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Ark, creo que la danza de los Maruts tiene mucho ahí, el movimiento, la danza sufí y ciertos movimientos estilizados… Soy profesor de educación física y en mi opinión la clave está en:
El sonido
El movimiento

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Ark, I think that the dance of the Maruts has a lot of implications there, the movement, the Sufi dance and certain stylized movements... I am a teacher of physical education and in my opinion the key is in:
The movement
The 79% death rate is for the people who caught it, this means that on a population of 10 millions, if 20% catch it (2M) and let’s say 4 of 5 die from it (1,6M), the remaining population is 8,4M. It’s then 16% of deaths.

Don't you mix up the case fatality rate with the death rate (or mortality rate)?

Case fatality rate, also called case fatality risk or case fatality ratio, in epidemiology, the proportion of people who die from a specified disease among all individuals diagnosed with the disease over a certain period of time.

Mortality rate is the number of deaths due to a disease divided by the total population.

For comparison, the figure announced by the Cs for death rate of the "plague 2.0" (79%) is higher than the Black Death death rate that is estimated between 30% and 60% in Europe during the first wave:

From 1347 to 1351, the Black Death killed 30% to 60% of all Europeans

To put some pandemics in perspective here is a chart showing the death rate of some of deadliest infectious diseases (sorry I could only find the chart in French):

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The discussion of plague and trypanophobia made me look up what smallpox looks like on people. And it IS some scary-looking stuff. I won't share the photos here but the first page of a google image search shows you enough.

I found another broader video talking about all kinds of diseases like the black death, diptheria, tuberculosis, shingles, and so on.
Fair warning: obviously this content is not suitable for people with sensitive digestions.
I am rather interested in low energy physics: gravity, information and consciousness. That is the road less traveled.

Since you mentioned consciousness, in the C session about perpendicular realities they used a geometric analogy to describe how people on similar life paths fit together to form synchronicities. Based on my amateur knowledge of geometry I thought they were describing a torus, where people's knowledge/awareness/consciousness constitute one of seven identical 2D sections of the manifold that comprises the torus, all of which merge on top of one another as one of the radii (the toroidal one) expands to infinity and the torus resolves into a sphere. I laid my reasoning out here, which may be either sensible or nonsensible. It was fun thinking about at least.
Since you mentioned consciousness, in the C session about perpendicular realities they used a geometric analogy to describe how people on similar life paths fit together to form synchronicities. ne of seven identical 2D sections of the manifold that comprises the torus, all of which merge on top of one another as one of the radii (the toroidal one) expands to infinity and the torus resolves into a sphere. I laid my reasoning out here, which may be either sensible or nonsensible. It was fun thinking about at least.Based on my amateur knowledge of geometry I thought they were describing a torus, where people's knowledge/awareness/consciousness constitute o
Thank you. Interesting. but the devil is in the details and they are still missing.
In above post and that thread, proposed approach is to treat gravity and e-m like two 'effects' of the same thing - gravity as radial component, difference/distance from non-existence in the direction of a particular dimension of existence, and e-m as angular plane (of angular distances/differences) orthogonal to that direction - which would basically incorporate all directions/dimensions of existence available to that particular one, with that particular one being in the 'center' of that plane of angular distances.
Pencils is an interesting geometrical concept. The algebra is missing.
Q: (Ark) Awareness of whom?

A: Consciousness that is capable.

Q: (Ark) I don't understand. Which consciousness? Whose consciousness? I don't understand.

A: Wave reading consciousness units.

Q: (Ark) Where is this wave reading consciousness unit? Where is it?

A: You are one.

This is really interesting as the term 'wave reading consciousness units' has been mentioned previously in the past. Well, now we've got some research actually demonstrating this is the case!

From Salk:

For years, the brain has been thought of as a biological computer that processes information through traditional circuits, whereby data zips straight from one cell to another. While that model is still accurate, a new study led by Salk Professor Thomas Albright and Staff Scientist Sergei Gepshtein shows that there's also a second, very different way that the brain parses information: through the interactions of waves of neural activity. The findings, published in Science Advances on April 22, 2022, help researchers better understand how the brain processes information.


This traditional model of the brain, however, couldn't explain how a single sensory cell can react so differently to the same thing under different conditions. A cell, for instance, might become activated in response to a quick flash of light when an animal is particularly alert, but will remain inactive in response to the same light if the animal's attention is focused on something else.

Gepshtein likens the new understanding to wave-particle duality in physics and chemistry — the idea that light and matter have properties of both particles and waves. In some situations, light behaves as if it is a particle (also known as a photon). In other situations, it behaves as if it is a wave. Particles are confined to a specific location, and waves are distributed across many locations. Both views of light are needed to explain its complex behavior.

"The traditional view of brain function describes brain activity as an interaction of neurons. Since every neuron is confined to a specific location, this view is akin to the description of light as a particle," says Gepshtein, director of Salk's Collaboratory for Adaptive Sensory Technologies. "We've found that in some situations, brain activity is better described as interaction of waves, which is similar to the description of light as a wave. Both views are needed for understanding the brain."


The best way to explain how the neurons were behaving, they discovered, was through interaction of microscopic waves of activity rather than interaction of individual neurons. Rather than a flash of light activating specialized sensory cells, the researchers showed how it creates distributed patterns: waves of activity across many neighboring cells, with alternating peaks and troughs of activation — like ocean waves.

When these waves are being simultaneously generated in different places in the brain, they inevitably crash into one another. If two peaks of activity meet, they generate an even higher activity, while if a trough of low activity meets a peak, it might cancel it out. This process is called wave interference.

"When you're out in the world, there are many, many inputs and so all these different waves are generated," says Albright. "The net response of the brain to the world around you has to do with how all these waves interact."

Sounds like another hit to me ;-)
My girlfriend and I both share a common phobia called trypophobia. For the longest time, we had absolutely no idea why we had such an aversion to the sight of clusters of holes.

But it's a feeling that makes us feel like (for lack of a better term) we're dying.

Does ANYONE else share this same phobia?

I ask because, after I looked up what smallpox looked like, it triggered that phobia in me. I'm pretty terrified to know at some point I'm going to have to witness people looking like this. Perhaps even myself.

It also makes me wonder if in a past life, people with this phobia may have gone through plague like events, witnessed people like this, and hence carrying a phobia of it, into this current life?
After reading this I looked at some google images of people infected with smallpox. It is truly horrible and I can understand your reaction to seeing this. Perhaps it does have some link to a past life or lives where many people died of smallpox. It would be a totally different set of circumstances to covid also. With covid no one knew who had contracted the infection but with smallpox it seems that everything is out in the open.
One of my favorite hobbies is reading and collect comics. Then I write reviews for related forums on the internet.

Reading this material has given me a vivid imagination and creativity. Reading a comic is an act of creating a whole world in your mind. In fact, collectors refer to universes. (Marvel, DC, Image etc) and together these universes form an omniverse...and then there are several omniverses.

From time to time realities intersect and Batman (DC) meets Spider-Man (Marvel) to combat a threat.

And well, you may wonder what all this is about.

This hobbie has given me the idea about dimensions as worlds, a product of the imagination. Has given me the opportunity to truly understand that each head is a world and we live in a multiverse.

In the past Laura asked about the chupacabra and the Cs said it was a window faller. So she asked if there was any chance of capturing that creature. The Cs said

(Something tells me that the analytical part of the brain asked the imaginative part "what are we seeing" and the imaginative part said well...uh...the chupacabra!)


1) Densities, states of awareness in interaction with information. (for example, a school, there is a first grade, a second grade, a third grade and so on... a kid can only go to another grade when he/she has been able to learn his/her lessons)

2) Dimensions are a human construct. (Let's say 30 children are in third grade, however, within that grade there are more advanced children, with different experiences and knowledge due to their emotional, social, economic, physical, climatic background and this shapes their dimension and perception of others )

So it seems like we are in this matrix dreaming each other.This matrix composed of densities (states of awareness) and dimensions (parallel/lateral realities)

In truth each head is a world... "And whoever saves a life, saves the entire universe".

Could we understand the Universe more deeply if we did not focus exclusively on the cold numbers of algebraic sequences?

What would happen then if we occupy both parts of our brain: logic and imagination?
(like the question asked to Morgan Freeman in the film Lucy )

Without a doubt we would be a Unit. We would obtain a consciousness capable of reading and interpreting the information of the Universe and act accordingly.

It's funny to "see" that I have understood it the same as you.

Very good.:-D
Don't you mix up the case fatality rate with the death rate (or mortality rate)?


For comparison, the figure announced by the Cs for death rate of the "plague 2.0" (79%) is higher than the Black Death death rate that is estimated between 30% and 60% in Europe during the first wave:
Thanks Pierre.

So, this is scary. With a 4 on 5 death rate (i rounded to 80%), this implies that it'll spread to (almost) all, or everywhere.

Further open questions and wonderings, just try to move the topic forward :
So now i wonder ...what about the 20% remaining ? Would it be a mix between people who overcame it and people who avoided it ? Or whatever you do you'll get it, thus, only people who overcame it ? I'm also wondering is if we are talking at the level of some areas/regions/countries, or worlwide ? I tried to figure it out a meteorite that come to seed/spread, this could then mainly affect just one hemisphere of the planet and spare the rest. I would then bet for the north one to be the one that need cleansing.

At least, this 79% is maybe based on a calculation from the C's based on the actual immune system of all inhabitants, i mean, something like "if we do nothing then 79% of people will pass", not taking into consideration the "if a cure is found". This means that this prediction could be lowered depending of "if a cure is found", when it would found, how fast could it be implemented & applied, etc ...

Colloidal XXX
I had in mind to search on keywords "colloidal silver rna virus" and found the following :

It mentions the zinc, which is already known, but also copper, and link to 3 studies about copper that would be helpful to fight RNA virus :
Copper - Destroys protien spikes, virus envelope and RNA
"copper dents the crown-shaped virus and then slowly releases ions that interact with oxygen and generate free radicals, or uncharged molecules that typically are highly reactive. Those free radicals create a figurative grenade that goes off and destroys the virus’ RNA."
Why copper could help prevent future pandemic, and what it does to coronavirus
"deliver toxic copper to the virus’s spike proteins, it could be rendered inoperable"
Could Copper Disable the Virus Behind COVID-19?
“Exposure to copper destroyed the viral genomes and irreversibly affected virus morphology, including disintegration of envelope and dispersal of surface spikes.”
Copper Alloys Can Kill Coronavirus In Minutes Says Research: Here's What You Need To Know
then it mentions silver and one article for colloidal silver.

I searched a little bit more and found one testimony of a certain Jacquelyn, i stumbled on it because the title of her post includes a couple of well-known keywords, title is "Nebulize Salt/Baking Soda Solution and Colloidal Copper! (also Hydrogen Peroxide option)", then later she writes "Then all of the sudden one night around 2am I felt like I couldn't get enough oxygen"

In the above testimony, she refers to a study on colloidal silver, here's the link + summary results :
Objectives: Silver has historically and extensively been used as a broad-spectrum antimicrobial agent. However, the Food and Drug Administration currently does not recognize colloidal silver as a safe and effective antimicrobial agent. The goal of this study was to further evaluate the antimicrobial efficacy of colloidal silver.
Design: Several strains of bacteria, fungi, and viruses were grown under multicycle growth conditions in the presence or absence of ionic colloidal silver in order to assess the antimicrobial activity.
Results: For bacteria grown under aerobic or anaerobic conditions, significant growth inhibition was observed, although multiple treatments were typically required. For fungal cultures, the effects of ionic colloidal silver varied significantly between different genera. No viral growth inhibition was observed with any strains tested.
Conclusions: The study data support ionic colloidal silver as a broad-spectrum antimicrobial agent against aerobic and anaerobic bacteria, while having a more limited and specific spectrum of activity against fungi.

Just checked, when i bought my colloidal generator +/- 10y before, i also bought some pairs of electrodes, and i have in fact copper, zink and magnesium ones and 2x2 backup silver ones. I mention this because this is rather strange to see that i bought them a long time ago ... almost by hasard.

Now i'm wondering if, on top of the well known colloidal silver, the "colloidal copper" would be in fact better remedy than its better known "colloidal silver" brother ? I mean, thinking about the RNA viruses in general (and the maybe incoming one) ?
If the plague 2.0 comes, and its natural, (not man made), then wouldn't it be fair to assume that TPTB would be in it with us? If so, I think that would put the kibosh on everything that they are doing. A more level the playing field than we have today.

Generally, my body deals with viruses, colds or whatever is going around, without notifying me. The immune system just does its job. When I do get symptoms, I blast away with my known remedies, and it never last more than a day or two. I then consider myself immune. But…

If person A gets the plague 2.0 and zaps it right away, and person B gets it bad, fights it for days or weeks and wins, I wonder if the immunity is equal? i.e. zap it right away, then your free to go help others! Or would a quick win leave one susceptible for further infection…dunno?

(After thought, if you zap “something” in the early stages, and most diseases seem to have similar initial symptoms, like fever and chills, you could never be sure whether you stopped the plague or just a cold?)

Thanks for all your posts,
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I am seeing that there is a lot of concern about what may "come".

Perhaps the following paragraph will help.

1999 Sept 24
Q: When you gave the information a couple of weeks ago about the "Kaboom! Splat!" business, I put it on the website and explained that there was really no way of interpreting it exactly. Of course, there were the most dire interpretations put upon it by others. Could you clarify the "Kaboom! Splat!" remark?
A: We also said to "lighten up."
Q: Are you saying that you were joking?
A: Maybe.
Q: When you say that we should "lighten up," that you are referring to our frequencies?
A: Well, it is important not to worry over that which is not changeable, and which is trivial in the really big picture. If the surface 3rd density realm of your locator is soon to be rent asunder, why does it matter to you, or more to the point, why does it frighten you so? You are supposed to be moving beyond this 3rd density STS thinking.
Q: What's the point of even talking to you guys, then?
A: Do you expect to stop talking to us after you transition?
Q: Well, I guess it depends on where I transition to. Are we going to make the big transition to 5th density...
A: Wherever you go, the communication will be more succinct. Now, even if "nothing happens," how long do you expect to remain in your present state? Can you remember "35 years ago?" Well??
Q: I am thinking! I was just a kid then. Yes, I can remember.
A: How long "back" does it seem?
Q: Sometimes it seems like forever...
A: No.
Q: In another way, it seems like yesterday.
A: Yes.
Q: It just depends on what mood I am in.
A: Not long, eh?
Q: Well, you are NOT improving my mood! I don't want to tell people things like that, that they have to see themselves as only souls and that the physical body is just a garment to be worn out and tossed aside. They can't handle it when they are faced with imminent possible suffering. They will get hysterical!
A: Maybe they will. And maybe they need to. Maybe they need to learn something. N
I am seeing that there is a lot of concern about what may "come".

Perhaps the following paragraph will help.
Kaboom! Splat! Lol! Have not yet read this transcript. So much of the transcript reading is just such a delight. The atmosphere of questioners and the C's, such a benefit, and a reminder to keep financial support as steady as possible.

Thinking this morning about this topic, intent to focus on 'the soul', not the body. I guess you just do, focus on soul-oriented activities.... which are? Some recommendations from the C's, quite a few, including crystals, singing, breathing meditations, spinning, big one - networking - and gaining knowledge, and so on.

I also realized, walking outdoors, that a sense of joy and engagement could more easily be entered outdoors, but that could be remembered when indoors, or facing a mound of papers needing filing. The reduction of unnecessary habits also comes to mind. I have baskets of mending that haven't been done in 1-1/2 years and I am just not going to mend anymore. I don't really have to as a few favourite things could be mended by a sewing lady nearby. Also, I suppose these things come more naturally in our senior years!

Thanks Wandering Star, for posting the excerpt.
Dear friends!

I remember, that some of you were sad about you cannot send a letter to Putin.

On of the Russian telegram channel have started to public the video messages from friendly people from other countries, who wants to say, that agree and solidary with Russia, Russian people and Putin. You can record your own message on your mother tongue and send to them. They'll translate it tu Russian ans about 180,000 subscribers could to know about your support!


They ask to send the messages in this post:


By the way, dear friends, we know that we have a lot of subscribers in European countries, and in the USA, and even in Australia.

And our subscribers from Russia have many foreign acquaintances outside the country (or even here in Russia).

We also know for sure that not all foreigners support Ukraine in the current conflict.

Therefore, dear friends, we would like to ask you: would you suggest that your acquaintances from there, who sympathize with Russia, record short videos for our fellow citizens? 30-60 seconds, no more, just with kind words from the heart. We will collectively translate from any language and superimpose captions, their appeals are guaranteed to be seen by hundreds of thousands - if not millions - of people.

Please offer them this option.

In 99% of cases, they will be afraid of Western freedom of speech and problems at work. But we can change the voice, not indicate the city, limiting ourselves to the region, and they can hide the face behind a medical mask. In short, anonymity is guaranteed. By speech, it will still be clear that the speaker is a native speaker.

This is their only chance, maybe, to be honest about their views to a wide audience. We know that the democratic world is not all marching in step. For now.

Offer them, do not spare five minutes of your time. If it works, it'll be cool. If you are not afraid to honestly express your opinion with an open face - generally fire. You know, we collect such beautiful things.

They may also be pleased to know that they have a lot of like-minded people around the world.

P.S. This, of course, is not only about Western countries) let's take all foreigners.

P.P.S. Send to @ze_horde or @ordamordorabot

[Orda] - native, evil, yours

And there are a few videos for today.
Pencils is an interesting geometrical concept. The algebra is missing.

That's the direction what I've been doing (developing/building) in this thread (at least that's what looks like to me), recently with these two posts, and looking for help for describing it in mathematical terms - abstracted physical objects and interaction among them - algebra of operators and states.
Also, consciousness (as it appears to me at this moment) in this approach would naturally stem from applying 'change' in the form of reflection - operator application onto the state - and that has been the idea in the background of my mind while developing the framework in which to describe the whole story.
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