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Arwenn, if the Beatha is a bit too much right now, just continue doing Pipe Breathing or just Belly Breathing while the Beatha part is going on. When you are feeling like you can handle it again, maybe just do the first part and Pipe Breathe through the rest and so on. It's never bad to hold off on the Beatha.
Thank you for the tips, @Nienna. I will implement them the next time I’m with the group EE session. It took me the better part of a whole day to release the sadness and heaviness. I’ve had a lot going on and the EE just brought that to the surface. Better out than in, though it has served as a cautionary tale to take it slow.

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Just finished a short write-up on a recent book, "Accessing the Healing Power of the Vagus Nerve", here:

Some of the exercises in it might make a good warm-up before an EE session to really make sure your ventral vagus nerve is in a state of optimal activation. (post includes a video of one such exercise)
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