Dyatlov Pass incident

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deepl translated from german: Bizarre Viehverstümmelung in Argentinien
original here: https://www.infocampo.com.ar/fotos-...acabras-riega-de-misterio-al-campo-argentino/

Bizarre cattle mutilation in Argentina

La Paz (Argentina) - The phenomenon of cattle mutilations has been documented and investigated since the 1970s, when mainly grazing animals with organs and body parts removed precisely - and mostly without the typical massive loss of blood - and without a further obvious cause of death are found dead. Now the bizarre phenomena in the form of a recent find in Argentina are once again making a name for themselves.

As the Argentine news site Infocampo.com.ar reports, the incident began with a missing cow from farmer Ariel Sorribes, who owns a farm near La Paz in the Catamarca region.

The search for the missing animal ended with the discovery of the bizarrely mutilated carcass of the cow under a tree. According to the report, the cow lacked the udder, the vulva, the anus, both eyes, tongue and upper jaw muscles. All these organs and body parts had not only been cut out and removed with astonishing precision, similar to that of a scalpel, the wounds themselves seemed to have become desolate again. To the astonishment of the farmers and the farm workers, no traces of blood were found around the animal, as would be expected from such wounds. In addition, the explorers observed that the usual scavengers kept away from the carcass and that the flesh seemed to decompose unusually slowly. All described characteristics assign the case to the typical scenario of a classical animal mutilation (cattle or animal mutilations).

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In addition, the farmer found that he was unable to take close-ups of the carcass and wounds with his mobile phone camera. While this circumstance was initially attributed to a lack of energy in the mobile phone, the same effect was also evident in other devices, including the camera of a neighboring teacher, who also tried in vain to take film shots of the carcass.

"I can't explain what happened here," Sorribes is quoted as saying. "It almost seemed as if there was some kind of magnetic field or something that made recording impossible." In the end it was possible to take some photos before this camera failed to work on site (see illustration).

...You can find more pictures of the carcass HERE

The newspaper further reports that in similar cases the National Service for Food Safety and Quality (Servicio Nacional de Sanidad y Calidad Agroalimentaria, SENASA) has declared that it is the work of mice. However, this declaration does not correspond either to the circumstances found or to the characteristics of the carcass.

The farmer also dissociates himself from the scenario that the animal might have been sick and unvaccinated or neglected before: "The cow was healthy and in good condition shortly before. This can also be seen from the photos."




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The Russian video agency Ruptly has just published an investigation into the Dylatov Pass incident, one they are calling a "massive, multiplatform, interactive project"

Users can follow the trail, examine photographs, first-hand accounts, and the blood-soaked scene itself to answer the question that has stumped Soviet, Russian, and international researchers for six decades: What happened on Dyatlov Pass?

Not sure if this has been posted already, i searched but didn't find anything; RT/Ruptly just uploaded a Dyatlov documentary to Youtube. It's 23 minutes long. I haven't watched it yet but i plan to in the next few days. It's related to the interactive project Beau linked to. As always, if anyone gets the chance, please post any worthwhile info you come across, for the benefit of those that may not get chance to watch it.

I would guess it's new because it shows as a recent upload, but it could be that they uploaded it to their other channel Ruptly a while ago or that they reuploaded it so it shows as new.

Following in the tracks of the Dyatlov Group. Get to the truth of the Dyatlov Pass incident
•Published on Sep 12, 2019

RT Documentary

787K subscribers

In February 1959, nine hikers, led by Igor Dyatlov, died in mysterious circumstances on the slopes of the Ural Mountains. Rescuers found their bodies hundreds of metres from the campsite. The tent had been slashed from the inside and still contained their clothes and shoes. Their half-naked corpses had crushed ribs, fractured skulls; one poor girl was even missing her tongue. An inquest at the time concluded that they had been killed by “unknown compelling natural force”. Numerous conspiracy theories have since offered more outlandish explanations: from Soviet military tests to yetis and aliens. Sixty years on, the Dyatlov Pass incident is a cold case that still has investigators stumped.

The case has now been reopened, and investigators are exploring three leading theories; avalanche, snow slab and a hurricane. Ruptly correspondent, Peter Scott, travels to the region to follow in the fateful footsteps of the doomed expedition. He asks if there’s any chance of finally explaining the mysterious and grizzly end that awaited Dyatlov and his group.

"Following in the tracks of the Dyatlov Group" is an interactive project from the Ruptly video agency, which pieces together the hikers’ notes, photographs and interviews with experts and locals.

Check out Ruptly’s interactive website, available in Russian, English, and Spanish - https://dyatlov.ruptly.tv/

You can find more of the ill-fated hikers’ pictures and diary entries on the project’s Instagram page - https://www.instagram.com/dyatlovjour...

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If the populace really knew, what would the fallout be?

17:06, 18 SEP 2019
A yeti has been blamed for the deaths of nine skiers in Dyatlov Pass, an event notorious as one of the most puzzling mysteries in the history of Russia.

Sixty years ago nine cross-country skiers were killed in the notorious Dyatlov Pass incident in the Ural Mountains.

The group fled from an "unknown compelling force”, according to a Soviet investigation.

Some victims had fractured skulls and chest injuries, and the tongue and eyes of Lyudmila Dubinina, 21, and Semen Zolotarev, 38, were missing.

Others perished from hypothermia after fleeing their tents in the night in only socks, or underwear.

Russia’s largest newspaper has now reported a leading doctor has said the injuries of two of the group were likely from a large creature.


Kommsomolskaya Pravda asked in a headline: “Could a yeti kill tourists in the Dyatlov Pass?”

The “renowned doctor” is not named but he claimed that the broken ribs of Semen Zolotarev and Lyudmila Dubinina was “the result of the squeezing of their chests by some big creature”.

“Afraid of being mocked, the famous doctor asked not to disclose his name,” reported the paper which has investigated the chilling case.

The group are known to have been intrigued by the yeti or abominable snowmen.

IN a log entry a member of the group had written: 'Lately there has been a lively discussion about existence of yeti in scientific circles. According to latest data, yeti live in the North Urals near Otorten mountain”.

A host of theories have been put forward since 1959 as to how the group met their deaths.

Claims range from a natural disaster such as an avalanche, to aliens, to Yeti, to freak winds, to a secret Soviet missile or weapons system, to paranormal activity, to claims the group - which included one or two with KGB connections - were on a mission to meet US agents.

There are infrequent claims of yeti sightings in Russia, especially in the Urals and Siberia.

n 2016, an alleged Bigfoot was seen crossing a road close to 5,213 ft high Mount Bolshoy Iremel in Bashkortostan region.

he same year the head of the village council in Kulyaba in Siberia was "greatly scared” by a "close encounter” with an alleged yeti.

Footprints of a supposed beast were found solo afterwards.
A yeti has been blamed for the deaths of nine skiers in Dyatlov Pass, an event notorious as one of the most puzzling mysteries in the history of Russia.

Close, but no cigar! It's a reasonable theory given the blunt force trauma the people suffered. But how to explain the missing tongue? Yeti? Hardly. The Cs explanation makes the most sense. Dropped from a good height and some 'sampling'. Weird world we live in.
According to this source (in Russian), the Office of Prosecutor-General of Russia is going to check the "most likely" 3 versions of the death of the group (out of total 75). And all of these versions are connected to "natural forces". He says it could have been an avalanche or strong hurricane.

I can imagine that this avalanche could indeed have happened (after their death, to conceal the evidence?) but how they explain missing eyes and tongues is not clear.

Now the deputy head of Russia’s General Prosecutor’s Office branch in the Urals has stated that the assumption that an avalanche had caused the death of the nine young hikers in a remote area in the Ural Mountains “has found its full confirmation” .

"After the snow slide, the hikers cut their tent open and got outside, retreating towards the nearby stone ridge, which was holding the avalanche off. “It was the right thing to do, but there was another reason why they were already condemned to death,” Kutyakov revealed.
When the students tried to find their tent, they couldn’t see it anymore. “The visibility was around 16 meters, but the tent was 50 meters away.” The group descended further down the slope and lit a bonfire, before making another fruitless attempt. With no chance of surviving, people eventually froze to death at temperatures of up to minus 45 Celsius."

So no explanation of the missing tongue, eyes and lip part.

It seems also RT is not buying this verdict as

"Meanwhile, RT’s Ruptly video agency has dedicated a major cross-platform project to the tragedy at the Dyatlov Pass. It thoroughly retraces the group’s journey, using photos taken by the hikers, documents from the official investigation, interviews and contemporaneous footage made at the site, to give every viewer a unique chance at trying to solve the mystery of the deaths."

That will keep this story alive.

The Russian taxpayers deserve their money back for that "investigation."

Yeah, this explanation is so ridiculous, it is only going to reignight interest in the incident. They could have at least invented something more creative.

Apparently there is Dyatlov's memory fund, and its lawyer says that GPO's actions are illegal. Their version clearly doesn't explain apparent inconsistencies and the evidence. There is this video in Russian where a person talks about it and also mentions someone's sarcastic comment that maybe Kennedy was also killed by an avalanche.

As the lawyer says, it is illegal bacause before conducting their check, GPO was supposed to reopen the criminal case. Apparently the case was closed in 28.05.1959. They were supposed to reopen it and then conduct their own investigation. So they basically had no legal grounds to "close the case".

There is also this press conference that was conducted in October last year. Ruptly's description under the video isn't entirely accurate. The issue that is being discussed in the press conference, that GPO performed exhumation of the bodies and examined them not as part of the renewed or new criminal investigation. The relatives and the lawyer were afraid that the evidence was destroyed. They asked for an honest, objective and official investigation, because clearly something strange happened there. And for now they asked to stop any further interferences. But I guess GPO didn't stop.

Apparently relatives even wrote to Putin and asked him to help with that, that GPO will open a new case and perform a proper investigation. But they didn't. Very strange. So what was it? A procedural failure or something else? Maybe they didn't want to reopen the case because saw it as a major headache and to much hassle.
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Maybe they didn't want to reopen the case because saw it as a major headache and to much hassle.

Something like that would be my guess too in combination with something like: the truth would be too strange and confusing and would open a can of worms. They probably have opted for the easy solution, to have an official cause that sounds "plausible" to the uninformed public. The avalanche story "to explain it" is more than just a little silly in my opinion too.
I guess that the high strangeness phenomenon just like the fake pandemic, 9/11 truth and other higher truths are off-limits, even for the Russians. It isn't only a matter whether public opinion allows it or not. Some subjects are just to dangerous to touch. For now?
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