C's sense of humor.

Wandering Star

The Living Force
(L) Willpower even. And they just mentioned that there are certain people with spiritual force who were able to modify the virus by their own inner powers in a positive way. I would imagine that having inner force or inner spiritual power would all be beneficial. Are we on the right track?

A: Yes yes yes!

Q: (L) Okay.

[Short Intermission - Everyone goes out to the lobby to get a snack (while maintaining a 1.5m safe distance from each other)]
Cool and cool ...:lol:

Wandering Star

The Living Force
(Joe) Well, they said before about the Loch Ness monster that they were like plesiosaurs left over from the last ice age.

(L) And the last ice age was most likely a different cosmic environment, you know?

(Artemis) Is there a way to free the poor Loch Ness monster?

A: No

Q: (Andromeda) Is he eating well? [laughter]

A: Yes

Q: (Andromeda) What does he eat?

A: Whatever it wants!

Q: (Joe) It eats whatever it wants, including people!

(Andromeda) That's what I was wondering. Does it eat people? [laughter]

(Niall) Andromeda, does he have someone to take him to the vet? [laughter]

A: Mouth too small. Vegetarian for the most part, but not exclusively.

Wandering Star

The Living Force
(Pierre) Okay. I read a paper that shows that DNA in an electromagnetic field behaves like a fractal antenna. I would like to ask: the electromagnetic signal connecting us to the information field, does it contain fractal components?

A: Yes

Q: (Pierre) Now... [Pierre gets up to return to his normal seat]

(Joe) Where are you going?

(Pierre) I'm uncomfortable sitting in the middle of everyone... [laughter]

[Pierre returns to the 'Hot Seat']

(Pierre) Second question: dugdeep and I have a theory to explain why homeopathy gains potency while the dilution increases. It's counterintuitive, but we think that in light of the fractal component dimension of the electromagnetic... [laughter]

[Laura bursts out laughing because in the background, several people are making the same patented 'Information Field hand gesture' made famous by Pierre whenever he talks about the information field... We'll have to post a video of it! Perhaps even an animated GIF...]

(Pierre) Oh gosh... It was a complex sentence. I won't be able to repeat it... Okay: Given the fractal...

(Chu) You talk, and we'll do the gesture! [laughter]

(Pierre) Given the fractal components of... [laughter]

(Joe) We're trying to help you!!

(L) Would you guys stop doing that! Let him ask the question. [laughter]

(Joe) It increases the signal! [laughter]

Wandering Star

The Living Force
Q: (Ark) About consciousness... Some minutes ago we were reminded that consciousness is related to the soul. And now consciousness is related to quantum theory. So consciousness is in the middle of everything. Where consciousness is located?

A: Where is it not?

Q: (Ark) What kind of mathematics is needed to describe consciousness?

A: Algebra.

Q: (Ark) Consciousness is related to information. What really happens when things happen is that information is recorded. Where is information recorded?

A: By consciousness. [laughter] Information recorded equals time.

Wandering Star

The Living Force
(L) So consciousness is the medium in which information resides.

Q: What is the proper algebra type to describe consciousness then?

(L) Honey?

(Ark) Yeah... I am interested in this question. [laughter]

(L) Oh! [laughter] He doesn't have the answer, but he's interested.

A: Complex for sure!

Q: (L) Is it Clifford Algebra?

A: Close

Q: (Ark) Okay.

Wandering Star

The Living Force
(Ark) Can I ask a question? Are eyebrows antennas?

A: Yes

Q: (Ark) Antennas for what?

A: Information.

Q: (Artemis) So is the hair on your head.

(Pierre) Any protein.

(Chu) All proteins are antenna for information.

(L) I knew there was a reason I liked big hair! [laughter]

(Andromeda) And gentlemen get more hairy as they become older and wiser.

(L) Well, they replace the hair on their head with hair in their nose and ears. [laughter]


Jedi Council Member
Oh! you certainly can't miss that humor, especially the moments when they seem to lose their patience. It is interesting because as one acquires more knowledge one tends to be a little sarcastic in humor sometimes according to the person and the things they ask for. Of course, taking special care not to be disrespectful and fall into intolerance, but it is interesting. Especially the 101 questions to cass:

"Have I been abducted by aliens?
"Why did I have a headache yesterday?".

Q: (L) Are you telling me that I am too dumb to understand what you are trying to say?
trying to say?
A: Normally we wouldn't suggest something as cruel as that.
Q: (L) Well, the only thing they failed to say was "but".
A: Well, "but".

Q: (L) [The reader] also says: "I believe that an enlightened being emanates love wherever he is, without needing to be asked for it. wherever he is, without needing to be asked for it. Plainly, it happens that way because that's what it is: love." Comment, please.
A: An enlightened being is not love. And a refrigerator is not a road.
Q: (L) What?! This is another one of your mixed metaphors! I don't get it!
A: Why not?
Q: (L) They have no relation!
A: Exactly!!!!

Q: (L) Okay, we're looking at it as a flat representation. As a flat surface.
A: Well, what happens to a flat surface if you extend it infinitely outward?
Q: (L) Well, I don't know. What, what... (SV) It goes on and on.
A: It goes on and on?
Q: (L) Yes, bigger and flatter!
A: Does it? What happens to a line if you extend it forever?
Q: (L and S) It goes on and on.
A: Does it? Where does it go?
Q: (SV) Forever. (J) Back to itself. (L) We don't know that.
A: Oh, somebody said, "Back to herself." And why don't we know

Q: (L) Because we don't know. It is conjectured that space is curved?
A: "Because we don't know." Now, why don't we know that?
Q: (L) Because we haven't been there.
A: Had Columbus been outside of Italy and Spain?

Q: (L) Yes, but that was just a theory.
A: Ah, well, then we were supposed to discard it. We'll never
we'll never know. It's just a theory. Well, we'll just forget
about it.

And especially when it happens to ourselves after an experience, "ok, ok! yes, yes, yes... I get it..." that cosmic ear pulling comes too.
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