now when there’s no health data that supports mandated vaccinations.

We’ve known from the start that while vaccinations would help reduce the severity of the virus for anyone who contracted it, it wouldn’t be 100% effective against transmission.

Singapore’s experience is one to be noted. It passed the 80% double-vaccination mark last month, but since then has made global headlines for reporting its highest daily infection rate in more than a year.

Singapore is now pushing for a 90% vaccination target, but there are already reports circulating around the globe that there is another strain of the virus coming that’s so far resistant to current vaccinations.

Where does it end?

Lack of political accountability​

To date, there has been no public consultation on the debate around vaccine consent, and this in itself is a failing of democracy.

In Australia, the pandemic has afforded our state leaders an unprecedented level of power, without oversight or accountability. NSW parliament has not sat since June, and will not sit again until mid-October. Essentially this means that the full legislative process is on pause, and decisions are being made by a handful of ministers engaged in the ‘emergency cabinet.’

Consider that NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian faced her last daily COVID press conference on Sunday, despite the fact that COVID case numbers are supposedly about to peak, but the health system is still under pressure, vaccination targets keep changing, public health rules are haphazard across the state, the roadmap for potentially reopening Greater Sydney is still unclear, and many other questions remain unanswered.

How can the Premier be held to account if she refuses to face the public and communicate to the people who are trusting her to lead them out of this crisis?

Article from Sydney Criminal Lawyers. They sometimes seem to swing towards supporting the covidiocy, but this article is more balanced and points out that not all peeps who are avoiding vaccines at the moment are anti-vaxx.


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Another gem from Bob Moriarty.
The Covid Shot Wins a Gold Star For Attendance
Bob Moriarty
Sep 13, 2021

Never before in our nation’s history have we been ruled by such a collection of so many massive fools and swindlers. In 2020 we had the most fraudulent election in the US yet the MSM and most observers just nodded their heads. I am not a pro-Trumper so this isn’t a Rah Rah Trump rant. But guys, unless you can neither see nor think, it was a stolen election. I am very much a fan of fair elections. For sure we did not have that in 2020.

Just recently we got to see the long-term effects of handing children gold stars for showing up for class in the debacle surrounding the fall of Kabul. For now we can safely ignore the wisdom or lack thereof in conducting a war in the “Graveyard of Empires” and focus on the utter lack of planning on how to escape the Briar Patch we insisted on jumping into.

When you fail to reward success, when every child receives a gold star just for showing up, you make everyone equal as a failure. But we have important positions where we need people comfortable with success and winning. War, certainly, is one unless you have a country that fights wars just to fight wars as the US has turned into.

The only reasonable reasons to ever go to war are to defend your country and to achieve peace. You fight for peace, not for more and continuous war.

So we have legions of pompous over decorated clowns in uniform who know what it is like for a man to walk in high heels because that is a new element in training so men can understand what it is to be a woman. Why would I want to know what it feels like to wear high heels? Women wear them under the theory that appearing taller makes them more sexually attractive and isn’t that what it is all about?

I don’t think anyone finds men wearing high heels attractive. Actually it makes them look like idiots. Women volunteer to suffer the physical effects of wearing high heels. Men do not. It is a required part of officer training today. What a wonderful idea.

General Mark Milley is the ultimate recipient of gold stars no doubt going back to when he was in 1st grade. He showed up for everything and was taught we are all equal. Which is stupid. We are not created equal, we may have equal rights but some are tall, some are short, some bright, some stupid but none equal.

So we have populated our entire “leadership” class with overeducated and over decorated fools who never won a third grade hop scotch game much less anything of significance. Why don’t we question why we haven’t won a war since WW II? We didn’t even win that, the Russians did. Yet we continue to pour gold and the blood of our children into fighting minor countries who are and never were a threat to the US. And we lose every time.

If you have a few minutes to spare look at the obscene hardware decorating our top military officer. Is it any question as to why we get our butts kicked by squads of goat herders actually willing to defend their country, unlike Americans today? Why bother planning on how to exit a stupid war?

Milley looks like a cross between a North Korean border guard and a Pomeranian bellhop. On his chest he has twenty-two medals for attendance and nine bits of silver washed tin showing that he turned up for class. But he’s never won a battle, much less a war.

So it is with the Covid “vaccine.”

We have known for over a year how to prevent the bad flu that we now call Covid. And we have known for over a year how to treat it without people dying of kidney failure because they were treated with a drug owned by Fauci and Gates called Remdesivir that even the WHO admits is ineffective. “The panel made a conditional recommendation against the use of remdesivir in hospitalized patients with COVID-19, regardless of disease severity.”

Bill Gates and Fauci have a dog in the fight. They don’t want cheap and convenient, indeed long-term tested drugs to treat what is really nothing more than a bad flu that you don’t want to catch. Gates brags on video about making twenty times his investment in “vaccines.” So when Orange Man suggested that a magic potion to cure Covid would be available before the end of 2020, Fauci and the MSM immediately jumped on his case with a full court press. How absurd of the president to make such a silly prediction. So the election came and went and on December 11th the first “vaccine” was released.

There is a bit of a problem calling the jab a “vaccine”. Until 2015 to be called a vaccine, it required a killed or weakened infectious organism to ‘PREVENT” the disease. That morphed into “The act of introducing a vaccine into the body to produce "IMMUNITY” to a specific disease. By September of 2021 after billions of doses of the Covid jab the powers that be realized that in fact the shot didn’t prevent the disease and didn’t provide immunity to the disease. Actually the shot made Covid a lot more contagious. The majority of new cases were from those “vaccinated” so now the definition of a “vaccine” effective September of 2021 says, “The act of introducing a vaccine into the body to produce “PROTECTION” from a specific disease. We have gone from prevention to immunity to protection in short order. No doubt soon the definition will say “any drug designed to make more money for Fauci and Bill Gates because they are so concerned with our health.”

When you award medals for attendance you get generals like Milley who couldn’t fight his way out of a wet paper bag. When you hand out high office to the most mediocre based on paper qualification without any sign of real leadership you get a totally useless Secretary of Defense appointed because of his color not any real talent. You get a giggling Vice President appointed because she is part black and female. You get a PINO who can’t remember his own name or what day it is.

The Covid “vaccine” got a gold star for attendance. It doesn’t actually prevent Covid; actually it makes those who have taken the jab super spreaders of a far more contagious variety of the virus. We are in the midst of an explosion of new cases of Covid crowding out hospitals. Fauci and the MSM want to blame those who have chosen to not take the shot. But if they haven’t changed anything, how can they cause new cases? No one seems to have thought that through. It's those who took the jab that made the difference.

Indeed, it is common and accurate knowledge that the flu, any flu, is worse in winter and least in summer. Here we are in the late summer and Covid cases are exploding. It hasn’t occurred to anyone that a chart of new cases and a chart of the number of people taking the shot are identical. Cases are skyrocketing because people take a shot that makes them more susceptible to the disease, not less. Now the definition of “vaccine” means the protection of Fauci and Gates from not having enough money yet.

Here is how the Covid shot has earned gold stars for attendance.

The shots have killed tens of thousands of people and caused severe side effects in millions. That’s certainly worth a star.
The shots have forced the virus into changing to protect itself in exactly the same manner as does over prescribing antibiotics makes germs mutate in a deadly way. Another gold star.
It contains no weakened form of the virus so it doesn’t prevent the disease. One more star.
It doesn’t bother providing immunity to the virus. Another star.
It not only doesn’t provide protection to those who took it, it almost guarantees they will catch it again.
It’s a free lottery ticket to ADE. You will love getting ADE. That’s another star.
Those who actually got Covid prior to the “vaccine” picked up a natural immunity to the virus and many of the later variations after mutation. Take the jab and your natural immunity to the virus plummets. In Israel those who took the shot were thirteen times more likely to catch the virus again. Some protection. Such a deal. Another star.
A Navy doctor with access to the military records of Covid deaths and adverse effects from the jab concluded that taking the series of shots increased the probability of mortality by fifty to sixty fold for those in the military. Young men and women in the military are at near zero risk from Covid but at substantial risk from the “vaccines.” That ought to be worth fifty to sixty gold stars for the “vaccine” showing up.
The “vaccine” is the only medical treatment in history where its utter failure is blamed on those who didn’t take it.
Making everyone equal does not mean everyone is going to succeed in life. Actually it means everyone is going to fail together because they no longer understand what succeeding actually means.

Many governments around the world are trying to force people into taking the experimental gene therapy because they fully understand exactly what I am saying in this article. They need to have everyone to have the experimental medical treatment because when mass dying begins people are going to be very angry with those who caused it. Blame the non-jabbed means an attempt to deflect responsibility in exactly the same manner that Biden, Harris, Milley, Austin and the entire chain of command over the botched war and withdrawal in Afghanistan refuse to accept any responsibility.

But we will hold them responsible and many of the experts are going to find their heads stuck on pikes. People around the world are angry and demand someone be accountable for this disaster that is entirely man made.


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In my defense I have to say that I have been highly stressed these days.
Not being able to focus properly.

The stress levels increase daily as I receive another piece of devastating news.
I am struggling to hold it all together.

May DCM get me through this.

Hi Ocean, if you think it might help, you can post about it in the Swamp.


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Does anyone get the impression that if the job covid 19 mandate drive work for the PTB then that will signal to them to keep escalating? I can easily see this ending up in a situation where the last refusers are being forcibly injected or literally starved to death and by that time, the rest of the population would be so into the lies that they'd actually champion the situation. I think this is where it's going because I don't think their is enough resistance or people saying "no". Instead we're being guided by the pace of the drive from the ptb and no doubt they adjust their plans from feedback they receive from the public regarding how quickly they are consuming some lie and accepting some new situation.

I'm not sure how the last refusers will survive this thing without some non-human intervention. It's dawning on me that a lot of people are thinking the ptb will stop themselves once they reach some threshold but I think this might be an ill conceived assumption. God knows what new and devious things they'll come up with in the next few months above and beyond their vaccine job mandates and vaccine passports. To me it doesn't look like they'll stop themselves and the idea that compliance will placate them might be ill conceived - more akin to a cow complying itself right into the slaughter house and into the slaughtering machine thinking that its compliance will somehow stop the farmer from chopping it to bits even when its stood right there in the slaughtering machine and has seen the cow in front of it get chopped up and now it's next in line.


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I'm not sure how the last refusers will survive this thing without some non-human intervention
Luckily for us there will be some intervention, it is already happening that is, so their plan won t gain full end traction, but still even without intervention lot of people would rebel depending on the country so there would be also lot chaos not just control, and through chaos there comes also freedom not always "order" aka control.


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They very successfully executed this scam "planet wide". Thats some amazing level of coordination and organisation for some "psychopathic tribes".

So do you think 'they' are a unified bloc? Have you read the sessions discussing the Consortium? Or have you taken a look at the Consortium thread that I mentioned? Yes, there is a planet-wide agenda at play. But that doesn't mean 'they' are a unified bloc, and it also doesn't preclude infighting amongst the elite, which can lead to unintended consequences, positive or negative.
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