Errors in "The Wave" (Online Version)

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aimarok said:
Please tell me, if we'are on the right track. If so then we'll fix English version in PublishR and translate it to Russian.

Xanthi is likely, it was transcribed by sound. I already fixed it in PublishR, please pull my change. Thx.

I switched it to Xanthi in the online version.
From ch. 12
Q: (T) Okay, so it is up in the air as to whether we join with them, they join with us, or we all work independently. We’re developing a conduit to move us from fourth density to fourth density. Once we have moved through the conduit does that mean we have completed what we came here to do, and that is anchor the frequency?

Should this read "from third density to fourth density"?
Typo in Chapter 3 of the Wave:

The idea of the Names of God as explicated by Ibn Al-‘Arabi an discussed in my book Secret History also assists us in understanding what the Cassiopaeans meant when they said “We are where we are.”
The videos for Knowledge and Being Part 1 are missing from the page:
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The videos for Knowledge and Being Part 1 are missing from the page:

It's fixed now.
Wave chapter 26:

Getting back to our hypothesis about archetypes, enters, and Names of God

Shouldn't it be Centers instead?

That still doesn’t help me to understand déjà vu as a “sensation of reality bridging”. Is déjà vu because

I cannot see pictures in the Wave anymore, like book covers.

Well that's weird. In fact, if you click where the book cover image is supposed to be, it will open the image. But it doesn't show up on the chapter page. :huh:
I found a little typo here:

The ancient teachings inform us that only human beings of iron will, guided by a higher consciousness, or No , will advance into the “New Heaven and New Earth”

I think that it should be "Noah".
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