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A well qualified 20 year veteran Army doctor with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel spent about 15 pages listing credentials and then started dropping bombshells. Here they are.

This is the long version.

Affidavit Of Lieutenant Colonel Theresa Long M.D. In Support Of A Motion For A Preliminary Injunction Order [For Vaccine]​

Here is the condensed version.

"I personally observed the most physically fit female Soldier I have seen in over 20 years in the Army, go from Collegiate level athlete training for Ranger School, to being physically debilitated with cardiac problems, newly diagnosed pituitary brain tumor, thyroid dysfunction within weeks of getting vaccinated. Several military physicians have shared with me their firsthand experience with a significant increase in the number of young Soldiers with migraines, menstrual irregularities, cancer, suspected myocarditis and reporting cardiac symptoms after vaccination. Numerous Soldiers and DOD civilians have told me of how they were sick, bed-ridden, debilitated, and unable to work for days to weeks after vaccination. I have also recently reviewed three flight crew members' medical records, all of which presented with both significant and aggressive systemic health issues. Today I received word of one fatality and two ICU cases on Fort Hood; the deceased was an Army pilot who could have been flying at the time. All three pulmonary embolism events happened within 48 hours of their vaccination. I cannot attribute this result to anything other than the Covid 19 vaccines as the source of these events. Each person was in top physical condition before the inoculation, and each suffered the event within 2 days post vaccination. Correlation by itself does not equal causation, however, significant causal patterns do exist that raise correlation into a probable cause; and the burden to prove otherwise falls on the authorities such as the CDC, FDA, and pharmaceutical manufacturers. I find the illnesses, injuries and fatalities observed to be the proximate and causal effect of the Covid 19 vaccinations.

The shots carry mRNA that causes the recipient to create trillions of spike proteins. This is a problem for five reasons. First, it turns out that the spike proteins are not remaining locally in the (shoulder) injection site but have been found circulating in the blood and in virtually all organs of the body. Second, the spike proteins themselves have been shown to be pathogenic (disease causing) attaching to endothelial, pulmonary and other cells, forming clots and attacking heart cells. Third, the spike proteins and their lipid nanoparticles cross the blood brain barrier, with unknown long-term effects on the brain and high concern for chronic neurodegenerative disorders. Fourth, these spike proteins interact in many signaling pathways which may trigger tumor formation, cancer, and other serious diseases. Fifth, according to Pfizer's Japanese distribution study of LNP accumulation, unexpected sequestering in reproductive organs and spleen raise very serious long-term concerns. As aircrew Training Program (ATP) 5-19, 1-8 states we shall: Accept No Unnecessary Risk. "An unnecessary risk is any risk that, if taken, will not contribute meaningfully to mission accomplishment or will needlessly endanger lives or resources." Army leaders accept only a level of risk in which the potential benefit outweighs the potential loss. From a risk management assessment perspective, with no long-term safety data regarding these five issues, this is an unacceptable risk management risk.

I have reviewed the Motion for a Preliminary Injunction which discusses the issue of prior immunity benefits outweighing the risks of using experimental Covid 19 Vaccines, together with proposed exhibits and materials cited therein. In opinion on this subject matter, I am also drawing my own conclusions that will be put into practice in my current role as an Army flight surgeon knowing full well the horrific repercussions this decision may befall me in terms of my career, my relationships and life as an Army doctor."


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The third part of NYU Prof. Mark Crispin Miller's insightful deep dive into the social, cultural and political impact of unrelenting propaganda (lies) down the years. I've re-posted the links to the first two parts for those who haven't come across his wide ranging but thoroughly engaging presentations before.

2020: A Propaganda Masterpiece, Prof Mark Crispin Miller, Perspectives on the Pandemic, Part Three - The Coup of '63 to Covid 2021


2020: A Propaganda Masterpiece, Prof Mark Crispin Miller, Perspectives on the Pandemic, Episode 17, Part One

2020: A Propaganda Masterpiece Prof Mark Crispin Miller, Part Two - Divide & Conquer



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Perhaps this has been posted before, but it's both funny and interesting: BLM goes antivax!

Even if it's just certain people within BLM, good for them! I mean, wanna see some real "White Supremacy", "Patriarchy", "Rule of white old men"? Look no further than the medical-political complex! But you can hear the libtards screaming: "Noooo, we are not talking about THAT kind of white supremacy, you stupid blacks!!" :umm:


This may be fake, but looks really concerning. Stumbled upon a video today, that shows Indian soldiers that are reanimating their companions, allegedly because of vaccine side effects:

Direct link to the video

I've found some Indian fact checking sites labeling this as a fake news, but their fact checking is rather absurd (machine translated):
This video is being shared with a false claim that many Army jawans fainted after getting the vaccine.

This video has nothing to do with #COVID19Vaccination. During the training, the jawans had fainted due to the scorching heat and humidity.



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Manipulating the word of God. What could go wrong?

The Jerusalem Post
Israeli mask 99.95% protective against Delta variant, European lab says

Sonovia's SonoMask is 99.95% effective in protecting agains the Delta coronavirus strain (photo credit: COURTESY OF SONOVIA)

Sonovia’s technology uses sound waves to inject silver and zinc particles into the textile that kill bacteria and viruses. The technology is currently being applied to a wide range of products other than its trademark SonoMask, including seat covers for public transportation and airplane seats, bed sheets and pillowcases for the hospitality sector, and clothing.

Prof. Amos Adler, director of the Clinical Microbiology Laboratory at Tel Aviv University, with whom the company consults, had said in the past that “COVID-19 variants might have different epidemiological or immunological properties that are the result of point mutations in critical areas of the receptor binding domain. Still, their overall structure and biophysical properties of the virus are almost identical. Hence, the antiviral effect exerted by the Sonovia-treated fabrics is expected to be present in all COVID-19 variants.”


Adler also consults for the European Center for Disease Control.

Sonovia was founded in 2013 but was virtually unknown before the coronavirus pandemic. In the last 18 months, the company has grown from a handful of employees to 60 staff members and nearly 200 contract workers.

All of the masks are produced in Israel to achieve the highest level of quality control, the company said.

Earlier this year, Sonovia announced a partnership with a pilot agreement with Delta Galil Industries, which produces clothing for major brands ranging from Victoria’s Secret to Calvin Klein, to provide sustainable sportswear and other apparel that prevent odor.

“Our customers want tangible results,” said CEO Igal Zeitun, “and this is what we are giving them.”



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From zerohedge:

30 Facts You Need To Know: A COVID Cribsheet​

You asked for it, so we made it. A collection of all the arguments you’ll ever need.

We get a lot of e-mails and private messages along these lines “do you have a source for X?” or “can you point me to mask studies?” or “I know I saw a graph for mortality, but I can’t find it anymore”. And we understand, it’s been a long 18 months, and there are so many statistics and numbers to try and keep straight in your head.

So, to deal with all these requests, we decided to make a bullet-pointed and sourced list for all the key points. A one-stop-shop.

Here are key facts and sources about the alleged “pandemic”, that will help you get a grasp on what has happened to the world since January 2020, and help you enlighten any of your friends who might be still trapped in the New Normal fog: “Covid deaths” – Lockdowns – PCR Tests – “asymptomatic infection” – Ventilators – Masks – Vaccines – Deception & Foreknowledge



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Chipping away at the ruse:

Peter Daszak's EcoHealth Alliance hid Pentagon funding & tie to Fort Detrick; sought to genetically engineer a furin cleavage site into bat coronaviruses

The US Intelligence Agencies have produced an 'inconclusive' report for Biden which seems to contain no useful information; but it denies that Sars-Cov-2 was developed as a bioweapon:

https://changingtimes.media/2021/08/28/us-intelligence-community-says-... .

Nevertheless, EHA was funded by the Pentagon, and tried to obscure that funding. (item 3).

Further, David Franz, a former commander of Fort Detrick, the Biowar lab, is a 'policy advisor' to EHA.

A private group of researchers, DRASTIC, have released whistleblower documents on the origins of Sars-Cov-2, and the Intercept also obtained documents. This information is being taken seriously by many media sources, so the cover-up denying lab-origin is unravelling.

The best of those materials are collated here.

Just in case there are some who are unaware, Ivermectin is a potent antiviral, not just anti parasitical. The NIH website has it under treatment guidelines for COVID-19: Table: Characteristics of Potential Antiviral Agents | COVID-19 Treatment Guidelines. There are also 79 studies here regarding it's use: Search of: ivermectin | COVID-19 - List Results - ClinicalTrials.gov

I have been sharing pictures of the Pathology Conference with the disturbing and shocking pictures from autopsy cultures and vaccines under the microscope. They say that they checked other normal vaccines and did not find anything else like this even remotely similar, except for a children's nasal flu vaccine (!) where they found the sharp-edged sword like structures which distressed them considering it's supposed to be used up the nose.... Here are some pictures I took myself for interests sake. They also mention mini-robots and chips as well....


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Actually I thought I was going bonkers but they just removed the whole story and replaced it with another stupid covid update.
It had only been up for about ten minutes!
Interesting. Clearly that story was very bad PR.
Wish I had copied the whole article now.
I used Wayback Machine and saw this as their earliest saved copy.

Is this what you read when posting the link to the story ?

If you hover over the date 28th you will see what was saved and its hour.
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