Michael Jackson Dies


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I was referring to the government and the psychopaths. And I was just thinking I was saying it could be a possibility. Becuase these celebrity's death be so close together and it seems wierd. I am not saying the government is just going around and killing them but it may be something fishy here.
anart said:
cr said:
Maybe they are starting to kill celebrity's off because of the economy crisis. And they can longer pay them thier rightful money so why not kill them.
Who is this 'they' you speak of and why in the world do you think 'they' would have a penchant for 'killing off celebrities'??


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Corto Maltese said:
I can understand why SAO post stroke a negative chord, if not anything else it is simply bad taste to speak about recently deceased in that fashion.
I, too, can understand why MJ evokes so many derisive comments and jokes, but shouldn't we all aspire to be better than that, and once upon a time, there was the concept of respect for the dead--especially when its only been less than a day since he died!

Curious as to the details of his death, I did turn on the cable news stations and a controversial Mike Luckovich editorial cartoon (http://www.ajc.com/opinion/content/opinion/luckovich/index.html) was discussed. The cartoonist was actually interviewed about the cartoon and whether it was appropriate. It was clear from his replies that he had a lot of issues regarding MJ and his alledged pedophilia. Many tweets and emails were coming in decrying this cartoon and he continued to defend his position. My thought was, considering the shock of his sudden, unexpected death, the many people worldwide who admired his creativity, talent, and music, the feelings of his friends, his family, his children, the obviously tragic existence he was living--the bizarre, manchild behaviors, his drastic facial reconstructions, his health issues and financial troubles, that the cartoon ultimately reflected poorly more on the cartoonist himself than it did on Michael Jackson.

Pedophilia is a scourge and Michael's popularity with children and teens along with his wealth (at that time) allowed him to apparently engage in this conduct. Let it be noted that he was not convicted when brought to trial. But the circumstantial evidence and the testimony of the boy victim certainly made it seem otherwise. And it seemed that his life and career was on a downhill path from that point on. So, no, that aspect of his life cannot be ignored, but he was a person of amazing talent, sadly existing in a reality extremely outside the norm of his own making and not.

On an added note, it was my impression that Michael wanted to look like Diana Ross, and a picture on my newspaper's front page taken from Ebony magazine in the fall of 2007, sure looks like he fulfilled that wish. Just another indication of a very, very different type of person.

As to celebrities dying mysteriously or being killed off, Ed was 86 and in poor health, and Farrah was clearly terminal with cancer that was diagnosed three years ago. IMO just a coincidence that they passed close to when Michael did.

Polonel said:
But the timing is perfect : he died just in time to distract the medias (and everyone who pay attention to them) from the failed fake revolution in Iran.
Iran? How about Jon and Kate?!! :lol:


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SAO said:
When Farrah Fawcett arrived at heaven, God granted her one wish. She wished for all the children to be safe.
So God killed Michael Jackson.

I genuinely feel sorry for Michael Jackson ’s family. The decision to bury, cremate or recycle cannot be an easy choice to make :P
Personally, I understand people who found SAO's post as "lacking compassion" in a way, but i admit i found it to be more funny than anything else.

Maybe that has to do with where i come from, where we always have the tendency to make humour even at our worst and most tragic moments so as to "break the evil spell" as we say. And i consider this healthy.

Physical death is but a inevitable fact for all of us. In that sense, nothing special happened to Michael Jackson. And his life might have been more painful than what will follow it. The physical death of every souled human being deserves a certain and equal amount of grief, but I will not allow myself to pain for the death of a pop product like MJ more than the anonymous and innocent Palestinian or Iraqi child. Consciously or not, MJ's soul made it's choices. I cannot forget that MJ, maybe among other difficult and ugly things in his life, was a global pop star, feeding all his life with the emotions, the "love"and money of billions of fans worldwide, a person that tasted wealth, supreme vanity and godlike worship and admiration. Adding to this his probable pedophilia, the plastic surgeries to become white and the lot, only darkens the picture... All these must come with a high price if you think of it. OK, he was a talented musician and i have enjoyed his music at times, but he was also a man that was turned by the system into a kind of a modern deity. And that is supported by the fact that making humour with Michael (a "deity") is considered by many to be a "blasphemy"... Personally, I believe that the human nature and scale is such that healthy and even sharp humour can apply to all it's expressions.

Following this line of thought, maybe SAO's humour does him a service after all by restoring him to a human scale, where even our death and our life's (mis)deeds are seen for what little they are, and therefore they can even be laughed upon. But, this is just me of course. Trying to be as fair as possible, i am thinking over my own mortality and death at this very moment, and i still i have to say that SAO's joke was a good one...



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mada85 said:
He seems to have been a tortured person, if not soul. A curious thought came to mind. Knowing that Jackson was not at all healthy I wondered about shamanism, and how shamans are called, often by a health crisis. Is it possible that the PTB can co-opt a nascent shaman, and turn them into a media star for later use? And that Jackson’s madness, for want of a better word, was a result of this? I’ve no real answer, just tossing out a thought. But certainly, at that level of fame, the pressures and manipulation must be immense.

Polonel said:
But the timing is perfect : he died just in time to distract the medias (and everyone who pay attention to them) from the failed fake revolution in Iran.
Not much more to say there! How difficult would it be to give someone a massive heart attack if the controllers wanted a major distraction for the sheeple? As someone said to me today: the Americans don’t have royalty, Americans have media stars. Jackson’s funeral will be like Princess Diana’s, and the media will have a field day. And if there ever was any authentic reporting in the US media (I know, I know…) it will be out the window for the duration.
Suddenly Media dropping the Iran news and the CIA's role in creating media 's propaganda video's on Iran is coming out and getting distributed. Michael Jackson's stroy is a perfect fit for the smooth diversion of public's mind. or is it mere synchronicity ?. Not Likely


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I do find it interesting to observe how people react to death in various contexts. I've been to a few funerals in my time and noticed that very often (not always, but often enough to have attracted my attention), a person who professes enormous grief is the very person who somehow feels guilty because they feel that they neglected the deceased in some way. And usually, they did. They couldn't be bothered to stop by and visit (especially if it was an old person who might have been tedious), or do any little thing while that person was alive, so once they are dead, they realize that their chance to do anything is now forever gone. They aren't really mourning the death of the person so much as the loss of their chances to make themselves feel good or righteous.

Then, there is grief from "object loss" so to say. If there is a major attachment between the bereaved and the deceased, there can be a lot of mourning simply because the earthly relationship was important and is no more possible.

Mainly I noticed that if the deceased was an unpleasant person, somehow they became saints by being dead. That always puzzled me as a child. How did evil Aunt Lizzie become so nice all of a sudden when everybody was afraid of her and cordially disliked (or hated) her last week? I've seen people who hadn't spoken to the deceased for years - they swore they never would speak to him/her again - show up in black and tears and carry on like they lost their whole world!

Then, of course, there is the barbarity of Western/modern funeral traditions. Sheesh! I don't have a problem with gathering around the made-up body of the deceased - that's important for saying proper farewells - but playing/singing those horrible hymns, preaching those horrible sermons about "The Resurrection" and so on, are just too much.

And of course, everyone is just HORRIFIED that so and so has actually - gasp, shudder - DIED.

Well, sure, you have a right to be so horrified if it is your child or mate or parent or sibling - it can affect you that way (see object loss above).

It's also sort of natural to be shocked when someone dies relatively young. Michael Jackson was only 51, I believe, or close enough. But we ought not to be SO shocked by his death because of the lifestyle he was involved in. It's been clear for years that he had health issues to anybody with a few firing neurons. They did seem to be at least partly self-inflicted because of his messed up psychology.

In the end, I think that most people who are upset by death at a distance like this are those who are afraid of their own mortality. And, as the song goes, "Those afraid of dying, never learn to live." (And sometimes this fear of death can be expressed by making jokes!)

So, yeah, the guy had a tragic life. Look at how desperate he was to have someone to belong to him, to whom he belonged - he paid an almost virtual stranger to have babies for him and sign them over to him. (By the way, I haven't noticed anyone wondering what is gonna happen to those poor kids - they were my first thought.)

So, you have a tragedy of the kind that you can generally say: "yeah, shocking because he was so young, but the people who run in his crowd, live his kind of life, take that risk."

As for any automatic sainthood post-mortem... well, he was no saint in life, but he also was no worse than many others in similar circumstances. I do think there was some "funny business" going on between him and young boys but I'm not sure it was pedophilia as we generally understand it. He really may have been so disturbed that he pretended to be a young boy - a Peter Pan - and tried to engage with other young boys on that level. That makes it pretty sick, and certainly no better for the victims, but then, Michael was a victim too.

We don't know if MJ was potentially souled or an OP... so we can't even conjecture about his potential in the "hereafter."

I don't think it is very generous in spirit to make fun of him and his tragedy. Better to always remember to "Ask not for whom the bell tolls..."

There are two children that are now without a father/home. They will likely inherit whatever there is to inherit and they, themselves, will become the targets of predators particularly of the legal kind.

But, there are other, greater, tragedies taking place every hour, every minute of every day and maybe the death of a "Pop Icon" is sort of a vicarious way of acknowledging that? Maybe when people are upset over the deaths of strangers in this way, they are doing that, allowing themselves a permissable outlet for their generalized grief?

And those who don't? Well, I only notice that SAO has been given a couple of opportunities to actually do some things (like work on SOTT) that might contribute to actually helping others even if it is only bearing witness to their suffering, and has never been able to actually DO anything. Perhaps his reaction to MJ's death is like whistling past the graveyard in respect of his own feelings of helplessness in the face of a world gone mad?

So, R.I.P. Michael Jackson and all the unsung people like you who lived tortured lives. At least you managed, in spite of your suffering, to bring some enjoyment into the lives of others. That's more than a lot of people can say/do.


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At least you managed, in spite of your suffering, to bring some enjoyment into the lives of others. That's more than a lot of people can say/do.
Amen to that...


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Laura said:
There are two children that are now without a father/home. They will likely inherit whatever there is to inherit and they, themselves, will become the targets of predators particularly of the legal kind.
The original posting made the comment that no one had commented about his children - the post has since been edited. If Michael Jackson lived in a special circle of hell, his three children live in their own, even deeper circle of hell which has now become so much more complicated.

We will see many discussions about "what is best for the children" but the simple bottom line is that when the value of an estate is measured in hundreds of millions (and who really knows right now given MJ's unknown debt level), the parasites and predators emerge by the legion.

These poor children are faced with forces no human being should ever have to face, mostly because I cannot imagine the strength of character it would take for an adult, let alone for a child. Moreover, even though these decisions should be made in private, out of the white hot spotlight, what is actually going to happen is that this whole saga will play out in real time on TMZ, Extra, NBC Nightly News and the National Enquirer. Not only will there not be anybody who is likely to shield them from this whirlwind, everyone involved will rapidly move to stake their claim and the children will be the rope in the tug-of-war.

I would not wish this outcome on my worst enemy.


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Laura said:
There are THREE children?
Yes, according to Wikipedia.
Wiki said:
Jackson married twice and fathered three children, all of which caused further controversy. In 2005, Jackson was tried and acquitted of further sexual abuse allegations and several other charges.

I wonder what will happen to them? A member of the Jackson family taking them in is a possibility. I am sure MJ had a will, so arrangements for the children would/should have been made already. It is standard practice here to include it in estate planning.


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12-year-old Michael Joseph "Prince" Jackson Jr., 11-year-old Paris Michael Katherine Jackson and 7-year-old Prince Michael II Jackson. The mother of the first two has clarified the fact that she will not fight Jackson's (evil) parents for custody. The mother of the third has never been disclosed.

All three kids are named Michael Jackson, in one form or another... :shock:


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Hmm... 3 children?

MJ Children said:
But an even larger question is emerging in the wake of the King of Pop's untimely passing: What will happen with Jackson's three children?

"They are in the care of a nanny and are with Mrs. Jackson -- Katherine Jackson, the matriarch of the family," Brian Oxman, Jackson family lawyer, told Canada AM co-host Seamus O'Regan on Friday.

The 50-year-old pop icon was the father of two boys and a daughter.

Jackson's first son Michael Joseph Jackson Jr., known as Prince, was born in 1997. His daughter, Paris Michael Katherine Jackson, was born in 1998. In 2002 Jackson welcomed Prince Michael Jackson II, also known as Blanket, into the family.

"He was wonderful with his kids," Oxman told O'Regan.

Prince Michael, now age 12, and Paris, 11, share the same mother: Jackson's ex-wife Debbie Rowe. After a long legal battle Rowe relinquished her parental rights to Jackson.

The name of the woman who is the mother seven-year-old Prince Michael II has never been divulged. It has been long speculated, however, that this mystery mom also relinquished any custody claims to the child.


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There's an interesting documentary here : http://www.agoravox.tv/article.php3?id_article=23104 (English with French subtitles). It show (or want to show) the real MJ. How he used the medias to build his figure, how he won his trial and how then he felt untouchable.

We can see pictures of Nerverland too (http://musique.fluctuat.net/diaporamas/neverland-le-ranch-de-michael-jackson/Michael-Jackson-et-les-enfants-2.html) and all that give me big unease. I will no more heard his music with the same feeling now.

For me, to know how to sing and entertain people since a such young age and be creative, implicate to have an "old" soul but perhaps, I'm totally wrong. Being able to serve other by enchanting them and at the same time being so egocentric (painting of himself in all room) there's something I don't understand.
Here' my question for the C's if it's possible: was MJ souled and if yes, did his fight was to avoid traps of celebrity or is it more complex ?

Edit: there's this photo of his two first children. Really the biological father ?!



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I always found it odd that MJ had people in such a thrall, especially the youngsters. Off the Wall and Thriller were good albums but after that I never could grasp what all the hubub was about. He just became progressively more painful to watch, what with all the wierdness, surgeries and the peodophilia accusations (Neverland ranch seemed like "kiddie bait" to me).

So now it comes out that MJ died after being injected with Demerol by his doctor. http://www.sott.net/articles/show/187874-Michael-Jackson-Farrah-Fawcett-the-Latest-Celebrity-Victims-of-Big-Pharma

I speculated that the cause of his death might have been from prescription drug use/abuse. Sheesh, ... to be the doctor who killed the King of Pop...


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I also note, that the media around the world are taking
advantage of most of the broadcasts with MJ and also
of Farah Fawcett, life stories, and all that but also that
CDs, DVDs, Fan objects are being cleared off from the
store shelves.

Hmm... the media is in a frenzy and milking this one,
hand over fence in a dour economy?

One's loss is another's gain?

My respects to the families of EM, MJ, and FF for their loss.



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I was a fan of his when I was a child and he was into his disco period. I just love the song and the video for Rock With You (the one with the wonderful sequin leotard!) and I just saw that video on TV this morning.

I could not help but cry when I saw how he was then, that beautiful, black young man singing with all his heart. I may be projecting but he does look happy in that video. It just went downhill from there, even if the seed for self-destruction was planted much earlier on. Never again afterwards does he have that expression on his face. Afterwards, it's Thriller, Bad, hand at the crotch and smirk on his face for the rest of his career...
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