Session 17 July 2021

The C's have relayed that message more than once.

What is your interpretation of it? My take is that nothing can get better in 3D, can it?
Even if the PTB botch things up and their influence wanes it can only get worse because of the expected earth changes.

So our existence can only improve in 5D or 7D, or so I think...
Could it mean that when all seems when the miracle happens?
An example from the movies -
Thank you for the new session 🙏

Didn't the Texans lose that battle at the Alamo after a long struggle, but eventually win the war? Does this mean that the coming revolution will fail at first, but may be successful at the end?
Hi @bjorn! A Texas resident here! The Cs said, "Remember the Alamo!"-- that was the cry of Texans when finally winning. Texans wanted to keep in mind the slaughtering that Mexicans had carried out at the Alamo after 13 days of siege, they did not want any prisoners so they killed almost everyone; "Remember the Alamo!" was a cry of justice. I think that what the Cs might have meant is that people would be responding as retaliation for the slaughtering/killing/damage caused due to wrongful Covid measures. You know, keeping people from getting hydroxychloroquine and other known medicine to cure Covid, imposing masks mandates that worsened cases, injecting people with an experimental vaccine, keeping people in insane lockdowns, and letting the virus out in the first place!. We truly do have to "remember the Alamo!" as our inspiration.
Joe) What is actually happening in the arms of these people who become magnetic after an mRNA vaccine?

A: Hematies.

Q: (Pierre) The cells containing iron.

A: Yes

Q: (L) So it causes something in the body's own iron to collect?

A: Yes

Q: (Joe) Is something sequestering the iron?

(Pierre) Because iron sticks to the vaccines, and if you have iron in your body it won't stick to iron. How is this hematie magnetized?

A: Magnetite.

Q: (Pierre) Magnetite is a rock that's naturally magnetic, but...

(Joe) Does that mean it's in the vaccine?

(L) Is it in the vaccine, or is it something that accumulates from within the body itself?

A: Body.

Q: (L) Is there something psychic about it?

A: Yes

Q: (L) So it's not purely a physiological reaction?

A: No. Nano particles act as antennae for strange waves which then send signals to the body inducing modification on the next level of physicality.

Q: (PoB) What are strange waves?

(Pierre) We have to assume that in the next level of physicality, entities are magnetic.

(L) Now, what?

(Joe) What do they mean by 'next level of physicality'?

A: So that 3D tech can then operate more efficiently. It does not work as well with everyone it is used on.

Q: (Joe) Strange waves... I dunno.

(L) What do you mean by 'strange waves'?

A: Nothing in 3D is relatable.

Q: (L) So it's like a 4D wave... Are you saying this is like a 4D wave that, by way of these nanoparticles, is able to cross the border between 4D and 3D?

A: Yes

Q: (Joe) So are they saying that the magnetism is ultimately like paraphysical in a sense? The weird thing is how any function in your body can produce such a strong magnetism from a tiny little... 1 mL of whatever...

A: There is much about the body that is still unknown.

Q: (Joe) So there are things that the body can do or produce that can be switched on by these strange waves that are received by nanoparticles in the vaccine.
I've never posted Tom Montalk's material here because of his past interactions with the group, but I think the following is interesting and useful. I don't have a link, I took it from my personal board, it is from one of his many social media accounts:

After seeing the videos of magnets sticking to injection sites (maybe some are fake but they can't all be), my first thought was either they were injecting magnetic nanoparticles, or else something that could synthesize them from human blood iron.

As a test, I mixed a small amount of iron powder into .3 mL water in a vial (the volume of liquid injected in the shots). I needed to see how much iron it took to hold up a magnet like those in the videos. Answer: at least 30-50mg. The size of a BB. That's within the feasibility of it all being contained in the shot.

But if it's made from the body's own iron, there's around 0.5 mg of iron per mL of blood, so just 1/4 to 1/2 a cup of blood would need to be converted. The human body contains on average 20 cups of blood, so it seems feasible too.

So if you have a synthesizing agent (special proteins or nanobots — or mRNA that creates those) that can extract the iron and concentrate it into what are called "encapsulin cages" (see this link: Sci-Hub | Engineering a Genetically Encoded Magnetic Protein Crystal. Nano Letters | 10.1021/acs.nanolett.9b02266 ) then that also could explain what we're seeing in the vids.

Magnets sticking to arms is one thing. But if it responds to magnetic fields, it responds to electromagnetic fields, as in ones remotely controlled. And, turns out this tech is right out in the open. It's called magnetogenetics and allows for wireless control of animal / human behavior: Magnetogenetics - Wikipedia

And I wouldn't put it past them to have a self-assembly mechanism that reads your genetic or biochemical composition and assembles itself accordingly so that the magnetic resonance encodes a specific RFID signature for identification and tracking purposes.
@Abats @Bluegazer... "(...) the vaccines are also means to open the possibility to an infestation of 4D entities in bodies at the 3D / 4D border" This makes me think of organic portals receiving the vaccine, after all, if OP constitute about half the population...and if we check the vaccine application statistics... 🙄

Half of the population may not be enough if the number of invaders exceeds the number... And perhaps that is why the urgency for EVERYONE to receive the vaccine. Imagine that the Titanic is sinking and they are desperately looking for a place in the lifeboat...
That was interesting. Thanks for the session folks.'
Its not really working out as planned for the PTB, is it. 🙂
About the hair as antenna 📡, ill keep the beard, but like having my head shaved.
Ditto Liam. There's enough hair on the rest of me, including my eyebrows,as well as the beard I'm cultivating, to more than compensate for my shaved head.
Let's hear it for hairy bald guys with beards! Super Antennas!:lol::clap::clap:

And a multi-million thank yous for another incredibly informative session Chateau gang. I remember the Cs saying a number of sessions ago that all of the STS' evil machinations would fail. But yeah, it's going to get worse before it gets better. Then again, nobody said the Cassiopaean Adventure was gonna be a cake walk. And what an adventure it is!

And thank you as well Fellowship members, for being always present with love, caring, encouragement, prayers, and sharing of knowledge, thru all of my issues.
Love you all.:hug::hug2:
I am literally seeing a split in humanity with my own eyes, and it's not "STO" vs. "STS" but "Borg"-like cultists vs. individuals who decide FOR THEMSELVES what is right, and who are celebrated for their individuality. This makes me wonder if a major determinant in deciding who is STS vs. STO is whether people are more likely to follow others (STS) or follow their own guidance and share it (STO)? It is confusing, because so many who bought into the vaccine really truly believe that they are doing the right thing by wishing everyone would get the vaxx. Many of them are quite loving people.

It makes me wonder if what really separates people into STS vs. STO camps is whether or not people wish to enforce their beliefs upon another or not, if it really is that simple in the end?

There is an old saying: Ignorance of the law does not remove the punishment.

These people may be loving, but what love are we talking about? They may be kind, friendly but profoundly ignorant of the reality around them.

One of the hallmarks with which you can perceive STS is ignorance. That ignorance is partly related to the conformism of everyday life, how this ignorance makes good intentions pave the road to hell.

You wonder, how long they will be kind and friendly when it finally comes time for them to pay for their choice????
Thank you so much Chateau Crew for the new session ❤️
L) So the crisis is going to spin out of control?

A: Yes

Q: (Pierre) Because of natural events?

A: Yes

Q: (Chu) Not because of people revolting.

A: Possible also.

Q: (Scottie) It's gonna be the Greatest Show on Earth. I'm tellin' ya, it's gonna be NUTS.
Fireworks all over the place and no doubt on many levels! Read the session numerous times as well as the comments, just came back from a walk through my rural area here in the south of Portugal. The plants flaunting their lush flowers, the trees full and exuberant. Such a stark contrast with many people here who are sinking deeper and deeper into desperation and poverty. It needs to balance out one way or the other!

A: Things will get worse before they get better. Stay alert and use knowledge!!! Goodbye.
Thanks to all of you for keeping the faith!
Thank you for another session! I've been living Texas for the last 3 more year to go, then the plan is to return to Oklahoma. I'm grateful for the question asked concerning this area, I have often wondered if Texas would be punished for our resistance. We shall see. Many people here seem almost excited to defend their liberty and way of life; some of this is seems to me to be rooted in ego, thirst for glory, that sort of thing. But some of it is in keeping with what the C's have said, "Always expect attack. Know modes of same". Must keep my wits sharp and my body healthy. Daily prayers with my crystals, EE, the reading and reading workshop, these sessions...all help tremendously. I could network more, yes, I could do better with that. In reading these sessions and all of your responses, my hearts gets big and there is a lump in my throat. Y'all take care, and thank you, thank you, thank you.
Russian authorities have been quoted on stating that they can track those peeps, who have taken the vaccine. Also this article says there are Russian Covid vaccines based on nano-particles.
Can you share a link to this RT article? I'm very well familiar with the attitude on this matter of RT director Margarita Simonyan. She is a vaccination zealot. BTW your linked article is hidden behind a paywall.
Can you share a link to this RT article? I'm very well familiar with the attitude on this matter of RT director Margarita Simonyan. She is a vaccination zealot. BTW your linked article is hidden behind a paywall.
"Using our digital capabilities, we can monitor the safety of the vaccine in real-time," Glagolev said, noting that

.. [..] modern technology allows real-time tracking of those who have been immunized. "

Here is the paywall article intro:

Russia has crossed the COVID-19 vaccine finish line in dramatic fashion.
A vaccine that’s been tested in fewer than 100 people received the Russian Ministry of Health’s green light to become the world’s first approved COVID-19 vaccine.
Naturally, people are sceptical.
Russia is gambling by combining conventional phase III trials with approved voluntary inoculation of a section of its population, mostly medical staff and the elderly.
In the ordinary scenario, the phase III trial would involve testing the vaccine in tens of thousands of people – the way it’s happening now in the cases of Moderna/National Institutes of Health and Oxford University/AstraZeneca – before it’s approved for circulation in the population.
The Russians are confident of their vaccine’s effectiveness because of prior research, development, and testing work carried out on adenoviral-based vector technology – the base for its coronavirus “Sputnik V” vaccine.
Developed by the Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology named after N F Gamaleya, the vaccine is built on this platform that has earlier yielded three vaccines against the Ebola virus and, more recently, the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome coronavirus.
The vaccine for Ebola has been tested in more than 5,000 people. Russians are hoping for some of that experience and good showing in the Ebola experiment to pay off in their COVID-19 vaccine, which is based on the same platform.
Sputnik V, the Gam-Covid-Vac vaccine
For the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, researchers at the Gamaleya centre used an adenovirus carrier to transport a coding gene from the spike of the novel coronavirus into the cells. They used the human adenovirus, unlike the Oxford University strategy of using an adenovirus from a monkey.

Source: Sputnik V/Gamaleya centre

Source: Sputnik V/Gamaleya centre
Gamaleya researchers created two forms of the vaccine – liquid and freeze-dried variants.
Why two?
In an interview with Russia 1 TV channel in May, Gamaleya centre director Alexander Gintsburg explained: “The dried vaccine is easier to transport because the liquid vaccine must be transported through the cold chain. The cold chain is only in the refrigerator at minus 16 degrees. Which is possible, but requires additional costs. Therefore, it was decided to do it in two forms.”
In the preclinical stage, the vaccine was tested on Syrian hamsters, which are extremely vulnerable to COVID-19, and demonstrated safety and protection.
For the human trial stage, the two vaccine forms were put to test in June and July at two Russian research centres – I M Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University and the N N Burdenko Main Military Clinical Hospital.
The test at the military hospital was conducted by a Gamaleya centre vaccine collaborator, the 48th Central Research Institute of the Ministry of Defence.
Thirty-eight volunteers, men and women in the age group of 18-60 years, were tested at each centre. They were medically examined in the run-up, which included confirming the absence of antibodies to coronavirus in the body. They were then put through two weeks of isolation to prevent infection.
Prior to vaccination, the participants were split into two groups. The first group received one dose of the vaccine, and the second, two. The second group received their shots on day zero and day 21.
The plan with the double shot is to inject two different types of adenovirus vectors, rAd26 and rAd5, in order to promote lasting immunity.
The trials kicked off on 18 June. After they had taken the vaccine shot, the volunteers reported feeling normal. None of them indicated any adverse reaction.
The volunteers remained isolated in a hospital for 28 days under medical observation after vaccination. The 38-strong group tested at Sechenov University were discharged in batches on 15 July and 20 July, but monitoring of their health would continue for six months.
On 12 July, it was revealed that the vaccine was safe – it did not create an adverse reaction in the body. An increase in body temperature was reported in the first couple of days after vaccination but the temperature returned to normal soon after.
This brief temperature rise and fall was observed in the case of Vladimir Putin’s daughter as well, after inoculation, as the Russian President revealed himself.
With two-stage vaccination through intramuscular administration, the researchers believe that the vaccine accords protection for at least two years. This is again coming from Russia’s experience with its Ebola vaccine. A more accurate picture of the protection time frame will emerge with testing over the next 5-6 months.
Curiously, this stage, although officially phase I, wasn’t the first stage of testing.
Earlier in May, the Gamaleya centre’s employees had already injected themselves with the vaccine to test for safety and immunogenicity.
Gamaleya centre director Alexander Gintsburg had said at the time: "This is not a test. This is self-defense so that we can continue this work. The loss of any employee will lead to a delay in this work. Knowing that they (employees) are developing, they completely consciously took this step. And I myself too (vaccinated).”
Gintsburg had revealed days after this unofficial trial that all volunteer employees were feeling normal and the presence of protective antibodies (neutralising viruses) was detected.
The data that emerged from the official phase I trials confirmed this prior unofficial observation. All volunteers had registered immunity to the infection.
The second phase of clinical trials began in July but the date is unclear. It’s only known that the trials concluded on 1 August, by which time preparation was underway to submit necessary documentation and follow protocols for registration of the vaccine.
This may seem premature – after all, the phase II trials hadn’t even ended – but the August estimate for registration of the vaccine was made as early as mid-May.
Even before that, in April, the regulatory framework was tweaked on Putin’s orders to facilitate speedy registration of the vaccine.
Over time, Russia began to feel confident that not one but two vaccines would get registered in August – one developed by the Gamaleya centre (on schedule) and the other by the Novosibirsk-based state research centre “Vector”.
Nearly the Sputnik, EpiVacCorona
Some sceptics of the Gam-Covid-Vac may find the vaccine candidate developed by the State Research Centre for Virology and Biotechnology, or “Vector” centre, more reassuring. Going by its trajectory, it seems to be progressing by the book and more in line with international norms.
The Vector centre was, in fact, the first to get off the blocks in January after the genetic sequence of the novel coronavirus was made public. It had developed five vaccine prototypes by the end of February and more than 20 vaccine variants were soon put to test in preclinical trials on mice, ferrets, rabbits, and primates.
The laboratory animals were reported to have tolerated the vaccine well, but higher temperatures were reported in some animals.
Soon, a call for human volunteers went out and a group of about 60 was assembled for testing in the first stage. Most of the participants were employees of the Vector centre, true to the Russian style of “do it yourself”.
The preclinical stage concluded on 10 July and clinical trials kicked off a couple of weeks later on 27 July.
Fourteen volunteers have been inoculated as on 12 August and reported to be doing fine.
The Vector centre’s vaccination is set up to be administered twice, 21 days apart.
By 17-18 August, more will be known about the safety profile of the EpiVacCorona vaccine and a decision will be taken on phase II trials thereafter.
86 volunteers are set to participate in that stage, 43 of whom will receive placebo.
Next launches
Besides the vaccines developed by the Gamaleya and Vector research centres, the most promising Russian vaccine candidates appear to be those developed by the St Petersburg Research Institute of Vaccines and Serums of the FMBA of Russia, biotechnology company Biocad, and the Federal Scientific Center for Research and Development of Immunobiological Preparations M P Chumakova.
The FMBA vaccine is said to have been based on recombinant protein and nanoparticles. Clinical trials for this vaccine are set to begin in September.
Biocad has developed three vaccines with three different collaborators, each based on a different but well-known platforms.
The Chumakova centre has tested out its vaccine in small rodents and primates and it has reportedly proven to be safe and effective. A test comprising 100 volunteers is scheduled for the end of August.
By the year end, Russia is poised to have a potpourri of coronavirus vaccines built on various scientific technologies. The hope is that at least one or more of these will protect people against SARS-CoV-2.
As for the world’s first COVID-19 vaccine, the Sputnik V is set for a quick roll-out. It is being produced in two places – at the Gamaleya centre and the pharmaceutical plant of the company Binnopharm.
The Binnopharm plant in Zelenograd currently has the capacity to produce 1.5 million doses of the vaccine per year, but it is likely to receive upgrades in order to scale up production.
The third phase of the Sputnik V trials is expected to happen not just in Russia but beyond its shores in some countries of the Middle East, South America, and Asia. It’s unclear at the moment if Europe and North America will come forward to purchase this vaccine.
The first batches of the Sputnik V are set for release in about two weeks’ time. Russia has claimed that India is among the countries that have expressed interest in obtaining the vaccine.
Four billion Russian rubles (close to Rs 497 crore) has been invested in the production of the Gamaleya centre’s vaccine. Russia’s sovereign wealth fund, Russian Direct Investment Fund, is supporting its mass production, slated to begin in September 2020.
Russia hopes that the vaccine will go into general circulation by January 2021.
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