Earthquakes around the world


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Thank you for your concern, mabar. I am also glad things didn't escalate here. I did hear that there are after shocks going on in San Juan, Argentina. Said after shocks oscillate the 5.0ish points in the Ritcher scale. Hope people are alright there, but we will find out tomorrow most likely...
I´m glad that you are ok. Hope that your family is also fine. Take care! :hug2:
I´m glad that you are ok. Hope that your family is also fine. Take care! :hug2:
Thanks, Mari! Yes, I stayed up late a little bit and it seems like everyone is okay. Some parts of the city felt more than others, but at least here (and as far as I know), there were no damages repoted in my city thank God. Thanks for your good wishes :-D

A quake that size will vibrate (more than likely) for a number of weeks, if not for months. Be safe out there.

Route 40 towards Mendoza, middle water height

Certainly. I checked the reports again an hour ago and there were several replies. The pictures I saw were similar to the videos you posted, where the roads had long and deep cracks as seen on this picture from a Twitter user.

During the first report this morning, their governor declared that there were no fatal victims so far. 3 people ended up hospitalized and there were reported damages to buildings and roads (as seen above). We'll see if later today we receive a more detailed one. They are expecting more replies, so their citizens are getting ready.


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M 6.8 - 33 km SSW of Turt, Mongolia
Time 2 021-01-11 15:32:58 (UTC-06:00)
Location 5 1.241°N 100.443°E
Depth 1 0.0 km
The Argentinian quake hit right at the hydro dam. (High voltage point.)
Local sites reports a 6.9 eartquake, a very shallow one.

The Mongolian hit at the antipode of the Argentinian quake, check it out!
Gives me the idea that the wave circulated around the earth.
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