C's sense of humor.

(Ryan) In a previous session [July 17th, 2022], you described "chi" as being "mainly the organizing of molecules within the information field." Does the geometry of movement within practises such as Tai Chi and Chi Gong activate a 'flow' of this 'organising principle' in a similar way to the symbols in Reiki?

A: Yes.

Q: (Ryan) If so, could certain 'Tantric' sexual positions [laughter] serve as 'geometric activators of chi' in the same way?

A: No.

Q: (Ryan) Could sufficient chi flow organise not just the geometry of molecules, but also the subatomic structure of individual atoms, effectively transmuting elements?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) As long as you're not doing the tantric sexual geometric activation of chi. [laughter] Ryan, what have you been thinking about?

(Joe) What have you been doing, Ryan?

(L) Geez! [laughter]
Q: (L) Okay. Let's move right along here. Bill also says that what he thinks is part of the preparation for 4th density is an extensive effort toward the methods of creating our own reality in the sense of using visualizations toward a desired end with enough consistent emotional intensity as to manifest the phenomenon in the physical.'

A: Also, three cups of sugar, mixed with quinine and eye of gnute. Be sure to shake it three times over your head in a burlap sack while wearing an amulet depicting King George backwards over your left nipple. Say 14 oooms while shaking your left ankle 5 times, throw in some monoatomic gold... [at this point we are becoming aware of what is being said and laughing so hard that it is difficult to call out the letters.]

Q: (L) I think I get the point. You are saying that all of this stuff that people are doing is, where they think they are doing something to get them somewhere, is simply a waste of time?

A: Oh no, not at all, we have forgotten to mention the sage, salt and the unleavened bread!

Q: (L) The bottom line that I have on the subject is that anybody who does this or that WITH THE INTENT of achieving 4th density, is following the STS mode because they EXPECT SOME RESULT or reward, and that is Servicing Self...

A: Yes, and they are missing the point. By the way, when does the next flight leave for North Carolina?

Q: (L) So, wanting to DO anything other than to just BE as fully as you can be in the here and now constitutes...

A: STS and... 3rd density thought.

Q: (L) Alright. I think that covers that! Now, let's move onto Falun Dafa. He says: 'Falun are intelligent Entities. They are cultivated by practicing Buddha law and by the movement exercises which look like Tai Chi. The emphasis is on the practice of Zhen Shan Reng, or Truthfulness, Benevolence, and Tolerance, the supreme characteristics of the universe. You gather a Falun and place it in the Dan Tien, the navel, and it revolves there, and continues your cultivation for you. [...] What I am most interested in is the idea of Falun as intelligent entities. What or who are they?'

A: This is still not germane.

Q: (L) Well, the most important issue to him is, do they exist as described by this Master Li.

A: Okay, so they do.

Q: (L) Can you gather them and cultivate them and achieve 10,000 supernormal powers?

A: Yes, we suppose. But first, contact your broker, secure the credit cards, remember to turn off the computer and unplug the microwave. Also, the Maple dining room set should get a fresh dose of Lemon Pledge, so as to give the authentic maple that "see your reflection shine!"

Q: (L) What?! Why are you being so sarcastic? All of these people know about as much as we did when we started!

A: Because you already know how to counsel them on such issues.
This is incredibly cool.
A: Casein is a receiver/ transmitter like all proteins. You might say that persons with strong bovine affinity can do better with milk than others.

Q: (Gaby) Organic portals?

(L) So, the same would be true for other milks, like if you have goat affinities, or…?

(Andromeda) ...or camel affinities, or yak, or moose [laughter]?

(Joe) What about coconut?

(L) What does … coconut has nothing to do with...

(Andromeda) It's not milk! It's water.

(Joe) I like coconut. Do I have a strong affinity for a coconut? [Laughter]
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