Session 18 September 2021

Yeah, there is evidence among my siblings that the tension is rising among the vaxxed (they're all vaxxed), ie blaming the unvaxxed for the so-called spike in covid cases. For the past two months I mistakenly thought I was reestablishing cordial relations with some of them, but that's all unwound. If I meet one of them on the street, and try to strike up a conversation, they make an excuse to avoid that, and other instances too numerous to mention. At one level of consciousness it really hurts, but at a deeper level, I accept it as it is. I don't try to change their minds or try to contact them. I guess they have lessons to learn, unfortunately for them it will be the hard way, but I won't interfere in their learning.
I just found out I have a nephew posting on FB re: the covid, masking, and lockdown. And, joy of joy, he's on the same page as we are!:thup: He's very knowledgeable about the whole issue, and he is picking up like-minded followers as well, and he's not pulling any punches. Erin, you just made my day:hug:
Give 'em hell.:cool::cool2:
I think it will just be holding on for a while, but perhaps, some may soon have the opportunity to be good transducers of knowledge into chaos

This is along the lines of my thoughts as well. On the one hand, it will be very 3D with things falling apart rapidly and people climbing over each other at the grocery store trying to get the last can of soup. And hopefully we won't be in that mess because we got what we needed ahead of time. On the other hand, we have the Wave factoring in. The C's have said that the purpose of existence is organizing information bits. We will likely be the means through which reality reorganizes itself because we SEE. We will become "the reality of the future." So I suspect that along with the chaos and suffering there will be some incredible things happening as well. Cosmic phenomenon? Increased psychic abilities? 4D bleed through?

Who knows? Probably will be quite an adventure though.
So with the added almost 500 years, is it correct to think that instead of 2021 it's really 1521-1600 somewhere? I know dating is arbitrary and selective, but I feel like I'm missing a bigger point here and I don't want to just gloss over it.

Thanks for the new session too, always they give a lot to think about.
. We will become "the reality of the future." So I suspect that along with the chaos and suffering there will be some incredible things happening as well. Cosmic phenomenon? Increased psychic abilities? 4D bleed through?

Who knows? Probably will be quite an adventure though.
Timely post @genero81. I even suspect that 'quite an adventure' may be an understatement. After all, it's not where we are but what we SEE.
What a session... many thanks to the Chateau Crew and also to Gloriaea and the Cassiopeans.
I had to let it sink in and immediately used the time to go shopping :-P . Everything I had in my shopping trolley didn't fit on the checkout belt all at once. :whistle: And I've also been doing a bit of canning in the last few weeks. Potatoes, goulash, beef soup, potato soup for my husband and more to come. Stores are filled up for a while. Whether it is necessary and, if so, enough, we will see.

For me, it feels more like the calm before the storm lately. Even with the feeling that something is about to happen, but completely quiet inside me. I can't describe it. It is a feeling of complete calm. But I think if Chtulu is in front of me, the calm will be gone... :umm:

@Joe I celebrate you for asking about Michelle Obama :lol: 🧔
Also, last night something weird was going on. It was almost 1am and a storm had begun to come through an hour or so earlier, with a little thunder, a lot of lightning, and next to no rain, at least not directly over me.

I started to hear what sounded like a helicopter, and it was so strange because not only did it sound huge, way bigger than a helicopter should be, but it sounded so close while at the same time was muffled and had a "far away" sound.
Think of the sine wave pulses a helicopter makes, but it was slower at roughly 3-4 beats per second is what the frequency was, and lasted a good 20 seconds or more, much longer than thunder should on its own.

So I stepped outside, joking to myself that it wouldn't phase me one bit to see a giant mothership hovering above. Seemed appropriate given the recent session. However, it turned out to be "just" the thunder, but I've only heard this effect one other time in my life and it was only a few years ago. I think something is going on in the atmosphere or wherever these things take place, that is causing interference of some sort to make the thunder roll on these waves like that. It's like something was slowing down the speed at which the sound should travel, or it was being truncated along the way to produce that sine wave effect.

Now all sounds are waves, with sine, square, triangle, sawtooth, and pulse being the primary five, but there are others that are more multi-dimensional and aren't really applicable here, and the fact I'm describing it as "travelling on a wave" I am not correlating with the C's Wave, rather these are just the ways you describe things when you study sound.

Now that alone would have just been weird enough, but I looked, or rather was drawn to, a huge light in the sky off to the west. So I took two pictures, the first is with Night Shot on, so it had a longer exposure, but the second is with the plain camera, and I have not edited in any way either picture, no brightness or contrast increase, nothing.

Something was going on in the sky last night, and while I'm wholly prepared for a mundane explanation, I also just don't know what to think.

Here are the two pictures, and remember this was 1am with storm clouds and lightning still covering above, but this light was just a constant glow

Night Shot

Regular camera
Also in the debt ceiling "theater" category, republicans have hinted they won't raise the ceiling this time around.

They are slowly laying out the "groundwork" for the debt ceiling default with recent articles:
WASHINGTON - Two former GOP treasury secretaries held private discussions this month with Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., hoping to resolve an impasse over the debt limit that now threatens the global economy, according to four people aware of the conversations.

The previously unreported talks involving the GOP economic grandees - Henry Paulson, who served as treasury secretary under President George W. Bush; and Steven Mnuchin, treasury secretary under President Donald Trump - did not resolve the matter and the U.S. is now racing toward a massive fiscal cliff with no clear resolution at hand.
and Debt default would set off dire consequences
(CNN)The fight over raising the nation's borrowing limit underscores a reality for Democrats as they are in the midst of their highest stakes moment for President Joe Biden's sweeping legislative agenda: thrusting a potential default into the mix may have devastating consequences.
A mild recession, according to analysts, would likely be the best-case scenario in the event of the US government defaulting on its debts, a limit the country is expected to reach next month and for which Congress must act to increase. The worst case scenario would involve downstream effects of potentially cascading job losses, a shut down in tens of billions in Covid-19 economic recovery aid still set to be delivered, a near-freeze in credit markets and gross domestic product taking a tangible hit that could last for multiple quarters.
"No one would be spared," Maya MacGuineas, president of the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, told CNN. "It would be such a self-imposed disaster that we wouldn't recover from, all at a time when our role in the world is already being questioned."
If the Treasury defaults and the impasse drags on, the federal government would have to enact "devastating" spending cuts that would cause a "cataclysmic" situation for the economy, Moody's Analytics warned this week.
"devastating consequences", "No one would be spared", "cataclysmic"
Dramatic much? :rolleyes:

If they do push through with this, I'm betting they're planning on a "remake" of "It's a Wonderful Life" for this christmas holiday, bank run and all.
Not sure what your talking about here Win52?

I don't know, all I have is that should a person be celebrating their birthday on October 14th, it will be a much larger celebration than they could ever imagine.


Some background on this Date:

During discussions with my guides back in 2005, I was trying to run a self importance program. As my birthday is October 7th, I had always thought that there was something significant about that date. The reply was "nothing in particular except that it was my birthday". Tha additional comment was "now the 14th is different, anyone celebrating a birthday on that day will have a much larger celebration than they could have imagined".

That discussion took place back in 2005 after suffering a paralyzing stroke, in ICU. I seemed to be quite in tune during those times.

I have been looking forward to every October 14th, since. Strikes me as strange that it should come up at this time, yet not really.

Thanks for the OP.

Found on page 8, in here.
Well I have been waiting for this session eagerly. My wife and I were forced vax in Canada. Well most of our social group was forced. Many of us didn't want it. My wife was balling and I was shaking when we got it. (only first one so far😭). We have been doing some holistic treatments our holistic Dr has, meditating, eating well. Trying to slow the stress. It's bad when we are forced but our industry threatens careers and pensions. I know others have maybe worse stories. But with little kids we desided that losing our house and ability to provide them (all the while sheltering them from the covid stress. So far not a bad job).
If anyone has any other help. Tips etc to mitigate this unwanted "jab". I'm all ears.

You guys are amazing. 😊
Well, this session hit me very hard because my parents forced me to get vaccinate against my free will, even though I didn't want to, I was forced to get vaccinated and now seeing the possible consequences of the vaccine really depresses me.

Thank so much for this session everyone and the great work as always

Btw is this one from Cassiopea?
I feel the same as you Joels because I had to “accept” the vaxx also due to medical advise but I felt alleviated when I read in this session that Laura said that some people “ Can they be protected in some way just simply by their soul essence” and the C’s agreed.
Greetings from Spain .
Bodizaffa, the protocole Keyhole have been sharing in this forum might give you all the needed info you're asking for:

Basic protocol for mandatory mRNA vaccine

I have come up with a basic protocol below. For those with limited financial resources, it will be considered pricey to say the least. Not everything is likely 100% necessary, and cheaper brands can be purchased if needed. However, for a one-time event like this... I think the investment is probably worth it. If I have missed anything out, or which needs to be added, that would be excellent (@Gaby etc?).

Here is probably what I will be doing in the week or two before having the vaccination - if I am required to have it.

  • Improve cell energy turnover through stimulating mitochondrial energy metabolism
  • Immune modulation to prevent excessive/hyper-reactive immune response
  • Increase likelihood of mTOR inhibition to potentially reduce the likelihood of intracellular mRNA translation (theory)
  • Support antioxidant system and detoxification pathways

1-2 weeks BEFORE Vaccination

Immune modulators, anti-inflammatory and antioxidants

Glutathione & Precursors:
  • N-acetylcysteine – 600mg x 4 per day (any brand)
  • Glycine – 5 grams powder per day
  • Liposomal glutathione – 500mg x 2 per day on empty stomach (brand example here)

  • Rosemarinic acid - Source: example here for US. Alternatively, here in tincture form for UK/EU
  • Dose: 4-6 caps per day or if using tincture, the dose recommended on bottle

  • Curcumin - Seeking Health brand - Liposomal Curcumin & Resveratrol (available in most countries)
  • 1 & ¼ tsp two times per day on empty stomach

  • Vitamin C – Dose(?)
  • Vitamin D – Dose (?)

Mitchondrial Cocktail:

Lifestyle interventions:
  • Cold therapy (cold showers, bathing – equal minutes per degree Celsius of water)

  • Fasting/calorie restriction – one possible idea is to fast for 12-24 hours before having the vaccine administered. After approximately 12 hours of fasting, mTOR is inhibited and AMPK is activated.

  • Type of exercise: Moderate-high intensity endurance exercise. Probably best to avoid weight lifting/resistance training in the days prior to the vaccination.

Immediately AFTER Vaccination

  • 500mg liposomal glutathione, vitamin C (dose?)

  • Epsom salts bath - 4 cups salts, duration 20-30 minutes

  • Immediately into the Sauna (not 100% necessary if you do not have access to one)

  • Sauna for 40-60 minutes

  • After sauna, large glass of water containing : 1/4 tsp activated charcoal, 1/4 tsp bentonite clay (or alternative 4 caps of a full spectrum binder such as GI Detox by Bio-botanical Research).
September 23 is the anniversary of the 1846 discovery of Neptune.

The planet Neptune was mathematically predicted before it was directly observed. With a prediction by Urbain Le Verrier, telescopic observations confirming the existence of a major planet were made on the night of September 23–24, 1846,[1] at the Berlin Observatory, by astronomer Johann Gottfried Galle (assisted by Heinrich Louis d'Arrest), working from Le Verrier's calculations. It was a sensational moment of 19th-century science, and dramatic confirmation of Newtonian gravitational theory. In François Arago's apt phrase, Le Verrier had discovered a planet "with the point of his pen".


At position a, Neptune gravitationally perturbs the orbit of Uranus, pulling it ahead of the predicted location. The reverse is true at b, where the perturbation retards the orbital motion of Uranus.

New article just posted today-

Astronomers detect a chromospherically active eclipsing binary system​

Astronomers from the Ohio State University (OSU) and elsewhere report the discovery of a new peculiar binary as part of the All-Sky Automated Survey for SuperNovae (ASAS-SN). The newfound system, which received designation ASASSN-V J192114.84+624950.8, turns out to be a chromospherically active eclipsing binary system with a highly eccentric orbit. The finding is detailed in a paper published September 15 on

Although ASAS-SN is designed to search for supernovae and bright transient events, it also monitors the brightness of about 100 million stars, which can lead to the identification of new variables. However, one class of variable stars is often missed by automated light curve searches like ASAS-SN—eclipsing binaries.
The study found that J1921 is a binary consisting of two chromospherically active, rotational variable stars in an eclipsing and highly eccentric (with an eccentricity of about 0.79), 18.46-day orbit. The eclipses span only about two percent of the total phase. The system is located 1,027 light years away from the Earth.
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