Session 16 September 2017

Hello H2O said:
Thanks for the session. Very informative.

Even if Trump has caved in to the Deep State, the Deep State did have to spend a lot of capital to reign him in. And maybe they will not be able to go back to 'business as usual'.

A lot of people I talk to are fed up with the media and see that all forms of media and entertainment are all connected, as it spoke with a single voice. I am sure that the Deep State would have preferred not to use all their assets to try and bring down Trump. By doing so, they really have exposed themselves.

Many thanks to the crew for publishing this latest session.

I think Trump has managed to throw a spanner in the Deep State's works.
He's still there and succeeded in slowing down the PTB's pace.
He prevented the Deep State from putting Hillary into office. He exposed the Main Stream Media and gave the majority of disenchanted Americans back their voice.
He's interrupted the global warming machinations in Paris.

That is no mean achievement.

I think the real power struggle is not between Trump and the Deep State but rather between rival factions within the Deep State - Navy, USAF and the Alphabet agencies. There is probably more than one axe to grind... :whistle:
Brown's Gas boasts a plethora of unusual characteristics that defy current chemistry. It has a cool flame of
about 130°C (266°F), yet melts steel, brick and many other materials.
In a Brown’s Gas torch, these extra electrons are what produce the immense heat, while the molecule or atoms releasing these electrons remains relatively cool.
However in this odd form of “electric steam” it would act very much like a conductor. Indeed, Browns gas seems to be great at conducting electricity.

This new ‘electric steam’ is a form of plasma where only the electrons would be excited, and the water molecules would be much cooler. Water vapor molecules will be broken up in the plasma, but we find that Brown’s Gas has a significant amount of water in it.
Brown’s Gas Plasma Reaction to Materials

Brown’s Gas will produce a different temperature at point of contact depending on the target material. This is because electrons that scatter at point of contact produce heat based upon the melting or vapor point of the material, electrical conductivity, density and thermal capacity of the material (how much heat it will absorb). The extra electrons in the Brown’s Gas will repel nearby electrons of the target material. The electron’s new neighbor electron in the target material finds it repulsive, and will move away, creating a chain of interactions that propagates through the material at near the speed of light. The drift velocity (electrons movement in a material) is usually fractions of a millimeter per second, but if there are too many electrons in one spot, the target will fall apart, at an atomic scale, due to the sudden introduction of the new electrons and the repelling negative forces. These high energy electrons will not travel as fast as the gas was traveling, when it hits the surface of something the electrons will slow down significantly, thus releasing their kinetic energy as heat; the more dense and resistive the material the hotter it will be, the less dense or more conductive the material results in less heat being generated. Almost everything gets hotter when
used as a resistor for electricity.

In reading thru Galaxia2002's post, I couldn't help but wonder if I was reading a description of the type of technology that was implemented in destroying/dustifying the twin towers - esp "the target will fall apart, at an atomic scale"?

As for Trump, I found it disturbing that he has brought even more military people into his administration:

When retired U.S. Marine Corps Gen. John Kelly was sworn in as White House chief of staff last week, he took command of a Trump administration that now has more military commanders in top spots than any since Eisenhower's.

The generals hand-picked by Trump -- Kelly, National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster and Defense Secretary James Mattis -- share a penchant for passing their opinions up the chain of command in the bluntest of terms.
A fourth general, Joint Chiefs Chairman Joseph Dunford, is a holdover from the prior administration yet shares many of the same qualities that have endeared other high-ranking military men to Trump.

Kelly had already earned Trump's approval by serving as Homeland Security secretary during the first six months of his administration. His no-nonsense pursuit of Trump's agenda on immigration and terrorism prompted Trump to brand him a "star," and tap him to succeed Reince Priebus as chief of staff. The job, which has traditionally been the domain of civilian leadership, makes Kelly the president's top adviser.

Mattis, who famously said he devises a contingency plan to kill everyone he meets, required an act of Congress to get the job, since he hadn’t been out of the military long enough when he was appointed to his role.
The careers of all four men have intersected over the years. Kelly, Mattis and Dunford came up through the Marines and all are in their 60s. McMaster is younger, at 55, and came up through the Army. Yet all have made their reputations on both the battlefield and, in recent decades, the Pentagon boardroom.
As the generals have taken command of the West Wing, including reportedly limiting who the President can see and what he can read, all three have come under intense scrutiny by both right and left.

Read the entire article [a bit unsettling to my mind]:
On one hand, my thought was he was seeking real protection from real physical threats & felt the military was the best direction to go for that as well as having the military in his corner as he attempts to carry out his agenda. But, on the other hand, a military coup also came to mind - and perhaps is already in effect - hidden in plain sight.

What has played out merely reinforces the saying, "No matter who you vote for, government gets in." Only maybe now, more of the populace realizes this truth.

Thanks for another informative session w/ hopefullly good mending on the rise!
Hello H2O said:
Thanks for the session. Very informative.

Even if Trump has caved in to the Deep State, the Deep State did have to spend a lot of capital to reign him in. And maybe they will not be able to go back to 'business as usual'.

A lot of people I talk to are fed up with the media and see that all forms of media and entertainment are all connected, as it spoke with a single voice. I am sure that the Deep State would have preferred not to use all their assets to try and bring down Trump. By doing so, they really have exposed themselves.

Thank you for sharing this session!!

I do think that some people, primarily those that voted for him are in a much better position to see the PTB for what they are – not sure that Killary’s cheering section has or ever will see what they don’t wish to.

Guess I am not surprised to hear that Trump has caved in to the Deep State, but somewhat disheartened all the same. I think I still harbored some hope that he may yet have some quietly subversive plan to push back, if only in some small ways.

It's also much clearer why so much effort was undertaken to drive a permanent wedge between Trump and Putin as he was one of the few who could have helped Trump navigate the sharks.

I suspect that some of Trump’s naivety also comes from the fact that his heart IS in the right place and thus he did not fully grasp the utter depravity of the pathocracy running this country – the ongoing disasters and inability to learn from past mistakes seems incomprehensible without a full understanding of this. Just finished re-reading Chapter 5 of Political Ponerology, it was a good reminder of the reasons why those in power can never letup.
Many thanks to all of you for the new session.

For me it seems many topics covered might be far-reaching and serious.

Q: (Joe) In that sense, he's kind of a perfect representative of the people who voted him into power. The majority of them probably have their heart in the right place, but they're completely clueless about the world and how it works, you know?

A: Yes

I think with the above question and answer we might have a huge indication of what to expect from Trump supporters. It is kind of like a limbo state of "wait and see".

In the previous session 08-05-2017 Laura asked:

(L) So they're trying to drive him out, so... It's just a real ugly
situation right now, and I dunno how smart Trump is. I dunno what
kind of advisors he's got. I know he ought to get rid of that son-inlaw.
Well, he can't do anything! The only thing he COULD do would
be to call on the people to start a revolution.

A: Yes

Whether the US will have that revolution or not is an unsettling thought for me. Knowing the "only thing" left to do for Trump is "call on the people to start a revolution" makes it seem even further away now that he is "captured" so to speak.

Also I think the weather and cosmic signs are real messages to me that forces of change are in motion. I am trying to accept the possibility of these changes in a positive frame of mind but it is a real challenge. As for calling Trump "Trumpy" I think it is time to get past that stage and realize "he tried". At best he will live to finish his term without a heart attack or worse it seems to me.
Thank you for the session Laura et al! It's disconcerting to see such plainly visible consequences of psychopathy manifesting in plain military incompetence.

Interesting timing on that front, a friend of mine posted an interesting quote on the personalities of officers in the military by one such officer from Weimar Germany who staunchly opposed Hitler:

I divide my officers into four groups. There are clever, diligent, stupid, and lazy officers. Usually two characteristics are combined. Some are clever and diligent -- their place is the General Staff. The next lot are stupid and lazy -- they make up 90 percent of every army and are suited to routine duties. Anyone who is both clever and lazy is qualified for the highest leadership duties, because he possesses the intellectual clarity and the composure necessary for difficult decisions. One must beware of anyone who is stupid and diligent -- he must not be entrusted with any responsibility because he will always cause only mischief.
[/color][/size]-Kurt von Hammerstein-Equord

In reading Galaxia's post about brown gas, I couldn't help but think about the description of some of the victims of the great Chicago fire. If I remember correctly (thinking back to Laura's article about it) people were found suffocated with their clothes intact but with coins in their pockets molten and welded together.

Considering that there's electrical interactions between the planet and cosmic visitors I wonder if this type of brown gas would be involved in creating the right conditions for the victims to have been found in.

Regarding what DividedByZero mentioned about a revelation, I'm not sure if a big shocking surprise would be effective in regards to 9/11 (people in general have awful memories). But I do think that their own hubris and power struggles might make them accidentally reveal something, if only as a way to blackmail one another. I mean years ago the public had no idea of Saudi Arabia's involvement and ever since they tried to manipulate them in order to hurt Russia, now people can sue them since their involvement became common knowledge.

So perhaps, even if the deepstate is all powerful and resourceful and in control. It will be ultimately as the C's said... their wishful thinking will be their downfall. Thing is, they can make it very awful for very many people in the process.
Thanks for the new session.

Trump's biggest accomplishment was his exposing the lying media, the polling institutions, and finally how they all serve the Deep State. All that was done before he even got into office - i.e. after his election win, but before inauguration. It didn't seem too likely he'd accomplish anything more significant than that exposure and having the whole shebang more discredited than ever before. For those with eyes to see, that is.

Considering the control of information/fake news/propaganda is their biggest weapon against the people, it's not a small accomplishment on the part of Trump as a candidate for a position that's just a figurehead surrounded by advisers that represent the powers behind the curtain. Ironically, throughout the U.S. presidential campaign, I didn't think the whole thing mattered much (other than seeming to be a worse circus than usual); but just Trump getting elected brought the whole Deep State apparatus and their media into a level of hysteria and unmasked contempt that was unprecedented. That's realistically all that can be done with the Swamp, I think.
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