Dyatlov Pass incident

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I had a hard time trying to envision the landscape in the way described. To me it looked like a series of forest cut-blocks and skidding corridors into the merchantable parts of the forest (saw logs). Each separate area seems to be connected with a road grid system.
I would say that I quite agree with you. In fact, I didn't take the time to check myself. My bad.


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I'm ready to believe in mysticism: experts are shocked by new details of the secrets of the pass Dyatlov
Natalia Mayorova 06:41 07/06/2018
Я готов поверить в мистику: эксперты шокированы новыми подробностями тайны перевала Дятлова
New details in the investigation of the death of a group of tourists in the mountains of the Northern Urals, the researchers received after the exhumation of the bodies of one of the expedition members.

Almost 60 years have passed since the death of student tourists and their leader Igor Dyatlov in the mountains of the Northern Urals in 1959. Despite numerous studies, there are still many unresolved issues in the tragedy.

Relatives of one of the members of the expedition Semen Zolotarev doubted that under his name he was buried. In April, the exhumation of Zolotarev's body was conducted at the Yekaterinburg Ivanovo Cemetery.

Modern experts conducted a comparative analysis of their conclusions with those already existing, which were made 59 years ago. However, new results after the exhumation of Zolotarev's body added only more mysteries.

In particular, the identity of the tourist remains questionable. By now, there are inconsistencies, both in the biographical data of Zolotarev, and in the reliability of his name and information about his service during the Great Patriotic War.

As the site "Komsomolskaya Pravda" notes, back in 1959 Zolotarev, in preparation for the trip, noted that "the whole world will talk about this campaign," but he did not explain the expression.

Three months after the tragedy, the corpse of Zolotarev was discovered. However, it was almost impossible to identify him. As noted in the certificate of forensic medical examination, there was a tattoo on the body of the tourist "Daermmuazuaya", but, according to Zolotarev's relatives, they do not remember such an inscription.

As a result of such numerous inconsistencies, it was decided to exhume the body. However, during the procedure, there was another mysterious detail - the grave under the obelisk with the inscription "Semen Zolotarev" is not listed for anyone. The documentation on the burial of the tourist at the Ivanovo Cemetery does not contain any information at all.

Experts of the XXI century came to a loss after receiving the results of the examination of the body. The nature of the injuries caused the most questions.

"If I had just been presented with a description of the damage, and I did not know the circumstances of the case, I would say that the person most likely moved the car. But, given the situation as a whole, I am ready to believe in mysticism. All the fractures are different. And this should be some incredible combination of circumstances, so that all injuries are formed, for example, from the descent of a large mass of snow, "said expert Eduard Tumanov.

However, the expert stressed that the options for the death of Zolotarev, which the researchers reported earlier, do not coincide with the results of exhumation. The fog has denied the death of a tourist from the influence of infrasound, ultrasound, radiation, blast wave or psychogenic factors - all that other experts have previously said.

"This we can all immediately dismiss. This is solely the action of solid, stupid objects, "Tumanov stressed.

To such conclusions in 1959 came the forensic medical expert Boris Revived. He said that the nature of the injuries at least two of the dead expedition members is the result of the impact of a large force.

Earlier, the Ural researcher-enthusiast Valentin Degterev made an ambiguous statement. He claimed that he had found the body of a shaman-hunter on the photos of Igor Dyatlov's group. ■

Published on Jan 29, 2017 / 1:27:44
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The creators of the film decided to put an end to the most mysterious tragedy of the last century that happened in the North Urals with the tourists of Igor Dyatlov's group. Why nine young people left uncovered tents under obscure circumstances and froze on the slope of the Holatchahl mountain? A long-term investigation involved the investigator for particularly important cases of the Prosecutor General's Office of the Russian Federation Leonid Proshkin and his colleague Evgeni Okishev, who was engaged in the case of the woodpeckers in 1959, as well as the best experts and those who personally touched the story. The tragic death of the Djatlov group for more than half a century was a particularly protected secret. But now we know that there is a very real door, behind which is stored not only the secret itself, but also the names of those who created it.

Создатели фильма решили поставить точку в самой загадочной трагедии прошлого века, случившейся на Северном Урале с туристами группы Игоря Дятлова. Почему девять молодых людей при невыясненных обстоятельствах покинули полураздетыми палатку и замерзли на склоне горы Холатчахль? В многолетнем расследовании приняли участие следователь по особо важным делам Генпрокуратуры Российской Федерации Леонид Прошкин и его коллега Евгений Окишев, занимавшийся делом дятловцев в далеком 1959 году, а также лучшие эксперты и те, кого эта история коснулась лично. Трагическая гибель группы Дятлова более полувека была особо охраняемым секретом. Но теперь мы знаем, что существует вполне реальная дверь, за которой хранится не только сама тайна, но и имена тех, кто ее создавал.


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The researcher found mysterious footage from the camera team member Dyatlova: «Это не дефект пленки»: исследователь обнаружил загадочные кадры с фотоаппарата участника группы Дятлова

«Это не дефект пленки»: исследователь обнаружил загадочные кадры с фотоаппарата участника группы Дятлова
On the frames found by the researcher, "only some artifacts" are supposedly visible, which, he said, can be "part of some kind of explosion, the flight of a certain UFO, fragments of the starry sky."

Ural researcher-enthusiast Valentin Degterev in his blog reported that he allegedly managed to obtain previously unknown photos. According to him, the pictures, presumably, were made by one of the participants of Dyatlov's group, Semyon Zolotarev. They allegedly found it on one of the English-speaking resources.

According to Degterev, the film was allegedly found in the camera Zolotarev, and on the site it is laid out only as separate fragments.

"Zolotarev did not part with the camera until his death. So I took pictures until the end. How many of them have turned out, we will never know. In the criminal case, only marriage remained. However, these pictures of the case disappeared, "- writes in his blog Degterev

As the enthusiastic researcher noted, "only some artifacts" are supposedly visible on the frames. Degterev suggested that they could be "part of some kind of explosion, the flight of a certain UFO, fragments of the starry sky."

"Individual" figures "remind people. However, all this is not just a defect in the film. These are echoes of that terrible tragedy, which arouses interest even after 60 years, "wrote Degterev.

In conclusion, he suggests that "something strange has happened on the pass, possibly connected with mysticism," but, according to Degterev, "it's never known", allegedly.

Previously, the Ural ufologist stated that he had found photographs of the spaceship that Semyon Zolotarev accidentally took off. ■


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Fifty-nine years ago in the Urals, a team of 9 ascended ‘the mountain of the dead.’ Only one came down. The chilling details and inexplicable circumstances of their disappearance have become the stuff of nightmares and Hollywood fiction. Now, one Russian blogger believes he’s closer to the truth than we have ever been before.

The nature of the eventual discovery shocked the science community and investigators alike. The bodies had been discovered at different sites and at different times; some had signs of severe internal trauma, others showed traces of radiation. Half the bodies were naked or wearing each others’ clothes. And there was no object in the vicinity that could have caused any of that to happen, as concluded by the Soviet investigation.

Theories ranged from homicidal psychosis to aliens and government experiments. And they're showing no signs of slowing down - just look at this movie trailer for 'The Devil's Pass'. And it's not even the only horror movie to come out of Hollywood that deals with the subject matter.

Now, nearly 60 years later, Russian blogger Valentin Degterev - who manages a journal about the paranormal and unexplained - believes the deaths of the Dyatlov group were caused by a small-yield missile that hit the side of the rock. Evidence of a 30-meter wide crater, he says in his online journal, can be seen on closer inspection of the satellite images of the area and is situated about three km from the site of their tent.

“The granite was melted to basically red glass. I think the temperature at the moment of impact was very high. This is clearly visible on the satellite images.”

He continues: “Having been woken up by the shockwave, [the hikers] were blinded by the bright light, probably suffering temporary loss of vision. This explains their sudden escape and descent into the woods.”

The findings are even more strange, given Degterev’s belief that the firing of the missile had not been a test.
“The missile had probably gone off-course and changed direction, hitting the mountain face accidentally.”

The blogger states that, had there been no radiation found on the clothes, his other theory would’ve been that it was a meteor impact.
“I think the place needs a thorough look when spring arrives. If radiation is indeed found, and if there is an impact crater, then the mystery of the Dyatlov Pass can be considered solved.”

But can Degterev’s theory explain everything?

What originally happened

The group, led by 23-year-old Igor Dyatlov, hadn’t returned from their hiking trip to Otorten mountain in the winter of 1959. Later investigation showed that on Feb. 2 the tent the party had stayed in was ripped from the inside, with its inhabitants wandering into the night wearing only the clothes they wore to bed. All of the bodies were discovered weeks later - some of them were wearing the others’ clothes, soaked in high doses of radiation.

Where it gets really bizarre is that some of the bodies had shown only signs of hypothermia (hence the theory on why they were naked), while others found deeper in the woods had shown signs of massive internal trauma: bleeding, fractures, and broken skulls. One member of the group, Lyudmila Dubinina, was missing her tongue.

READ MORE: The Dyatlov Pass Incident location draws in tourists

The Russians didn’t know what to do with all of this, and shut the investigation after finding no reason to suspect foul play. The final report from the Soviets posited that the group was killed by an “unknown compelling force.”

The Russians didn’t declassify the documents until the 1990s, which, understandably, has fueled conspiracy theories ranging from nuclear tests to the presence of aliens and paranormal creatures.

The new theory by Degterev has received mixed reactions. Many of the commenters responded positively to the alleged revelation; others, however, remembered other versions that, in their minds, deserve closer inspection. There are over 60 known versions of what transpired in the blizzard.

What the science tells us for sure is that the nine skiers could not have sustained their injuries from any object found in the vicinity.
One of the most interesting theories revolves around a sacred cave of the local Mansi tribe, which they use for ritual sacrifice. The tribe, apparently, does not like to share the mountain with outsiders, and when the Dyatlov group allegedly robbed their sacrificial cave of its various items, hunted them down in the night and killed them. This theory, however, is more word of mouth than anything else.

Others argue that the chaotic and violent deaths could have been the result of a strong and toxic moonshine-type beverage the group had procured from the local hunters (possibly also used ritualistically). The stuff could easily have caused psychedelic hallucinations, it is believed. This would have accounted for the haphazard escape and the group’s apparently inexplicable behavior.

There is still the fact of the tent ripped from the inside, as well as the absence of any footprints outside the tent that did not belong to the members of the Dyatlov group. It really does appear that the group had shot out of the tent, running in different directions. The mystery of what really happened persists.

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