Earthquakes around the world

I´m glad that you are ok. Hope that your family is also fine. Take care! :hug2:
Thanks, Mari! Yes, I stayed up late a little bit and it seems like everyone is okay. Some parts of the city felt more than others, but at least here (and as far as I know), there were no damages repoted in my city thank God. Thanks for your good wishes :-D

A quake that size will vibrate (more than likely) for a number of weeks, if not for months. Be safe out there.

Route 40 towards Mendoza, middle water height

Certainly. I checked the reports again an hour ago and there were several replies. The pictures I saw were similar to the videos you posted, where the roads had long and deep cracks as seen on this picture from a Twitter user.

During the first report this morning, their governor declared that there were no fatal victims so far. 3 people ended up hospitalized and there were reported damages to buildings and roads (as seen above). We'll see if later today we receive a more detailed one. They are expecting more replies, so their citizens are getting ready.


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M 6.8 - 33 km SSW of Turt, Mongolia
Time 2 021-01-11 15:32:58 (UTC-06:00)
Location 5 1.241°N 100.443°E
Depth 1 0.0 km
The Argentinian quake hit right at the hydro dam. (High voltage point.)
Local sites reports a 6.9 eartquake, a very shallow one.

The Mongolian hit at the antipode of the Argentinian quake, check it out!
Gives me the idea that the wave circulated around the earth.
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Something came up, there were THREE

M 6.7 - 146 km WNW of Corral, Chile
2020-12-27 22:39:14 (UTC+01:00) Location 39.337°S 74.988°W Depth 10.0 km
M 6.7 - 33 km SSW of Turt, Mongolia
2021-01-11 22:32:58 (UTC+01:00) Location 51.240°N 100.437°E Depth 10.0 km
M 6.4 - 27 km SW of Pocito, Argentina
2021-01-17 05:01:27 (UTC+01:00) Location 36.867°N 121.611°W Depth 8.3 km
If anything the first two are so alike, its strange i connected the second and third at first..
Seems the earthquake came up at the fault line off Chile, circled around the world, hit itself in the middle of nowhere in a lake on the border of Mongolia, Russia and China, and traveled back around the world to hit itself again at the base of a hydro electric dam in Argentina.
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Sorry, Dutchsinse mentioned the connection, maybe remarked by a chat post.
I took one shortcut too many.

Yes, thus was interesting and got me thinking. Here’s a screen grab of the antipode of the Mongolian and Argentinian from dutchsinse:


and link:

I was thinking about what point on the earth is exactly on the other side of where I am a few weeks back. I didn’t know the name until dutchsinse mentioned it. I searched and found a site that will more or less line up the two points - antipodes:

Antipode of San Francisco, United States - Geodatos

From where I am the antipode is off the coast of Madagascar which made me recall an exchange from a previous session with Cs in 2018 about the seismic anomaly near Madagascar:
(Pierre) What was the cause of this monochromatic earthquake that lasted 20 minutes last month off the coast of Madagascar?
A: Grand chamber collapse deep underground. Like a deep sinkhole. And extremely large!!!
Q: (Joe) They were saying they thought it was an undersea volcanic eruption.
(L) So what caused it?
A: Combination of factors including crustal slippage and magnetic field anomaly. Check gravity graphic for the region for clues.
Q: (L) That must mean that globey thing they made that shows the shape of the Earth according to its gravity
And then:
Q: (L) Well, let me backtrack here... Was the collapse of that underground chamber a harbinger or a trigger that will start some kind of chain reaction of events on the planet that are going to travel around the globe the same way the waves traveled around the globe?
A: Close! Works for us!

Q: (Joe) If something like that collapses in on itself, if that happened on the continental shelf off the coast of California, it would fall into the ocean!
(Scottie) Finally!

A: Yes
Q: (Chu) How large are we talking about for that big "sinkhole"?

A: Size of Lake Superior.

Q: (L) Well, Jesus, it would have to be big to send waves around the whole planet and ...
(Pierre) For 20 minutes.

(Scottie) That's BIG.

(Andromeda) They felt it near Hawaii.

(Pierre) And New Zealand.

(L) Was this chamber something like a passageway through which... I mean, I've seen pictures of these things through volcanoes... lava tunnels or tubes. Was it something like a lava tube?

A: Yes!

Q: (Pierre) It was a chamber in the lower layers of the crust, in the mantle that fell in the lava?
A: Yes

Q: (Pierre) Whoa...

(Joe) Did it effectively create a hole in the ocean floor?

A: No

Q: (L) Imagine a tube like a vacuum cleaner hose that got smashed. It would still have its top and bottom.

(Joe) But this would be very deep, so...

(L) What if what is above is what collapsed down? When you have a sinkhole, that's what happens.

(Joe) But you probably have a lot of sinkholes going on around the world that don't manifest on the surface as things open up.

(L) And then eventually one day... That's creepy.
Link to SOTT:

Strange seismic event 'shook' the planet for 20 minutes on November 11 - And no one felt it --

Although this was some time ago now so it’s unclear whether the seismic anomaly from then (or however much displacement occurred when the crustal shelf collapsed) could still some how influence and effect perhaps the California coast (as widely speculated with good reason) or else where?

At first I would say no given the relative short timeline between Mongolia’s and Argentina’s quake, but I’m also not a geologist/vulcanologist so anything is possible I guess.

But I do wonder given the state of the world and the amount of pressure that’s being put the population how much seismic activity is related to this exchange:

(L) I have a theory that when you have oppression of human beings en masse without them being able to release it, that energy goes into the Earth and then the planet reacts for them. It may destroy them in the process, but it reacts for them. Is that anywhere near close to true?
A: Yes!!
The BBM kinda feels like a pressure cooker right now. Expecting the worst and hoping for the best... not quite sure what that looks like. Maybe the worst is the best? 🤔


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I searched and found a site that will more or less line up the two points - antipodes
It worked only once for me, then it stalled. But, with the decimal coordinates given by the USGS, it is easy enough to compute the coordinates of the antipode. Dutch uses the big program of Goggle Earth, then you can use a ruler to measure distances, to see how far it is off, very nice, but my computer cannot handle that. The impact wave, traveling through the top layer of the crust, might speed up a little in harder rock. Geophysicists make maps with that info. I saw a set of antipode quakes happen in a single day, not losing much force either. So the tremor runs its course halfway along the mantle, then disappears, but starts up right on the other side. If such happens, earth will experience a lot of earthquakes at the same time, as new ones keep coming up meanwhile also. Thats scary.

I'm baffled to see the first two quakes to appear at exactly the same time of day. Coincidence within 3 minutes?atlas_underworld_1_1024.jpg
And, whats that hole North of Galicia?
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If such happens, earth will experience a lot of earthquakes at the same time, as new ones keep coming up meanwhile also. Thats scary
Interesting thoughts. The idea of multiple simultaneous earthquakes, the ground literally shaking & people shaking with it and from fear/panic. Could be another meaning to what the Cs said about things getting chaotic soon and giving chills to many.

Session date: 28 Dec 2019
A: Now, we would like to say something of interest to all: Soon things in your realm will become very chaotic and strange. It will give chills to many. Be not alarmed! It will pass and there will be a new reality to explore. Cosmic forces will be displayed and there will be many searching for answers. Be prepared to give the help that is needed. Be together in love and peace. Goodbye.


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Earthquake of magnitude 4.4 recorded with epicenter in Santa Fe, Granada

The National Geographic Institute has registered this Saturday an earthquake of magnitude 4.4 with epicenter in the Granada town of Santa Fe, the second that occurs in this municipality in recent hours and the tenth since last Wednesday.

According to the information of the IGN, consulted by Efe, the tremor has been located at a longitude 37.17 and a longitude of 3.73 degrees West, at a depth of zero kilometers.

This is the tenth earthquake that has occurred in the area since last Wednesday, which have ranged between magnitude 1.5 and 2.5, just this morning, after 00.00 hours.
DeepL. Registrado un terremoto de magnitud 4,4 con epicentro en Santa Fe, Granada


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Earthquake of magnitude 4.4 recorded with epicenter in Santa Fe, Granada

Just to note that, yesterday, before the quake in Spain, there was an M3.3 quake in Strasbourg, on France-Germany border :

Mag. 3.3 earthquake
3.2 km northwest of Strasbourg, Bas-Rhin, Grand Est, France, on Friday,
22 Jan 2021 7:33 pm (GMT +1)



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