Music,sound and resonance

Yep. I did. As a person who "plants" I feel the energy when I spend my time in their environment. They do communicate and am/was interested "hearing" their frequencies as it is proven that plants as with all life has frequencies. I as/was open to the idea. Just because we may not innerstand the comunications of others does not mean there is no communication taking place.
Yep. I did. As a person who "plants" I feel the energy when I spend my time in their environment. They do communicate and am/was interested "hearing" their frequencies as it is proven that plants as with all life has frequencies. I as/was open to the idea. Just because we may not innerstand the comunications of others does not mean there is no communication taking place.

Hi again 1peacelover, i don't know if i can say that i understand you, but in this case i understand what you wrote.

In your way to be closer to the plants, even if your mind is with the stars, you have to be enough "rooted".
My "are you joking" was more about the representation of the video, and the red flag "the greatest secret of the universe, we create our reality..." than your feelings and curiosity to the vegetal.

And i will be glad if we can share some experiences or connections with them.
It seems that one of Anthurium have some notes to share:
The music in this recording has actually been performed by a plant, Anthurium (anthurium andreanum), thanks to a specific electronic device. Plants emit signals in reaction to external stimuli and to communicate with everything. These signals are detectable as variations in the bio-electrical field of the plant and can be converted into a MIDI signal (Musical Instruments Digital Interface). I sent this MIDI signal into a synthesizer and programmed a soft, soothing sound tuned at 432 Hz. After some time being connected to such device and producing sounds, plants seem to become aware of the process; they seem to understand that those sounds are coming from them... and they start playing with it.
Thanks Gmork to bring some drops of water to this cactus thread !

Here an interview of the Dr James Bare mentioned in the videos:
I am a Doctor of Chiropractic and I have had a strong relationship with natural therapeutics most of my adult life. My interest in frequency technologies goes back into my childhood. When I was 8 years old I discovered Morse Code – a form of pulsed electricity to convey information. Later as a teenager I discovered Tesla, Steinmetz, and others, who literally became my childhood heroes. I graduated from Cleveland Chiropractic College of Los Angeles in 1976. Becoming a Chiropractor provided me with an interest in healing using a variety of electrotherapeutic devices. What appealed to me was that these machines were not chemicals in a bottle and importantly they could be used to heal people.
Around 1993, I was introduced to Dr. Royal Raymond Rife and his work. Things completely clicked for me. I was familiar with the concepts of healing, using wide band Radio Frequencies (RF) through the work of Georges Lakhovsky. I also had heard about the early electrotherapy devices where people would literally take “electric showers”. Tesla was also involved with some of these early devices. Barry Lynes book on Dr. Rife was instrumental in my deciding that it might be possible to re-create a device that was similar in some respects to that of Rife’s. My first instrument was developed and tested in 1994, and when tested on micro-organisms actually worked! There is a long story to all this, but suffice it to say, my first instrument received worldwide recognition! The rest as they say, is history.

I am going to offer an explanation, and this explanation destroys the Inverse Square Law (ISL) argument being used against the PERL by some of your competitors. Perhaps after hearing my explanation, the ISL can be used to contrast those devices whose operation are subject to this law. All devices that are subject to the law have to be used within a few inches of the body to produce best effects. Not 30 feet like the PERL!
There are two key aspects to this explanation.
First, the body is an antenna and will actually produce a “gain” to the signal strength via a natural resonance. The best resonant gain is at around 50 MHz, but there is still a very good resonance gain at 27 MHz as well.
This brings up a point, a human body’s resonance and gain at 3.3 MHz is relatively very poor compared to the resonance and gain at 27.125 MHz. Due to poor resonance and little to no gain, devices with a 3.3 MHz carrier are subject to the Inverse Square Law and must be used close to the body to maximize delivery of frequencies. The manufacturers in fact recommend their customers use the devices very close (within inches) to the body.
Further the first harmonic of 27.125 MHz is 54.25 MHz; a harmonic of the carrier wave that the PERL produces. This carrier harmonic includes sidebands and this is right at the peak of body absorption.
Second, the human body is a capacitor – why one can walk across a carpet and get a shock by touching a door knob. Capacitors of course store energy. In the case of the just mentioned sparking/shock a human body can store thousands of volts of energy !
This all brings us to the method, a subset of what is known as Wireless Resonant Energy Transfer (WRET). WRET is currently used to charge different electrical devices especially cell phones , with the device being in proximity to the field of the charging device. Most of the commercial devices using WRET use magnetic fields to transfer energy wirelessly via induction. Induction works only across a small distance and is also subject to the Inverse Square Law. This is where things get all confused. The PERL does not use Resonant Induction to transfer energy.
As is known, the plasma tube converts RF into an intense Oscillating Electric Field. The wavelength of 27.125 MHz is 35.6 feet . This is important, for the effective distance of the PERL is dependent upon the wavelength of the carrier wave. As the body can act like a capacitor and also is very resonant at 27 MHz, the PERL transmits energy to the human body via what is known as Resonant Capacitive Coupling.

Well the rest of this interview.

And also this thread Rife, radionics, PEMF...
Rife, radionics, PEMF, nano, fir, EAV, physioscanning, scenars, etc...
This is really a very important thread. Music can elevate us or bring us down. Natural resonance is just part of it.We are drawn to music that expresses our hearts. Music works on all levels of being, but I really believe live music is the best. It's just more pure.

A study on the relation between dance and frequency (from here)

Undetectable very-low frequency sound increases dancing at a live concert

Does low frequency sound (bass) make people dance more? Music that makes people want to move tends to have more low frequency sound, and bass instruments typically provide the musical pulse that people dance to. Low pitches confer advantages in perception and movement timing, and elicit stronger neural responses for timing compared to high pitches, suggesting superior sensorimotor communication. Low frequency sound is processed via vibrotactile and vestibular (in addition to auditory) pathways, and stimulation of these non-auditory modalities in the context of music can increase ratings of groove (the pleasurable urge to move to music), and modulate musical rhythm perception. Anecdotal accounts describe intense physical and psychological effects of low frequencies, especially in electronic dance music, possibly reflecting effects on physiological arousal. We do not, however, know if these associations extend to direct causal effects of low frequencies in complex, real-world, social contexts like dancing at concerts, or if low frequencies that are not consciously detectable can affect behaviour. We tested whether non-auditory low-frequency stimulation would increase audience dancing by turning very-low frequency (VLF) speakers on and off during a live electronic music concert and measuring audience members’ movements using motion-capture. Movement increased when VLFs were present, and because the VLFs were below or near auditory thresholds (and a subsequent experiment suggested they were undetectable), we believe this represents an unconscious effect on behaviour, possibly via vestibular and/or tactile processing.

Main text​

People attending a performance by the electronic music duo Orphx at the LIVELab were recruited for the study. Participants gave informed consent, were fitted with motion-capture marker headbands, and completed pre- and post-concert questionnaires (see Supplemental information). We turned VLF speakers (8–37 Hz) on and off every 2.5 minutes over 55 minutes of the performance (Figure 1D), calculated head movement speed (the three-dimensional path length per sampling unit of time) for each participant in each of the eighteen segments, and compared average normalized movement while VLFs were ON vs. OFF. Our data show that audience participants moved more, on average by 11.8%, while VLFs were ON vs. OFF (t(42) = 5.32, p < 0.0001; d = 0.81; Figure 1E).
Figure thumbnail gr1

Figure 1Audience members at an electronic music performance moved more when very-low frequencies were present vs. absent.
Show full caption
Post-concert questionnaire data indicated that participants felt bodily sensations associated with bass frequencies during the concert, and that these were pleasurable and contributed to the urge to move (all p < 0.001). However, the bodily sensations were not perceived as stronger than at similar concerts (p = 0.49). Together, these results reflect associations between bass, dancing, and pleasure in electronic dance music, consistent with previous reports, but also that the bodily sensations apparent to participants were not elicited by the VLFs (most concerts do not use VLF speakers and participants indicated bodily sensations were similar to other concerts).
To confirm that the VLFs were not consciously detectable, 17 new participants (one of whom participated in the concert experiment) completed a two-alternative forced choice task using the same VLF speakers in the LIVELab. On each trial, participants heard two pairs of 3.5 s excerpts from the concert audio and indicated which pair’s excerpts were different (all excerpts in the trial were identical except for the presence or absence of VLFs in one excerpt). Participants performed at chance (mean 49.8% correct, SD = 4.56%), and a Bayesian t test on participants’ rates of correct responses indicated substantial evidence for the null hypothesis — that participants could not detect the presence/absence of VLFs (n = 17; prior = Cauchy distribution centred on 0 with width = 0.707; BF0+ = 4.36; Figure 1F). It should be noted that two experimenters familiar with the VLF manipulation and the purpose of this follow-up experiment participated in it and performed at chance (both 50% correct). Omitting their data has a negligible effect, only reducing the Bayes factor slightly (BF0+ = 4.12).
These results demonstrate that a complex, social behaviour — dance — can be increased in intensity by VLFs without participants’ awareness. This result exceeds the previously known associations between bass and dance, demonstrating a large and highly reliable effect in a context of maximal ecological validity.
Vibrotactile and vestibular systems process low frequency sound, have close links to the motor system, and can affect groove ratings, spontaneous movement, and rhythm perception. Because of these connections, and because VLFs were below or near auditory threshold, these non-auditory sensory pathways were likely involved in the observed effect of VLFs on dancing at a live concert by contributing salient cross-modal cues to the motor system.
One theory suggests the vestibular system in particular has a fundamental role in human perception of low frequencies, musical rhythm, and the urge to move to music, in part due to vestibular-autonomic effects. Our study is consistent with that theory, although it was not a direct test of it.
Some VLFs were above the predicted perceptual thresholds, although consciously undetectable. Because VLFs were relatively near thresholds (that were determined in silence) whereas non-VLFs were far above thresholds (see supplemental material), we believe that auditory masking of the VLFs contributed to their being undetectable.
The undetectable nature of the VLFs shows that the causal relationship between bass and dancing does not reflect an explicit association — that is, it is highly unlikely that audience members identified when VLFs were activated and responded by consciously deciding to dance more (despite having a general association of bass, movement, and pleasure). The implicit nature of the response suggests involvement of subcortical pathways from sound to behaviour, possibly including modulation of the reward system, whose activity is associated with groove and movement vigor, and/or timing dynamics in the motor system via basal ganglia. While culture and individual experience may or may not influence the extent to which VLFs influence dancing and movement, their undetectable nature suggests a relatively low-level pathway by which low frequencies influence movement and dancing, in turn suggesting a fundamental aspect of human music cognition and dance behaviour.
A study on the relation between dance and frequency (from here)


I have noticed even without a study that even audible low-frequency bass can be physically felt when the volume is turned up. At one college alumni dinner, the volume was so high I could feel it vibrate a styrofoam plate I was holding as I waited in the buffet line. Way too loud.

If the very low-frequency study was credible, ELF or Extremely Low Frequency would be even more effective in causing physical reactions. It reminds me of the various sessions where the Cs talked about ELF.

Session 5 October 1994:
Q: (L) Did the United States government deliberately murder the Branch Davidians at Waco?

A: Close. Led them to destroy themselves.

Q: (L) How?

A: Psychological warfare tactics.

Q: (L) Did the US government set their compound on fire?

A: No.

Q: (L) Who set the compound on fire?

A: Branch Davidians. Drove them crazy.

Q: (L) Were ELF or subliminals used?

A: Yes. As well as other means.

Harassment is one possible use of this technology.

Session 24 February 1995:
Q: (GB) Who have you been contacting? Linda Howe...

A: Not important, the sources are sincere but closely watched. Some of this has now transferred to you.

Q: (BP) Is Robin in danger?

A: Yes.

Q: (T) Is more than one government of more than one country involved here?

A: It is a complex.

Q: (T) Should she take the trip to England.

A: Open.

Q: (J) They are not going to give advice other than to stay with others. (CD) The thing the other night... was I being bombarded by ELF frequencies?

A: All are.

Q: (L) All in the room?

A: All are.

Q: (BP) Are they using ELF or microwave technologies specifically to do something to Caryl?

A: Give maybe.

Q: (T) Run that by us again.

A: Give maybe.

Q: (T) They are giving us a maybe. (GB) Who in the government, which branch of the government?

A: It is a complex source.

Q: (CD) Am I in physical danger?

A: That is not the point. You can be harassed.

Sometimes it seems ELF is active during military operations using ships etc. Maybe it makes secret abductions easier to accomplish and hide.

Session 14 October 1995:

Q: (L) Are the Esseseni positively oriented beings, as has been suggested by some?

A: Split.

Q: (T): Some STS, some STO?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) OK, now we have a visitor this evening, my brother, and he is really just kind of on the periphery...

A: Tom Knight.

Q: (L) And he is just on the periphery of this subject, more or less, but he does have a couple of questions he would like to ask, and one of the questions is: has he himself ever been abducted by aliens in this lifetime?

A: Complex.

Q: (L) Complex? OK, then does that mean yes or no? I know it's complex, but...

A: Ships are vulnerable to ELF and "Zero time transfer."

Q: (L) So, are you suggesting that any abductions that took place, took place while he was on board a ship?

A: Maybe.

Q: (T): Were you in the Navy? (L) He's retired. (T): How long? 20 years? That's a long time! What did you serve on, what kind of ships? (TK): AEGIS Cruiser, I was just on one ship, that was just the last five years or so... (L) He spent almost his entire Navy career on land, which is quite a feat. (T) Yeah, that is pretty good! Were his abductions... did they take place while he was on the ship, on the cruiser? I know that's what you said, I'm just clarifying...

A: We see "Bahrain."

Q: (L) We re you in Bahrain? (T) Somewhere in the Gulf? (TK) We were only in Bahrain one night. (T) That's all it takes! (L) Like getting pregnant, you know! It only takes once! (TK) What did those suckers do to me? (L) He wants to know what they did!

A: Examine. You must remember, different branches of your military services have underlying code mechanisms to determine their classification status for "secret" duty, including study of personnel, this is all very complex... Now, "U.S. Navy is status 2", which means among other things, that it is married to a class 2 "Cooperation Agency”, the O.N.I. All technical personnel are approached during their service, and asked to perform tasks for secret government. If they accept, they are "brought under classified management."

Perhaps the ELF and ELP (Extra Low Pulse) signals are used for purposes more sinister than causing us to feel like dancing? And visual strobe lights may be part of the equation sometimes.

Session 18 November 1995:
Q: (L) Okay, they are telling us not to assume, but to ask. (T) Okay, what craft are we NOT seeing?

A: Opener. Is precursor to suggestion, which is auditory in nature.

Q: (T) What suggestion?

A: Put on your thinking caps. Networking is not making assumptions. Bold unilateral statement of "fact" is.

Q: (T) Oh. Phrase your statements in the form of a question! I'd like "Hypnotic Openers" for $200, Alex! Cosmic Jeopardy! (L) Okay, you said the "suggestion is auditory in nature." If this is the case, where is the suggestion coming from auditorily?

A: Where do you normally receive auditory suggestions from?

Q: (L) Radio, television... (T) Telephone... (L) Is that what we are talking about?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) If you encounter a strobe while driving, or you are sitting in front of your television, then the suggestions can be put into you better because of this hypnotically opened state? Is that it?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) What are these suggestions designed to do, to suggest? In a general sense?

A: Review.

Q: (L) Not see the craft?

A: Yes.

Q: (T) Do we get these signals from the radio in the car even if it is turned off?

A: Depends upon whether or not there is another source.

Q: (T) Another source such as?

A: ELP, for example.

Q: (L) What is "ELP?"

A: Extremely Low Pulse.

Q: (T) ELF, Extremely Low Frequency, and ELP, Extremely Low Pulse - is this the same thing?

A: Sometimes.

Q: (T) This would be an external pulse or frequency?

A: Yes.

Q: (T) Would it be originating from the source of the strobe?

A: No. They act in unison.

Q: (T) Two separate sources acting in unison?

A: Close.

Q: (L) And this process prevents us from seeing something, such as craft flying in our skies at any given time?

A: Or maybe see them as something else.

There may be many applications of ELF technology in psychological manipulation and it often seems to relate to screcet government agencies and operations.

Session 13 January 1996:
Q: (P) {Three names were given of scientists who worked for the U.S. government, asking if they were part of the reason P had been abducted and implanted as was described in a previous session attended by P. All three names were lost in static bursts, but the response to all three names was "yes." The last name was recorded in the notes and was Bob Nathan @ JPL. Then, the following remark was made.}

A: Big involvement there! Microwave technology has many applications. Laser, ELF, electromagnetic.

Q: (P) Was Vic's last assignment... {remainder of question lost in static. Vic was P's husband who had worked on secret government research at an underground facility and was now dying.}

A: Was used, but not consistently.

Q: (P) Was what Vic was told about the job he was doing a complete lie, or was it the truth?

A: Close, but a few details off.

Q: (P) Was it because he was too strong willed to be controlled by an implant, that he was retired?

A: He was trained in applications, not reversal of command instructions.

Q: (P) Does that mean that he wouldn't have sold out to the ones who put in the implant, that he was loyal to his employer?

A: Not quite correct concept, it means that he could not be relied upon to reverse "course" upon activation of subliminal instructions.

Q: (P) How could I be used to monitor personnel when I never noticed anything as being unusual?

A: Very complex, in fact, parallel subject. P is "locator probe" for the purpose of monitoring those in her midst. Telling is not important, reading is. Besides, most of the work performed did not involve conscious awareness.

Q: (L) Is this still going on?

A: Partly, but also, P could be used as a probe to monitor all events taking place at JPL and other laboratories by examining aural imprints of her husband and others with whom she was acquainted. All events leave permanent imprints upon aural energy fields. This explains, for example, some sightings and apparitions. "Ghosts" are sometimes merely spontaneous activations of the aural records of the natural surroundings.

Q: (P) {Question lost in static burst.}

A: No, P, the "blue thing" you saw was not an aural imprint reading, it was a 4th density craft partially transferred into 3rd density. Your deep subconscious memory remembers much, much more.

Q: (L) Pk wants to know about the "sound" he hears in his head that he was describing earlier.

A: It is Pk.

Q: (L) You mean his own internal sound?

A: Close.

Q: (Pk) What does it mean?

A: Discover.

Q: (P) Does the knife incident have anything to do with it? The memory of Pk cutting his thumb with a knife, immediately after the blue light?

A: Yes.

Q: (P) What did the knife have to do with it?

A: Screen memory. Good Night.

End of Session

Apparently according to the Cs ELF can make one feel miserable. And if paired with fluoride in the water it can be even more effective.

Session 5 July 1997:
Q: (Laura) This couple of weeks that Ark spent in Dijon were miserable. What was the fundamental reason for these conditions and this misery?

A: Near ELF transmitter. Also the water supply is loaded with fluoride.

Fluoride and ELF seem to be often used together when manipulating public awareness.

Session 22 July 2000:

Q: (A) I want to know what is going on in East Texas! (L) Yes. Even if Vincent is not right about it being the center of the web, he says that the first phone call Hoover made after the Kennedy assassination was to somebody in Tyler, Texas...

A: One thing that is interesting about East Texas, or more specifically, Northeast Texas, is that the water is very heavily fluoridated. This makes one more susceptible to intense forms of ELF mind programming. There have been some experiments conducted in this area relating to this.

Q: (A) That's Extremely Low Frequencies?

A: Yes.

Q: (A) But the water tasted so GOOD! It was the best water I ever drank! I'm serious!

A: That is by design.

Q: (A) Oh, they're so tricky! I mean, you drink the water there and you just say "This is SO good!" And you want more and more!

A: If you wish to catch bees, are you going to use a net, or some honey, maybe??

Q: (A) That makes total sense. (IT) Does Brooklyn have this problem?

A: No, Brooklyn has other problems.

Q: (IT) Yes, Dwayne and I discussed how the kids in the neighborhood are just interested in their clothes and their music - they don't even ask or think about the questions of their reality.

A: There is something located under the "East New York" neighborhood...

Q: (L) Where are the ELF waves in East Texas generated from? (IT) So, what's going on in East New York? (L) Let's get finished with Texas first!

A: Centered in two generation points: Bryan/College Station, Secret government facility connected to NASA/NORAD and located in Fort Bend County west of Houston.

Q: (A) West Texas? All the way up there from Houston? (C) Bryan College is only about an hour away from us!

A: Satellites are used to concentrate the signal in a "bounce back" mode. Power station covers underground facility in East New York. Very unobtrusive looking. The healthiest borough to live in in New York City is the Bronx.

Our lack of energy and normal functioning may be due to many "energetic wave factors".

Session 20 October 2011:

Q: (Ark) Why my work on my paper is going so slow lately? What's wrong?

A: Lack of energy due to weather and energetic wave factors.

Q: (Psyche) I wanted to ask about the strange sounds around the world, especially in Kiev? (L) Oh yeah, the strange sounds like a trumpet in the sky.

A: Mostly radio type waves due to increase of solar system energy input.

Q: (L) How can you hear radio waves? Why are people hearing these things?

A: Interaction with other EM factors on planet similar to amplification and wave conversion.

Q: (Ark) Something in the Earth changes the frequency and starts vibrating. (Mr. Scott) Or maybe like some kind of modulation where the frequencies add and subtract, and you end up with audible frequencies. (Ark) No, I think it's a secondary vibration. But then these radio waves should be detected by radio devices. And the question is, why there is nothing special? We have a lot of radio devices, and they do not detect these waves. (L) I wonder if those circles that people are always seeing on radar devices have anything to do with it? (L) Well, the question is, if they were detecting something, would they even tell us? But then there are radar devices at every airport. Surely people would say something. (Ark) Are these low frequency radio waves?

A: Yes. ELF.

I know these examples are not pleasant to think about and do not offer the many positive uses of "sound and resonance" but I do think it is good to see where they may be affecting us as we struggle to find the positive uses for frequency.

It seems those who tried to give the world healing uses were usually obstructed and sometimes even murdered for their discoveries. Let us hope that one day we will use music, sound and frequency to heal and uplift humanity in ways we cannot even imagine.
I know these examples are not pleasant to think about and do not offer the many positive uses of "sound and resonance" but I do think it is good to see where they may be affecting us as we struggle to find the positive uses for frequency.

It seems those who tried to give the world healing uses were usually obstructed and sometimes even murdered for their discoveries. Let us hope that one day we will use music, sound and frequency to heal and uplift humanity in ways we cannot even imagine
I really appreciate your input on this point.
And that brings us back to the work and network, to literally and figuratively know our machinery, to be able to do what we come back to again and again in this world: to simply and plainly experience our ability to take responsibility for our choices and to be a realised human being oriented STO, immersed in an environment of perpetual STS.
And more often the struggle arises in our private garden where we least expect it, people and things that are intimate to us can do us the greatest harm without being aware of it.
Vigilance is not just a word or a sound, it must resonate within us and not only sharpen our senses, but also our antennae, because to really enjoy the show, we need good antennae for the best possible reception.

The quote of February from the calendar of the FOTCM:
"My brain is only a receiver, in the Universe
there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength
and inspiration.
I have not penetrated into the secrets of this core, but
i know that it exists."
_Nicola Tesla

And the one of this month November:
"Taking the easy way out or telling the truth - those are not
merely two differents choices.
They are different pathway through life."

And to paraphrase Jordan Peterson:
"Hearing the easy way or listening to the truth - those are not
simply two different voices.
They are different antennae."
I think Susumu Ohno's work could be framed well in this thread.

A bit of context :

This reputed geneticist and evolutionary biologist, known for his use of cytology techniques that led him to become more interested in chromosomes and subsequently arrive at the first major research of his career: the discovery of X-chromosome inactivation (1959). This discovery was a precursor to the current field of epigenetics and epigenomics research. Today it is virtually impossible to find a research paper on the evolution of multigene systems and whole genomes that does not refer to his research.

As part of his research to understand the origins of the genetic code and translation machinery, he developed a code in which he found many unique internal periodicity patterns in various genetic sequences and somehow managed to translate them into the musical octave scale. In his opinion, the beauty of these basic repetitive motifs could have reflected the primary modules of the emerging bilingual life (constructed of nucleic acids and proteins).

Thanks to the genius and imagination of Susumu Ohno, today we can enjoy this hidden truth not only by observing it in sequences, but even by listening to them.

Since then, several other scientists and artists have contributed to the field, translating DNA sequences, DNA-encoded proteins into music; making music from the characteristics of protein amino acids; or creating web-based tools to create their own music based on protein secondary structure, "Proteomusic".( Protinfo Proteomusic )

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