Photos and videos of our amazing 2D residents

When I went for a walk in my garden I came across this bird that was not moving, I took it in my hand and stroked it for a few moments and then it flew away to land on my shoulder and stayed for several minutes before flying away.

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In case you might be interested and fwiw this looks to be a Short-toed treecreeper (or perhaps the very similar-looking treecreeper). The former has dingier flanks than the latter species or so they say in bird books though this is not always apparent in the field.

Here's a charming video of the little brown job working its way up a tree -

One last video from "The Dodo".

This made me think about a kind of discussion between 2 mates :

> A: Hey, come watch with me the last season of XYZ on netflix ! Lot of action, almost x-rated sex scenes (LGBTQxxx approved), good blood scenes, outrageous morality, cheap jokes, anti-hero with a bad temper but big muscles, and of course, incredible GFX !

> B: No thanks, i prefer "The Dodo"

This time, there's a bit of suspense ... will they all be saved ?
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