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Just a quick question:

I already received the membership material from the FOTCM and I sent out the signed letter about three weeks ago. How long does it usually take to have FOTCM membership activated on the forum?
I don't think all members of FOTCM have access to the members' only section of the forum. I think access to the members' only section of the forum also depends on active participation generally in the forum.

Exactly. As was state in the thread Joining the private FOTCM Board

Possibility of Being said:
As you probably know, or you will find out soon, there is a private sub-forum for FOTCM members. If you have received a FOTCM welcome package this only means that you are registered as a FOTCM member. Access to the private board is not granted automatically when you join the Fellowship though, but is instead decided by the Moderators/Admins for each of you on an individual basis.

The Fellowship is like an extended family in the making and the membership area is a virtual community where we as a group further the support of our members and discuss work on the common aim and related projects. Naturally, since we then are getting closer to each other we would like to know a bit about our new members before we invite them to our space; what are your challenges in life (we all have them), what are you going through, what are your circumstances? Here we look to the open forum on your participation.

On average, around 100 posts should be able to give us an outline of you and your interests. But it's not the number that counts most (sometimes 20-30 posts would suffice, other times 500 is not enough). What counts is where you put your energy and to what extent you are on board with the line of force that "defines" us. Are you interested and participating in our Diet and health, Éiriú Eolas, psychology and cognitive science, Work, Swamp boards? (The latest one has a limited access for Forum members who have at least 50 posts.) Remember, we are not looking to see if you are perfect, because nobody is, we are looking to see how in practice you resonate with and apply the Fellowship principles.


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Je n'ai jamais reçu de trousse de bienvenue pourtant annoncée par Chu par mail, j'ai seulement reçu un autocollant qui ma fait bien plaisir...
J'ai toute la série "L'ONDE" de Laura ainsi que 2 tome de "L'histoire Secrete" que j'ai lu et relis, le "11 septembre...", "Ces mondes qui nous gouvernent" que je viens de recevoir et je suis 2 à 3 fois par semaine le cd de EE respirations et prière de l'âme... Il ne me reste plus que le tome 3 de l'Histoire secrète que je commanderai le mois prochain, je pense avoir toute la collection de ce qui est traduit en Français...

I never received a welcome kit yet announced by Chu-mail, I only received a sticker that made me very happy ...
I have all the series' WAVE 'Laura and 2 Volume of' The story Secrete 'I read and reread the septemble '11 ...', 'These worlds that govern us' I just received, and I am 2-3 times a week the cd EE breaths and prayer of the soul ... It only remains for me the Volume 3 of the Secret History I command next month, I think I have the whole collection of what is translated in French ...
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