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Sometimes it has been discussed what the Danes could have done on April 9. A map gives an idea of the options seen from a German perspective, several of the officers that later joined the German war effort were sad there was so little resistance.
One thing is to be run over, but joining an effort is another. After writing the last post I decided to use more of the information in the map I used and not only include Demyansk, Velikiye Luki, Lomonosov, Narva, and Kurzerne. The map is not complete but it still gives and idea of the situation and having discovered that there has been a tendency in some European countries to bury unpleasant history, even make a show of being very offended creating a diplomatic row for no good reason when some highly placed and well informed outsider holds up a mirror. The places on screen shots of the maps below are presented by section:
Western Ukraine 1941
The invasion began on June 22 1941 and after about a week they were inside Western Ukraine in the part that had previously been considered Poland:
To the left on the map of Ukraine there was L'viv:
In German: Lemberg

The 1. July 1941 Division Wiking moved into the Western capital of L'viv (then Lemberg) and started a pogrom which cost the lives of thousands of Jews.

Instigated by the German security police, Ukrainian nationalists and Wikings SS volunteers committed a series of massacres described in Nazi propaganda as ”retaliation”.

A Norwegian volunteer told us many years later that he helped to slaughter Jews with bayonet.

Other volunteers from the Danish-Norwegian Regiment Nordland has, on various occasions, betrayed detailed knowledge of the massacres, but without implicating themselves.
Zolotjev due east of L'viv
In German: Zloczow
Da Division Wiking on the 2nd. and 3. July passed through the city Zolotjiv, continued the brutal crackdown: ”the SS plunder, together with civilian bandits, drives people out of their homes and have treated a significant number of people” reported a shocked German army officer.

Prisoners of war and civilians were shot with impunity, women were raped, and members of Division Wiking were hunting Jews in the streets.
Zboriv southeast of Zolotjev
In German: Zborow

The 4th. July marched the Waffen-SS through Zolotjivs neighbor Zboriv and liquidated 600 jews.

Ukrainian nationalists took the lead, side by side with SS volunteers from Wiking, where most Danish Eastern Front volunteers at that time served.
Only in Zolotjiv did 3,000 Jews lose their lives.
Tjernopil' southeast of Zboriv
In German: Tarnapol

The 5th. in July, some 600 Jews in Ternopil were shot and killed with the complicity of Regiment Nordland..
Mikulintsi south of Tjernopil
In German: Mikulince

The 5th. juli took part in Division Wiking in hard fights at the town of Mikulintsi.

After the battle, the SS troops selected 200 Soviet prisoners of war who didn't look” Germanic " and shot them on sight.

Then another pogrom began: the Jews were mocked, beaten and mistreated before they were killed. Norwegian volunteers certainly participated in the atrocities, probably ALSO Danish.
Southern Russia 1941-1942
Southern Russia - Caucasus
In German: Rostov
In the Ukrainian RUSSIAN city, SS Division Wiking, with Danish volunteers, participated in mass killings of civilians in 1941-42 .
In German: Maikop

During the 1942 German summer offensive, SS Division Wiking conquered with a larger number of Danish voluntary oil town of Majkop. The Danes were part of the German forces that reached the farthest reaches the Caucasus.
Babrujsk in Belarus in 1942-1943
In German: Bobruisk

In 1942, the Corps Denmark the training of new recruits moved from the barracks in Germany and occupied Poland to the ”Waldlager” in Bobruisk, a city in Belarus, of the size and importance of the Aarhus.

"Waldlager" was one of three major central military bases held by the German SS and police forces in the occupied Soviet territories.

When, at the time of annual changes of 1941/1942, the SS needed Jewish slave workers to expand the "Waldlager" base, they were picked up in Poland in the Warsaw Ghetto. At least 1,500 Jewish men and boys arrived at The New ”Jew camp” in Bobruisk.

Danish soldiers in 1942-43 helped run the slave labour camp for Jews, where only 91 out of more than 1500 prisoners survived. In the camp, weak prisoners were regularly elected and shot, and the Watchmen exposed the prisoners to extreme abuse and sadistic torture.
Central Europe 1941-1945
In the lower left Bad Tölz 1941
Bad Tölz
From May 1941 a larger number of Danish volunteers were trained as officers or junior officers of the Waffen-SS at the SS-Junkerschule Bad Tölz.
In the upper left Hamburg-Langenhorn 1942

Barracks. Up to 1942, Frycorps Denmark trained soldiers here. Since 1942, training took place in Bobruisk.
South of Hamburg KZ-camp Laagberg
Today Wolfsburg

KZ-camp Laagberg

The camp delivered slave labour to Volkswagenwerk in Fallersleben (today Wolfsburg).

The SS man Anton Peter Callesen was after the war sentenced to death in the three courts to have committed a number of cases of serious ill-treatment and killings in the CONCENTRATION camp Laagberg, where he was second in command.

The case ended with Callesen being pardoned to life imprisonment and released in 1960 as the last Danish genocide criminal.

At least 99 Danish SS volunteers served in concentration camps in Germany. Five of these were convicted after the war for crimes against humanity, two of them before British courts.
Lower right Croatia 1943
In German: Agram

To the south of the Croatian capital attended the SS Divison Nordland with the Regiment in Denmark in the autumn of 1943, in the vain German attempts to defeat the strong partisan movement.
Upper middle Berlin 1945
in december 1943, a large part of the Danish SS-volunteers migrated to the northern eastern front and took part in the German retreat through the Baltic states and East germany to Berlin.

Here, Scandinavian SS volunteers were among the most fanatical defenders of the government quarter and Hitler's ”driver's bunker” in the final days of the Third Reich.
Upper right near Owinska north of Poznan
In German: Treskau

Denmark's Eastern Front volunteers received early insight into the euthanasia programme, i.e. the killing of hereditary and disabled Germans carried out in 1940-45.

In letters home they said, that the barracks in Treskau (today Owinska, Poland), where a part of the Free Corps Denmark training took place, had previously been in the mental hospital, and that one had shot the sick to make room for the soldiers.
Southern Denmark north of Hamburg 1945-1947

Føslev (Fårhus Camp))
East Front Volunteers (Danes and members of the German minority in south Jutland), which during the post-war was doomed for the German military service, serving most of their sentences in Fårhuslejren at Padborg.
The people who come back from fighting in Syria etc will probably get even better conditions than given in to the East Front Volunteers or should we say East Front Soldiers.


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On this Поисковый отряд «Демянск» I found some pictures of posters that showed what it looked like for those who had to contend with the uninvited guests from Germany and the volunteers they gathered.
The first invokes the image of the victory of Alexander Nevsky in 1242:
After the Germans and Estonians invaded Pskov, the Novgorod authorities sent for Alexander. In spring of 1241 he returned from exile, gathered an army, and drove out the invaders. Alexander and his men faced the Livonian heavy cavalry led by the bishop of Dorpat (Hermann, brother of Albert of Buxhoeveden). The Rus' force met the enemy on the ice of Lake Peipus and defeated the German knights and the Estonian infantry during the Battle of the Ice on 5 April 1242.
"Who comes riding to us with a sword also dies from a sword"
Next is another image of the war which involved Russia and Napoleon. The details of the actual relation between France and Russia is debated, but the common story is that Napoleon came to loose. The old man in the picture below is Mikhail Kutuzov The idea is to draw inspiration and strength from image of the ancestors.
"Let yourselves be inspired in this war by the manly examples of our great ancestors" - Josef Stalin
At the same time there was suffering and pain:
"Warrior of the Red Army pay back the enemy for the blood and the tears of the Soviet People."
"The Mother Country calls"
Above: "Learn about sanitation" Below: "Give first aid to victims of enemy fighter planes"
"Don't give an inch of our land to the enemy"
"Grandfather is alone, but he has millions grandchildren in the country!!"
"Soldier, save me from slavery"
"I waited for you warrior liberator" -"Liberate all Soviet People from the Fascist captivity" Notice the Christian symbology in the background. with the dove expressing the hope of peace.
The above posters from the defenders are like a response to those that I presented earlier which were invitations to convince young people they should go to war. Today we have no posters, but there are movies, games, slanted news and press releases to take their place. In this year when it is 75 years after World War II hopefully one can extract a few more lessons.


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This post is about a spy in Denmark during the Cold War, the threat of nuclear destruction at the time, and how people respond to it today.

Recently there has been a story about a person they claim nobody knew existed in the role of being a spy. He lives in Denmark, is now 81 years old and during the Cold War he spied for Poland. He had Danish citizenship, but was ethnically Polish. What this story smells of is journalistic and academic ambitions by fairly young journalists and young scholars. That is part of life, and one effect is that history in some form can be learned by a new generation and gets an opportunity to be reflected upon by the elder.

The responses in the comments to the news article show there may still be a need to work out the aftermath of WWII which led to the Cold War just as the aftermath of the Cold War led to the present which in fact has so many problems of its own that some commentators also consider this splash of "news" about the Cold War to be just another cover to distract the audience from what is going on around us right now of much greater importance. They are are probably right, but in this post I will choose to learn some details about European history.

Among the many comments, one finds level headed evaluations of the "news" about plans to bomb Denmark during the Cold War. In fact, apart from this person, these plans have been known for decades, they were published after the end of the cold war and were known by the Government even during the cold war. Some in this group of commentators have links to sources where similar "news" have been published long ago, some refer to history and what NATO had in mind to do to the other side, and so on. Of these one claims that although Denmark was nuclear free there was a missile system, Hornest John, that could be armed with nuclear weapons and that nuclear ammunition that could be fitted on these were stored in a bunker in Northern Germany. This is btw similar to what NATO is doing today which is pointing nuclear capable missiles against Russia next to the Russian border and claim they are have no nuclear intention.

There are other people who in their comments write it is very scary that there were such plans, which is true, but not new, and few mention that people in Poland also might have lived in fear, or that we actually are in a situation not much better today. Some say that the kind of information he gathered is nothing compared to what is gathered today via technological means. There are others who want to know where this old guy is living, they want him put in front of a court and executed according to the law they claim exist, some even less than a court and right now, others that he should be expelled. To this others reply that this law of execution for treason no longer exists, that the case is old, the news old and that one should leave the old guy alone. One of the commentators goes into detail of the Law on Punishment and explains why. Even if there might have been a case of spying, the case is now too old to give any punishment. Straffeloven In fact the case is way too old, by more than 20 years. A few use the opportunity to release some of their sentiments about Polish people in general, though someone also said one should be grateful to the Poles because of the Battle of Vienna - Wikipedia One interesting comment is af link to an article about how the CIA viewed the Danes as spy material. Perhaps to say that this guy as a spy considered was actually doing pretty well.

These people who want the old man put on trial, executed the sooner the better or similar very much reflect the sentiment after WW2 where irrational sentiments made people mistreat others, and harrass their children for years without concerns for anything but their own feeling of being justified of feeling good about doing it. If gathered together together these people have the shouts one encounters in an unruly mob.

Below are excerpts from the three articles in the tabloid Ekstra Bladet followed by some of the links I picked up from the comments and various searches.

Saturday d. 4. jan 2020 - kl. 06: 47
Expert on Danish spy: one of the most important
However, the spy 'Bret', which the extract has just revealed, denies everything - Polish expert is in no doubt about his crucial role
♪ Deny it all ♪
Bret - or Bogdan, as his real name is-denies to the exposé that he has ever been a spy for Poland. However, the Polish historian does not judge this, there can be no doubt about it.

- It's one of the strategies of many former spies. They were promised that the documents would never be released.

- In addition, they were not informed about what the folders contained, and they could not get access to them, so they did not know what was in their folders, says Przemyslaw Gasztold.
Saturday d. 4. jan. 2020: 17: 50
New details revealed: how should Denmark atomic bombs
DISCLOSURE: Polish spy had an important role in the plan to nuke several cities and invade the country
Would have complete control
The information is available from the thousands of documents extracted from the foundation for National Memory (IPN) in Warsaw.

- Denmark can be critical to war.

- You see that very early on, says Cold War scientist Thomas Wegener Friis of the University of South Korea for an extra magazine on the plans for a nuclear attack on Denmark.

The problem of the eastern bloc was that people from Denmark can send bombs far into Poland and the Soviet union, and that the countries therefore would rather lose ground in central Europe than lose control of Denmark.
Sunday d. 5. jan. 2020: 10: 03
Former minister of defence on Poland's nuclear plans: scary!
Danish politicians are responding to the exposé of detailed war plans against the country during the Cold War.
Concrete war plans
That information does not surprise Hans Engell, who was secretary of defence from 1982-87 and who has therefore followed the findings of the additional magazine closely.

- If the Waszawa pact had launched an attack on Denmark, Poland would have had a rather central role to play, he explains.

-I won't be able to say what it looked like in the'60s, but in the'80s we had a pretty good picture of how the poles and the GDR people operated.

The documents previously classified also indicate precisely which cities and connecting points were to be bombed with nuclear weapons.

- It was the Cold War. Both in the Warsaw Pact and in Nato, there were very concrete plans for what would happen if the war broke out. Luckily, it didn't happen. But the fact that nuclear weapons were part of the strategic planning of the Warsaw Pact was quite well known – although it is frightening, he says.

The same is true of the former SF Party leader Holger K. Nielsen.

- After all, in the'80s we had a pretty good picture of how the GDR and the poles operated. We knew exactly which units were designated to carry out an attack if the Waszawa pact had launched an attack on Denmark, he explains.

He is nevertheless surprised that Bogdan W. slipped through the net, as he says.

- There's no doubt what he did was reprehensible. It's a little strange that he hasn't been found before, when there's been both a major Cold War investigation and a PET investigation on spies, he notes.

So it's weird that it's Ekstra Baldet that's supposed to find him?

- Yeah, I think it might be. I understand it has been found in the historical Polish archives (Institute of National Memory in Warsaw, red.). I do not know whether the Danish historians who carried out the Cold War investigation did not have access to it.
What if the Cold War investigation and the PET investigation on spies did not forget or overlook him in their searches in the archives? He could be a double agent? Or he could be overlooked in the same way that much is overlooked even today with regard to fraud in the public administration, returning radical Islamists, or the help allowed to be sent to radical Muslims during the war in Syria.

Other articles about the time of the Cold War and the threat of nuclear destruction
Danmark under den kolde krig
Home » Denmark
The Danish belts were the link between the Baltic Sea and the Atlantic.
During the Cold War period, the Warsaw Pact countries came up with many different plans for attacking Western Europe. The planned attack on Denmark was for a long time structured around the same premise: primarily Polish but also DDR forces would form the advance guard in an attack on Jutland. An attack on Sjælland would be implemented primarily by Polish forces supported by DDR and (later) other Soviet forces. This simplified sketch from the beginning of the 1960s shows two nuclear bombs being dropped on the Danish cities of Roskilde (near the capital Copenhagen) and Esbjerg (on the west coast of Jutland). In the event of war, NATO reinforcements would supplement the Danish forces via Esbjerg. It was expected that these two nuclear bombs dropped in the first days of the war would put a stop to Danish resistance. If this was not the case, the Warsaw Pact plan in the following days was to drop a large number of tactical nuclear bombs all over Denmark, on Jutland between 27 and 52 bombs on the first day and between 16 and 32 on the second. Such an attack would cause incalculable damage to the civilian population. It is a wonder how the invaders themselves imagined they would avoid nuclear irradiation (probably something between an unrealistic belief that they would be protected from exposure and a lack of respect for their own soldiers’ lives). The ship symbol indicates a landing on Sjælland. (Colonel Kuklinski Intelligence Museum, Warsaw Poland).
A more detailed attack plan against the island, Sjælland, than shown above. This plan is from 1970 and signed by the Polish Minister of Defence, Wojciech Jaruzelski, later Communist president of Poland. This plan was handed over to NATO by the Polish colonel, spy and today national hero, Ryszard Kuklinsky. The plan shows that parachute forces would be dropped in the middle of Sjælland and then move north towards the capital, Copenhagen, and west towards the major cities of the coastal Store Bælt. Signatures shows that nuclear bombs were to be dropped on the Stevns Fort (on the east coast of Sjælland, in the middle of the photo), as well as on the towns of Køge (south of Copenhagen), Holbæk and Copenhagen. (Colonel Kuklinski Intelligence Museum, Warsaw Poland).
Officially there were no offensive plans from NATO, but I did find:
With the expansion of NATO the focus moved East, considering that In a Chess Game with Putin, the Polish City of Gdansk Is Our Queen | National Review One might even ask if that was a motivation?


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In this post there is first something about Swedish society and later signs of possible changes in the position of Danish foreign relations

The show keeps rolling in Sweden
Syrian-born Swedish politician arrested on suspicion of smuggling migrants after being CAUGHT ON TAPE saying he does it for money
A Syrian-born Swedish politician has been arrested on suspicion of human trafficking after a damning hidden-camera interview published in October showed him bragging about smuggling people into the country for money.
Former Ljungby politician Rashad Alasaad, 27, was arrested by ten undercover police officers during a raid at his home on Wednesday morning.
“The person was taken for questioning and subsequently arrested. He is entitled to a public defender and that is being arranged,” said police spokesman Ewa-Gun Westford.
An Afghan politician is under investigation in Sweden for collecting benefits intended for his dead mother, according to a new report. Welfare fraud has become a growing problem in the Scandinavian country.
Razaq Ahmadzai, co-leader of Afghanistan’s Green Trend party, is expected to receive a top post in Kabul once the new coalition government is formed. But the Afghan politician is already being handily rewarded by the Swedish government, according to an investigation conducted by Fria Tider. The Swedish outlet has alleged that Ahmadzai, a resident of Sweden, has been collecting a pension intended for his long-deceased mother.
The paper found that Ahmadzai’s mother was registered to receive benefits from the Swedish government in February 2017 – one month after her death was reported by relatives on Facebook. Sweden’s Census Register still lists the dead woman as alive and residing in Afghanistan. Fria Tider reported that Ahmadzai has access to his deceased mother’s bank account, and still enjoys Stockholm’s generosity.
The above is more of the same that has been seen for years. The next is about changing perspectives in Danish foreign policy.

If the US will lack political stability will its partners begin to feel uncomfortable?

Denmark better keep an eye on ‘unpredictable’ US as Russia only wants stability in the Arctic – study Russian military assets in the Arctic are now mainly of defensive nature, but aggressive moves by the US and NATO may change that, and see Moscow sending more forces to the region, a top Danish think tank warned.

"Moscow still considers stability in the region a key factor in the development of the Russian Arctic as a strategically important resource base. Therefore, Russia is interested in the Arctic remaining a 'zone of peace and cooperation,"a fresh report by the Danish Institute for International Studies (DIIS), which was seen by RT, read.

But with the rivalry of superpowers – the US, Russia and China – intensifying in the region, it's the stance of Washington that is causing concerns, as the Americans believe that Moscow and Beijing must be "contained and suppressed," the report said.
The above report could be connected this evaluation from one researcher:
By Morten Reimar
24. aug. 2018
Trump did not want to confirm at the NATO summit in July that the United States would come to the aid of any NATO country. Do you trust Trump to save us from a Russian attack?

[Professor Mikkel Vedby Rasmussen:]
”No. I think that is the clear signal from the summit. No NATO members can clearly assume that the UNITED states will live up to their obligations, and it is of course a big weakness for the alliance. There are some countries where it is safer than others. The Baltic Countries can not be absolutely sure that the United States will think it is worth the effort, while Germany and France are large countries that the United States can just look to see if they should be attacked. And that is bad for Denmark, which has put all the money on that colour, NATO. That alliance is our defense guarantee.”

If I understand you correctly, it's unclear whether Denmark is an important enough country for us to count on the United States?

Yes, and that's exactly why the PM is beating himself up to say that we will meet the requirements. But the demands are not the challenge. The challenge is that the requirements will be made, for then it is suddenly a business, where the UNITED states can change the conditions for when they want to help. It is partly the fault of the small countries themselves, we can only live up to our part of the agreement.
Regarding the role of China there was in Chefen for Forsvarets Efterretningstjeneste: "Jeg vil gerne have os væk fra at blive set som det mørkeste sted i staten" an interview with Lars Findsen who is chief of the Intelligence Service of the Danish Defense Forces. When he in the next passage is translated and uses the expression "Unity of the Realm" he refers to Denmark, Faroe Island and Greenland.
The Chinese have come up with a plan of how they will be world leaders by the time the people's Republic reaches the age of 100 in 2049. This applies in technological, economic, military, cultural and value terms. Some of it, at least in terms of value is worrying, is that we begin to see system export of the Chinese model to other countries, including on the African continent, with a fierce control of its own people and the totalitarian features in the application of technological monitoring instruments. In a broader context, we see a China that, with investments, takes over or tries to take over global infrastructure. If we look at Greenland, China is showing interest in investment in resources, mining and research. And here it is vitally important that we in the Unity of the Realm are fully aware of a country like China's more long-term agenda, and China have long-term agendas in a completely different scale than we are used to here in the west.
Interestingly, Sweden like some of its neighbours do not seem to have a long term agenda that is backed up with coherent action. The latest attempt seems to be around fighting CO2, but that is a very poor plan. It is as a situation of chaos is being created where the Chinese model of "fierce control of its own people and the totalitarian features in the application of technological monitoring instruments" is a possible outcome if the Swedish State is to survive in the long run. Besides China, he mentions Russia, cyber attacks as threats. And under Terror he says:
"Although the Islamic State has suffered a great loss, we cannot write down the terrorist threat. The conditions of failed states (states that have collapsed and cannot protect their people or their borders, red.), millions of young people without work and hope, and an anti-western agenda in the radicalised islamist environments is still fully present.”
Terror is one thing, but the lower level crime and disruption is what affects most people.
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Besides China, he mentions Russia, cyber attacks as threats.
Terror is one thing, but the lower level crime and disruption is what affects most people.
That is mainly what the press, the politicians and so on would like us to believe are the problems. But what else?

In Trump orders assassination of top Iranian General. There will be a response @goyacobol had found a quote from a Session with the Cassiopaeans. Following the quote and reading the whole session there was much that puts a perspective on what is going in in Scandinavia and beyond. Excerpts follow:

A: Dionysius syndrome activated! Earth reacting! All on track!

Q: (Pierre) Dionysus is usually about hedonism, isn't it?

(L) Not exactly, it was about frenzied... just chaos. Chaos!

(Pierre) About parties, orgies, and pleasure?

(L) No. It was about death and destruction and even cannibalism. They would find a victim and cut him in pieces and eat him! Ok, so I suppose that you are specifically referring to the political behavior of the US, the UK, and France and their attack on Syria?

A: Yes and so much more.

Q: (Pierre) Their first reply goes beyond the Syrian conflict. Like the whole human population is starting to embrace this syndrome.

(L) So, we need to explore the Dionysian thing a little more to have more understanding of what that could possibly mean. Of course, what's going on right now might put a different understanding on the ancient reports.
(Joe) I was going to ask how many of the USA's missiles were shot down in Syria?

A: 70 percent roughly.

Q: (L) So in other words, as some of these web sites have been suggesting, it was just much ado about nothing.

A: Fed the syndrome.

Q: (L) So there are people who revel in death and destruction?

A: Indeed.

Q: (Pierre) From what you describe in the Dionysus tradition, they were cutting a victim in pieces and eating him. But right now they're short of victims in Syria.

(L) I don't think that's... I was just giving you a brief, quick summary of what I knew from history. That's why I say that this may give it an all-new interpretation.

(Artemis) Well, hedonism and orgies is just a few steps before...

(L) It wasn't so much about hedonism. It was about...

(Joe) General mayhem.

(L) Yeah, it was about being driven crazy. It was madness.

(Andromeda) The Maenads...

(L) It was just MADNESS!

(Pierre) When did it reach its highest point?

(L) I dunno. It was still going on in ancient Rome. They passed laws against it.

(Pierre) But Ancient Rome around Julius Caesar's time, or later?

(L) Yeah, and I think even later. It may have even gone underground.

(Joe) It kind of erupted periodically.

(L) Yeah, it was a indulgence, going mad, chaos, death, destruction, mayhem...

(Artemis) Hedonism, and then the next step is going mad.

(Pierre) Maybe a question would be: Is the main cause for this rise in Dionysus Syndrome cosmic?

A: Partly. We told you that the STS forces [Gauss meters squeals when spelling out "forces"] would become desperate as the change approaches. Consider the madness of the so-called "liberal" faction in the USA and elsewhere.

Q: (Andromeda) So that's an example of the Dionysus Syndrome.

(L) Oh yeah, I mean think about it! I've seen some videos of those {liberal snowflakes} people acting freaking just absolutely NUTS!

(Artemis) It's their indulgence, bad habits, hedonism...

(L) "And don't say anything mean to me"...

(Artemis) And snowflakery, and, "don't judge me"...

(Joe) It's an entitlement syndrome where you feel in the moment that you're entitled to express it and get it and have those needs met. No restraint.

(Andromeda) Is that what you mean by the Dionysus Syndrome?

A: Close
(Pierre) About revolutionary movements: They seem to me to be some high points in the Dionysian cycle. French Revolution, Bolshevik Revolution, even the Nazis, or what we're experiencing right now. It seems to be always the same template: you have a bunch of pathological individuals that spread a simplistic ideology centered on entitlement and victimhood that ends up with the destruction of everybody who opposed the [Gauss meter squeals] simplistic destructive movements. Ultimately, that also means the destruction of men and women of conscience. So, my question is: Is the ultimate goal of revolutionary movements the destruction of souled beings?

A: Quite often. But avoidance is possible with knowledge.

Q: (Joe) They mentioned the last one there about [Gauss meter squeals] how the STS forces [Gauss meter squeals] would become desperate as the change approaches. Is there a kind of, "as above, so below" thing going on where the US and its allies are basically becoming desperate as a change in the global power structure approaches, and that's what's driving them insane?

A: Yes. We told you that balance was coming.
(L) I think they actually think they're going to have a war!

(Joe) Russia is too smart for them. They can have a World War III with nukes, and everyone is dead. But short of that, they're going to have to accept the new reality.

(Ark) They can have a war to destroy Iran.

(L) That's what Israel wants.

(Ark) That's what they're preparing for. That will be the next one.

(L) Didn't the C's say years ago that that was the ultimate objective?

(Joe) Well, Iran, Iraq, Libya...

(L) The ultimate objective was Iran, but it would result in the destruction of Israel.

(Joe) They may be trying to go in that direction, but it's very foolish.

(L) Is there anything... I guess it's a stupid question to ask, but: Is there anything that can stop this madness?

A: No there isn't nor would you want to stop it!

Q: (L) Why wouldn't I want to stop it?

A: Cleansing.
A: Genetics are about to be hot topics too!

Q: (L) Well, can I finish my question? Just...

A: Genes will (hesitates before selecting word) save for lack of a better term.

Q: (L) So you ARE telling us something... So, anyway...

(Artemis) Do you want to ask...

(Andromeda) They're trying to tell us something.

(Joe) I know what they're talking about: some kind of genetic warfare!

A: Yes

Q: (Artemis) Viral weapons! Resident Evil! Ooooh! I knew it!

(Joe) Are the Americans getting SO desperate that they're going to use some weapon that they developed after they collected those Russian genes last year?

A: Close

Q: (Joe) Something along those lines.

(Pierre) They say it will save, so it doesn't sound like the US will destroy Russians from their ethnic specific weapons. It sounds like it will backfire...

A: Yes. Big time!

Q: (Pierre) No way!

(Chu) So everybody's going to turn Russian!

(Artemis) We'll all speak Russian.

(Pierre) It sounds like they're developing an ethnic-specific weapon in haste which should not be used because...

(Joe) Maybe it's more along the lines of: Will they be caught trying to spread something along those lines?

(Chu) Wait and see.

A: More like finding out that your ancestors were not what you thought. No more on this. Wait and see!
(L) So that kind of goes to my question. Anyway, there's this battle between the Recent Out of Africa thing because of this mitochondrial Eve business...

A: False!

Q: (L) Meanwhile, there is this multiregional development with gene exchange going on at least to some extent between all different human groups that are developing in different regions. And what that means is that there can be a whole lot of things in a person's DNA that they don't know about or that they don't expect because genetic drift can send a false signal. And...

A: Exactly the problem. They believe the ROOA theory and structure their chemistry based on that. Big surprise coming.

Q: (L) Well, the thought that I had while I was reading all of this material, including the relationship between gibbons, apes, chimpanzees and orangutans, was that the original split between the monkeys and the first beings that were going to head off on the way to becoming human must have occurred in China. And then there was traveling. Am I onto something there?

A: Yes


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Nothing lasts for ever. In this time period where some Scandinavians assure us that human climate change is real they might be shocked to learn that Scandinavia like the rest of the World has not always looked the way it does today and judging by the map below, what is now southern Sweden used to be a peninsula of Central Europe around the time civilizations flourished in what is now Iran and Iraq. Ancylus Lake - Wikipedia has
Ancylus Lake is a name given by geologists to a large freshwater lake that existed in northern Europe approximately from 9500 to 8000 years B.P. being in effect one of various predecessors to the modern Baltic Sea.
Shorelines of Ancylus Lake can be found today at c. 60 m above sea level in southern Finland and at c. 200 m near the northern Gulf of Bothnia.[1]
Evolution of the Baltic Sea
Eemian Sea
(130,000–115,000 BP)
Ice sheets and seas (115,000–12,600 BP)

Baltic Ice Lake (12,600–10,300 BP)
Yoldia Sea (10,300–9,500 BP)
Ancylus Lake (9,500–8,000 BP)
Mastogloia Sea (8,000–7,500 BP)
Littorina Sea (7,500–4,000 BP)
Modern Baltic Sea (4,000 BP–present)
The Russian Wiki is rather rich: Анциловое озеро — Википедия
See also: Baltic Ice Lake - Wikipedia which has
In this winter picture of modern Scandinavia, taken in 2002, the snow line approximates the edge of the glacier c. 10,000 BP. The lake egressed across Sweden just south of the line, through Vänern, which is visible.
Perhaps that is how Scandinavia will look again.


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In Denmark there was one article:
New information: Us liquidation of Soleimani was hardly legal self-defense.
Although both the United States and Iran 8. January reported their respective exercise of the right of self-defence to the UN Security Council, as provided for in Article 51 of the UN Charter, both states apparently violated international law.
That is as far as it goes, no wonder some may write a piece like this: What if Russia assassinated Ukrainian Nazi Yarosh like the US did to Soleimani? --
Another hypothetical scenario - the head of Quds Force (Iran's elite special tactical teams and intelligence operations unit that has been playing a key role in fighting the Islamic State and various Al Qaeda branches in the Middle East), Qasem Soleimani, one of the most influential and one of the most popular political figures in Iran, travels to Iraq where he is assassinated by a US drone strike. Later that day, Donald Trump openly boasts about killing him on Twitter (keep in mind that the US is not officially at war with Iran) and an American mainstream news outlet CNBC publishes an article with a headline like "The US took out World's Number One bad guy". Imagine the international reaction, imagine all the diplomatic outrage, imagine all the... oh, wait.


The, so-called, "international community" are just a bunch of US cock-suckers (sorry, the term "vassals" doesn't quite make it anymore).

Recently, the US State Secretary Mike Pompeo delivered a Goebbels-style speech about killing Soleimani in which he compared him to Osama bin Laden and stated that the US implemented a new round of sanctions against Iran because they want Iran to "behave like a normal nation". "Just be like Norway, okay?" - said Pompeo.

Imagine how much Iran, along with countless other countries and individuals, want the United States to behave not like an "exceptional nation", but as a normal nation. Just be like Norway, okay?
In Sweden there was: Vetting fail: 'Fake officer' lied his way into Swedish military intel & NATO, hid forged credentials for decade -- On the other hand this is probably just the tip of the iceberg:


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The push by some powerful forces to convert Sweden continues it seems. Is Sweden just a test case?

Outrage as Swedish Elle Picks Hijabi-Clad Influencer as 'Look of the Year'
08:54 22.01.2020Get short URL

The winner, Imane Asry, a student of economics, suggested that the time was ripe to normalise the hijab in the fashion industry, which she called “superficial and homogeneous”.
During the Elle gala in Sweden, influencer Imane Asry, a popular hijabi blogger was picked for the “Look of the Year” award, in collaboration with L´Oréal Paris.
Asry is an influencer with over 150,000 followers on her Instagram page Fashion with Faith, who earlier described herself as “Muslim fashion-crazy girl”. She received the award from last year's winner Linnea Henriksson.
“This prize, it is for all of us who did not see ourselves in the fashion magazines, because we did not fit in. And with that said, I want to say: We can too”, Asry commented on her victory.
“I was absolutely convinced that someone who looked like me could not win such an award. In addition, being a visible Muslim woman with an influence in fashion Sweden feels almost unreal! It makes me so happy to see such changes in an otherwise very superficial and homogeneous industry.”
Asry, a student of economics, was voted by Elle's readers and followers. She described her style as “modest fashion” and a way of meeting spiritual and stylistic requirements.
“I think my style reaches out and inspires so many, not just Muslim women. Also, many people can identify with my work. This is a confirmation that the time is more than ripe for us to start normalising the hijab in the fashion industry. Fashion is for everyone,” Asry concluded.
However, the nomination ruffled a lot of feathers among the Swedish public, where many thought Elle was indirectly supporting the oppression of women.
Writer and columnist Ann Heberlein likened Elle to the Scripture for fashion enthusiasts around the world, which is why its stance matters.
“What is the message Elle wants to communicate by letting 'modest fashion' win the Look of the Year anno 2020? Well, that women should cover their bodies, take responsibility for the man's sexuality by not tempting him, being modest and humble. Don't take too much space, don't be too visible, don't provoke. I think it is a sad message to communicate to women,” Heberlein, who holds a doctorate in ethics, suggested in her opinion piece in Nyheter Idag.
Others didn't stop there. Writer and journalist Katerina Janouch raged against the choice of nominee as oppressive.
“Every free woman should stand up and demand that the 'Look of the Year' award be given to someone else than Islamist Imane Asry. Otherwise, it seems Elle has taken a stance – FOR women's oppression, against women's freedom”, Janouch tweeted.
“Of course, a garment designed to maintain women's chastity, ethnocultural segregation and endogamy should be hailed by a bunch of Swedish progressive upper middle class liberals”, Moderate Party MP Hanif Bali tweeted. “Now I was a bit generous with the imagery. That's how Elle itself pictured it. Even the ayatollahs have more relaxed hijab requirements than this ultra-orthodoxy. This is stricter hijabism than what you find on the streets of Tehran”, Bali added.
“'Look of the year'. This encourages women's oppression. Total failure, outrageous”, blogger Micke69 tweeted.
The number of Muslims in Sweden has soared in recent decades, from merely about 500 Muslims in 1950s to over 800,000, or amounting to 8.1 percent of the population today, according to Pew Research Centre. In recent years, there has been an ongoing debate on the role of Islam in Swedish society.
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