Session 17 July 2021

Thank you so much for the session.🥰 As always, very desirable and so unexpected !!!!
If we substitute the magnetized Vaxxed peeps as point-members in a cloud, serving as receiver antennae for the Lizzies, the PTB might get the 'vaxxed-magnetized'-saturation in the population high enough, so the Lizzies can push through a really dark entity using these vaxxed as a "mass human-DNA-EM-wormhole". Strange waves, sounds ominous, like the ideas about the 5G-towers' purpose for possible activation and remote control of the Vaxxed zombie masses.

In the past we were told about human experiments: Lizzies trying to inhabit humans, but there was excessive bleeding, because the human bodies couldn't hold a Lizard's massive negativity. Maybe via this magnetizing & DNA mutations of people, the Lizzies can finally make a "D-Day landing" in the human population?

On the night of July 17-18, I had a dream, from which I woke up in horror at exactly 3-35. In a dream, I was again in the places of my childhood, in my parents' apartment, telling the truth about the situation in the world, and suddenly a stern-looking woman with dark hair gathered in a bun, like a teacher, entered the room. Suddenly, I saw that her head became translucent, the image of her face trembled and almost disappeared, and the top of the green alien's head was sticking out inside. He was much shorter than a man in height. I screamed in horror to get him out! He began to leave. And I instantly woke up, took the crystals and began to pray and hum In the garden. An interesting coincidence. I haven't had any memorable dreams for a couple of months.
Thank you for the excellent session
When I read the eyebrows section, I remembered an old article on Sott that intrigued me at the time. Hairs are probably receiving antennas for the sensitive system.

All hell has broken loose in Germany since last week. A truly biblical flood of sense overtook us. Since days there were unusual rainfalls, which created the impression in me that this rain in the quantity and kind are not natural. It felt quite wrong. There was a severe weather warning for our region only a day before the event. We are incredibly lucky as the disaster started exactly 30km behind where we live. What we are seeing is definitely not a natural flood - it is a new kind of sensory flood and destruction of biblical proportions. Now it has also been confirmed in the last days that the politicians were exactly informed about this rain band a week before and did not communicate it. I would almost bet that this weather was artificially created to put even more pressure on people. As a good side effect - probably not wanted by the political side - you can see today: The Germans are still a nation that sticks together in times of need. Perhaps we needed such a catastrophe here for society to realize that it needs each other. That our politicians are betraying us here, selling us out and leaving us alone. As terrible as everything is, it's all the more beautiful to see that we stand together in need, help people in many ways. For me, that is pure charity.
This event is for me a clear indication that with all power is tried to bring my country to its knees and to break our will. If this catastrophe was meant to serve this purpose, then it only proved that we as a society still actually function to a large extent and that the attempts of politics to divide us were not very successful in the end.
Thank you for posting another amazing session :flowers:

Over the last few weeks, it really felt like the lizzies and their 3D minions were progressing on an accelerated "timetable" with the vaccines and totalitarian measures...i guess now we know why. I think it is similar to a negative feedback loop - the more they increase their control; humanity's collective anguish and despair will directly accelerate the coming earth changes. As Scottie mentioned in the session - it is going to be the "greatest show on Earth".
Thank you for the session. Yeah in lockstep the UK push the vaccine narrative.. You can't go in to crowds without proof of vaccination.
Just as we enjoyed Freedom day, how I ironic. I thought the massive solar flare that was recently released may be s warning of what may be on the way. Luckily the eruption on the other side of the sun. Apparently it would of been s game changer if it was directed at the earth.
Many thanks to the crew and the Cs for another session with many aha moments. :love:

Somehow the hair also kept me most busy. Shortly after my wedding three years ago I cut my hair tremendously and I didn't feel comfortable at all afterwards. Actually, whenever I have done that in my life. So every time I did it, I grew it right back. And I'm lucky that they grow very quickly. This year in spring I decided that if I was going to detox my whole body, I should also stop colouring my hair with chemicals and switched to henna.

In general, I've found that this session has really touched me the most so far, maybe it's because everything is really happening in real time at the moment. Before these crazy times, all this information was not so tangible. Now you have the impression that everything is possible... A big hug to all of you.... :hug2:
Thank you all for the session and of words to help others in struggle navigating these current signs and times. 💐

I'm reminded of these words of the C's, too:

A: The soul, she counteth. The body, she doth not!

Keep the faith y'all, and be easy on yourselves and others (they are going to need much help) while things go in and out of great flux.

Ps. On this day of the Session, July 17th, 2021, The Daily Stoic references this July date with the following:

July 17th - “As you move forward along the path of reason, people will stand in your way. They will never be able to keep you from doing what’s sound, so don’t let them knock out your goodwill for them. Keep a steady watch on both fronts, not only for well-based judgments and actions, but also for gentleness with those who would obstruct our path or create other difficulties. For getting angry is also a weakness, just as much as abandoning the task or surrendering under panic. For doing either is an equal desertion—the one by shrinking back and the other by estrangement from family and friend.
Thank you for your work.
Great session with lots of information.

"Q: (L) So it's like a 4D wave... Are you saying this is like a 4D wave that, by way of these nanoparticles, is able to cross the border between 4D and 3D?

A: Yes"

Maybe the idea is that 4D STS will be able to directly affect people with this technology. They won't have to deal with smuggling ideas wrapped in truth through the media, abducting and doing those "complicated" things.
Imagine that the people around you are literally the eyes and ears of 4D STS. Brrrrrr... Nonstop.
Thanks for another amazing session! :flowers: The information about nano particles and strange waves is very interesting. Kinda makes sense that the PTB have been trashing the AstraZeneca and J&J vaccines, and making it seem like the mRNA vaccines are soooo much safer. I’ve started reading the Dark Romance books, romance aside, they make you realise what a truly corrupt world we live in.
As I understand it, they're referring to 12% of people who have received any of the mRNA vaccines.

As I read this, my understanding is that it is 12% of the peoples who received the vaccine.

(Joe) Are the videos of magnets sticking to vaccinated people's arms real?

A: Some. Some places and selected batches of vaccine.

Q: (Joe) So what are these magnets being attracted to?

A: Will be used at later time.

Q: (L) Creepy! Used for what?? [laughter]

A: Directed beam applications.

Q: (L) Well that's creepy, too. Do any of those directed beam applications involve the zombie apocalypse?

A: Close

Q: (L) Ooo, creepy! [laughter]

(Joe) Is that what they were referring to in a previous session when they said some vaccines would be used to control people?

A: Yes

Q: (Andromeda) And what percentage of these vaccine batches have this technology?

(Joe) Or how many people?

(Andromeda) Yeah, how many people?

A: 12 percent.

Q: (Joe) That's a LOT of people.

(Niall) They're all Pfizer recipients I guess.

(L) That's a lot of people, but it's still small enough number of people that they can say that it's...

(Gaby) It's mostly in North America?

A: Yes

(Ark) No.
So from the May 29, 2021 session @Laurentien2 cites they are talking about the purported magnetic component as a technology of control.

That is, I had seen reports of the magnetic thing of other vaccines, not just mRNA, mostly at Spain and South America. They may be hoaxes as well...

How we can identify which are the real ones?

Would not doubt, if those from Quinta Columna Telegram, that are requesting such videos, many may be fake...

How one can tell to be fake, what are the characteristics?
Good questions.
To go to the current July 17 session, about the 12% number, which I read as referring to the magnets [iron...hematies...heme] @mabar brings up:
Q: (Andromeda) So maybe they were intending to cause some change in the DNA for control, and it just so happens that it's the same function that does this magnetic thing.

(L) They may have intended one thing, but it's actually being used in another way by 4D critters. Maybe they were induced to construct the vaccine the way they did for these other reasons without necessarily knowing the full implications of what they were doing.

(Pierre) Like a back door.

A: Yes

Q: (L) A back door, exactly.

(Joe) The nanoparticles that are used in the vaccine, there's been talk of graphene oxide. Is that one of the types of nanoparticles that are used?

A: One but not all.

Q: (Gaby) Will the group members that will be or have been vaccinated with this technology, can they do something else to protect themselves?

A: Your program is good if combined with knowledge and awareness. Knowledge itself changes DNA.

Q: (Joe) So if the ultimate reason for this technology being used in 12% of the vaccines is to influence people at some point in the future, it's only people who would be inclined to act in that way anyway who would be susceptible to it. It won't work in people who aren't of that nature.

A: Yes
Someone from the discussion may need to clarify, but I read it to say @Joe imply 12% of people have received the nano adjuvant; that could be verifiable.

Also, a quick search on the internet gives results for "strange waves" propragating as what seem like vibrating, longitudinal waves, picked up on seismography, something like 9,000mph, reported in 2018.
Спасибо Лауре и команде за восхитительную сессию.
Множество замечательных вопросов и ответов.
Поездка на американских горках продолжается, впереди новое шоу.
A: До того, как станет лучше, все станет еще хуже. Будьте начеку и используйте знания !!! До свидания.
Спасибо за совет, предупрежден - значит вооружен!
И да, кое-что новое и интересное в странных волнах.
Thank you to Laura and the team for an amazing session. Lots of great questions and answers. The roller coaster ride continues, a new show is ahead. A: Before it gets better, things will get even worse. Be alert and use your knowledge !!! Goodbye. Thanks for the advice, warned means armed! And yes, there is something new and interesting in strange waves.

1) Thank you.

2) Uh, suppose you are in Florida (or Texas), quite literally in the PTB's crosshairs, they're setting up a "field office" of imperial stormtroopers down the street, and now the C's are saying attempted suppression and revolution. Any guidance beyond "strategic enclosure" and being very very judicious with involvement in resistance?
Go meet the people at the field office. Bring donuts. Are they Capitol Police? FBI?
An oxidizing pool, and a ground wire to an outlet you've checked. Other supplies.
(L) Is there anything we need to know or ask? Consider it asked to help us out through this turmoil...

A: Things will get worse before they get better.
Stay alert and use knowledge!!! Goodbye.

The C's have relayed that message more than once.

What is your interpretation of it? My take is that nothing can get better in 3D, can it?
Even if the PTB botch things up and their influence wanes it can only get worse because of the expected earth changes.

So our existence can only improve in 5D or 7D, or so I think...
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