Iodine and Potassium Iodide


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I understand that this is a very long thread. You should read it before taking iodine or potassium iodide. It will give you information and warnings so you don't hurt yourself and your children.
Also reading David Brownstein and/or Lynn Farrow's book to complete the picture.
I've been catching up with this thread, and I have to say, there are many other subjects and interesting info atached to the use of Iodine, cofactors, salt and others, but the most interesting is the effect it has on the whole body. IMO


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We were very enthusiastic on the early days and research plus testimonials support this excitement, but overall, iodine is not that easy to use. People who have a high toxic load and/or who are very diseased are advised to start with basics - dietary and lifestyle changes plus well tolerated detox protocols such as vitamins and Far Infrared Sauna. I remember that even the main forums for iodine research recommended in the books quoted above suggested "prepping up for iodine" after a year or so. Let's keep in mind that a lot of the lugol research of the early days took place before the "21st Century Stress Pandemic".

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but overall, iodine is not that easy to use.
Iodine has one tricky property. It shouldn't be taken in certain small amounts which people usually start from. In my opinion, start dose should be between 50 and 100 mg, high enough not to feed pathogens, and low enough not to make problems with toxic salts in the body. I advise such a start in my group, and people don't react badly, even if they earlier started with low doses, and had huge problems. There are few thousand members in that group, and I talk privately with anybody who writes to me. There are some dozens such people, everybody is content with Iodine, but miracles happen at doses starting from 500mg. If one didn't try 1000 mg Iodine for a few days, one doesn't know what is its potential unfortunatelly.
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