New Show: MindMatters (RIP Truth Perspective)


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We're glad you're enjoying it! Matthew sure does make some intriguing and timely connections doesn't he?

And we recommend reading the referenced articles discussed (links below).

Thank you, I can't wait for you to have him on again! Great format, always interesting subjects and high level information for sure!


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Regarding the show Matthew Ehret: Technocracy's Seeds of Transhumanism, it was hard to come up for air (he is certainly passionate on subjects) - and it was fun in that kind of way when speaking of such serious subjects, that you all help foster the atmosphere.

Briefly, something about Matt discussing abstract art, and to paraphrase and embellish, it was something like the abstract art enthusiast bringing people down to that level; oh, don't you see what 'we' see, it is so mazing, yes? The observer being guilted to capitulating with the crowd who are oohing and ahhing. The observer says with a smile, oh, I now see what you mean (not). :umm:

Matt mentions the word 'helmsman' - and how it was used (cybernetics - the art of steering in Greek, or as 'governor' in latin), while also seeing how systems are organized under direct tutelage of the helmsman who navigate from here to there (no one need think about it) with the modern though fleets (progressive social, medical et cetera). Unfortunately, many or most are stuck on the boat with the helmsman thinking that that course is the correct course, and how many now align with those 'governors' today.

There was an interesting counterbalance to the Russel gang, with discussion on Leibniz, along with Kurt Gödel et cetera, and how much of the works of Leibniz had been suppressed, removed and hidden away as a threat to the adopted Russell closed system designs.

Here is that particular article on

From Russell and Hilbert to Wiener and Harari: The Disturbing Origins of Cybernetics and Transhumanism --

Thanks as always, guys!
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