Session 22 September 2018


Wow, what an interesting session, it covered a lot of topics. I'll definitely have to reread it a couple of times. Thank you so much, everyone! 😊


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What a Fascinating Session! Its always interesting to receive more information about window followers. I hadn't heard the story about the Bell witch before. I don't know to much about elementals but I was surprised to hear they could be so expressive and complex.

The question concerning DNA activation through suffering was also food for thought. It made me appreciate my less then comfortable life and also the struggles of those I know. And its true, we will try to avoid this at all costs not realizing the seeds of our transformation are contained within.

I spent most of the day yesterday paying attention to reality left and right. With this perspective, its amazing to see how much more I notice. I also reminded myself to be aware that we live in a world thats permeated in 4D as well. Paying attention to subtle impressions can give one a glimpse of that.

So interesting about the Solar observatory! It would be great if some collaboration came forward for the apparitions and wonky electronics. Such a surprise.

No surprise about Q.

I thought the gas explosions where due to the faulty work of the gas company but the C's say its a earth change episode, i guess ????? A Terrifying situation.

Jam packed session :thup: thanks so much!


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Thank you for such a fascinating and information packed session. The info on the solar observatory closure confirmed my suspicions, and I wonder how long they can keep that under wraps. Presumably someone will start talking eventually and other equally anomalous events will begin occurring as well. Ought to be hilarious watching the various cover stories they will gin up to keep the lid on.:rolleyes:

Thank you Pierre and Approaching Infinity for the questions on DNA and life origins...much to ponder.

Yes indeed it will be hilarious annp, my best guest at this moment is that the next cover stories will be : The Russian did it, followed by, Putin did it.


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yes, once again another session with lots of food for thought, Thank you Laura and chateau crew for sharing....:clap::thup::clap::thup:

Kay Kim

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Thanks for another great session, very much appreciate and timely needed.

Because the Waves getting stronger as time passes, so more of things like Solar Observatory in New Mexico’s Phenomenon will likely to happen elsewhere too.
And this kind of information would give us to prepare and not to panic.

Session October 5, 1994
Q: (L) Do demons and evil spirits fear anything?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Do they fear any power that we as humans possess?
A: Yes. Knowledge.
Q: Do they fear religious symbols, signs or figures?
A: No.
Q: (L) What is our greatest power?
A: Knowledge.
Q: (L) Does the accumulation of spiritual knowledge hold the key?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Is there any other clue you can give us?
A: You do not need anything else than knowledge.


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Thank for a great session with soo much information.

I am pleased to have been exposed to the work of Laura and the group and thus had the benefit of a conceptual working framework that makes sense and that explains much phenomenon here on earth. I am referring to the model of densities, STS, STO, life as a school and all there is, is lessons. And much more.

When these bizarre things happen, bleedthroughs of 4th density, windowfallers etc., then without a framework apart from the materialist or the basis religious one, one is very vulnerable to easily think that one is crazy or losing one's mind. As it said in the movie, The Matrix, we are prisoners of our minds. So it is good that we have been fortunate enough to blow some of those cell walls or limiting conceptual beliefs apart and perhaps started to grow an antenna that can go beyond the prison walls and receive fresh objective information. Who knows with gentle continuous pushing, the cell walls might fade away.


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This session was phenomenal, Thank You!
Q: (L) Has this sort of direct intervention happened more than once? Like when major changes of DNA have occurred, or when there were major changes in the so-called evolutionary record?

A: Yes

Very close to what Reverend George Vale Owen {1860-1931} reported in his books, taking place in "Heaven", a heavily onion-layered spirit world, where Master Biochemists in universities were working on blueprints to seed-create life, living beings, critters, plants, organisms, bacteria, whatever was needed anywhere in the galaxy.

Life-creation was taught on basic introductory courses as well, teaching beginner groups, how to create a simple living "mold" [automaton] with the students sitting in a (circle) together and with their mind they were tasked to create an arbitrary one mimicking life functions, that looks like an elephant, a dog etc..

Using data from their studies, relying on their ability to work together telepathically and exercising their "will"/spiritual power to make a (I.)materialized mold come into life(II.). It was reported to be quite a hard task, with the students' creations usually collapsing into a chaotic writhing-non-functioning mass. That meant their lab class failed.

Owen reported lots of animal types known there not just from Earth. It was like a giant, intergalactic zoo, pretty common species from all over the galaxy living in that less-material "Heaven universe", which was a massive, heavily onion-layered spirit world. With the higher, invisible layers & their inhabitants having proven their advancement of awareness/intelligence/Being/skills/creation powers and the power of senses.

'Good Elementals of Nature' were also reported in that 5thD/4thD[?] environment. Their job being: "elementals are energizing plant life [on Earth]" from their position up, in that "spirit-world"/Heaven/Above to energize plants to down here, grow on our 3rdD Earth.

(L) So in a sense, that's the basic thing about intelligent design. There is a lot of parts to it that rely on the nature of the physical world itself and how all the different elements - which themselves come into being via information - accumulate or gather or interact. And then a direct intervention is added. That's what it amounts to.

A: Yes indeed!!!

Q: (Joe) Who sends it through the realm curtain from 4th density?

A: Transient passengers. Perhaps the term will have more meaning now?

There is an excellent movie from visionary French director Enki Bilal, titled Immortel (ad vitam)(2004) introducing probably exactly such a "Transient passenger" doing this work. In the movie this powerful character is a higher-density geneticist-designer, shown completely wrapped in black and to talk with him he can be reached (at first) in a strange "outer space" spot, that looks like an "inter-dimensional pocket", where a human must wear a space-suit. The movie is probably highly entertaining for sci-fi lovers and sports a monster resembling a 'Window Faller'-class as well. One of the central themes of the movie is the 'Intrusion', essentially same as the recent one in New Mexico, but in a lot more progressed stage.


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So presumably dna code was manufactured and then transmited to planet Earth; still we are left with that other question, how it evolved in the first place elsewhere, before? Who dunnit? :-)

Thank you all !!!


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So presumably dna code was manufactured and then transmited to planet Earth; still we are left with that other question, how it evolved in the first place elsewhere, before? Who dunnit? :-)

Thank you all !!!

Why presume?

I don't think anyone is saying that all DNA was created by one source or brought to Earth at the same time or that it is not being altered even now. So the "Who dunnit?" would require a more specific question I think.

And really, is their such a single event as "in the first place" or is it more like a cycle that repeats?


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Eccentially, what he was saying was that some astronauts were having a hard time, as reality 'up there' changed significantly, where one moment they were doing their space thing, and the next they were talking to their old relatives et cetera. It was the same, or so he said, with the Russian cosmonauts. Very strange.

On one of the recent Soyuz launches one Russian astronaut was swearing, complaining to his colleagues that he can bear everything in these missions, except that friggin' pounding/hammering on the outer hull. Was he referring to the rocket or the station? Were the clattering things space-junk / micrometeors or the Skinwalker phenomenon? I would love to hear an uncensored, candid interview with these astronauts about exactly these high-strangeness topics they are never allowed to talk about!


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As it said in the movie, The Matrix, we are prisoners of our minds.

The Matrix was and is excelent methaphor of our reality. I remember the scenes where the material and viable part of the matrix simulation while one is in it could be changed by the source of the machines mainframe or other powerful program.

These machine mainframe or powerful program can be the 4th Density beings while the Matrix is the phisical 3rd Density reality. In our reality sometimes we have window fallers and other mysterious beings which are like the agents in the matrix movie.

Pure conscious have to the material reality like machines or others programmers to the matrix simulation. Conscious beings influence material world like these over the matrix manipulate in the matrix's code.

The characters in the matrix often break the rules like the material part of the reality could be easily manipulated when somebody has requiered knowledge and training.

What is also interesting is how people lifes are pictured. The interesting part is when one of the gang (Cypher) want to be closed again in the matrix. He's sitting with the agent and talk to him that he know that steak doesn't exist that this is just matrix simulation and his conscious just become conviced by final impression while source and the same process from the beginning is manipulated.

What comes to my mind is like somebody who is in the 5th Density and knows that 3rd Density is just the net of the material and biological processes created and setted by the outher forces and this 3rd Density gives the realism to all the reality around while you are in it, while in fact there are chemical processes going at the micro level (at the Code level as we can say in the case of Matrix) and other phisical processes covering light and heat and etc. And our consious get the in some sense "fabricated" impression. However what gives the hope is what we do with it, we still have free will.

So our 3rd Density reality is so kind of the illusion which for some look more convincing that this what is upper and they want to be closed in it, taste the good meal and be somebody femous, in the change of being "battery".

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