Session 18 September 2021

This part of the session reminded me of a previous session quote about people raising their “nastiness levels”.

Here is the “nastiness levels” quote and it is in direct relation to Pierre’s question about possession and Pierre’s “they’re preparing to control you in 4th density” and Joe’s “Hitler’s goal of creating a Master Race was a just a trial run” comments and overall discussion in the current session:

And the current session and quote from July 2000 made me think of Pierre’s Eugenics 2.0 post in the Corona virus thread and recent comments by Charais and Pierre:

Coronavirus Pandemic: Apocalypse Now! Or exaggerated scare story?

Maybe the vaccines (and as many doses as they can get people to take) are meant to create in some percentage of the population the propensity to pick up negative frequency to a very high degree and open these people up to “possession” due to their nastiness levels being raised (notice the meanness comment about people on social media) and there FRV being what 4D STS need to have a “physical vehicle with the correct frequency resonance vibration for 4th density STS souls to occupy in 3rd density” and “accommodate the truly negative STS 4th density - sort of like walk-ins or something, only not nice ones”.

And this ties into Pierre’s Eugenics 2.0 post:

Coronavirus Pandemic: Apocalypse Now! Or exaggerated scare story?

Specifically, that it looks like that the vaccine’s make up, the “genetically modified syncytin”, and

are part of some of the 4D STS plans to have physical vehicles tune into STS “regions of the information field” and change the FRV of those who take the vaccine to be susceptible to be occupied by 4D STS either with the people who take the vaccine or any children the vaccinated might have.

This post, crossed with the reports members here are making about people who have been vaccinated acting out of character, in nasty and negative ways, got me thinking that the 'walk-in's' might already be taking place, it's just that we perceive it in a 3D way. In the past I imagined if this 'walk-in' scenario was to play out, we'd be seeing people announce that they are lizard beings who have just took over the body of a human :lol:. But since 4D STS are part of a higher density group, maybe just possessing people with dark energy and controlling them completely is what we would perceive here. I'm just theorising though, I don't know much at all about the etheric realm or how any of this would function.
A: Weather destruction of food sources has been covered up by fake news.

Q: (L) So it's worse than they let on?

A: Yes

Q: (Joe) They're just holding back a flood, ya know? But it's gonna reach a breaking point.

(L) So, it's time for the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse!
Last few years we are buying quality organic potatoes from friends who have their piece of land in a near village. As they said, every year they harvest about 3 to 3.5 tons of potatoes from that piece of land.

This year they don't have potatoes for sale. This year they harvested only 500kg of potatoes. The same thing I heard from another man on a local market who was also selling potatoes a few months ago. They have done everything right, as they are doing every year, but this year the harvest is very very bad.

Also, prices of vegetables and fruits on a local market are 2to 3 times higher than last year.

Food shortages are becoming a real problem and not even one media reported anything about that. The main topics for distraction are Vaccines and Covid, while the real global danger comes from the other side. They knew about it and that is one of the reasons for all this madness around us.

I don't know how they plan to control people with empty bellies.
To those that react with ”sad”, please don’t!

This was not a sad post!

My mission here was to learn and decide if this experience has a future value for me!

It doesn’t!

I have been able to integrate enough data from “history“, physics, sociology, biology, and all of the other “ologies”, that, for me, the investment does not generate an acceptable return!

Simple as that!

It is not sad! It is as simple as a ROI calculation!

Whether the next iteration is 4D or 3D, proof is that this realm is so hopelessly corrupted that, in my estimation, there is no net benefit of being here!

What I have learned - DEEP into my soul - is that I know not to EVER come back!!!

It is liberation! When faced with the ultimate choice, the answer is, “Y’know, thanks, but no thanks!”

In this life, I was cursed/blessed with a “Rain Man” intelligence/naiivety, but, as a result, have seen deeper into this world than anyone should ever see…

I recognized and challenged those that claim this world, and they absolutely destroyed me!

But, in doing-so, they revealed their true selves, their game, their limitations, and the nature of the machine they have created…

Eventually I will leave this world - as everyone does - but, when I do, I will leave this world with my SELF intact, and an absolute knowledge that the con is over and I will NEVER EVER come back!

My soul has finally learned its lesson…

I am now free.

I can now live, love, and enjoy every moment left that this world has to offer - while it lasts, but when it is finally over, it is OVER!!!

And I, for one, will appreciate all I have learned, but I will also be relieved to be free of the pain and the corruption.
I share the same sentiment. When, the time comes I am going to draw the line and say, Game Over. I don’t need his game.
Thanks Laura and Crew for the new session! Very sobering, even though I'm sure many of us were expecting to hear that the situation would get worse before it gets better. I've also had the feeling of a sort of inner tension for the last two weeks; a vague kind of 'unsettled' feeling as if an important, yet unpredictable, event was approaching.

A: Just keep eyes and ears open and SEE! Goodbye.

(L) Well, I guess things are about to get real... SHOWTIME!!
Previously, the C's have emphasised that it's not "where you are, but who you are and what you SEE". The C's also made this interesting comment:

Session 17th August 2000 said:
A: What is "time?"
Q: Time is an illusion. (A) Is doing also an illusion?
A: If you are thinking in linear "time" terms.
Q: In other words, the best way for an STO future to manifest is for us not to anticipate that ANYTHING we do will matter. Because, if we are anticipating that what we do will make a difference, it won't. It is wanting. (A) I can't stop thinking that my working is going to be useful! (L) I can't stop what I am doing either because it is what I DO. It is being ME. We have to stop anticipating. We do what is in us to do without expecting it to matter.
A: And you do it because you are directing you to do it from another plane of existence where you know the score. Where you are on your present awareness plane, you are largely, though not completely, scoreless and clueless.
Q: So, it is from another level of reality that we create THIS reality?
A: Close.
Q: How much input do we have from this level of reality regarding the creation of a future reality, and I use the term "future" loosely, but meaning "future" as we perceive it from this reality? How much input?
A: About as much awareness as a small child does when contemplating how to fly the plane they are riding on.
Perhaps this also relates to the previous advice to "Sit back and enjoy the show". At this point, we cannot really have much influence on what is going to occur, aside from being able to open ourselves to perceiving it as broadly as possible in full awareness. And this is already a lot of work! To really SEE requires "debugging" our minds of the programming that has been installed over, in some cases, millennia - cognitive biases, behavioural conditioning, relationship and religious programming and also biogenetically-engineered limitations.

We are being encouraged to SEE, to peel back the lies and illusions of this reality; to view the archetypal theological dynamics that manifest as the "code" of the Matrix - to SEE the unseen. Perhaps, in our Quantum Universe, simply doing this will have nonlinear effects beyond what we can currently comprehend - lifting us up over the crest of the Wave, into a realm where Free Will for All reigns supreme.

Q: (L) So, Gloriaea. And you just added the 'in excelsis' to that?

A: Yes

Q: (Artemis) We already had a Gloriaea at the board.

As has been pointed out by Puma1974, Gloriaea was present at the November 28th, 2009 Session:
A: Look ahead to joy!

Q: (L) Um, hello! Who do we have with us this evening?

A: Gloriaea of Cassiopaea. Joy is coming now that you have taken steps in that direction!!!!!

The topics of this session are interesting. The foundation of a revived PaleoChristianity, the plans for the Éiriú Eolas breathing and meditation program, effects of the Wave, soul smashing of negatively-aligned individuals, anomalies in the trajectory of an ESA comet probe, the nature of anticipation, discussion of the movie "2012", engineered flu viruses related to the swine flu, vaccines and the viral mutations they can cause, an epidemic of autoimmune conditions and inflammation, Bigfoot, the Fort Hood shootings, and a pep talk to keep on keepin' on!
[..] (I**) What about these New Agey people who are so excited about the wave without any knowledge about it. And there is kind of anticipation...

A: If they want to surf the wave they must work to get ready, they must do the EIRIU EOLAS program to get in synch. A lot of little personal wavelets or ripples won't change anything. That is what 4D STS knows and why they seek to engender divisiveness. It is also not worth the risk of being smashed by hidden negative emotions, so best to get on with getting them cleared. Better safe than sorry!!!!

[..] Q: (C**) And they say joy is coming?!

A: You work on the other side and don't anticipate what the universe can and will do if the ground is prepared! [..]

A: Keep on the course. Did you ever wonder if some of the "failure" of the other side might not be a result of the energy you are generating?

Q: (L) What do you mean "failure"?

A: Like "Climategate"?

Q: (L) You mean, if we, our group, our forum, our activities generate certain energies, it empowers people who aren't even connected to us to do things?

A: Yes

Q: (L) Well!

(C******) So they would have the courage to stand up and say what really is.

(L) Well, I guess we gotta keep on going because it's so much fun to see these things coming out! (laughter) I mean, I don't wanna stop the show or anything. We've gotta keep the lights going.

A: And on that fun thought, goodbye.
I would strongly recommend everyone to read that Session in its entirety, as I think it relates quite closely to this most recent Session.

Life is Religion. Knowledge Protects.

Let's keep our eyes and ears open, do what is in us to do, and enjoy the show!
Thanks for posting that, @Ryan ! Ahh that's so interesting, how the 2009 Gloriaea session links up. I needed the reminder. And I liked the bits about non-anticipation and just doing the work asked of you:

(P*****) So, anticipating a future event reduces the likelihood of the happening of this event? How does it happen? How does it work?

(L) I explained all that in the {training} video. Weren't you listening? (laughter)

(A******) He fell asleep.

(L) I explained that you can't micromanage it. You can only see the outcome.

(Ark) There is famous quantum Zeno effect: pot never boils when you watch it. (laughter)

(Allen) This is also why in baseball they say, "Keep your eye on the ball"...

(A***) Or the van never leaves until you roll a cigarette! That's the Scottie Law! (laughter)

A: These factors should be kept in mind by all the new PC members. You are all on the threshold of a new life. Anticipate not what the universe can and will do, just do the work asked of you and the wave will come to meet you and lift you up.

Q: (L to Ark) So it's kind of like what you said once: The wave is waiting for us in time?

(Ark) But if like a billion people start to anticipate the wave coming, it may stop!

(L) Or anticipate how it will come, or what it will do.

(A***) And lots of people won't be able to control themselves from doing that.

(L) So it's best to pay attention to reality and deal with reality that is here and now in a most effective and efficient way and let the universe take care of itself. As long as you are doing your part...

A: Yes
Thanks for posting another stunning session :flowers: Like many i had to re-read the session a few times and let the information sink in slowly....

Its close now i guess, as the Cs have confirmed that we should enjoy the "controlled mayhem" now - before it moves to the uncontrolled mayhem stage. Though we all knew this was coming; and have been mentally preparing for it for many years now, it still gives me the butterflies in my stomach....sigh!

I only read the session yesterday - and it was on my mind the whole day; and right on cue today we have Melbourne (which is not near any major fault line) have one of its largest earthquakes; while the protests and situation is erupting there. The earthquake really felt like a punctuation mark for the session - sort of like "its here now, for real".

The call of Cthulhu - was a novella i enjoyed reading many years ago - and for some reason it always "felt" like there was more to the story that just an interesting novella from Lovecraft. Now i wonder how "Close" we are are going to be with Cthulhu appearing again...

Thanks again for posting.
A: Close enough. Things are soon to get more dramatic. Be glad of the period of relatively controlled mayhem.

Speaking of relatively controlled mayhem, or how the PTB think they can controle chaos. I had a good laugth this morning reading this article;

Another uprising’: Black Lives Matter pickets restaurant over incident in which New York City’s vaccine pass was enforced​

The creation turning again their creator. :rotfl:
Last few years we are buying quality organic potatoes from friends who have their piece of land in a near village. As they said, every year they harvest about 3 to 3.5 tons of potatoes from that piece of land.

This year they don't have potatoes for sale. This year they harvested only 500kg of potatoes. The same thing I heard from another man on a local market who was also selling potatoes a few months ago. They have done everything right, as they are doing every year, but this year the harvest is very very bad.

Also, prices of vegetables and fruits on a local market are 2to 3 times higher than last year.
Our country has always been associated with potatoes. This is already a national product. And the most curious thing is that this year our country for the first time in history is purchasing potatoes in neighboring countries, although before that has always exported. Well, by the way - personally on our with @Korzik18 land plot this year is a very weak harvest. Very little apples, plums, weak crop tomato and peppers. Potatoes almost did not increase: (there was no pears at all, although before that last year I am all summer and autumn treated colleagues at work. Perhaps we are not the most experienced farmers, but as far as I see - the harvest this year is extremely weak

As one who has accomplished the mission profile that was set for myself, back in 2014, it is open for me to leave at my discretion. So, why do I linger on? I seem to be staying around for others sakes. It seems that my children and grandchildren are what is keeping me here now. Not wanting to put them through the pain of not having me around, especially so during these trying times.

I guess wanting to see this through to completion is also a motivating factor. At this point in time, there is also the feelings of disappointment at humanity's state of affairs. It can be a discouraging thing to watch and to not be able to do anything about it. Like you, there is really nothing here for me anymore. Dropping greed and lust as motivation makes this world seem foreign. Like being a stranger in a strange land.

Pardon me for blowing off a bit of steam here. But this world seems to be cloaked in darkness. Not a good place for any type of positive motivation. It is quite difficult to remain positive.

On the bright side, I went to the grocery store today. There were no masks at the door. Consequently my shopping was done without a mask. No one looked sideways at me or said anything. Kinda like being invisible. People seemed pretty compliant. I guess if there was a way to identify an unvaxed person, it may have ended differently.
End rant! Feelings of doom have passed. Thanks for listening.

One more thing, being on the Pacific Shore in North America we will be in October 14th while pretty much everyone else will be in October 15th. It was stated as a celebratory event, what was given to me. Not foreboding or gloomy.
You said it so much better than I could!
I am in the north of France, this year I only had about ten pears and one apple, the previous years it was several kg of pears and apples.
I remember having read, a long time ago, that the year when the trees will not give any more or very few fruits is when the ice age is near.
My thanks to the crew and of course the C's for this powerful session. It brought home the belief that we are 'one family' connected and working together, joined by core beliefs and marching in unison.
I have suffered tremendous stress recently because of various tumbles into the pit, but now able to start crawling my way out.
This session has really helped me do that. I feel a great sense of relief.

I feel no fear now, a wave of calm has engulfed me. I am so blessed to be part of this family.

(Joe) There's a lot of articles in the past two weeks about rumors of food shortages this winter due to various reasons. It's not just high food prices, but food shortages. Lots of reasons are given: the Covid thing, destruction of business, fuel shortages, etc. Is that something that's likely to...?

A: Weather destruction of food sources has been covered up by fake news.

Q: (L) So it's worse than they let on?

A: Yes

The video features people across Shipping, energy, and food sectors in America and Europe saying one thing: A disaster is being planned and orchestrated RIGHT NOW.
The objective of a war is to control food and energy, thereby gaining control of the people.
Usually that is done with bombs and bullets, but this time it is being done via infiltration.

Crazy. Thank you for the session. I've been feeling very nervous and it's interesting to think that this period is really somewhat calm before the storm. It's exciting that things are coming to a head but it's also scary and makes me nervous. Enjoy the show and best wishes for everyone here. Oh, and Cthulhu? Whuwhuwhat?!? That I simply must see 🙃
Edit: I had one of the shirts that said "vote Cthulhu..." So... Writing him in on the ballot was a mistake? 😛
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