C's sense of humor.

Q: (L)... extremely limited, from what I've been able to figure out. (T) They told us that in a couple of years, we have 2% now, it will grow to 30 to 40% of the knowledge of the smartest people on the planet, not the universe.

A: Yes.

Q: (L) So, in other words, what we can know in this level is just like dipping a needle in the ocean and the wetness of the needle is what we know compared to the ocean. (T) Big time! (L) Yes, this is not good! (T) We know one cigarette butt out of the whole tobacco crop!

A: That was a good one!
Q: (L) You are saying that I need to get out and move around?

A: 1.5 hours per day. We recommend the first order of business is to clean the pool, then swim 100 circular "laps" each day. Swimming gets the entire body to move and purge, thus your cleansing.

Q: (L) Well, speaking of that. I cannot do that until I can afford to replace the pool pump. So, since you guys are so full of all this advice, maybe you will tell me how to do this? That is impossible right now.

A: Ask Ark.

Q: (L) I can't ask him!

A: Why do you think we sent him?

Q: (L) You are completely crazy. I couldn't do THAT!!

A: Yes you could, and phrase it directly.

Q: (L) I can't do that! (V) Let me ask you, if Ark loves you, do you think he wants you to be in the situation you are in? If he loves you that much...

A: In that sense, he is as you say, "loaded."

Q: (L) I can't DO that! God! Guys, come on!

A: No, we are not at 7th density yet, but we appreciate the compliment!!
Q: (L) Is there some way to communicate with whales or dolphins and can one find a way to translate the differences and have a reasonable, intelligent exchange with a whale or a dolphin or even an elephant?

A: You don't need conversation "with" when a higher telepathic level.

Q: (L) Dolphins and whales communicate telepathically?

A: Yes. So do dogs and cats and snakes etc. etc. only humans have learned the "superior" art of verbal communication.

Q: (L) But, at the same time, verbal communication can be quite limiting, is that correct?

A: That is the point.

Q: (L) So, you were being sarcastic with me, weren't you?

A: Humorous.
Q: (L) What beings does one encounter when one eats a bunch of peyote?

A: Hallucination.

Q: (L) Why are these hallucinations so consistent?

A: Because those that do have that expectation. If you ate enough peyote you would encounter Santa Claus if that was your expectation. (Much laughter)
Q: (L) The next question: The Cs, Andromedans and others talk about 'densities.' We are supposed to live in 3rd density. Does this number 3 have anything to do with 3 space dimensions?

A: Close. Means: Original definition closer to 3rd level of experience, relating material/ethereal spectrum, but denizens of Terra Locator came up with "Third Dimensional" explanation due to influences upon the subconscious mind from soul memory connection to Akashic record.

Q: (L) J talks about dimensions, densities and states. What about states? (T) Yeah, there's Georgia and Arkansas... no, that's not really a state...

A: You forgot poor little Rhode Island! Tsk tsk! Mirth!
Q: (L) Well, J has come up with the number 384 dimensions which comes from some obscure formula... he also says that these dimensions differ by entropy and that the next dimension above us is a superconducting dimension, that there are dark and light dimensions, forward and time back dimensions. Aside from the fact that we have already disposed of the NUMBER of dimensions...

A: We suggest that J create a universe thusly.
Q: Next thing is, I have been looking at astrological charts, and I know you said that, 'all will be well, and soon,' is how you put it, in terms of Ark's situation and where his finances are concerned. However, it looks like it's going to drag on even longer, except that when I look at the chart, it looks like something significant is going to happen, in her quarter, but I would like to know if what I am seeing there, is... and I'm not going to go into specifics here, but, is what I'm seeing when I look at the charts correct?

A: Adventure is born of uncertainty and discovery!

Q: (Laura) Oh, you are just so cute!

A: Oh, Yeah!?
Q: (Laura) Wasn't it Dr. Moody that did the life-after-death thing? (Terry) He's got a room with the mirror with the balck velour walls and the comfortable chair that you can look in the mirror without seeing yourself...

A: Yes, and it is real and it works. In the clear depths, you can even see us, on occasion!

Q: (Laura) Didn't we ask once about what this guy was doing, having people staring into a mirror, that it was opening them up to attachment, and was that not confirmed?

A: Attachment is merely a function born from a lack of knowledge... something you have enough of now so as not to worry.
I want to clarify that this paragraph has made me laugh a lot, because if the c's said that to Laura at that moment with everything she already knew ...

I don't want to think what they would say to me!:-D
Well ... someone said that a fool is someone who does foolish things. This is a clear example.

I misunderstood that the C's were being sarcastics with Laura and told her that she had enough "lack of knowledge".

Obviously, she is exactly the other way around. The C's tell her that she has enough knowledge not to have problems with "attachments."

My apologies and you can easily imagine me blushing with shame.

I guess this is funny too.

I hope to be more careful going forward.:-[
Q: (A) My first question is: I want to understand what is this "predestined mission," what it consists of?

A: It consists of following the path that has confronted you.

Q: (A) Okay...

A: We do not tell you of your predestined mission, because then it is no longer "predestined." You learn by experience, and as you sense, you are on the threshold of a rather profound experience.

Q: (L) What kind of experience? (A) Yes! What kind?

A: We could well ask you the same!

Q: (A) So, we don't know what kind of experience...

A: Yes we do!!

Q: (L) We who? We here or we/you on 6th density?

A: What do you think?

Q: (L) Quit teasing me! (
The complete exchange would be this:

Q: (A) My first question is: I want to understand what is this "predestined mission," what it consists of?

A: It consists of following the path that has confronted you.

Q: (A) Okay...

A: We do not tell you of your predestined mission, because then it is no longer "predestined." You learn by experience, and as you sense, you are on the threshold of a rather profound experience.

Q: (L) What kind of experience? (A) Yes! What kind?

A: We could well ask you the same!

Q: (A) So, we don't know what kind of experience...

A: Yes we do!!

Q: (L) We who? We here or we/you on 6th density?

A: What do you think?

Q: (L) Quit teasing me! (A) What do I think? Okay... (L) Is this experience going to be something that involves interacting with external sources, an internal experience, a learning experience, can you give me a hint here? (A) Yes...

A: We would prefer Arkadiusz ask these questions... We were always most impressed with his skills in this area. Do you remember being caught in a cold rain on the "long walk," and how through your upset, you had an insight that "opened a new door?" We remember 1966 as a turning point. Well, this is another, Arkadiusz, and the emotions feel strangely familiar, but this time you have the aid of others on 3rd density.
Q: (L) Well, their agenda... (J) They want something from him, obviously. (A) When I get back to Poland, they said that they will have some printed material on this New Institute ready, that we could read, that they will send it to me... (T) Where is the New Institute located? They didn't say? (A) No, they didn't say. (J) Oohh, I think you have a right to know that! (L) Well, I'd say, just let it float, and see what they say... (J) They had to wait until you were back in Poland before they'd send you anything? (A) Well, if this is just in the stage of organization, so perhaps, it's a big something, which until now, was working in a certain field, getting money from, I don't know, from something, and now, they want to expand and to invest in nanotechnology, or whatever.

A: When you are getting close to something, there are always those who wish to distract, disrupt and track for later plans... Anything worth getting must be sought.

Q: (L) Yes. Anything worth getting must be sought. 'Sought'; it's a funny word. It is; s-o-u-g-h-t? I mean, is it 'seek, sack, sought?' (Alice) Something like that. (L) As in 'think, thank, thunk'? Or 'drink, drank, drunk'? (J) Or 'fink, fank, funk'? (L) How about 'wink, wank, wunk'? {laughter}

A: "Jump, Jamp, Jimp."
Q: (L) On 4th density. OK. You asked one time for me to comment upon the connection of phosphorus to the body, so I discovered that phosphorus plays an important part or role in the DNA, and also the 3-5 code, so, I would like to know if the addition of phosphorus to the diet would enhance some of the DNA to the point where... (T) ...it would activate...

A: Maybe it would "enhance" SHC.

Q: (L) What did it say? SHC? (T) What is SHC?

A: Spontaneous Human Combustion.

Q: (J) OK, well, maybe that's not such a good idea... (L) Well, that would make sense... phosphorus... (J) Yes, it would! {Laughter} (T) If you really want to make a show, take a little magnesium with it! Whoah! (J) Then you'd have a 'Highlander' quickening! (F) I just had this image of Laura deciding she's going to answer 'Not really! I'll have you know, my diet now includes 90% more phosphorus than it did any time previously!' And all of a sudden, flames start shooting out... {laughter} (T) Now that your finger can hold flame, it's a bad time to quit smoking, you know! No lighters anymore! {Laughter} And you'll never be lost in a cave! (F) Between that and Carlos Castanedas snapping back from... it could be dangerous. Experiment not when you don't know what you're doing! (L) OK, no phosphorous.
Q: A little change of subject. Last night I had a bizarre experience, I don't think I would call it a dream, but it was similar to what happened a couple of weeks ago. Out of this experience, I was only able to bring up two words: “Three dominoes”, which seemed to be extremely important. But now, they make no sense at all. Could you give me some clue as to what the three dominoes means and what these experiences are that I am having?

A: One possible meaning: 3 Dominos pizza outlets in Gainesville!

Q: Alright, what is another possible meaning?

A: Three dominos missing from your dominos set.

Q: Okay, another one?

A: Your turn!

Q: Whatever it was, it was from a very deep level of the subconscious and I knew that if I did not get it out, I would lose it. Okay, when these events occur...

A: Not an important dream, Laura.
What about this? :-D
Q: (R) Ah! So it is not us interacting with reality through 7th density, it's the other way around. Seventh density is interacting with the concept of divisions through us. It makes sense to me in a strange kind of way. (A) That is how it works. (L) We're it. (R) We are the interface. (R) Of course, duh! (L) We could've had a V-8. I'm tired and I want to ask about my tooth, how come my tooth broke?

A: Lack o 'dentist!

Q: (R) Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar! {laughter}
Q: (L) Why is it that it seems to be one of the primary things about us that prevents us from acting against such situations, is our fear of hurting another person? That was the chief thing that kept me in my marriage for so long. And, only when I knew that it was hurting the kids more to stay, did I have the power to get out. Why are we so afraid of hurting someone's feelings if they are hurting us?

A: Not correct concept. You do not need to "act against them," you need to act in favor of your destiny.

Q: But, when you do that, these persons make you so completely miserable that there seems to be no other choice but a parting of the ways.

A: Yes, but that is not "acting against." Quite the contrary. In fact, remember, it takes two to tango, and if you are both tangoing when the dance hall bursts into flames, you both get burned!!!

Q: Why is it that when one tries to extricate from such a "tango," why is there is such violent resistance to letting you go when it is obvious, clearly obvious, that they do not have any feeling for you as a human being?

A: It is not "they." We are talking about conduits of attack.

Q: What is it that makes them susceptible to becoming conduits of attack?

A: All STS are candidates for this. There are only about 6 billion of you though.
Q: Okay, it is the magnetite that acts as a conduit. And the concentration is upon the substance, that is, the magnetite. Let me conjecture that the thing that is believed to be distilled out of the alchemical operations is magnetite, is that correct?

A: No, because no need, if not deceived by other efforts.

Q: Were these other efforts involved with sexual function?

A: More like the results of same.

Q: Okay, they were concentrating on...

A: Today's version of the deception could be your favorite and mine, "monoatomic gold."

Q: Oh, the David Hudson fiasco...

A: There too, one is lead astray by substance... Remember our little dissertation about all the really big bangs?

Q: Yes.... I remember... and I got a lot of flack from that... The three days of darkness, et cetera... the implications... let's back up...

A: Oh my, oh my, we can turn this powder into gold!! And if you eat enough of it, you will have orgasms forever as a light being... Oh my, oh my!!
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