Dyatlov Pass incident


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7:20 - In the Ural Mountains, location of the mysterious Dyatlov Pass incident, nano coils have been found which are estimated to be 300,000 years old!


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Slightly offtopic, but other threads I found were quite old..

deepl translated from german: Bizarre Viehverstümmelung in Argentinien
original here: https://www.infocampo.com.ar/fotos-un-nuevo-ataque-del-chupacabras-riega-de-misterio-al-campo-argentino/

Bizarre cattle mutilation in Argentina

La Paz (Argentina) - The phenomenon of cattle mutilations has been documented and investigated since the 1970s, when mainly grazing animals with organs and body parts removed precisely - and mostly without the typical massive loss of blood - and without a further obvious cause of death are found dead. Now the bizarre phenomena in the form of a recent find in Argentina are once again making a name for themselves.

As the Argentine news site Infocampo.com.ar reports, the incident began with a missing cow from farmer Ariel Sorribes, who owns a farm near La Paz in the Catamarca region.

The search for the missing animal ended with the discovery of the bizarrely mutilated carcass of the cow under a tree. According to the report, the cow lacked the udder, the vulva, the anus, both eyes, tongue and upper jaw muscles. All these organs and body parts had not only been cut out and removed with astonishing precision, similar to that of a scalpel, the wounds themselves seemed to have become desolate again. To the astonishment of the farmers and the farm workers, no traces of blood were found around the animal, as would be expected from such wounds. In addition, the explorers observed that the usual scavengers kept away from the carcass and that the flesh seemed to decompose unusually slowly. All described characteristics assign the case to the typical scenario of a classical animal mutilation (cattle or animal mutilations).

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In addition, the farmer found that he was unable to take close-ups of the carcass and wounds with his mobile phone camera. While this circumstance was initially attributed to a lack of energy in the mobile phone, the same effect was also evident in other devices, including the camera of a neighboring teacher, who also tried in vain to take film shots of the carcass.

"I can't explain what happened here," Sorribes is quoted as saying. "It almost seemed as if there was some kind of magnetic field or something that made recording impossible." In the end it was possible to take some photos before this camera failed to work on site (see illustration).

...You can find more pictures of the carcass HERE

The newspaper further reports that in similar cases the National Service for Food Safety and Quality (Servicio Nacional de Sanidad y Calidad Agroalimentaria, SENASA) has declared that it is the work of mice. However, this declaration does not correspond either to the circumstances found or to the characteristics of the carcass.

The farmer also dissociates himself from the scenario that the animal might have been sick and unvaccinated or neglected before: "The cow was healthy and in good condition shortly before. This can also be seen from the photos."

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