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A Disturbance in the Force
When Terminator, falls his machinery by choice, by knowledge, by faith, or just by spite.
The big, fat Satan can take over the body and mind, but the divine firefly twirling in the light/dark of consciousness can tip the scales either way.
At least that's how I see it.
By the way, you can also see it for yourself in this extract:

Thanks to a post by Nienna, I came across this thread:

"As you continue practicing the Eíriú-Eolas system, you will embrace a new quality of energy, range and initiative. You will become strong in areas where you were once weak. You will experience the constant guidance of your higher self. This guidance will be active in the work of your hands and the words of your mouth. You will feel this guidance in the form of protection, as you will also have the ability to perceive danger in greater capacity than before. Your higher self will guide you to acquire the knowledge you need on a practical level to protect yourself from unnecessary harm."

This is the proto-protocol before its time.
To serve at the right time.
Some might say at the worst possible time.

Quite a job!
Quite a session, thank you all!
Hello, lately I have had little time to work properly. Today is a day totally dedicated to reading and doing breathing exercises. Reading this post has motivated me even more. Thanks Zak!
Thank you very much everyone in this Forum!


A Disturbance in the Force
A: Now would be a good time to ponder the lessons contained in the Parable of the Sower.
“...And I finally understood the reason for the masks and mazes of our world: it is “The Parable of the Sower”…Our reality is masked as a medium for growth. And what we are growing is our will…” ––The Wave, Chapter 27

“…the unconscious itself would never have undertaken the vast and laborious task of developing the universe except with the hope of reaching a clear consciousness of itself…” ––Teleios Gnosis, ‎Gnostic Teachings Podcast: Teleios Gnosis: The Path of Perfect Knowledge on Apple Podcasts


The Living Force
According to Heinsohn's theory, this looks more or less logical - the early Middle Ages were mostly invented and the collapse of the Roman Empire was in 930 AD. But since the collapse nevertheless happened in 536 AD, it means that the Dark Ages came earlier and at least part of the early Middle Ages is also not fictional.

I have looked a bit more into Heinsohn's theory and he does not say that early Middle Ages were completely fictional.

His basic idea is that the 1st millennium lasted only about 300 years and the events of Rome (1st-3rd century), Byzantium (4th-7th century) and the Germanic-Slavic North (8th-10th century) were contemporary rather than following each other.

This is supported by archaeological data, as well as the fact that written records for each of the three regions exist only in one of those periods. In his own words:

As a result of stretching 230 years into 930 years, history is now distributed unevenly, each time-block having most of its recorded events localized in one of three geographical zones:

1) Roman South-West, 2) Byzantine South-East, and 3) Germanic-Slavic North.

"If we look at written sources, we have [for the 1st-3rd century] a spotlight on Rome, but know little about the 1st-3rd century in Constantinople or Aachen. Then we have a spotlight on Ravenna and Constantinople, but know little about the 4th-7th century in Rome or Aachen. Finally, we have a spotlight on Aachen in the 8th-10th century, but hardly know any details from Rome or Constantinople.

Each period ends with a demographic, architectural, technical, and cultural collapse, caused by a cosmic catastrophe and accompanied by plague.

Historians “have identified major mega-catastrophes shaking the earth in three regions of Europe (South-West [230s]; South-East [530s], and Slavic North [940s]) within the 1st millennium.” “The catastrophic ends of (1) Imperial Antiquity, (2) Late Antiquity, and (3) the Early Middles Ages sit in the same stratigraphic plane immediately before the High Middle Ages (beginning around 930s AD).”

And here a few more quotes from a good article that talks about Heinsohn's theory:

The strength or Heinsohn’s approach is that he doesn’t really delete history: “If one removes the span of time that has been artificially created by mistakenly placing parallel periods in sequence, only emptiness is lost, not history. By reuniting texts and artifacts that have now been chopped up and scattered over seven centuries, meaningful historiography becomes possible for the first time.”

In fact, “a much richer image of Roman history emerges. The numerous actors from Iceland (with Roman coins; Heinsohn 2013d) to Baghdad (whose 9th c. coins are found in the same stratum as 2nd c. Roman coins; Heinsohn 2013b) can eventually be drawn together to weave the rich and colourful fabric of that vast space with 2.500 cities, and 85.000 km of roads.”


The first millennium, in other words, lasted only about 300 years. “Following stratigraphy, all earlier dates have to come about 700 years closer to the present, too. Thus, the last century of Late Latène (100 to 1 BCE), moves to around 600 to 700 CE.”

All over the Mediterranean world “three blocks of time have left — in any individual site — just one block of strata covering some 230 years.” Wherever they are found, the strata for Imperial Antiquity and Late Antiquity lie just underneath the tenth century and therefore really belong to the Early Middle Age, that is, 700-930 AD.

The distinction between Antiquity, Late Antiquity and Early Middle Age is a cultural representation that has no basis in reality. Heinsohn proposes contemporaneity of the three periods, because they “are all found at the same stratigraphic depth, and must, therefore, end simultaneously in the 230s CE (being also the 520s and 930s).”[12] “Thus, the three parallel time-blocks now found in our history books in a chronological sequence must be brought back to their stratigraphical position.”

I have looked a bit more into Heinsohn's theory and he does not say that early Middle Ages were completely fictional.

His basic idea is that the 1st millennium lasted only about 300 years and the events of Rome (1st-3rd century), Byzantium (4th-7th century) and the Germanic-Slavic North (8th-10th century) were contemporary rather than following each other.

This is supported by archaeological data, as well as the fact that written records for each of the three regions exist only in one of those periods. In his own words:

And here a few more quotes from a good article that talks about Heinsohn's theory:

I know all this. According to Heinsohn's , Charlemagne and Alfred the Great (as well as the Francs and Anglo-Saxons in general) were federates of Rome, and after the collapse of the empire in 930, the High Middle Ages immediately ensued (from which it appears that most of the early Middle Ages from the empire of Charlemagne to the Holy Roman the empire is fictional because after Charles there was a cataclysm (I meant this period of the early mid-century and not the beginning of the early Middle Ages)).
But in any case, there is no point in discussing this because of this session, we know that the cataclysm took place in 536 and after Flavius there were neither Antonines nor Severs, and the most accurate chronology is this:


The Living Force
FOTCM Member
(Pierre) The organ where scientists found the highest concentration of the COVID vaccine is the ovaries. Is that by design?

A: Not human intent, but influences from other realms have that as a goal.

Q: (Artemis) So why the ovaries?

(Chu) Because it reduces fertility.

(L) And creates mutations. A new race.

(Pierre) Is one of the objectives to create a new race?

A: Close

Q: (L) Another experiment on the human race...

A: Yes
A thought like this, In all the chaos going on in the world lately, I came across this information

"Texas' newly passed law which bans abortions six weeks after pregnancy, once fetal heartbeats are detected."

"Germany's New Government to Nix Nazi-Era Abortion Law"



Until now only very right-wing countries banned abortion, now more and more countries ban it.

In Poland they want to create a list of all pregnant women.

I have a session in the back of my heads about creating a new race - STS/PTB can try to ban abortions and try to "count/manage" pregnancies - have it under control/protect to create a new race. ?

My guess is that within the next year they may start changing the law - in different countries around the world.


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(Joe) A year and a half ago, they gave a time frame of about 2 years for some kind of a REAL pandemic or viral outbreak. There's a lot of evidence that the mRNA vaccinations especially are actually suppressing people's immune systems. Is the C's time frame still correct? Those who are weakened would be very vulnerable to a real virus. Are we still on track maybe next spring for that kind of thing?

A: Close enough. Things are soon to get more dramatic. Be glad of the period of relatively controlled mayhem.
More information needed, but... Another hit?

89 Africans Killed By Mysterious New Illness Emerging In South Sudan​

Tyler Durden's Photo

WEDNESDAY, DEC 15, 2021 - 05:45 AM
Just as the latest delta-driven wave of SARS-CoV-2 washes over parts of the US that already benefit from some of the country's highest vaccination rates, the WHO has dispatched an advance team of researchers and doctors to South Sudan, situated in Northern Africa, where 89 people have been killed already by some strange new virus, according to the Daily Mail.
South Sudan's ministry of health reported that an unknown disease had killed scores of people in the northern town of Fangak in Jonglei state. So the WHO dispatched a team to the area, which is one of the worst-hit places on the entire Continent to be afflicted by a recent severe flooding, to collect samples from sick people. Doctors from Médecins Sans Frontières are already preparing a mobile clinic in Rubkona town.

According to the Daily Mail and BBC, "we decided to send a rapid response team to go and do risk assessment and investigation; that is when they will be able to collect samples from the sick people - but provisionally the figure that we got was that there were 89 deaths," said the WHO's Sheila Baya.
Baya said the team of scientists had to reach Fangak via a helicopter due to severe flooding in the area, adding that the group are waiting for transport to return them to the capital Juba on Wednesday.
"We are extremely concerned about malnutrition, with severe acute malnutrition levels two times the WHO threshold, and the number of children admitted to our hospital with severe malnutrition doubling since the start of the floods," MSF said.
Meanwhile, some 700K people have been impacted by the flooding in the area, including food shortages and illnesses, which are putting tremendous strain on what few health care resources are available in the area.
But seeing as the omicron variant seemingly first emerged from southern Africa (at least, as far as we know), the whole world is probably wondering: what fresh hell might this be?


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More information needed, but... Another hit?

I jumped the gun - now we're seeing something more plausible... Viral hemorrhagic fever as 'the real pandemic'? Emphasis on the speculative nature of this commentary, seeing Malone come up raised this to something meriting sharing here.

Multiple unclear transmission chains, hemorrhagic fever highlight necessity of Xi’an lockdown as Winter Olympics approaches
Xi’an punishes 26 people in latest COVID-19 outbreak since reporting imported case from Pakistan
By GT staff reportersPublished: Dec 23, 2021 09:39 PM Updated: Dec 24, 2021 09:38 AM

Residents queue up for nucleic acid test at a testing site in Xi'an, northwest China's Shaanxi Province, Dec. 21, 2021.Photo: Xinhua

Residents line up for nucleic acid test at a testing site in Xi'an, northwest China's Shaanxi Province, Dec. 21, 2021.Photo: Xinhua

As the first day of lockdown in Xi'an, capital city of Northwest China's Shaanxi Province known for Terracotta Warriors, started Thursday, China has seen three big cities with over 10 million population imposing citywide lockdowns since the pandemic, although the lockdown measures are not as harsh as in Wuhan in early 2020.

Chinese public health experts said in addition to its grim and complicated epidemic situation, several factors led to the necessary decision of lockdown of Xi'an, including the upcoming major holidays of New Year's Day and Spring Festival, and the Beijing Winter Olympics, and as multiple community transmission chains were unidentified. The city also reported hemorrhagic fever cases which shared a similarity in early stage symptoms with COVID-19, as well as the imported case through an international flight.

Disciplinary authorities in Xi'an have punished 26 people and four local Party organizations and other institutions since December 4 when the city reported an imported case from Pakistan, according to the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection (CCDI) of the Communist Party of China (CPC) on Friday.

Among them, 10 people were punished by Party discipline or dealt with by related organizations for failing to strictly follow protocols, and their chaotic management that resulted in the infection of staff working in a quarantine hotel for overseas travelers. Another four were given administrative punishment for failing to timely control and manage close contacts of confirmed cases.

Starting Thursday, the 13 million residents in Xi'an were required to stay indoors. Only one family member of each household is allowed to leave the house to purchase daily necessities every two days. Other than special needs such as sickness or participating in anti-epidemic work, people are not encouraged to go outside.

The Xi'an Xianyang International Airport cancelled all domestic flights on Thursday. Chinese flight tracking platform Feichangzhun showed that 765 flights scheduled on Thursday were cancelled. Only three international flights at the airport remained as of press time. Trains to multiple cities were also suspended.

Unlike Wuhan which was placed in a strict lockdown early last year, Xi'an said its government departments, companies and organizations were encouraged to have employees work from home.

Since the first case on December 9, Xi'an has reported 234 confirmed cases in two weeks. Wednesday saw 127 newly found positive cases, the highest number in a single day.

The local outbreak has spilled over to at least four other cities, including Yan'an, Xianyang in Shaanxi Province, Dongguan in South China's Guangdong Province, and Beijing.

Xi'an is the third Chinese city with over 10 million population to impose a COVID-19 lockdown, following Wuhan in early 2020 and Shijiazhuang in North China's Hebei Province early this year.

On the first day of the lockdown, Xi'an residents said the streets were empty with closed shops and restaurants and few passersby, schools were closed and most of them have started working from home.

Liu Peng, a white-collar worker living in Xi'an, told the Global Times on Thursday that nearby restaurants, shops and barbershops all suspended operations and the residential communities were under closed-loop management.

Liu went to a supermarket to purchase daily necessities in his community, but the shelves were empty. The supermarket owner told him not to worry as the replenishment will be provided in the afternoon.

Local government faced a huge test since Sunday when the city started citywide nucleic acid testing and some residents complained about long lines for testing and a crashed health code system.

But some residents said that the situation improved on Thursday as the government set up more testing stations.

Complicated situation

The epidemic in Xi'an has entered its peak period and will not be brought under control immediately. It's possible that there will be more cases in the coming days, Lu Hongzhou, head of the Third People's Hospital of Shenzhen and member of the expert committee of national disease control and prevention, told the Global Times.

The Xi'an government said on Wednesday that hidden transmissions in Xi'an have caused community transmissions and the epidemic has spilled over to other provinces and cities, including Beijing.

A Beijing-based immunologist told the Global Times on condition of anonymity that as a northern megacity, Xi'an has seen its epidemic triggered by imported sources spread to Beijing, which increased the epidemic prevention and control pressure on China for the Beijing Winter Olympics.

The gene sequencing of samples of cases showed the flare-up was caused by the Delta variant, and the virus strain in Xi'an is similar to the one identified in an imported case from Pakistan on December 4.

The raging Omicron variant which spreads faster than Delta has also increased the pressure China is facing in preventing imported cases ahead of the Beijing Winter Olympics.

China's top respiratory expert Zhong Nanshan said on Thursday that China must not let down its guard as cases related to Omicron will continue to increase globally.

Omicron is wreaking havoc in most Western countries amid the Christmas season with countries like the UK reporting more than 100,000 daily cases for first time since the pandemic, and the US reporting a daily average of 150,000 cases this week. European countries like Germany have imposed measures limiting private gatherings among the vaccinated to a maximum of 10 people before New Year's Eve.

And for Xi'an, Chinese analysts said that the city faced the dual challenge of cluster COVID-19 infections and the spread of hemorrhagic fever, an acute infectious disease characterized by fever, bleeding and renal damage, which can lead to death.

Health experts said that the early stage symptoms of hemorrhagic fever also include fever and coughing, similar to COVID-19, which could put pressure on early diagnosis or testing.

There have been three transmission chains - "work, family and community"- just over 10 days since the first local case was found in Xi'an. However, we have not figured out the links between different transmission chains, Lu said.

The lockdown doesn't imply the epidemic in Xi'an is out of control, Yang Zhanqiu, a deputy director of the pathogen biology department at Wuhan University, told the Global Times. He said the epidemic emerges at a critical time when the country is about to experience a traffic surge for the New Year and Spring Festival travel rush, as well as thousands of foreign athletes for the Olympics. So containing the emerging epidemic in a quicker manner is essential for the city and the country.

Experts are confident that China will succeed in quelling the flare-up in Xi'an in about four weeks, as China's dynamic zero-COVID strategy has been proven to work in that time frame.

Sticking to dynamic zero

Xi'an's measures are in line with China's dynamic zero policy, under which local governments introduce precise measures based on an assessment of local epidemic risks, a senior official of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention told the Global Times on Thursday on condition of anonymity.

However, in reporting the Xi'an outbreak, some Western media again wrote sensational headlines, accusing China's dynamic zero strategy as overly strict or purely for the Beijing Winter Olympics.

Several media including AFP and BBC claimed Xi'an's response was seen as China's efforts to step up measures for Winter Olympics set to open in February, questioning it strictness.

The official stressed that China's epidemic prevention and control measures were adopted based on China's dynamic zero COVID-19 strategy, which was not purely for the Winter Olympics, though epidemic prevention was important to the event.

Even after the Winter Olympics, China would stick to its current zero policy if authorities believed it's not time for China to reopen its international borders, the official said.

The Beijing-based immunologist said that the West has missed their windows for controlling the epidemic in a small scale and their policy of only relying on vaccines proved to be a total failure with Omicron now coming. And to be picky about China's strategy is the Western media's strategy to mislead their residents about effective epidemic prevention measures.

But the sharp contrast of cases between China and the West tell the truth, and Western media's frequent questions will not affect China's determination to stick to the dynamic zero policy, the immunologist said.

As Beijing struggles with the worsening outbreak in Xi'an, the provincial capital of 13M that has been under lockdown for about 2 weeks now, authorities are finding it increasingly difficult to paper over the popular outcry. So, authorities in the northern Chinese city have banned "negative news" on social media as many residents took to Weibo and other platforms to complain about their present circumstances.

The citywide lockdown, believed to be the most brutal since the original Spring 2020 lockdown in Wuhan, has left many stranded at home without enough food, and without access to medical treatment. Unfortunately, they'll need to keep their complaints private if they want to avoid angering the powers that be.

"From Jan. 4, people are banned from posting details of the pandemic restrictions or information about the road situation, videos, links, mini-apps or photos of the situation, particularly negative news," the municipal government said in a mass text message to the city's 13M residents. "There is background surveillance operating on all WeChat groups, and any negative news will be deleted as soon as it is sent," the message said. "Please bear this in mind and pass the message on."
Radio Free Asia reports that the message was triggered by a wave of public dissatisfaction and online complaints as people have been prevented from leaving their homes to buy groceries and basic necessities.

Just like in Wuhan, many have been turned away from hospitals for medical treatment because they come from high or medium-risk areas.

Instead of allowing complaints to fill up social media platforms, the local government in Xi'an is running a high-profile propaganda campaign to remind people of the efforts underway to bring shipments of fresh food to beleaguered residents.

Amusingly, some residents have been pressed into service of this campaign: RFA managed to get its hands on a clip of a family receiving a delivery of food and drink, before being asked to thank the government by the agents who delivered the shipment.

"You should thank the government," the officer is seen saying. "Thank you, government, for your care, thank you," replies the resident, having just received a white radish, three potatoes, six carrots and two onions."
One Xi'an resident said the authorities want to put the people's complaints "on mute".

"They want to put us on mute, so that we can't talk about anything negative regarding the pandemic restrictions," Feng said.
Another resident complained that the government can silence people, but it can't fool them.

"It's pretty clear now what the government is doing," Ma said. "Now, if people are hungry, they're not allowed to say so."
"This isn't a place fit for humans to live, where they won't even let sick people seek medical treatment, or give birth -- that's how they treat people in a pandemic," she said.
Xi'an isn't alone. Lockdowns are also in place in Henan province's Yuzhou city and in the central city of Zhengzhou. There are also restrictions on travel in and out of Beijing ahead of the 2022 Winter Olympics on Feb. 4, and lockdowns have also impacted the port at Ningbo, as we reported earlier.




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I jumped the gun - now we're seeing something more plausible... Viral hemorrhagic fever as 'the real pandemic'? Emphasis on the speculative nature of this commentary, seeing Malone come up raised this to something meriting sharing here.
I have a distinct memory of Pierre mentioning either in a session or on the forum that a virus coming from space was most likely to first show up in China for some reason Pierre gave. I think it had to do with something in terms of the atmosphere there in some way being conducive to it. I could not find what Pierre said when searching. Your post brought that to mind and then also previous info I collect in a previous post of mine. We seem to be in the 18-24 month window...
And we did have that big visible comet Neowise in late spring/early summer, so that could be another source 18-24 months out from the beginning of last summer (which would be winter to summer 2022) and its appearance to bring viruses and the Black Death plague


Hemorrhagic fever is apparently a common seasonal infectious disease in certain areas of China. The disease is caused by the Hantavirus, mainly carried by rodents. So unless what is being reported is novel in origin and symptoms then I’m not sure what the concern is. Early symptoms can be similar to a cold.

Here is some information on the disease:

Since the beginning of winter, Xi'an, Northwest China's Shaanxi Province has recorded a series of hemorrhagic fever cases, a natural epidemic disease with a high fatality rate. Medical experts said that rodents are the main source of infection, and called on the public not to panic as vaccinations can effectively prevent and control the disease, while human-to-human transmission is basically impossible.

The Global Times learned from a medical staff member at the infection unit of the First Affiliated Hospital of Xi'an Jiaotong University that the hospital admitted a patient with non-life-threatening hemorrhagic fever in the past few days.

Due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak in Xi'an, many hospitals with infection units have temporarily stopped receiving patients and are only attending to patients infected with COVID-19, said the staff member.

According to media reports, hemorrhagic fever is a common infectious disease in northern China. Starting from October every year, some areas of Shaanxi enter the high incidence season of hemorrhagic fever.

In recent years, the virus institute of the Shaanxi Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed local infections in Xi 'an by widespread field investigations and laboratory neutralization antibody detection and identification.

Experts said that hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome, also known as epidemic hemorrhagic fever, is caused by Hantavirus, with rodents as the main source of infection.

It can be transmitted by a mouse bite, by eating food or water that a mouse has crawled over, or by contact with infected mouse blood, urine or feces.

Humans are generally susceptible to the disease, and the incidence is high among farmers who often work in the field, or workers engaged in the agricultural industry and food processing.

Hemorrhagic fever is an acute infectious disease characterized by fever, bleeding and renal damage, and it can lead to death in serious cases.

According to data released by the China CDC, the number of epidemic hemorrhagic fever cases in China from January to August in 2020 was 4,359, and the death toll was 21.

In 2019, there were 9,596 cases and 44 deaths from the disease in China, with an average mortality rate of 0.4 percent, media reports said.

Preliminary symptoms of epidemic hemorrhagic fever and common flu are similar. As a result, many patients may think it is a common cold by mistake. Medical experts in Xi'an urged patients to have treatment in a timely manner due to the onset of hemorrhagic fever and its rapid progress.

Zhou Zijun, a public health expert at Peking University, told the Global Times on Sunday there is no need to panic and it is less likely that China will have a big outbreak of the disease.

Epidemic haemorrhagic fever has at times been serious in China, so the medical response strategy has matured. Tests, targeted drugs and effective vaccines are available for the disease, medical experts said.

Also, experts noted although there are a couple of routes of transmission, the two main sources of infection are rattus norvegicus and apodemus agrarius. Neither is common in cities.

The disease has obvious regional and seasonal characteristics. People living in rural areas have more exposure to rats. People who live in urban areas are much less at risk of encountering hantavirus, have less need to panic, and have no need to kill their children's pet rats, experts said.

Two peaks come every year - the spring peak from March to May, and the winter peak from November to January.

Experts say vaccination is the most effective way for individuals to avoid the disease. People aged from 16-60 in high incidence areas, especially farmers in their 60s and students who have turned 16, should actively take the vaccine. Also, vaccination against hemorrhagic fever is recommended for those who plan to travel to endemic areas for field exploration, tourism, farming and other activities, or before long-term outdoor work assignments.

The vaccine is given in three doses, with the first two doses spaced 14 days apart and the third at least six months later. The first two shots are essential for basic immunity. If the second injection is not given on schedule, the course of this round of hemorrhagic fever immunity will be invalid, media reports said.

Another effective measure to prevent hemorrhagic fever is rodent control. Medical experts advise people to avoid activities near water, grass and other places where rats are likely to appear, and avoid contact with rats and their fecal pollutants. Rodent control and other prevention measures can be implemented in places such as villages, orchards, vegetable gardens and breeding farms.

Experts also suggested wearing long pants, long shirts and closed shoes to prevent being bitten by rats. It is recommended to wear a mask to prevent aerosol pollution in areas where weeds or straw are piled up and rat urine and dung may exist.​

Xi 'an reports hemorrhagic fever cases, but no need to panic as medical experts urge quick vaccinations - Global Times

This is the info from the Chinese CDC on the current epidemic:
Hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome (HFRS) is a group of illnesses that are caused by hantaviruses. Although increased exposure to rodents or their urine and droppings could be a decisive factor of the increasing in incidence, further research is still needed to elucidate the causes of the epidemic (1).

Of course it could be a novel virus and China is keeping that information from the world but there is no evidence to support that theory at this point. The current hoopla by Bannon and Malone may just be more anti-China propaganda to distract from US involvement in gain of function research and US role in the covid-19 lab leak.


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(Gaby) Is there any reason why they have this deadline of the 15th of October to get everyone vaccinated? Is there a reason?

A: Changes are coming and they know it.

Q: (L) As in climate changes, or planetary changes, or Earth changes, or somewhere in that category?

A: Yes. Close.

Q: (Artemis) What about aliens?

A: Close
Thinking of this session and the question from Gaby about the timeline, then perhaps those changes coming, which they mentioned, could have to do with the war in Ukraine. Not long after this date of the 15th of October, the ongoing priming of the population about an imminent war kicked in. The narrative shifted abruptly, which would have been a little more difficult if two competing narratives were promoted at the same time.

The remarks about aliens could have to do with that portal in Ukraine with downloading of nasty things and maybe of nasty 3D/4D critters. It could be as @goyacobol suggested that those MIA and KIA from previous wars could be downloaded or just downloading into the segments of the Ukrainian people there, who have been thoroughly brainwashed for years with nationalistic nazi ideology.

(Pierre) And the struggle for the portal is indicative of 4D STS wanting to use this portal?

A: Yes

Q: (L) Why do they want to use the portal?

A: Downloading is taking place there.

Q: (L) Downloading of what?

(Joe) Information.

(L) Do I really want to know? [laughter]

(Pierre) The naughty side of the information field is being downloaded there.

(L) So the STS bad guys download themselves via a portal into the people there?

A: Yes


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Q: (Pierre) In a previous session you mentioned about 470 years added between us and Julius Caesar. If it matches, it means these 470 years were added before 536 AD?

A: Yes

Q: (Pierre) It means Caesar died about 70 years before this 536 event?

Just found an interesting documentary dealing with the dendrochronology that proves that 536AD event indeed happened!



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To add to the above: although they considered cometary overhead explosion, they chose to blame a vulcano. They never considered that the cometary explosion could have triggered the vulcanic eruptions all over the world.
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