C's sense of humor.

Q: (A) Okay, so there is this general - what Gurdjieff calls worlds - he had a very good description. (R) Okay so my question would be if consciousness, for example us three in this room, are we interacting with reality through 7th density which uses these frequency awareness boundaries? Right, so it's kind of a middle step. I'm not sure how to phrase it.

A: 7th density interacts with divisions through you.

Q: (R) Ah! So it is not us interacting with reality through 7th density, it's the other way around. Seventh density is interacting with the concept of divisions through us. It makes sense to me in a strange kind of way. (A) That is how it works. (L) We're it. (R) We are the interface. (R) Of course, duh! (L) We could've had a V-8. I'm tired and I want to ask about my tooth, how come my tooth broke?

A: Lack o 'dentist!

Q: (R) Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar! {laughter}
Q: (C to Montalk) Remember the one with Ryan, I said it was a warning one. It was the loudest ear ring I've ever had. It burned my ear. (L) So, in other words, seems that the C's are suggesting that your spiritual perception, psychic perception, is picking stuff up, transferring it in a subliminal way to your mind, and then your neural processes are trying to translate it and give you a warning. Is that what you were thinking? (C) I think so. I was wondering constantly about the idea, the concept of fake humans, holographic inserts, drones, organic portals, what ever you want to call it, and just what happened was weeee (a sound like ear ringing) and just really loud in my right ear. (L) So in a sense it's like your early warning system. (C) Ummhmm. (V) You know I don't even have to be talking to somebody, I can just be thinking about something and it'll just zheeee (a sound like ear ringing). (C) The other night is was lying in bed thinking about what you said about drones...(L) I wonder if OP's have ringing in their ears?

A: Ask one.

Q: (Laughter)
Q: (L) So I mean... Just doing this meditation tape the way we plan to do it, people can listen to it, and by listening to it, there is some sort of frequency that can be triggered in them by my voice?

A: Yes. And it can be ten times more powerful in groups with you personally speaking.

Q: (L) That's too weird. (A**) I think it's cool! (C) Wake up the masses!

A: The method has been used nefariously for millennia so what is wrong with FRV in a positive context?! The power of love is also FRV! Only nobody is using it of late.

Q: (L) I feel laryngitis coming on... (laughter) (A**) Uh oh! Somebody get her a scarf! (J) We're gonna have to insure your voice, Laura, for millions. (laughter)
Q: (Ark) Gurdjieff tried to use the method of shocks. He had this idea that by using just the right shock, it can help to break the shell. But apparently, it didn't work well. (A***l) It makes their shell bigger. (L) I mean, shocks are useful in some instances, but not in all. (Joe) It depends on the hardness of the exterior wall. (L) Yeah. (Joe to Laura) So, are we talking about a series of videos, essentially video lectures by you on many topics?

A: Yes.

Q: (Joe) For example?

A: How about starting at the beginning and talk about "in the beginning..."?

Q: (L) Well, I... What would I say?? (Joe) “In the beginning was the word?” And the word was delivered one letter at a time! (laughter)
Q: (L) Well, you said that Vinnie was like a "hot popper", and pathological. Does that apply to Jim Humble?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) So, that means that he is some type of psychopath?

A: Yes.

Q: (Rabelais) Is there any medical benefit to taking MMS?

A: None. It is dangerous in the extreme.

Q: (Rabelais) Is there some reason this MMS is so popular in terms of controlling people, like with monoatomic gold, or does it just destroy their physiology?

A: Simple destruction and induced illness ultimately.

Q: (Ark) Is there any danger that if we publish this, we will have a multi-million dollar lawsuit from Humble?

A: Who is he going to sue? Sixth density?

Q: [laughter]
(KJN) When I moved here, I lost the box of your books. And it's a mystery. I thought I had mailed them here, and the box that came had totally different books in it that I've never seen before. And I had addressed the box, but it's full of books now that nobody knows anything about. So, where are the books that are mine, that were your books? [laughter] (Andromeda) That's weird!

A: Somebody is getting educated.

Q: [laughter] (Menrva) Who's getting educated?

A: Try NSA.

Q: (KJN) Seriously? Really!

A: Ask Edward Snowden!

Q: [laughter]
Q: (L) Okay, so... Would it be possible for us to communicate directly with Caesar?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Um... Can you, you know, arrange the communication relay here? [laughter]

(Atriedes) Can you patch us through to Caesar on a trunk line, please?

A: We will step aside.

Q: (L) I hope Caesar can communicate in English. Ave Caesar! [tape ends, pause for loading another tape] Please hold!

(Atriedes) I can't believe you put our Lord and Savior on hold! [laughter]
This exchange is great.
I would say that Cesar himself had to smile when he heard it.:lol:
Q: (L) Alright then. Was Caesar in love with Cleopatra?

A: No.

Q: (Pierre) But he had interactions with her.

(L) Did he have... What do you mean interactions, Pierre? [laughter]

(Pierre) English is not my native language! The monkey dance, I dunno. [laughter]

(L) What do you mean English is not your native language?! [laughter] Inquiring minds want to know...

(Athena) Oh lord...

(Pierre) It's an essential point of history!

(L) Inquiring minds want to know if he was having the hanky-panky with her? [laughter]

A: Once or twice...
I found one funny thing in "High Strangeness" :-D

A: Potpourri.

Q: (T) Sweet smelling dried flowers are potpourri.

A: Sage, salt, ooohm; any other rituals you like?

Q: (L) In other words, nothing works? (T) It's not going to stop them! I have a strong shield and other things around the house and still they get through!

A: How about doing the hula hoop dance while sticking green pepper up your nose! [Hilarious laughter.] Maybe you can solve the crisis by focusing on other content? Look, if you narrow the flow, you narrow the channel. And when you narrow the channel, you close off your possibilities. And you make it difficult, if not impossible, to see what's there. In other words, the obvious gets overlooked because of the narrowing of the flow. That's why we gave the advice not to do rituals, because rituals narrow the flow, and therefore narrow the possibilities. And what you are describing is a situation of "severe distress," as you would call it, and a very great pressure that is constricting you. But in fact, it's your focus on it that's limiting and constricting, not the situation itself. And we recognize that it is difficult for you to focus your attention - or, more importantly, to open the flow of the channel. But it is certainly not impossible. Especially for an individual as strong as you. It's about deciding what to do, not what you HAVE to do. It's about DECIDING what to do.

(Ark) No! The knowledge cannot grow by shock. The knowledge can grow only if you get more truth. Shock may only cause the seed to do some job.

(L) Like what?

(Ark) I mean, because you may know things, know things, know things... and do nothing! And then, there comes shock, and then you realize that your knowledge - you were not using your knowledge!

(Perceval) It seems to me that this might apply to a lot of forum members who have been just quietly absorbing the information, but unable to do anything with it because of all this programming and stuff. The seed of knowledge has been planted in those people, but they haven't actually done anything with it.

(L) But when it becomes real...

(Perceval) When they realize that, "Holy shit, this isn't just theoretical! A fireball just blew the crap out of Washington, DC!"... God willing... [laughter]
(L) I mean, what are you going to do? You going to put some kind of loud speaker that emanates some kind of wave and have it blasting the rock into the rock turns it into gold? I mean, theoretically it would work, but what kind of power would you need? Each atom of that rock has like this infinitesimal amount of energy contained within it that has to be changed or converted. You see what I'm saying?

(Perceval) Well, back engineering would be if energy equals matter times the square of the speed of light, well then you have to generate light starting from the end. So you generate light with knowledge...

(L) Which is information...

(Perceval) So you get more knowledge, which is information, and then that... does stuff!

(Pierre) It's matter, so matter equals energy divided by the speed of light squared.

(Mr. Scott) But if light is knowledge, then you're taking energy and dividing it by the square of the speed of light. So, if it's the square of your knowledge, you have to be really, really stupid because the energy divided by the square of your stupidity gives you lots of mass. [laughter]
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