C's sense of humor.

Q: Good point! Getting people addicted to the substance by these claims...

A: How addicted is Marti?

Q: Yes. She is the one who is really promoting the David Hudson thing...

A: Did she want to have orgasms in heaven, or what?!?

Q: That's true! That was her idea of heaven - the Hindu lingam and yoni in perpetual motion! Is there something else on this now, or can we move on?

A: Up to you.

Q: Well, my night would not have been complete unless you said that! Now, Johan wanted to know the connection between himself and the group here?

A: Wait and see.

Q: Well, I can assure you that he would be very happy to hear something a little more verbose than that!! Is there going to be more interaction?

A: See last response.

Q: Well, is there anything you can SAY to Johan? Like acknowledge his existence?

A: Okay! Acknowledged! Now, wait and see!

Q: You guys are TOO MUCH
This session is a jewel of humor, there are already three paragraphs:

Q: Okay. Who are the 'philosophers of Dancar?'

A: Philosophers who ride around in Dan's car.

Q: That was a serious question! Where and what is Dancar?

A: Why do you suppose the response was light hearted?

Q: Well, come on! W
The full exchange:

Q: Okay. Who are the 'philosophers of Dancar?'

A: Philosophers who ride around in Dan's car.

Q: That was a serious question! Where and what is Dancar?

A: Why do you suppose the response was light hearted?

Q: Well, come on! What is Dan's car?

A: We ask you to define as best you can.

Q: A 'car' belonging to Dan. The subject was talked about in the 18th century.

A: Yes.

Q: To what place were they referring when they talked about Dancar?

A: British.

Q: Why would they call it Dancar?

A: Locator.

Q: There is no place called Dancar.

A: No?

Q: Supposedly, Christian Rosencruetz was initiated by the 'philosophers of Dancar.' I want to know where this blasted place is! Okay, skip it. One of the Rosicrucian manifestos said: 'God has sent messengers and signs in the heavens, namely the new stars in Serpentarius and Cygnus, to show that a great council of the elect is to take place.' What do they mean by a 'great council of the elect?'

A: Pyrenees.

Q: Okay, the purported enclave of the alchemists... Why was it signified by new stars in Serpentarius and Cygnus? What do they represent?

A: Novae.
Q: (C***) Probably so. How many people are in this particular group that Laura and I are in, for the purpose of this work?

A: Up to you to discover.

Q: (C***) Well, I thought I'd give it a shot! (Laura) Does it have anything to do with the three dominos, the three slices of pizza, the three dominos missing from the set?

A: Not really, but we do understand that Dominos does make good pizza!

Q: (Laura) Why do you keep referring to the pizzas. Is there something in Italy? [pause] You aren't going to answer me, are you?

A: No.

Q: (Laura) Well, I wasn't being facetious!

A: But we were! Mirth!
Q: “How ‘long’ will they still be able to use the Cassiopaean transmitter, should we start to take some steps thinking of the future when the transmission point will have to be moved? Or, perhaps, this is not something we have to worry about in advance? I would like to know.... I do not like to be taken by surprise”....

A: No need to worry!

Q: Is there anything that you can say to help him with his worries? He is probably gonna worry anyway...

A: "If one has the will of a Lion, one does not have the fate of a mouse!"

Q: Very cute! I liked that one! But, now, you took the wind out of my sails with the answer about the destiny. But, in my perception of this arrangement on this stone, is it that the two sides need to be united, is that correct? Or is the Arrow from the P-S pointing at the spider a divider of two opposing groups?

A: Open for your discovery!

Q: Oh, you guys are BAD to me tonight!

A: No, we be berry berry goood to Lawra! {Multiple letter o in “goood” as given.}
Q: Nevertheless, getting back to the original subject. I felt some restriction with T & J present. Was this imagined or actual?

A: Both.

Q: What was the nature of the restriction?

A: Clash of wills.

Q: Whose wills were clashing?

A: Yours and theirs.

Q: And what is their will focused upon?

A: Themselves.

Q: In the past, you encouraged association with them...

A: And we still do!

Q: Why?

A: Because the best way to get used to the heat is to spend time in the kitchen. The field you have been directed to is chock full of those who would make Terry and Jan seem like Ma and Pa Kettle!!!

Q: What do you mean 'the field?'

A: What do you think?!?

Q: Well, I just want to sit at home and channel the information, publish it, and not have to deal with the unpleasant parts!

A: Lots o'luck!!!
(L) Well, it gets better! {Reads} 'We would offer a bigotry in the light of expiring your greatest potential escapading in the form of doctrinal theory. We will always advise whether or not we will be willing to work within their planetary action decidedly for the good of mankind. And there are some of which we are willing to take action in order to prove a helpmeet too.' (F) What the heck does any of that mean? It just means absolutely nothing! (L) 'Make of the surenes that ye, each one be of the showing of this document herewith written for them too. Thank you all for your attention on this midriff of informational data. Hatonn out on frequency table 9.3 faraplex record time.'

(V) That's my favorite! 'Faraplex!'

(F) I don't know why you are so confounded on this term 'faraplex.' It is a sister of 'godspark!'

(L) {Reads more}'We should let you know that we have reasons to believe that our webpage is being tampered with by others who have our file transfer program and password... obviosly the blinkingsop matter must be the elite's most desperately kept secret and dangerous to the upper echelon of the world...' Oh my god!

(F) That is too hopelessly bad to even qualify as disinformation and, at the same time, if any upper echelon in the world is wasting their time checking that out, then we have nothing to worry about!

(L) Well, tell me, what is going on with these people?

A: Static.

Q: Where does this static emanate from?

A: Mind of the communicator.

Q: Are you saying from the minds of the people who are writing this?

A: There is only one.

Q: There is only one, and this one person takes two roles and pretends to be two people?

A: Close enough.

Q: (V) Is this a psychotic person?

A: No, this is a harmless waif.

Q: (V) So there's no such thing as a 'faraplex?' I'm so disappointed!

A: Mirth! "Faraplex" is a shopping center built by Farakahn. Try hot lemon salve for your neck.

Q: (V) Well, I KNEW I'd heard the word before! (L) I never heard of lemon salve. Where do I get it or how do I make it?

A: Cloth wrapped sponge soaked in hot lemon juice.
Q: Well, then, getting back to the present: John K___ did a little spying for us over at UCF and learned that the selection was narrowed down to four candidates and nobody knows who they are. Supposedly they are being interviewed next week. I don't know how that can be, since it is the beginning of Thanksgiving Week. But, be that the case, we still have not heard anything from them. Any advice further on that?

A: As always, when in doubt, go to the source.

Q: What source? You are the source. We can't ask them anything because it is politically incorrect.

A: We will not either, as it is ethereally incorrect.
Q: Very cute! Okay, so it is not new year around the entire globe, and you have made your point about time. However, soon, everyone will agree that it is 1998, and then it will be, in fact, 1998. So, do you have, for those waiting with baited breath, anything to say about the upcoming year. Of course, I know all the psychics and channels are busily posting all their direful predictions about photon belts, null zones and whatever... a whole new series of dates for this will come, I expect...

A: Are you not yet tiring of such drivel?

Q: Yes, I am extremely tired of such drivel, but you have given some very good predictions in the past, and some that were dead wrong. And, speaking of dead wrong predictions, let me ask: on one occasion you said that the number of people left alive after the flood of Noah was 19 million and on another occasion you said 119 million. Now which is the correct figure?

A: Either.

Q: Well, it can't be either!

A: Yes it can... all is as the perceiver perceives.

Q: I think I liked you better when you were a little more linear!

A: We never were. As that is not for you. Not any more than it is for the company executive to don diapers!
Q: 'The first, the Great Pyramid, was formed approximately 6,000 of your years ago. Then, in sequence, after this performing by thought of the building or architecture of the great pyramid, using the more local or earthly material rather than thought form material to build other pyramidal structures.' Now, C's say: 'The Great Pyramid was built by Atlanteans 10,643 years ago.' The problem with this sentence is, we are not specific - we know we mean the Great Pyramid at Gizah. Okay...

A: No, Laura, no no no no !!!!! If your house is remodeled in 1998, is that when it was built?

Q: No, that is not when it was built. Did the sentence you took out of the text say Atlanteans? (A) Yes, first you asked when and then by whom...

A: Atlantean Descendants, not Atlanteans!!

Q: (A) No... once it was said by descendants, and once it was said by Atlanteans. (We check and find that it did say 'Atlantean descendants and NOT Atlanteans.) Can we use this process to analyze all the material?

A: You can, but senior citizenhood awaits its completion.
Q: It seems that the Templars were in charge of building the Cathedral at Chartres, and there is a tableaux on one of the porches of Melchizedek and the Queen of Sheba. Equidistant between them is the Ark of the Covenant in a cart. Melchizedek is holding a cup that is supposed to be the Holy Grail. Inside this cup is a cylindrical object of stone. What is this?

A: Greater sight.

Q: What?! (A) Is it a symbol or a device?

A: Why cannot it be both?

Q: (A) It can be both, but is it both?

A: Yes.

Q: (A) So, it is a device for greater sight like a crystal ball, yes?

A: Only when utilized exactly precisely.

Q: How do you execute something with this device?

A: Why should one wish to "execute" someone with this device?

Q: We don't understand...

A: Laura did say "execute."
Q: And there is that funny word again! But, he thinks there is a link between the frequency of human sexuality and Reptilian intelligence … he thinks that “this could explain why people so often perceive aliens and their messengers in sexual roles. So many abductees report having sexual experiences, in fact sexuality is a common theme of all alien abduction experiences. Could sexual stimulation be part of the methodology of alien intelligence?” Could it?

A: And the “playboy channel” originates on Zeta Reticuli!
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