You forgot the end part.
It says also that a non vaxx could be reimbursed if he gets a "ordonnance" from his doctor. That means non vaxx can still get money back.
indeed, my bad. If you are non vaccinated and have a prescription from a doctor for medical reason then you will get reimbursed.
However healthy non-vaccinated usually do not qualify for such a medical prescription in the first place, let alone recurring tests (valid for up to 72 hours each?).

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This is a long interview but it is really worth the patience. For those who don't know him, John Waters is a ex- mainstream Irish journalist (a profession he is now utterly ashamed to have once been associated with) and though he has had to go on a fast learning curve, one of the most erudite, perceptive and deeper thinkers about the events of the past 18 months.

The majority of first half - focusing as it does on the slow at the start but then cascading collapse of conservative Irish Catholic society before the gods of big pharma, big tech and big fascism, woke style - is actually fascinating itself as a distillation of the contrived process of controlled demolition of a once cohesive nation. The second is an exploration of many perspectives on the scamdemic. John has his own idiosyncrasies but on the vast majority of issues he's right on the money. Of particular note:

1. His brilliant thesis that one deeper aspect, below the mass hypnosis, has been the weaponization of the human drive to 'play' and the ensuing vulnerability from a need (through stress and fear of exclusion) to fall in line with the collectively agreed rules of the game, no matter how utterly bizarre they may be.
2. That pure evil is at the core of this - a mindful and directed evil that he confesses terrifies him in its implication.
3. The real pandemic is about to begin this winter - a pandemic of the vaccinated as they begin to succumb to the enormous pressure from every side on their immuno-compromised systems.
4. That all who heed to this need to take preparedness for this likelihood extremely seriously and spend what time and resources one can mentally, socially and physical getting into shape to withstand its likely onslaught.

A sane voice alone in the wilderness.


Covid Takeover - John Waters


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NSW Premier says she defied Doherty modelling to deny unvaccinated freedoms before December

Because she and her lizard lipped cronies are all TOTAL PSYCHOPATHS, trying so hard to wear people down / coerce people into getting the JAB.

"The Doherty report recommended from 80 per cent that unvaccinated people participate in society. We said no, we're going harder and more conservative.”

"I anticipate in a couple of weeks' time, we'll have at least 90 per cent of the adult population with a first dose. When you sign up for the first dose, you're going to sign up for the second one."
I think the C’s call that “wishful thinking”

Earlier, the Premier told Channel 7's Sunrise life would be "very difficult indefinitely" for the unvaccinated.

I like to imagine her face on a “triple bad day” 🤪
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Cop: Hey, you!
Citizen: Hello, everything alright?
Cop: Papers, please!
Citizen: Ask the Fed. The Fed knows about paper.
Cop: You funny guy. Do you have an ID on you?
Citizen: Last time I checked, I did.
Cop: When was last time?
Citizen: Post-Covid.
Cop: It's not over yet. There's a fourth wave!
Citizen: You bet. I surf my waves pretty well.
Cop: Are you positive?
Citizen: Negative, sir.
Cop: I'll take that as a...
Citizen: PCR test.
Cop: You are getting on my nerves.
Citizen: I'll take that as a...
Cop: Compliment.
Citizen: You funny guy, too?
Cop: Last time I checked, I was.


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Actually I thought I was going bonkers but they just removed the whole story and replaced it with another stupid covid update.
It had only been up for about ten minutes!
Interesting. Clearly that story was very bad PR.
Wish I had copied the whole article now.
I know how that feels. They're fast critters, aren't they? :lol: Might be all those parasites wriggling about inside them.


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I am noticing that in Australia there has been a big ‘push’ in more recent years to acknowledge the ‘traditional custodians of the land’ in Australia. (All very ‘politically correct’ of course.) There have been all kinds of ‘deals’ done with Aboriginal groups to return some land into their care, recognition of sacred areas, burial sites etc (in between mining companies literally blowing them to smithereens! and then having to make reparations and ‘restore them’. What the??? 🤪) IMHO these deals will be completely revoked in the future unless the PTB collapse occurs. They don’t seem to plan on having many indigenous folk left on the planet, and any of their ‘wisdom’ and ancient stories would probably be regaled to ‘fairy tales’.

For a long time, there have been heavyweight funded campaigns to ensure for their wellbeing, Aboriginals stop smoking, drinking, get their children vaccinated (including covid of course! but I’m also referring to the long and horrifying vaccination schedule recommended from birth). Their ‘benevolent benefactors’ target health issues such as diabetes, heart disease etc, paying ‘lip service’ to things like elder respect, empowering women, addressing the high level of Aboriginal deaths in custody, supporting culture and arts... the list is long and complex.

Personally, I am under the distinct impression that over the years much of the Governmental ‘goodwill’ and PR ‘doublespeak’ from the forked tongued ones around ‘closing the gap’ between Aboriginal and non Aboriginal groups is connnected to a plan where the Government here seems to have been gradually forming ‘pathways of trust’ with many in Aboriginal Communities. Along with the continual brainwashing of their communities, in my mind there is no doubt that many individuals have been ‘targets’ - groomed for their upstanding ‘leadership roles’ completely unaware of what they/their egos were really being seduced by, not aware of ultimately how it would affect their people, or the world collectively. It’s almost like watching a domino effect of the infiltration, distortion and collapse of indigenous culture being mirrored all over the world.

In the case of Covid, here in Australia, we see these indigenous community ‘leaders’ appearing in the media, literally crying out for their people to be made a priority for covid vaccines, because they are considered ‘vulnerable’ and because ‘they always get pushed to the end of the line’. This is one time you definitely want to be at the end of the line!! If only they would comprehend how truly vulnerable they are as they fall for the lies. It’s utterly shocking to me. For people who are so deeply connected to their ancestors who many still communicate directly with in the ‘dreamtime’, so many seem to have lost the ability to intuit collectively or independently. To me this is heartbreaking to witness, as with many indigenous groups all over the planet. As Joan commented above, she cannot believe the compliance rate in First Nations people, the disconnect that seems to exist, even when witnessing the reservation deaths - it seems to have little impact on their awareness or personal choices. That seems very strange to me, unless of course those ones are OP’s or have been sedated via programming on multiple levels.

I note there seems to be a lot of mention of water in many indigenous cultures. A reference perhaps that it is time for another ‘cleansing’ on Terra.

I am so grateful to have found my way to this group,
whom in many ways feel like my own ‘Ark’ and beacon of light.
Every day you collectively steer me closer towards to dry land. 🌈

As I've spent time around Native people in Canada, I came to realize that they're essentially people who happen to be Native. They're not magical nature shamans or inherently virtuous or whatever - that's a huge unspoken assumption in Canada. Just like any group, they're subject to programming and traumas and implants and all the rest of Predator's manipulations. There are also many of them who are skilled intuitives and have the capacity for Soul growth and are just downright good people. On the whole, they can be as messed up, complex, and beautiful as anyone else.

Most designs of the government seem to be based on the goal of breaking people and creating a situation of total dependence, and artificially-induced childhood. The Natives had a skill-set that would have allowed them to remain independent and self-sufficient. I've also seen evidence of culture that was driven towards ancestral connection, reciprocal maintenance, Initiation, Soul-growth, and abiding by Cosmic Law. But it could be that a huge proportion of their genetic potential was wiped out in the early stages of colonization. They've already been through their own version of a real pandemic - in Canada, it was smallpox. Then after that, government programs like the Residential Schools were implemented, designed to "kill the Native in the child" and break the line of transmission of that culture of self-sufficiency, Initiation, and Soul. The Residential Schools were where a lot of the current 'Elders' and Band Council leaders were initially 'programmed' - to use a euphemism - and it's also where the current phase of ponerization began for them in a big way. The 60's Scoop followed up on that just to be sure they stayed empty, broken, and hungry... under the spell of Wetiko.

Gurdjieff wrote something to the effect that people who lived outside civilization tend to have a higher level of Being, but can be lacking in Knowledge. As people, Aborigines or Natives are in for their lessons just like the rest of us, as groups and individuals. It is good to see them speaking out, as you say - perhaps as the assumed 'spokespeople for Mother Earth', a few more Souls will listen, and come to question this whole mess.
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I just shared this with one of my nephews here who is truly awake, and his response follows. What I shared at the end is indeed what I am doing now. I will share more here soon, and get more caught up on this thread I promise - I've been spending most of my time looking for a place to live lately. But this shows what is still possible with family members and friends who are willing and able to listen, and exactly what issues to be pointing out to people and how to bridge the divide. Anyway, this is what I sent my nephew after I first sent him some red-pill articles - which he loved, then sent to his older brother, who REJECTED them as "bullshit". What follows is my response to him regarding that, and his heart-felt response. And I will continue to share all I know with him...
"Hi _______,

Thanks for calling me today. We can share a lot more when we meet later this week, but it shouldn't be here. It might be better for me to bring my computer over to your place and talk there, or somewhere else, especially because my brother is going in for surgery this week and will be home a lot; and ___ might be here too.

BTW, please don't share what I'm presenting to you yet to anyone else until we've talked more. The reason for that is something I learned the hard way, it's called "external considering".

You've noticed already that your own family won't hear what you have to say or share. That's because they have ideas and beliefs which they have learned to accept are true because that's what they were taught in school and in the news media. The media and schools are powerful things, especially because they reach nearly everyone on the planet. They cultivate a sense of shared community, a sense of belonging; and anyone who rebels against that system is immediately suspect and ignored until they learn to "accept the consensus reality"...

...even when everything they have learned can be proven to be demonstrably wrong if they were to ever do their own research, considering ALL SOURCES of information including views beyond those of the mainstream.

You have to remember that, and practice "external considering" with every single person you meet, and that means assuming that what you think you know as the truth may not be perceived as so by others. You HAVE to accept that, and respect their views. You can probe, you can drop an occasional "truth bomb" to gauge their reaction, but if they are not amenable or even hostile towards YOUR truth, LET IT GO and change the subject.

What I do - when asked, as you did with me - is first ask a couple questions to check sincerity and willingness to listen. But: I wait until people approach me first. I do let them know I may have information they might want to hear sometime, then let it go. That is ALL you can do. Doing anything beyond that makes you hostile in their eyes, even if you are right and you KNOW it, and that will make them more resistant to ANYTHING you ever have to share later on. It's not worth the hassle or the potential of actually making enemies.

What I am doing now is sharing with people that there is an undeniable truth that every single thing that could potentially lead to a schism in society has been pushed to the limits to purposefully create division by the media. I'm talking not only about the vaccinations, but religion; sexuality; politics; race; economics - you name it, if there are two sides to it, people are being pushed to identify with one side over another and to disparage the opposition. We have to look ABOVE all of that and remember to see and acknowledge our common humanity, and not let our own beliefs make enemies out of someone purely based on the fact they don't agree with us on certain issues.

And: this needs to be done without preaching about it. LIVE IT. DO IT. Always, always reach people from the heart level first. If you can make and sustain that connection above all others, it will help in the times to come when the healing needs to happen in earnest, because soon people WILL be looking for answers. If we alienate them now they will NEVER listen down the road.

Take care, and keep in touch.

- "Ketone Cop"
His brought me to tears. And know this: he isn't even 21 yet.
"You are far more wise than anyone I’ve ever met. My answers stay short, but my eagerness to listen and retain what you have to say is never ending. I would like to know anything and everything you can teach me before I’m the only person in my family that can accept and have knowledge about actual facts and truth. I cannot speak to my brother about this matter anymore until he approaches me once he realizes anything whatsoever. It’s you and me in our family unfortunately, and I hope we can do something, or anything, towards this matter while we are still able. I appreciate everything you’ve taught me and are willing to teach (and show) me. You are the best person I could ever ask for as family. Thanks Uncle. Nothing but love and attention from me."

I finally have an ally here, but I have to be careful, because his mom told him to never approach me about "the vaccine"...but all that did was make SURE he did so. We have to meet in secret, and not talk about anything COVID when around family. But if and when things start to turn around, it won't be just me trying to help people understand. And I now have someone I can share my TRUE self with, in person. I haven't had that for months...wishing you all the same during these times.
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