Session 18 September 2021

Last few years we are buying quality organic potatoes from friends who have their piece of land in a near village. As they said, every year they harvest about 3 to 3.5 tons of potatoes from that piece of land.

This year they don't have potatoes for sale. This year they harvested only 500kg of potatoes. The same thing I heard from another man on a local market who was also selling potatoes a few months ago. They have done everything right, as they are doing every year, but this year the harvest is very very bad.

Also, prices of vegetables and fruits on a local market are 2to 3 times higher than last year.

Food shortages are becoming a real problem and not even one media reported anything about that. The main topics for distraction are Vaccines and Covid, while the real global danger comes from the other side. They knew about it and that is one of the reasons for all this madness around us.

I don't know how they plan to control people with empty bellies.
Here is western Canada I hear a mix. But there is a lot of crops still in or on ground. Some aren't worth combining.. It was really hot here. I was curious with Cs talk about weather in relation to 4D battles. Usually we have a ton of thunderstorms. This yr I recall very very few.. Lots of forest fires as well. Record breaking.. My Apple tree has 6 apples. 😭. I was hoping for a rebound next yr but oh man what's coming.??.
I noticed that as time goes by people who used to be on the fence about the jab are becoming more and more willing to just take it to make covid go away. Even Jordan Peterson got vaccinated, somehow failing to see through the lies behind the official narrative. Laura's article about transmarginal inhibition comes to mind. I guess despite his superior intellect the struggles of the recent years have taken their toll on him. I do hope that he will be one of the people whose being and overall makeup will enable them to "be spared", as mentioned in this part:
I have wondered whether Jordan Peterson has a handler. His debate with Slavoj Zizek was terrible and very unlike his usual intelligence. I remember reading somewhere online that says he has links with CIA. Famous people often have strings behind them. His book even made it to NYT bestseller ... that means he is likely to have interacted with some STS deep state group since the big media companies are stringent in what the masses are exposed to. Maybe he made a contract with them, sacrificed some part of his free will in order to enlighten the masses.
Thank you for the session, Chateau! I've been waiting for this one with anticipation. Can't wait to hear what the C's have to say next.

Eyes open everyone and no fear!!

I just found out I have a nephew posting on FB re: the covid, masking, and lockdown. And, joy of joy, he's on the same page as we are!:thup: He's very knowledgeable about the whole issue, and he is picking up like-minded followers as well, and he's not pulling any punches. Erin, you just made my day:hug:
Give 'em hell.:cool::cool2:
I worry about my friends and family that post anti-vacc sentiments on FB. Big Brother is watching that platform very closely.
Thank you
Eyes open everyone and no fear!!
I worry about my friends and family that post anti-vacc sentiments on FB. Big Brother is watching that platform very closely.
FB IS big brother. But recall we are in a cosmic Petrie dish with higher density beings of all flavors watching us and how we respond. Worrying about FB is, in a way, having those material earthly concerns and 3D thinking. There is another level our souls are on too. There can be a kind of protection from on high. I think a certain level of sniper fire can be gotten away with for the sake of having a clean conscience: I knew and at least I warned them. To know and to say and do nothing might be....a negative thing, let’s call it.
So with the added almost 500 years, is it correct to think that instead of 2021 it's really 1521-1600 somewhere? I know dating is arbitrary and selective, but I feel like I'm missing a bigger point here and I don't want to just gloss over it.
You can do that. You use the BP (Before Present) timeline as well.
Q: (L) Well, I wrote about it in From Paul to Mark. There was somebody who was giving a really interesting interpretation whose work I cited. It was his deduction from his analysis of the text that the Parable of the Sower was one of the secrets of the Kingdom of God which was that there were different types of human beings and that they simply were that way by their very nature. But at the same time, the wiles of the devil were always working, too. So there are people of different types. Any further comment on that? We can discuss it on the forum.
For some reason Corinthians 12: 6-8 came to mind when i heard about the secrets of the Kingdom of God

1 Corinthians 12: 6-8
6 God works in different ways, but it is the same God who does the work in all of us.
7 Each of us is given a spiritual gift to help each other.
8 To one the Spirit gives the ability to give wise advice; [a] to another the same Spirit gives a message of special knowledge
The moon is almost full may be coming from it, seen trough cloud. The full moon was last Monday.
I thought the same this morning and can't remember where the moon was, because I don't think I saw it. I'll check tonight to see where about it is during that time. Still begs the question of why it was so bright and so red. My first thought was something was on fire but I don't think that was the case here.
A: Just keep eyes and ears open and SEE! Good-bye

Thank you C.s, Laura and the team for this new session.
And my gratitude to all of you who kindly share their presence in these times for 'gloria in excelcis' - glory in the highest.

Merci les C., Laura et l'équipe pour cette nouvelle séance.
Et ma gratitude à vous tous qui partagez avec bienveillance leur présence en ces temps pour 'gloria in excelcis' - gloire au plus haut.
Thank you so much for sharing this session - so much to ponder as always. I have to admit some days it feels as though I am slowly nearing the apex of a very high roller-coaster and not really that excited about the 'fun' that comes next. It is nice to know others have been feeling some of the same tension. Although, strangely I also feel somewhat detached - don't know if it is outright denial or have just accepted that whatever comes is Ok. Kinda done with 3D ATM.

That said, I was recently thinking about all of those people who will be blindsided by the upcoming changes and how best to help those we care for cope. While some are willfully blind, others are just incapable of grasping the fact that our governments and their rulers (both global and hyper-dimensional) would conspire in such a way. I guess they will get a dose of red pill meds like it or not; and we need to prepare to remain calmer so we can walk them back from the ledge.
In Ireland, the vaccine uptake is very high, very little resistance to it. Yeah protests are happening, the main group is controlled opposition and protest every few weeks. Not many turning up just a few hundred, people are coping on, they are controlled, they even had the guards leading the last protest. While another protest was happening and the guards were not very friendly, stopping and searching people. They are dividing the the people even more, lot of division happening among the various groups.

You have to have the vax pass to get into most places to eat, drink and the cinema etc not all places are asking for it though. There is talk from the media of mandatory vax for workers, only a matter of time, most are vaxxed anyway so will accept it, no problem. My partner is the only one in her Job not vaxxed, she was doing interviews recently, mostly young people 18- early 20,s all vaxxed. She didn't ask them, they felt the need to tell her. Maybe they think they will get the job if they are vaxxed, like its a requirement. Some doctors refuse to see unvaxxed at there clinics.

I have my cardiologists word that my treatment will not change regardless if vaxxed or not. Although he does insist I get it or I will die from covid, I refuse, ongoing conversation. Hopefully he sticks to his word, he has stuck to it on other things, time will tell on that one.

Shelves are still stocked, no sign of food shortages, just yet. Ordered 20kg of grass fed beef, should be ready in four weeks. 🙂
I have wondered whether Jordan Peterson has a handler. His debate with Slavoj Zizek was terrible and very unlike his usual intelligence. I remember reading somewhere online that says he has links with CIA. Famous people often have strings behind them. His book even made it to NYT bestseller ... that means he is likely to have interacted with some STS deep state group since the big media companies are stringent in what the masses are exposed to. Maybe he made a contract with them, sacrificed some part of his free will in order to enlighten the masses.

Thinking a bit more about this... Jordan Petersen also worked in a University for most of his life - teaching psychology of all things! From this, I think it we can guess that he's secretly a 33rd degree Mason who has gone through all the necessary child sacrifice rituals to his Master, Jahbulon.
Or... maybe not.

We've all chosen to be here for some reason at this little blip in space-time. Our Souls incarnate on the 'frequency structure' of our genetic inheritance, plus karmic reference. And it's good to remember that we have incarnated on a Fallen world. We are negatively programmed from a young age by our parents, our peers and the culture at large. We get spirit attachments, abducted, and experimented on, and are subject to all kinds of paranormal phenomena that we have no ability to comprehend. There are traumas, dark shadows, unresolved past life dynamics and high archetypal dramas running through us. And, most importantly, we also have an excellent capacity to make plain old mistakes in all matters of love and life.

From an excerpt of Laura's new book (p. 248), a summary of Paul's theodicy by Ashworth:
Ashworth's analysis focuses on consistent translation of key words and phrases in Paul's letters, revealing a handful of basic ideas: a) faith and law as alternative and mutually exclusive ways of knowing God's will, the former being known directly, from within, and the latter experienced only externally and serving a temporary function for humanity; b) sin as the universal state of humanity, a collective childhood in which we have become enslaved, made blind, and from which all need to be liberated; c) the liberation itself, in which we enter adulthood, reconciling spirit and flesh, restoring our function as the 'image of God', making God incarnate in ourselves, and seeing the sin of our 'childhood' as a painful but necessary stage in gaining the knowledge of good and evil; and d) the faith demonstrated by Jesus to die for others, and his victory over death symbolized by the cross, and one's participation in faith and suffering, establishing the new way of relating to the divine. Central to all is the nature o the transformation itself: the new way of being is accompanied by a new way of SEEing the self, others, the world, God, and our true role in relation to all of them; what amounts to seeing the unseen, the spiritual reality, as at least as real as the material reality, if not more so.

Paul writes that sin is the collective state of humanity - we are born into the flesh. But we have the possibility of rising into the Spirit. We are first children, but may grow into maturity. We are slaves, but can be freed. We are first blind, but we may SEE.

Jordan Petersen's message, while not the same as Paul's, is incredibly similar on many key points, and one in particular - his almost apocalyptic plea for human beings to lift ourselves out of the muck of our customary drudgery and rise into the sheer gift of the potential of this life we have been given.

If Petersen has made a few mistakes in this life, so be it, whatever it may be. I don't see that as a good enough reason to moralize him because of it, and start piling up unsubstantiated dark speculations. His mistakes don't somehow erase the magnitude of service he has rendered unto so many thousands of Souls across this Fallen world.

I'm glad you brought this up, because it led me back into Laura's book to search for what Paul/Ashworth/Laura say about SEEing.

It seems clear to me that SEEing is one of the many elements in the cycles of Soul growth. From page 256:
The righteousness that faith brings involves an empowering liberation from the state of sin, the ability to see the unseen, and it necessarily results in right action. It is a state of being in which one both knows and does what is right - the real "I" of Conscience that emerges once the false "I" of the flesh has been killed in oneself by repeated acts of seeing and doing what is right. It involves a change in self-perception in which the wrongness of the habitual state of death or sin is exposed - seeing oneself in a new light. Righteousness, salvation, absolution - whatever you call it - is the product of an inner transformation, not based on any exclusive social or religious status symbols, like circumcision, birth, race, worldly accomplishments, etc. All those thing are now seen to be worthless, and the real, fundamental problem is clearly seen for what it is: the selfishness and sin caused by blind identification with the flesh, the material world, experienced as fundamentally constraining: a prison, slavery, a state of deadness and mortality. Selfish assertion - sin - must be crucified in order for righteousness to take its place. In this new state of faith, living in alignment with god's will is now possible, as the locus of God's righteousness; God's way of acting in the world through individual mortals. For Paul, Christ is the embodiment of God's image/wisdom/righteousness. His action is one with God's action. And by sharing in Christ's spirit, this also applies to the faithful.

So there's this major part of Soul growth that hinges on 'a willingness to die to the world' in service of a higher ideal. And more the point - it looks like a continual willingness to do so. We are in for a global initiation. It's already begun. Those who have undertaken an initiation of their own Free Will have already had some practice in sacrificing their false personality and personal wants on the basis of SEEing the world as it is. This sacrifice grows the Soul, and establishes an ability to adapt to reality on the basis of Knowledge, Faith and service to others. It's like SEEing with the eyes of Love. Those who have not undertaken this personal initiation will cling to the old, dying world, and go down with it. They are in for a trial by fire, and will most likely end up being a sacrifice themselves.

But those who accept what is coming will themselves be accepted as they are.
Thank you for the great session. How can you not feel some type of underlying tension these days? Not to mention events coming up in the near future? I’m amazed that there hasn’t been some type of implosion already. At this point, the C’s said to enjoy the show, so I always keep that in mind and keep the faith that we are all here to learn these lessons. Emotions are running hot, so I spend a lot of time reading and I think it definitely helps.

When I hear the 12% figure, it makes me think the programming is complete.

Michelle Obama is a woman? I remember watching a video where Joan Rivers thought she was a man. Okay, that was a surprise.

The timeline is driving me crazy here. If everything went up in smoke in 536...and there was no Jewish was previously mentioned in the comments, then what are we saying about early Christianity and the gospels? This is a mind-boggling topic.

We’ll see what happens next month and will be watching what happens when Winter finally arrives. With all of the flooding this year, should be interesting to see.
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