C's sense of humor.

Q: (L) Did Paul then go to Spain?

A: Yes

Q: (L) Where did Paul die, in Rome or in Spain?

A: Spain.

Q: (Chu) So is he St. James de Compostela?

A: Close!

Q: (L) So maybe it was Paul who was buried in the Tomb of St. Jacques?

A: Yes

Q: (Perceval) So you have to go on a pilgrimage, Laura!

(L) I've gotta go on a pilgrimage!

(Pierre) Walking!

(Perceval) You can do it on a bike.

(L) Can I ride a horse?

(Perceval) You can drive as long as your keep your head out the window. It's taking in the air.
The more information you have about "the Camino de Santiago", the funnier this paragraph will seem to you.:-D
(Galatea) I have one more. Are the C's able to perceive cuteness? If not, that's okay. But are you? Do you see us as cute?


Q: (Galatea) I was wondering because we think dogs are cute, and cats. But are we cute? Do they see cuteness?

A: Yes

Q: (Galatea) Are we a little bit cute?

A: Yes

Q: (Galatea) So we're like little dogs to them. [laughter]

(Perceval) Oh, one peed on the carpet! Isn't that cute! [laughter]
(Galatea) Is Laura the only one with the special software?

A: Yours is downloading!

Q: (Galatea) As in Andromeda, and mine?

A: Yes

Q: (L) Now you can wear one of those shirts that says, "Downloading... Cassiopaean Software"! We'll have to get LM to make us one!

(Galatea) Installation in progress. Loading...

(L) Then it will ask: “Do you wish to restart your computer”? AAAH! [laughter]

(Galatea) "To complete the installation, you must restart." DEATH! [laughter]
(L) We just love this CD, and we've got the Sanskrit words, and we've got the translations. We'd like to create some similar chants for our group to use at their meetings or during their Reiki sessions and so forth. Are these particularly beneficial to use during Reiki?

A: Your instincts have served you well!

Q: (L) Why don't you just tell me a yes or no? {Laughter}

(Galatea) Your instincts serve you well, young Skywalker!

(L) Okay, is it better to do it in Sanskrit, or to do it in English?

A: English so everyone can understand.

Q: (Chu) Thank god! Should we modify the melody a lot?

A: Melodies are very good so modify very little. The translated words will guide.

Q: (L) And so I've kinda picked Chu to work on this project. Is that, eh...

(Galatea) {Laughter} You're getting the C's to back you up on that?

A: Galatea and Itellsya can contribute additional tonalities. And yourself, of course!

Q: (L) So, Chu does the first track, and then we'll add tracks.

(Chu) Muhaha! That was my plan!

(L) Alright then. And who's going to be in charge of this mixing project?

A: Timótheos!

Q: {Laughter} (Timótheos) Aaaah.

(L) Alright, thanks very much. Goodnight!

A: Goodbye.

(L) Alright. We know what we're gonna do in the next 40 days, while the world falls apart, we're gonna sing chants! {Laughter}
And it keeps falling apart.:-)
Q: (L) Well... According to the most ancient texts, the soma or haoma was something that gave somebody superpowers, made them super-alert, prevented them from sleeping, they were extra strong... They called it the plant of immortality. It was a juice that was pressed out of a plant. It was pressed out and drunk immediately. It wasn’t fermented in any way. It was strained through lamb's wool or something. It grew in the mountains, not in pastures where mushrooms grow. Most of the experts that I've read who seem to have a clue what they're talking about say that it's an ephedra plant that's a substance that's very similar to amphetamine.

(Joe) Right, so it makes you super-alert, super-active, super-whatever, and you don't have to sleep. Then you drop dead! [laughter]
Q: (L) "Ultimately the majority of individuals that have consumed mushrooms containing psilocybin have claimed the experience to be a spiritually beneficial one and in their experience they lose their perception of self temporarily."

A: Notice that a minority do not claim such an experience!

Q: (L) So the question is: "Are we able to ask the C's if Kilindi Iyi's material is accurate or false?" Well, I think we covered that. "Would people in the world benefit spiritually from consuming mushrooms containing psilocybin in a controlled/safe environment?"

A: No.

Q: (Artemis) Does taking mushrooms make somebody become a mushroom?

(Ark) Yeah. I want to go back to 1996. November. About Einstein's relativity. The following came out: time is not a dimension. And then Einstein's relativity theory is only partially correct. Now, if time is not a dimension, and Einstein's relativity theory is based on the fact that time and space are dimensions for space-time, my question is then: Which part of Einstein's relativity theory is correct?

A: Space.

Q: (Artemis) The Final Frontier...
Q: (Artemis) Do we know of any of these individuals who were born somewhere else other than Earth?

A: No

Q: (Artemis) So no famous person born... Okay. [laughter]

(Pierre) She's so disappointed. You want...

(L) You want one to study, is that it? [laughter]

(Artemis) I dunno, maybe there's a famous politician or actor something...

(Pierre) She wanted a celebrity!

(L) It would have to be John McCain! [laughter]

(Ark) I have a question. It's about quantum theory. But it relates to two bad countries: France and England. There is a theory developed by a French guy, de Broglie, and an English theory: Hiley-Bohm. Now, after these recent events, probably I should be suspicious about this idea because they were proposing that the quantum wave is in fact a pilot guiding wave for particles. Guiding: it relates to recent stories. But my question is whether in spite of the fact that this idea of guiding wave was developed by French and British, is it a really good idea?

A: Going in the right direction.

Q: (L) Isn't that clever? [laughter] Oh, that's so clever! Ha ha ha!

(Pierre) Quantum humor.

(L) Was that meant to be funny?

A: Works for us!!

Q: (Ark) Work for US, eh? [laughter]
(Ark) So, if our universe is a brane in this infinite dimensional universe [laughter], are there other branes floating there? [laughter]

A: Yes

Q: (Ark) Can they meet?

A: Yes

Q: (Ark) And it has to do with unstable gravity waves?

A: Yes

Q: (Ark) And the information field that you were talking about, is it going only within the brane, or is it goes also between the branes?

A: Between, outside, inside.

Q: (Ark) And electromagnetism: Is it working only within each brane, or also between branes?

A: Both if conditions are right.

Q: (Joe) Is that what's going to happen as a result of the Wave? Two branes are going to intersect...?

A: Part of it.

Q: (Joe) Will that cause a Big Bang? Was that what the Big Bang was?

A: More or less.

Q: (Chu) I thought it all comes down to information...

A: Information is gravity.

Q: (Ark) Infinite dimensions. There are two kinds: countable like 1, 2, 3, 4 and so on, and uncountable like number of points on a line where you cannot count it.

A: Uncountable.

Q: (Ark) Oh! Okay. It gives me hope that other people will not get it. [laughter]
(Joe) Putin ate my lunch! Is the promotion in Western society of a hostile attitude towards traditional masculine qualities part of a broader nefarious plan?

A: Yes

Q: (Joe) Is part of that to try and make a generation of weak men?

A: Yes

Q: (Joe) Is that with a view to some kind of post 4D transition scenario or something like that, or is it more of a takeover on 3D?

A: More a reflection of desired relationship between 4D STS and humanity.

Q: (L) So in other words, they want to get into doing anal probes. [laughter]

A: Not far off! Dominance over the normal male.
(L) You think I didn't? I couldn't quite get over that gap where you question whether all we experience is matter-based and we are just a byproduct of the left half of the brain talking to the right half, or whether there truly is something beyond. I mean, I could have psychic experiences, but I could also explain them as something created by my mind. If I hear something or see something, did I not manifest that? Is that not some normal physical law of energy, action at a distance? But it could all be explained by physics...

(Joe) It's the old question of subjectivity vs. objectivity. IS there anything objective?

(Artemis) Well, it's good to be skeptical.

(L) The thing is, all of the research into genetics and cellular biology and all of that stuff...

A: How do you think we feel?!

Q: [laughter] (L) I'm SORRY! I'm sorry, but I'm just made that way.
(Joe) We're the most complex organism on the planet that is a product of many attempts... many iterations of life.

(L) Because the same control genes that make a leg in a frog make a leg in a human. But there are other things that make a human leg different from a frog leg – that’s the engineering, the tweaking of the instructions.

(Chu) Ew!! [laughter]

(L) Sorry, Chu, but it's true: You have frog legs! [laughter]
A: Control. But a special factor entered. We are aware of your earlier discussions and questions, so perhaps we can explain.

Q: (L) I think this is gonna be a long one... Okay, let me light a cigarette before this starts.

(Scottie) Do special arm stretches. We need squirty water bottles for you three.

(L) We need trainers to come put towels around us and spray us with water bottles. [laughter]

(Scottie) Jack your chairs up, replace the tires, and then... VROOM!

(L) Alright, here we go. We're ready!
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