New show: NewsReal with Joe & Niall


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NewsReal with Joe & Niall is back!... again :-D

Thanks to the PTB's drive to hook everyone up to the 'Internet of Things', we now have sufficient broadband to begin live video shows.
Wooooo hooooo!! :cheer:This is such amazing news! I'll make sure I'm there, at least during the weekend show. YouTube has a nasty habit of removing content they don't like, hopefully you'll manage to fly under the radar!

Random fact / side note: I remember I used to try to keep my fat consumption up during the time of live SOTT radio shows and I would put lard in empty capsules to take it as a supplement. I always prepared a whole batch for the week ahead during the SOTT radio broadcasts :lol:
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Here's a link to today's livestream:

I think that is both the URL that will enable you to watch it live, and the URL at which the show can be viewed at a later time.

In any event, YT is trigger-happy with censorship so it'll also be uploaded (post-show) to the NewsReal Odysee channel, here: NewsReal With Joe & Niall

It'll also be up on Sott later with a downloadable mp3 audio file.


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I arrived a little on the end but I like this format, the rendering of the lights, the place, this new studio is of a higher level of quality than the previous one I have the impression, that is likely to attract quite a lot of people (I wish us!)
Good end of sunday to all and thanks for the show :)
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