Session 13 March 2021

Mrs. Peel

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But for me it’s easier to watch stuff than read when it comes to these subjects
In that vein, perhaps you would enjoy listening to audiobooks instead? It's sort of like watching the action, except with your eyes closed! :-D Not sure about your part of the world but there are apps where you can download them from the library directly onto your phone or tablet or whatever for free.

Of course, it's takes a LOT longer that way! Currently listening to "The Viscount Who Loved Me" by Julia Quinn and it's over 12 hours long!!!


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Many of them are in Spanish too. Up to you. One of them may not get you very far in the exercise, but okay.

There are many good books, but these were selected with a specific purpose in mind. I suggest you read the thread, and you'll see. :-)
I did read the thread, several times, but I also understand that some books may just not fit the requirements for learning somehow.


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Thank you very much for the interesting session!

I have read several of the recommended romance books, but I haven't really gone through the thread yet. The reading has been slow because of one problem after another zapping my time, energy, and motivation. I plan to finish the Web series and then write out some thoughts and observations about the books, before reading through the thread and finally sharing, if I have much to add. Some books have been sad, others funny, others relatable, but so far the biggest common theme I see is that if people would put aside their emotional baggage and be more honest with each other, instead of wishfully thinking and being internally considerate, a lot of the relationship problems in the books could have been avoided or resolved sooner. So, I've tried to be more honest with people I've had issues with, and I think it's helped out so far. It doesn't work with everyone, unfortunately, but I think knowing when and who to be honest with is part of being considerate to others. I hope to understand the lessons better as I participate more in the project.

Thanks again!


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Can you borrow online from the library? Go to the library's website and it will guide you on digital books.
Since the weather yesterday was terrible - almost all-day moderate to heavy rain/wind/cold - I requested Mary Balogh's Someone to Love via the library's website and chose the drive-up window for pickup. Notification that it was ready was after library hours, so included pickup along with other errands today. I was surprised that the drive-up option has also been Covid safety modified. One has to call the pickup number to alert that you're on your way so that the staff can get it ready - bagged with label and put on a table outside the pickup window. Had to get out of my car and inspect the bundles in order to retrieve mine - not sure how that works in weather like yesterday's. (sigh) Covid craziness abounds.

Judging from a quick scan, some of the desired books are only available as e-books, so I might have to spring for a kindle. Guess I can't stay old-fashioned forever! Thanks for the input @primeaddict!
Thank you! That hit some real high points for me! First, the suffering for sharing knowledge. The balance of that. My experience has been, for instance, joining the forum, or doing the breathing meditation together, I had such strong physical blow-back and I have come to think of it as reptoid presence affecting me mentally with trickle down to physical pain, as well as mental confusion. Maybe I have misinterpreted to some degree and it is not attempts to suppress information by PTB but simply a kind of almost chemical reaction? After joining the meditation just once, I stepped back becaise of assaults, mostly in shock/dismay, not permanently at all. I am used to a level of these attacks but connecting here was over the top. And I wasn't even sharing a lot, just starting to talk about a few things I've discovered.

Beaming. Yes, beaming. And brain mush. I fight back against it various ways and sometimes there is just beaming, and sometimes getting rid of beaming brings in another kind of mental/physical attack. I dowse the effect for myself and others of these things, and they generally increase yielding/submissive qualities. However that is not always the case. It was a step by step exploring with another dowser friend to understand as best we could what was going on. Out on another limb here, but I felt that somehow identities are stolen or used via social media personae and surround us when we are being beamed. I have felt certain peoples' presence in the beams and they tend to be people who are more under control, more submissive in general. I know this seems like coming from left field, so to speak but I share it as it has been my exploration using dowsing, verification from dowsing group, and felt-sense.

Virus, always interested in the virus! And amazed at the acceptance of lockdown by friends, some of them, even when the facts as presented on Ontario's Covid-19 official data pagegive the low number of deaths compared to what they call 'cases'. Even Stats Canada has just recently published data and they interpret lockdowns as responsible for more than half the 'excess deaths' in Canada.

Homeopathy, my primary (only) care-giver is a homeopath so more info on homepathy, the architecture of it, that's so neat.

Also taking note of romance reading and will be checking that out.



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Thank you for the session that helps us no matter what to live through these times. Can I ask why your dog and cat what not part of the session? sorry if this question was asked, I am a little late through the thread.

Thank you for your energy Laura and the team. You are all a light in our lives, a force and valiance that help us so much.


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Thank you so much Laura and Team for this new very interesting session and everyone for their comments. To know that Laura suffers greatly in many ways for us to have knowledge and positive energies is such a humbling concept for me, Laura's life is led and dedicated to true service of others. Interestingly, in many of the romance novels i read, quite some characters do exactly that in their own way, not only from a place of duty but because they choose to, it is done with honour, like happy to help. It inspires me every moment to be ready to stand and face the future with courage and becoming a better version of my little expression here.

Recently someone asked if we had noticed a change in ourselves after reading many of the romance novels. It took a few days to really mull this over and yes, the answer is that i have changed by what i have read. Much more accepting of others' views, convictions and beings coming from a place of love at the base of my thoughts about the world and what's happening etc, like a loving acceptance that it is the way it is and it is okay. That was not there before. But I also ascribe this to the whole of knowledge that is shared on the forum. We know what is coming and why it must happen and hope that we can help others if so asked.


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Just wondering if Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë would not qualify for appropriate reading?
If you start reading these romance novels, Mark7, it is likely that you will find out afterwards why Jane Eyre (and Wuthering Heights for instance) are not appropriate reading for what we are doing here. :-)

For a few years they were my go-to romance novels, because I had no clue as to what real love meant and because I was looking for answers. I didn't find any in these novels. They couldn't meet my need for more information about love between men and women. Jordan Peterson did a much better job.

I also watched some old series with Timothy Dalton playing Mr. Rochester, but again I didn't learn anything from the characters, and the ending was unsatisfactory. Also, Brontë must have been a virgin when she wrote JE and the women who write the novels that Laura picked understand love-making/sex and intimacy to a t.
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